20 Best Tattoo Artists from All Over The World To Get Ink Inspiration From

Tattoos are the mark of style and self-expression. From its ideation to the execution, tattoos are one hell of an art. But, have you ever thought of the artist behind this art? There are tonnes of tattoo artists around the world but picking the right one can make all the difference.  Sure, getting inked by top-rated artists can be a bit expensive, but isn’t that worth it?

Someone has rightly said that an artist is not paid for his labor. Rather, he is paid for his vision. Tattoo artists are no exception! All of us are fascinated by those aesthetic Instagram tattoo art because of the vision of their creator, or what we commonly call the tattoo artist. Of course, not all tattoo artists are created equally, so choosing wisely is essential. There’s one straightforward difference between a regular tattoo artist and a fine artist, and that is – “the best tattoo artists create designs that inspire!”

Curious to know who are the best tattoo artists around the world? Keep calm. We have got this. Getting inked for the first time, considering another tattoo, or just enjoying browsing dope tattoo artists and designs, whatever is your reason to read this, you have landed on the right blog. Featuring not 5, not 10, but 20 best tattoo artists from all over the world to get tattoo inspiration from. Hop in!

1. Inal Bersekov – Canada

Inal Bersekov

Credit: Inal Bersekov

How realistic could a tattoo look? Well, if Inal Bersekov has made it, it’s as good as the actual portrait. This is the USP of this Canada-based tattoo artist. Do you know what they call him? “Drake’s tattoo artist.” Yes, Bersekov is rapper Drake’s personal tattoo artist.

He specializes in black and grey ink work, celebrity portraits, and real-looking human portraits with intricate detailing.

He has made flawless tattoo portraits of Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Micahel Jackson, John Wick, Audrey Hepburn, and many more. Wondering what his tattoo shop is called? Bersekov is the owner of the Signs Project. You can follow his art on Instagram @inalbersekov.

Inking Forte

Realism & Portraiture

2. Gippi Rondinella – Italy

Credit: Gippi Rondinella

Are you traveling to Italy and looking for a well-known Italian tattoo artist? Gippi Rondinella is one of the most famous and talented artists from Italy. 

He is a veteran in the world of tattoos and tattooing and has been active since the early 80s.

Ink, events, and classic Americana tattoos are the best terms to describe this world-famous tattoo artist. Rondinella’s studio in Rome is called “Tattooing Demon Studio.”

Inking Forte

Realistic Trash Polka & Classic Americana

3. Abel Miranda – Spain

Credit: Abel Miranda

Are you into abstract tattoo styles? If yes, then you are going to love this artist. 

This Spain-based tattoo artist is known for his abstract designs, contrasting elements, and somber colors. Another exciting thing about his tattoos is that he creates large patterns throughout the body and makes generous usage of black and red strokes, spilled ink, and geometric designs.

Just like his bold, dynamic tattooing style, Miranda owners a tattoo shop called Avantgarde Tattoo Studio. You can follow him on Instagram @abelmiranda_tattoo.

Inking Forte

Realistic Trash Polka

4. Carolyn Elaine – United States

Credit: Carolyn Elaine

Are you living in America and planning on getting your first tattoo? We got you a special someone – Carolyn Elaine. 

Our first lady artist on the list is also known as Lady Tattooer. She is among the best tattooers from the US and has also featured on the TV show Ink Masters.  

Elaine specializes in creating floral patterns, modern prints, surreal designs, and both colored and black inking.

You can follow her on Instagram @carolyn_elaine_tattoo.

Inking Forte

Surrealism & New School

5. Glenn Cuzen – United Kingdom

Credit: Glenn Cuzen

Are you obsessed with a black tattoo? You are going to love this artist. With over 16 years of experience, Glenn Cuzen is an internationally recognized, award-winning artist. 

He has a way with black and grey ink, geometric dot work, and Japanese tattoo designs. Cuzen has also made a name in creating Brutal Black Work designs. 

He went viral with his large geometric back tattoos and, to date, has not failed to generate statement artworks. His tattoo parlor is called Top Gun Tattoo.

You can follow him @glenncuzen

Inking Forte

Blackwork, Japanese & Geometric

6. Horishow – Japan

Credit: Horishow

Detailed line work, cultural significance, and black tones make perfect Japanese tattoos. Here’s an ideal tattoo artist from Japan who specializes in such traditional patterns – Horishow.

From traditional Japanese designs to punk blackwork, Horishow’s tattoo art is versatile and highly loved among tattoo lovers. He owns the Amitabha Tattoo studio in Fukuoka, Japan.

