10 Best Tattoo Shops In Fort Worth That You Should Visit To Get A Tattoo

More than 10,000 years ago, humans undoubtedly began to value tattoos. Tattoos become ever more publicly acceptable when they are seen on individuals who are accepted in society. Tattoos have historically been used as a means of identification. Here are the best tattoo shops in Fort Worth that you visit for a tattoo.

Tattoo Shops In Fort Worth

There are many different reasons why people get tattoos, but they all ultimately serve the same purpose: to express an important message through a visible representation.

Tattoos have historically been used as a means of identification. The Romans inked their prisoners and enslaved people, a technique that the Japanese adopted in the early 17th century, and the Nazis inked numerals on the arms of Jews during the Holocaust to dehumanize concentration camp prisoners and identify their bodies.

Despite these scary applications, most people nowadays use tattoos to convey their unique tales, as talismans, or to honor a loved one.

Tattooing retains its status as a cultural identifier, while young people are more inclined to regard tattoos as a form of self-expression. Regarding substance and aesthetic variety, tattoos have never been as diverse as they are now.

Although traditional tattoos will always be popular, more and more individuals are utilizing their bodies to produce scenery and bodyscape effects. Whatever form it takes, tattooing is a permanent procedure. 

Tattoos are part of an old and worldwide history of human self-expression and ornamentation. They transmit their messages without using words and sometimes even after death.

It’s a very famous and old saying that Diamonds can be broken or stolen, but a tattoo lasts a lifetime. Tattoos are a fantastic way to show off your individuality and effectively identify yourself.

Before having a tattoo, the most crucial thing you can do is to take the time to identify the ideal studio or artist. 

Many individuals simply decide on the spur of the moment that they want a tattoo and walk into the closest shop without giving their decision enough thought. Some people are fortunate and have fantastic tattoo; others don’t. 

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Here is some advice to assist you in making your choice and ensure you receive a tattoo you will be proud of.

Be Patient

Getting a new tattoo is thrilling, and it can be difficult to wait once you’ve decided to want one. However, there is no need to hurry into this. It will take some time to get the kind of Tattoo you really desire and will be delighted with. So, take it easy, and don’t rush being tattooed.

Tour Several Studios

Explore several studios and compare prices. Look at samples of the artists’ work, ask around, and if you have the opportunity, just take the time to sit and observe for a bit. 

Examine the artists’ politeness and willingness to engage in discussion by asking them questions. If you wander around the shop for half an hour and no one really approaches if they can assist you, they do not even take good professionalism.

Examine The Work

You don’t have to be an artist to distinguish between excellent and terrible work. Examine the artwork very attentively, and if you have the opportunity to examine samples in person or in an artist’s portfolio. Attractive images have such a way of influencing people. 

Avoid falling into this trap. Take a careful look at the lines. They ought to be fluid rather than jerky, jagged, or unsteady. Colors should be intense and completely filled in with no blank spaces. The shape of circles should be round, not oval.

Take Friends’ Advice Into Consideration

You can learn a lot from your friends. If their experience was positive, they are likely to suggest their artist. And if they’ve had a poor experience, they can advise you not to make the same mistake. 

If you’re outspoken and notice someone passing down the street with a gorgeous tattoo, don’t hesitate to ask them where they got it. The majority of us like talking about our tattoos.

These are a few factors you should take into account before choosing the best tattoo artist for your masterpiece since the Tattoo will be an everlasting part of yours. 

In order to prevent you from picking the incorrect tattoo artist, we decided to give you a list of the top tattoo shops in Fort Worth. 

This location appears to offer a large number of competent tattoo artists that can design any type of Tattoo to your taste and preferences. Here are the best tattoo shops in Fort Worth that you should visit to get a tattoo.

1. Randy Adams Tattoo Studio

One of the best tattoo parlors, Randy Adams Tattoo Studio, opened its doors in 1970. It has been operating for more than 23 years and offers its clients exceptional services. 

This shop’s highly skilled tattoo artists can convert your ideas and chosen style into magnificent tattoo work. There are also women tattoo artists in the studio.

One of them is Andy Martinez, who is doing this work since 1991. This shop is a walk-in tattoo parlor; therefore, appointments are unnecessary. In this place, service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. 

After having the best Tattoo from this shop, you will get an after-guide document that artists will prescribe. To ensure a speedy healing process, they take excellent care of the Tattoo.

