14 Best Body Piercings Shops Las Vegas Meet All Piercings Needs

Piercings Shops Las Vegas. Your potential piercer should gain your trust by demonstrating skill and competency. A piercer should be willing to offer a consultation before accepting your money.

The piercer may examine your anatomy, go through jewelry options, the procedure, any risks or issues, the healing period, and aftercare instructions. 

We offer some quick tips that help you with the following:

Considerations to make while selecting a qualified piercer

  1. Decide on the kind of body piercing you desire, considering your lifestyle. It is not the piercing for you if there is a chance that it will rub, rip, or be otherwise interfered with.
  1. Look for a reliable body piercing business with positive testimonials and referrals. Ensure the tools and jewelry are sanitary and consider how clean the store is. Open the container containing brand-new, sterilized materials in front of you.
  1. Ensure that they request valid identification. They aren’t likely to adhere to proper health rules if they don’t ask for your ID.
  1. Check to see if there is irritation to the skin in the location you are considering getting pierced. For instance, it’s usually better to wait if you want to get your nose pierced and you have a pimple.
  1. The piercing process. To ensure you like the placement, the piercer should indicate the intended piercing spot. Jewelry should be packaged in sealed, sanitized containers, and make sure they are wearing gloves to prevent contamination. Before getting pierced, the area should be cleansed at the piercing site and surrounding area.
  1. Your piercer provides a little page with advice on how to maintain the health and cleanliness of your piercing.

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If you are looking for well-known piercing shops in Las Vegas, then we discuss the famous piercings shops in Las Vegas.

1. The Piercing Shop

For all your body piercing and alteration requirements, The Piercing Shop Las Vegas is the only full-service body piercing facility in Las Vegas. Their piercers are skilled professionals that have been carefully chosen. The most excellent body jewelry is available from a broad range of top manufacturers. 

They provide genital piercings, surface work, and all piercings, from the most basic to the most complex. Implant grade, internally threaded titanium jewelry is used during delicate, freehand piercing procedures. In a separate area where all jewelry and needles are cleaned, all piercings are performed. 

Those who are 18 years of age and older and those who are 16 to 17 years old with an adult present provide expert body piercing. All parties, including minors, must present a valid state-issued ID with their name, photo, and date of birth. Come to The Piercing Shop Las Vegas, where the skilled team is always willing to provide free advice.

Image: @thepiercingshop.lv

2. The Jungle Zone

In Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a renowned tattoo and piercing shop called The Jungle Zone. They have been assisting customers in expressing themselves via one-of-a-kind tattoos and distinctive body piercings since 1991. 

Visit their shop if you’re interested in starting a tattoo or piercing collection or adding a new piece. They have skilled, committed tattoo and piercing artists that will produce a work of art that you can be proud of. Additionally, unlike other studios, their store sells a wide selection of original gifts and home furnishings.

Image: @thejunglezonelv

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3. Primitive Accents Body Piercing

Jewelry and expert body piercing are available amid the simple embellishments. Tony Snow, one of the greatest piercers, has your best interests in mind regarding body piercings, whether it be tongue, lip, nose, nipple, or any other type of high-quality body piercings

Tony Snow has been in the body piercing business for more than 19 years and has attained a level of care and accuracy that most other piercing businesses lack.

Moreover, Tony Snow ensures that every one of his customers understands that they are working with a perfectionist and that their safety is his top priority. Look no further than Tony of Primitive Accents Las Vegas when searching for the best piercing shops in Las Vegas or the best piercing in Las Vegas.

Image: @primitiveaccentslv

4. Off the Edge Body Jewelry

In 2013, the Off the Edge Body Jewelry store opened. They have permission to sell name-brand body jewelry. They transport the finest organics and steel. Conch, ear cartilage, ear lobe gauging, lip, eyebrow, industrial/bar, navel, nose, rook, and kid piercings are among the services they provide. 

They are offering needle piercings, available Wednesday through Sunday by appointment only!

  • Address: 1717 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States
  • Phone: +1 702-606-6489
  • Timings: Wed-Thu: 12 PM – 7 PM, Fri-Sat: 10 AM – 7 PM, Sun: 10 AM – 6 PM, Mon & Tue; Closed
  • Mail ID: Offtheedge702@gmail.com
  • Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/offtheedgebodyjewelrylasvegas/

Image: @off_the_edge_body_jewelry

5. Piercing Vegas

A modest body piercing company, Piercing Vegas, offers high-quality jewelry, excellent customer service, and unbelievable discounts. They only use the finest needles, and the finest internally and externally threaded jewelry. 

They aim to provide you with a sterile, quick, painless piercing procedure. Their artists with many years of experience, they can pierce anything, whether you’re searching for a straightforward piercing, a challenging project, or anything unique.

Do you want to succeed greatly? Since they are professionals, you may discuss your ideas with them, and they will walk you through each stage of properly stretching your piercing.  

Mall piercing weapons are neither safe nor sanitary. 

A trustworthy Las Vegas piercing business is a safer setting for a youngster to get pierced.

Image: @piercing.vegas

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6. Ironshore Tattoo Piercings

During your visit to Las Vegas, are you looking for a personalized tattoo or body piercing? Visit Ironhorse Tattoos & Piercings after that. In this tattoo shop, one may exhibit one’s creativity. They combine age-old safety concepts with contemporary ones. 

Each artist is licensed and highly knowledgeable in the tattoo and piercing industries. They take great satisfaction in having a welcoming, caring workforce and a comfortable working environment. Their workshop provides affordable body alteration and piercing treatments using implant-grade body jewelry.

