Top Best 15 Tattoo Shops in Boise to Design Ideal Body Art

For some individuals, getting a tattoo is everything about the location. It’s important that you feel at ease inside the tattoo shop. If you experience discomfort before your artist ever touches the needle to the skin, getting a tattoo can be an even more traumatic experience. Check these amazing tattoo shops in Boise for best inking.

tattoo shops in Boise

We have some advice if you’re concerned about a shop’s atmosphere. If you don’t know anyone with tattoos or a recommended tattoo shop, then we will help you find ideal tattoo shops in Boise.

Even while it may not ultimately matter how the shop looks if they have a proper mindset and the artists you’re seeking, you should nonetheless examine it before choosing a studio to design your tattoo.

How can you select a safe tattoo studio? 

Ensuring the shop’s interior is spotless, hygienic, and properly kept may be more crucial than examining the studio’s design or aesthetic. Asking yourself the following questions as you browse a store will help.

  • Is the tattoo shop tidy?
  • How do flooring and walls appear?
  • Is the space bright?
  • Is the building in good condition?

Stains and needles lying about are warning signs, so you should continue with caution if you find them.

Have you examined the tools at the tattoo studio?

Examining the studio’s equipment is a step after inspecting the interior. A tattoo chair, fixed needles, sterilized ink, gloves, and additional instruments are necessities for any authorized tattoo studio to maintain a risk-free workplace.

Additionally, you have to scan the area for licenses and credentials belonging to tattoo artists. Knowing that a business only hires skilled and competent artists gives you more faith in it.

The secret to choosing the ideal artist for you is to look over their portfolio. Make sure the tattoo artists you are thinking about have the necessary experience and can produce the artwork you want in precisely the manner you need. An artist will likely focus on one or even two specific artistic genres, such as realism, sacred geometry, blackwork, script, dotwork, illustration, or watercolor.

An artist who only creates abstract art might not be the best choice to paint a photorealistic portrait. To help you choose the perfect design to adorn your body, we have prepared a list of the top best tattoo shops in Boise.

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1. Chalice Tattoo Studio

In Boise City, Idaho, Chalice Tattoo Studio is one of the well-known tattoo shops in Boise. They have the tattoo artist professionally. The owner has been recognized with several honors for her work and published in numerous international periodicals. Their multi-year veteran, award-winning tattoo artists specialize in unique, one-of-a-kind design work.

There is a skilled staff and a warm atmosphere at Chalice Studio. There is a lot of freedom for personal interpretation and inventiveness because of their classic tattooing style with a modern twist. You’ll discover that their studio is immaculate and uses cutting-edge sterilizing methods. As soon as there is time, walk-ins are accepted.

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tattoo shops in Boise

Credit: chalicetattoostudio

2. Talon Tattoo Co

A family-run tattoo and piercing shop in Boise is called Talon Tattoo. The studio is owned with pride by John and Tiffany Lasco. The goal is to create a tattoo shop with a homey atmosphere, state-of-the-art machinery, and sterility while constantly offering unique tattoos to their clients. Talon Tattoo provides a range of services to meet your needs for body alteration.

The artist is an expert in creating unique tattoo designs. Their artist’s specialists in portrait-style tattoos. They enjoy working on digital arts and apprentices. They also offer body and dermal piercings. Their crew takes great delight in offering top-notch tattoo and piercing services to Boise City. For consultations, you can come in at any time.

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tattoo shops in Boise

Credit: talontattoo_co

3. Devotion Tattoo

If you are searching for a creative tattoo studio, step into the devotion tattoo shop. This shop’s artists provide high-quality tattooing services. Their qualified tattoo artists provide distinctive tattoo designs. Their crew offers a top-notch tattoo design in a welcoming and tidy setting.

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They are experts in all tattooing techniques, including conventional American & Japanese techniques. For tattooing, both the minor and the major must possess state-issued picture IDs with the same last name. They can transform your ideas into stunning tattoo art if you bring them. Walk-in clients are welcomed at Devotion Tattoo, which also provides free consultations.

tattoo shops in Boise

Credit: empireinks

4. Black Cat Tattoo

Design the best tattoo on your body with one of the walk in tattoo shops in Boise is Black Cat Tattoo Shop and get the best attainable experience. Their artists take their time and treat you respectfully.