Like him? You can follow him at @horishow.

Inking Forte

Japanese, Blackwork & Sacred Geometry

7. Ann Savage – Philippines

Credit: Ann Savage

Another woman artist to grace our best tattoo artists list is the Philippines-based Anne Savage! Just a mere glance at her Instagram page, and you’ll know what bomb of an artist she is. 

Ranging from human portraits, aesthetic animals, flowers, real-looking designs, and colored art, she can create it all.

She is the owner of the Ann Savage Tattoo shop. If you happen to be near the Cuba city of the Philippines, consider booking an appointment. You may also follow her @annsavagetattoo.

Inking Forte

Realism, New School, Portraiture

8. Daniel Di Mattia – featuring his tattoo world in Belgium

Credit: Daniel Di Mattia

Since 1192, Daniel Di Mattia has been famous for his tribal black designs. He specializes in blackwork and sacred geometric designs.

Don’t confuse Di Mattia’s tribal patterns for some regular designs. His styles are internationally recognized, showcasing an eastern influence, ancient cultures, Maori designs, and Egyptian hieroglyphs with intricate blackwork.

He is the owner of Calypso Tattoo, and you can follow him on Instagram @danieldimattiacalypsotattoo.

Inking Forte

Blackwork, Sacred Geometry

9. Vu Ngoc Tan – Vietnam

Credit: Vu Ngoc Tan

Love “Irezumi” or Japanese tattoos? Our next world-famous artist specializes in those!

As you can already tell from his picture, Vu Ngoc Tan is a young Vietnamese tattoo artist who has made a name in the international tattoo industry. Full-body work, cultural Asian patterns, blackwork, traditional colored designs – he excels in all. So if you happen to be in his area, don’t hesitate to book an appointment.

He recently launched his Ga-Rung tattoo studio in Berlin. Want to follow him? Here’s his Instagram ID – @ga_rung_tattoo.

Inking Forte

Japanese & Blackwork

10. Rob Kelly – China

Rob Kelly

Credit: Rob Kelley 

Rob Kelly is a well-known tattoo artist in Hong Kong. Born in Uk, he moved to Hong Kong with his parents in 1994. He has been tatting since 2005 and was obsessed with drawing even as a child. He is known for creating unique styles inspired by the things around him.

Sometimes, a tattoo just ends up as an interpretation of the artist with just a hint of the client’s brief. But that’s not what happens when you book an appointment with Rob Kelly. He is famous for making customized tattoos in collaboration with his clients.

If you happen to be around Hong Kong and wish to get a personalized, tailored tattoo, book an appointment with him. His tattoo shop is called blackout tattoo, and you can connect with him over Insta @blackoutbob.

Inking Forte

Classic Americana, Portraiture, Surrealism, Black & grey

11. Aaron “Is” Michalowski – United States

Credit: Aaron Is

Looks familiar? Well, you must have seen Aaron in the fifth season of the reality show ink masters!

Michalowski has always been passionate about art. He was introduced to tattooing by a friend who had opened a tattoo shop. He made his first tattoo on himself. He is a famous veteran artist and specializes in photorealism and dotwork. Later, he also added the sacred geometry style to his portfolio.

He is known for creating unique and cool styles for clients, but you may have to be open to suggestions. A popular joke associated with him is where he says that if people call him for an infinity knot or an armband tattoo, he is booked for the next seven years. But, if they are ready for something extraordinary, Aaron may be available right the next day.

You can scroll through his satisfying designs on Insta @aaronistattoo.

Inking Forte

Realism, Blackwork, Dotwork, Sacred Geometry

12. Duncan Viegas – India

Credit: Duncan Viegas

Duncan Viegas is a Goa bases tattoo artist who is known for cool, new-school-style tattoos. Apart from tattooing, Duncan loves reading and traveling. In his early days, he was crazy about comics and their pictures. His modern designs seem to be highly inspired by those.

He primarily lives in Goa along with his wife Donnie and dog Loki. Viegas is the co-founder of Inkfidel Tattoo. You can follow him @duncan_viegas.

Inking Forte

New school & Surrealism

13. Lauren Winzer – best tattoo artist in Australia

Credit: Lauren Winzer

Women making it big in the tattoo industry is the best thing ever! Here’s once such internationally proclaimed artist.

Lauren Winzer is among the most popular tattoo artists in Sydney and the world. She has inked celebrities like Post Malone, Sophie Turner, and Miley Cyrus.

She is known for colorful new school tattoo designs and intricate outline work.