Image: @ironhorse_tattoos

7. Ember Body Piercing

Ember Piercing is a high-end, contemporary Las Vegas piercing shop that prioritizes excellence. Their team is committed to offering the most incredible body piercing experience imaginable using the most advanced equipment and methods and, of course, the most delicate gold body jewelry. 

Ember was established to give its clients a secure, welcoming, and professional environment. Their commitment to improving the client experience never ends!

Image: @emberbodypiercing

8. Heart of Thieves Tattoo & Body Piercing

Custom tattoos and body piercings are the focus of The Heart of Thieves tattoo and piercing shop in Las Vegas. This is a Las Vegas tattoo parlor as well as a piercing parlor. Their aesthetics range from vibrant American traditional to realistic black and grey. 

To meet your piercing requirements, their Las Vegas tattoo shop carries a vast selection of body jewelry. Each artist has at least five years of tattooing and body piercing experience. 

Image: @heartofthievestattoo

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9. Piercing Pagoda

Going to the piercing pagoda store, you may look at various piercing choices, including body piercings, children’s ear piercings, and piercings done by specialists. They now provide even more options for piercing. Every time, they want to offer the most satisfactory experience.

They take great delight in providing you with the piercing you want using safe, expert techniques. Their piercing specialists will talk with you to choose the jewelry and placement technique that will work best for your new piercing. Every time, sterilized equipment is used, following all regulations and professional requirements. 

A clean atmosphere and a comfortable piercing experience are guaranteed by their stringent safety and precaution requirements before, during, and after the piercing treatment. They offer thorough maintenance and cleaning guidelines, essential for enjoying your freshly pierced ears.

Image: @banterbypiercingpagoda

10. Hancock Piercings

This shop provides numerous piercings services like Conch, Ear Lobe, Industrial/Bar, Navel, Nose, Rook Piercing, Ear Cartilage, Eyebrow, Lip, Nipple, Piercing for Children, and Tongue Piercing

You can avail of their piercings services by appointment; walk-ins clients are welcome, fixed and affordable prices, free parking, free Wi-Fi, and are wheelchair accessible. They can meet all your piercing needs!

  • Address: North Las Vegas, NV 89032
  • Phone: (702) 403-9930
  • Timings: Tue-Sat: 12 PM – 6 PM, Sun & Mon: Closed

Image: @hancock.piercings

11. Primal Soul Piercing Studio

Kala Kaiwi, an owner of the Primal Soul Piercing Studio, developed a fascination for the body. Primal Soul Piercing Studio provides professional piercing-only treatments. 

In addition to complementing the shape of your body, Kala may create work that will make you stand out from the crowd. Although Kala is also skilled in more conventional piercings, don’t be hesitant to cross that boundary into something novel and daring!

Often, the concept of a piercing or other body alteration is more accessible than the actual operation or recuperation. Kala has expertise in evaluating and fixing tissue damage caused by prior piercing traumas and realizing your original concept! In addition to performing personalized piercings, Kala also creates the jewelry used during these treatments. Talk to him right now about your piercing desires!

Image: @808mods_kala

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12. Fool’s Gold Tattoo & Piercing

Enter one of the fabulous Las Vegas piercing shops that provide all types of piercing services, including Back Dimple, Bite, Ear Cartilage, Conch, Ear Lobe, Ear Lobe Gauging, Eyebrow, Gential, Industrial/Bar, Lip, Neck, Navel, Nipple, Nose, Rook, and Tongue Piercing. 

This indicates that the piercer at Fool’s Gold Tattoo and Piercing does practically all piercings. They provide excellent art at a competitive price where you may be content and gain practical experience. More than 15 years of experience are behind them. 

They specialize in all kinds of body piercings and tattoos. Remarkable work is accompanied by a relaxed and joyful mood!

  • Address: 5025 S Eastern Ste 6 Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Timings: Open all days in a week, Mon-Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM

Image: @foolsgoldtattoolv

13. Artforms Tattoo and Body Piercing

The goal of Artforms Tattoo is to provide excellent customer service. It is a spotless, cutting-edge store operated by veterans that appeals to both men and women. Their artists offer affordable body piercings and tattoos of all kinds with years of expertise. 

The top artisans work in this spotlessly clean store.

Image: @artformstattoo

14. LV Tattoo and Piercing

One of the best tattoo parlors in Las Vegas, LV Tattoo, offers unmatched customer service in addition to tattooing, body piercing, and permanent makeup treatments performed by some of the best professionals in their industries. For any event, they provide a variety of piercings that are specially made for your needs.

Image: @lvtattooandpiercing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Age Requirements To Get Pierced At Ironhorse Ink Tattoo And Piercing Shop?

At Ironhorse Tattoo, nobody younger than 14 is allowed to get a tattoo or get their ears pierced. If the last names on the birth certificate do not match the parent’s present ID, a new marriage license with the new name and the parent’s prior name must be created.

The parent who is accompanying the minor who is getting inked or pierced must remain during the full tattoo or piercing process. Along with the minor, you must stay in the station. During the procedure, there is no coming in, doing papers, or leaving.

How Much Does it Cost At Piercing Vegas To Get A Piercing?

An average body piercing costs $45, including jewelry. Most begin at about $65.

What Are The Timings Of The Piercings At Off the Edge Body Jewelry?

Wednesday to Thursday is 12 PM – 7 PM, Friday and Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM, Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM, Monday and Tuesday are closed.

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