Website: http://randyadams.com/ 

 Phone number: (817) 446-0272

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/randyadamstattoostudio/ 

 Address: 6467 E Lancaster Ave Fort Worth, TX 76112

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2. Epic Tattoos

This studio has been operating since 2004. Todd Bush, the proprietor of the tattoo shop, saw the want for a creative parlor for tattoo requirements. As a result, he opened the Epic Tattoo shop. 

It offers attractive furnishings, high standards for cleanliness, and a friendly staff that welcomes guests.

You only need to go into Epic Tattoo Studio to take advantage of the top-notch services this renowned tattoo parlor offers if you want an epic experience getting inked by highly skilled tattoo artists. 

The Epic staff is committed to providing high-quality tattoos and piercings. They strive to provide outstanding customer service. The workshop specializes in best quality body jewelry and precise body piercings. 

Walk-ins are accepted all day from Friday until Saturday. It can be a good idea to go and see the difference for yourself at a reasonable price.

 Image: @epictattoostx

3. Heart n Soul

Heart n soul was opened in Fort Worth in the year 2000. They first started their business in California and then expanded it to Fort Worth, Texas. The owner is an award-winning artist and very polite and helpful. The design of the studio is unique. 

The tattoo shop hosts some well-known tattoo artists and has several happy customers. It is a street-style store that is tidy, welcoming, and pleasant.

Zoey has more than 24 years of experience in this field, Jake Hunter, who has been doing this for 20 years, and Chris Chrome, who has been tattooing for 26 years, make up the creative team. You can simply stroll inside their studio to view their creations. 

Clients are given after-care instructions by the artist at this workshop after getting tattooed or pierced.

Website: https://heartansoultattoo.com/wp/ 


 Phone number: (817) 238-0808

 Address: 9124 Camp Bowie W Blvd Ste 600 Fort Worth, TX 76116

 Image: @Heart n soul Tattoo

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4. Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo and Smokeshop

Walk-ins are welcome at Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo Studio and Smokeshop for tattoos and piercings. The greatest artists may be found in this studio, which is situated in Fort Worth on North Main Street. 

The company uses an hourly pricing method to keep tattoo rates reasonable. For the piercings, there are different prices for various designs, which also rely on the artists. This is one of the most affordable tattoo parlors you’ll come across.

A parent must accompany any person who is less than 18 at all times. After showing their birth papers, some little piercing is performed. The Fort Worth Weekly customers chose this studio as the best tattoo parlor for 2020 and 2015. 

Super talented artists and piercers can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art just for you. They can design whatever you can dream of. They also have a large selection of Smoke Shop supplies.

Website: https://www.luckyhorseshoetattoos.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luckyhorseshoetattoosmokeshop/

Address: 1426 N Main St Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone number: (817) 378-8933

Image: @luckyhorseshoetattoofortworth

5. Ink817 Tattoo

Ink817 is a tattoo parlor managed by highly qualified professionals. The store specializes in personalized piercings and tattoos. It is a well-regarded tattoo parlor that has been chosen as the finest tattoo parlor in Fort Worth for the past four years. 

Discounted pricing is available for initial responders, service members, and seniors. Even for full-day sessions, discounts are possible. The minimum shop price for tattoos at Ink817 is $60.

It is a low-cost tattoo shop that offers high-quality consultation services with professionals by appointment. It is a walk-in shop that operates on a first-come, first-served basis. 

They do not accept minor piercings, and you must be 18 years old to obtain a tattoo at Ink817. 

Furthermore, children under 13 years old are only allowed to have their ears pierced in the lobe. A non-refundable pre-deposit is required to book an appointment at Ink817.

Website: https://ink817.com/

Phone number: (682) 273-4163

Address: 3204 Camp Bowie Blvd Ste 104 Fort Worth, TX 76107

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ink817tattooco/

6. Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio

This studio is the best-rated tattoo parlor and has been open since September 2013. This studio’s owner is Jack, who has been in the profession for over 15 years. 

Couple Jack and Kat wanted to alter the public’s opinion of tattooing when they decided to create a studio. The studio offers services that are unmatched in terms of expertise and cleanliness.

Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio is a high rate tattoo parlor that offers low-cost treatments. The studio is suitable for children. The studio has a comfortable and energetic atmosphere. Daddy Jacks has a large selection of body jewelry and piercing. 

