Brand Story

Do you have a story to tell? A story that is unique, personal, and meaningful. A story that you want to share with the world. And what better way to do that than with a tattoo?

A tattoo is more than just a mark on your skin. It symbolizes who you are, what you love, and what you stand for. It is a way of expressing yourself and connecting with others who share your passions.

But getting a tattoo is not easy. You need to find the right design, the right artist, and the right place. You need to prepare for the pain, the healing, and the aftercare. You must deal with the doubts, the questions, and the judgments.

That’s why you need Psychotats.

Psychotats is a platform that connects you with the best tattoo artists and the most fantastic tattoo community. At Psychotats, you can find and book your perfect tattoo artist online from many profiles of talented and verified professionals near you. 

You can also get tips on preparing for your tattoo session and caring for your tattoo afterward.

But that’s not all. Psychotats also gives you the power to create your own personalized design with a tool that lets you choose from different styles, themes, and colors.

You can see how your tattoo would look on your body, and print it as a temporary tattoo to try it out. You can also show it to your tattoo artist for feedback, or share it with the Psycotats community to get their opinions and suggestions.

Psycotats is more than just a platform. It is a community of people who love tattoos and want to share their stories, meanings, and inspirations.

Whether you are a tattoo lover or a tattoo artist, Psychotats is your ultimate destination. Join Psycotats today and discover the world of tattoos like never before.

How It Started?

Imagine you have a passion for tattoos. You love the art, the culture, and the expression. You have a vision of what you want to create on your skin, and you want to find the best artist to make it happen.

Now, imagine you have a friend who shares your passion. A friend who is also a talented tattoo artist, who understands your vision, and who wants to help you achieve it.

That’s how Psychotats started. In 2017, two best friends and tattoo artists, Daniel and Peter, decided to create a platform to improve the tattoo experience. They wanted to connect people who love tattoos with people who can create them. 

They wanted to solve common problems that they and their clients faced, such as finding inspiration, getting feedback, and caring for their tattoos.

They also wanted to build a community. A community of people who appreciate the beauty and the meaning of tattoos. A community of people who support each other, exchange ideas and celebrate their individuality.

Psychotats grew from a small artistic project to an extensive network of people who share the same love for tattoos and self-expression. Today, Psychotats has thousands of members, including tattoo artists and lovers, who use the platform to find, create, and share their tattoos and piercings.

Psychotats is more than just a place to get tattoos and piercings. It is a friendly community of talented tattoo artists and passionate tattoo lovers. Psychotats is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves tattoos and piercings.

Join Psychotats today and discover the world of tattoos like never before.

What To Expect?

Psychotats offers a unique feature for tattoo lovers: design tools for creating and printing temporary tattoos. This feature lets you create your custom tattoo design in seconds based on your ideas and preferences. 

You can choose from different styles, themes, and colors and see how your tattoo would look on your body. You can modify, combine, and customize existing designs or start from scratch.

The design tools for tattoo creation and printing of temporary tattoos have many benefits for tattoo lovers. Here are some of them:

It saves you time and money. You don’t have to spend hours browsing through generic catalogs, waiting for appointments, or paying for consultations. You can get a tattoo design you love in minutes without leaving your home.

You can also print your tattoo design on a special paper and apply it on your skin as a temporary tattoo, and see how it feels and looks before you get a permanent one. You can also order your temporary tattoo from us; we will deliver it in a few days.

It gives you more options and creativity. You can explore different styles, themes, and meanings and find the one that suits you best. You can also mix and match different elements and create a unique tattoo that reflects your personality and style

You can also use the design tools to create original artwork or upload your images and photos and turn them into tattoos. You can also find inspiration from our gallery of tattoo designs or our community of tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

It helps you communicate with your tattoo artist. You can show your tattoo design to your tattoo artist, and explain what you want more clearly. You can also get feedback and suggestions from your tattoo artist, and make adjustments if needed. 

You can also use the design tools to collaborate with your tattoo artist online and create a tattoo design together.

It reduces the risk of regret. You can see how your tattoo would look on your body and ensure you are happy with the size, placement, and appearance. You can also try different designs before committing to one and avoid getting a tattoo you might regret later. You can also remove the temporary tattoo easily if you change your mind and try another one.

The design tools for tattoo creation and printing of temporary tattoos are a revolutionary feature that makes the tattoo experience more fun and easy. With Psychotats, you can get a tattoo that you’ll love for life.

Psychotats Community

Psychotats is more than just a website. It’s a community of tattoo lovers who share their stories, meanings, and inspirations. Psychotats is here to help you on every step of your tattoo journey. Join Psychotats today and discover the world of tattoos.

Our Team

Our team comprises licensed and certified tattoo artists and piercing professionals, boasting a diverse range of experiences. Over the course of their extensive careers, they have successfully executed projects ranging from small intricate designs to large-scale elaborate tattoos. 

Working alongside them are medical specialists, including cosmetologists and dermatologists, who review all content before it is published online. This process guarantees that our content remains relevant, beneficial, and customer-centric.

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