If you happen to be around Sydney and want to book an appointment with her, here’s where she is currently tattooing – @hunterandfoxtattoo. Also, you can follow her @laurenwinzer.

Inking Forte

New School, Black & Grey, Realism

14. Shannon Romijn – Netherlands

Credit: Shannon Romijn

The young, self-taught dutch artist Shannon Romijn is another woman artist to grace our list of best tattoo artists. Romijn has made a name for herself in the tattooing community in a relatively short span.

She describes herself as a passionate and ambitious artist. Her art is a dream, ranging from realistic portraits to intricate black and grey work. She is a traveling artist and a frequent member of World Tattoo Events.

You can follow her page @instinkt.nl

Inking Forte

Portraiture, Realism, Black & grey, and Surrealism

15. Guido Schmitz – Germany

Credit: Guido Schmitz

When it comes to the most popular tattoo artists in Germany, Guido Schmitz is a household name. This German tattoo artist was fascinated with art from a young age and is now known as the trash polka tattoo style specialist.

He is best at creating colorful, whimsical tattoos with generous usage of black ink. Talking about his inking style, he creates tattoos that suggest abstract, avant-garde, and collage art.

Schmitz travels frequently and can be witnessed in several tattoo festivals worldwide. You can scroll through his fascinating work @guido_schmitz_tattoo.

Inking Forte

Rustic Trash Polka

16. Valerie Vargas – England

Credit: Valerie Vargas

Happen to be in London and craving for an old-school tattoo? Might we suggest booking an appointment with the amazing Valerie Vargas?!

Vargas specializes in creating her take on traditional old-school tattoos, Japanese designs, black and grey tattooing, and fine line work. Also, she is known for her large back pieces and full sleeve designs. However, she is happy to create small customized designs too!

She has her own studio in London called “Modern Classic Tattoo” along with her husband Steward.  You can follow her @valeriemodernclassic.

Inking Forte

Classic Americana, Black & grey, Japanese

17. Alex Muller – South Africa

Credit: Alex Muller

Want a hand-poked tattoo parlor in Capetown? Alex Muller specializes in that! Rather than using a tattoo gun, Muller uses the hand-poking technique with a single needle to create delicate designs.

She is best known for her intricate outline art, black and gray work, and surreal tattoos. So if you happen to be in Capetown and want to be hand-poked, don’t think twice about booking an appointment with Alex Muller.

Alex is the co-owner at The Body Architects. You can follow her on Instagram @weskuswolf.

Inking Forte

Stick & poke, Black & grey, Surrealism

18. Boun Cang – France

Credit: Boun Cang

If realism tattoo work fascinates you, Boun Cang is the perfect France-based artist for that.

Cang has been tattooing since 2013, and his work reflects a beautiful combination of sensitivity, curiosity, and beauty.

If you scroll through his Instagram page, you will find fascinating designs portraying personal emotions, elements of famous movies, family stories, animals, and countries.

He frequents the World Tattoo Events and works at Killer Ink Tattoos. You can follow him @boun_cang_tattooartist.

Inking Forte

Realism, Portraiture,  Black & Gray

19. Matias Noble – Spain

Credit: Matias Noble

This Spanish artist has made a big name in the international tattoo industry with his real, whimsical patterns.

Matias Noble specializes in black and white realistic tattooing and has worked in countries like Canada, US, and Switzerland.

Noble uses elements from nature, paintings, photography, and new technologies for creativity.

He works at Noble Art Gallery tattoos, and you can follow his Instagram feed @matiasnobletattoo.

Inking Forte

Black & grey, Surrealism, Realism

20. Lokesh Verma – India

Credit: Lokesh Verma

Last but not least to feature on our best tattoo artists series is Lokesh Verma. He is the first-ever award-winning tattoo artist from India who is recognized internationally as well.

Verma is a self-trained artist and has always been fascinated by sketching. He excels in creating the realism tattoo style, portraits, and modern designs. Other than tattooing, Verma loves to travel and attend tattoo conventions.

He is the founder of Heart Work Tattoo Festival and Devilz Tattooz. You can follow him on Instagram at @devilztattoozlokesh.

Inking Forte

Portraiture, Realism, New School

Final Verdict

There are literally millions of tattoo shops from where you can get your new tattoo. However, choosing the right artist can mean all the difference.

We just took you through 20 talented artists worldwide who have made it big in the international market because of their passion and hard work. Having the right attitude, the right artist, and the right idea is crucial because tattoos are forever!

Adorn your skin by the vision and art of these tattooers. Happy inking!

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Megan Ivy