Paintings and handcrafted objects are available here, all created by local artists of the area. It is a wonderful tattoo parlor that offers artistic markings on your body.

Website: https://daddyjackstattoos.com/ 

 Address: 5970 Park Vista Cir. #172 Fort Worth, TX, 76244, United States

 Phone number: 817-337-8184

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daddyjacksbodyartstudio/ 

Tattoo Shops In Fort Worth

 Image: @daddyjacksbodyartstudio

7. Fort Worth Tattoo Shop

A locally owned shop, Fort Worth Tattoo Shop is a high-quality skilled professional with over 19 years of experience. You may give a call or come in person to meet the most skilled tattoo artists in the Fort Worth area and purchase their creations personally. 

It is a secure and sanitary tattoo and piercing store, with professional artists creating flawless symbols on the body, whether it is the earlobe or a belly button. You can bring the tattoo ideas here, and the artists will create them into a piece of artwork.

This tattoo and piercing store offers services such as Japanese tattoos, picture tattoos, body jewelry, and cover-up tattoos in addition to standard designs.

Artists here like experimenting with new techniques while keeping in mind the specific demands of their client’s skin.

Website: https://www.fortworthtattooshop.com/ 

 Address: 1517 Jacksboro Hwy, Fort Worth, TX, 76114, United States

 Phone number: 817-237-9799

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fortworthtattooshop/ 

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8. Royal 1 Tattoos

Award-winning tattoo artists create the best tattoos. The award-winning artists at Royal 1 Tattoos will collaborate with you to create the most extraordinary Tattoo possible, no matter how big or tiny. 

We are proud of our work. Our experienced piercer does body piercings and has a large selection of jewelry.

Troy Rodebaugh built this shop to feature only the greatest tattoo artists and piercers in the region and to provide each customer with the best Tattoo or piercing possible, no matter how big or tiny. 

The artists are continuously working hard to create stunning tattoos. They try to make their clients feel welcome and strive with each customer to create a fantastic tattoo. Customers enjoy their comfortable and spacious open environment.

Website: https://www.royal1tattoos.com/

Phone number: (817) 731-1700

Address: 6467 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76116

Tattoo Shops In Fort Worth

Image: @partymullet

9. Urban’s Tattoo & Piercing Studio

They have specialized in photo-realistic tattoos, Japanese tattoo designs, black and grey body art, tribal tattoos, customized tattoos, creature tattoos, and more. They now provide tattoo removal services at the shop. 

The store has been around for almost 20 years among the tattoo shops in Fort Worth. The artist is certified in bloodborne pathogens. All the artist of the shop is very helpful and friendly, and the owner always tries to provide the best environment for its clients.

Website: https://urbanstattoostudio.com/ 

 Phone number: (817) 276-9353

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbanstattoo/

Image: @urbanstattoo

10. Psycho Clown Tattoo

At Psycho Clown Tattoo they focus on high-quality tattooing and body piercing. They give their customers’ demands so much attention. They have a long history in Fort Worth, having appeared in several tattoo magazines, as well as local publications, including the Fort Worth Weekly, Dallas Observer, and Star-Telegram, indeed one of the best tattoo shops in Fort Worth. 

The studio stays current with the newest technological developments, including a brand-new cutting-edge laser removal system and air-powered Neuma tattoo equipment (the only equipment that can be thoroughly sanitized in an autoclave between customers). 

The owner has more than 35 years of tattooing experience and genuinely cares about every customer who walks through the door.

Website: https://psychoclown.com/ 

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pctattoo/ 

 Address: 1307 NW 28th St Fort Worth, TX 76164

 Phone: (682) 365-1277

Tattoo Shops In Fort Worth

 Image: @pctattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Female Tattoo Artists At Randy Adams Tattoo Studio Who Could Create A Tiny, Minimalistic Tattoo Design?

This shop has exceptionally talented tattoo artists that can turn your concepts and desired designs into excellent tattoo work. Two female tattoo artists are here and are very good with their work; you can check their work on our website.

Tattoo Shops In Fort Worth

What Is The Minimum Cost Of Getting A Tattoo From The Ink817 Tattoo Shop?

Ink817 Tattoo charges a minimum of $60 for tattoos, and the hourly charges are $150.

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