They provide mainly all-custom jobs, teaming with you to create a piece, especially for you and the size of your body you desire it on. They also have a large selection of flash if you prefer to choose something from their collection.

tattoo shops in Boise

Credit: oren_jinsage

5. Imperial Body Art

If you are searching for custom tattoos, then this one is ideal for you. Their staff prides themselves on their attention to detail and commitment to clients. The tattoo artists provide full customer service from the design stage to the completed tattoo.

Their shop offers a clean and friendly environment and follows all tattoo safety protocols. They also offer body piercings and offer you a large selection of top-of-the-line body jewelry.

tattoo shops in Boise

Credit: imperialbodyart

6. Ink Spa

A range of permanent tattoos is available at Ink Spa from skilled tattoo artists. They have a great appreciation for fine-line tattoos.

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They are a locally owned and operated tattoo shop that provides lifelong experience, personalized tattoos, and a modern, elevated, non-traditional tattoo studio. For the purpose of preserving the quality of your tattoo, they also sell an aftercare package.

tattoo shops in Boise

Credit: inkspatattoo

7. Pyramid Tattoo Co

Enter the clean, well-lit, and welcoming tattoo shop, which welcomes both seasoned clients and newcomers with open arms. The professional tattoo artists at Pyramid Tattoo Company, who have won multiple accolades for their work, are available.

They concentrate on tattooing, including American and Japanese traditional methods, as well as black-and-white photo realism. The business provides talented tattoo artists that are passionate about their job and like working in a variety of styles.

tattoo shops in Boise

Credit: pyramidtattooco

8. Born Weird Tattoo and Piercing

This tattoo shop is managed by a team of skilled professionals that use only high-quality supplies and sanitary procedures to deliver great service. Both tattoo and piercing services are provided. Their tattoo artists are skilled in all tattooing techniques and specialize in designing the fine line, illustration style, classic blackwork, and color tattoos.

Credit: bornweird_tattoo

9. McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art

Are you looking to acquire some new, fresh tattoos in the tattoo shops open in Boise? Then visit the top tattoo and piercing studio in Boise. They promise to deliver excellence in both their art and unmatched customer service. They make the tattoo and piercing process as pleasant as possible by using the newest tools, an educated and courteous team, and an emphasis on safety and hygiene.

Moreover, they were chosen as Boise’s favorite tattoo studio for a reason. They are adamant that this is more than simply a job. Their enthusiasm is for this. They have inked countless numbers of people. They provide great art originals, reprints, and exclusive goods that you won’t find anywhere else, in addition to tattoos and body piercings. Also, they design tattoos for minors, but for that, you have to fulfill their guidelines for it.

They put safety first and use only the highest quality and most reliable equipment.

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Credit: mcnabbs_tattoo_and_fine_art

10. Krahnic Body Art

This tattoo shop provides high-quality, bespoke tattooing that adheres to stringent process standards to guarantee your safety, health, and a speedy recovery. They only work with customers who are at least 18 years old.

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You may use Google image searches to locate various images and perspectives of figurative tattoo design ideas, such as flowers, animals, people, etc., and then choose your favorites to bring with you to your consultation. Think about non-tattoo art such as paintings. Bring in your thoughts and inspiration on a USB or printed out on paper. They will create the tattoo based on the image you provide.

But bear in mind that they avoid overly stiff shapes and instead choose wavy designs that follow the contours of the body.

Credit: chriskrahnic

11. Ink Slaves tattoo

Visit the ink slaves tattoo shop to get the help of their award-winning team of tattoo experts if you want realistic and portrait specialists. For this artist, accurate black-and-grey portraiture is the name of the game!

They have incredible black and grey painters on staff that have a passion for realism and portraiture at the top of the list. Along with basic line work pieces, they may also use many additional styles, such as Neo-Traditional and Traditional Fundamentals.

We can thus confidently state that their team won’t let you down with your unique work since they have the expertise and desire to take tattooing to another level each and every time!

Credit: chris_jansen_tattoo

12. Apex Tattoo

If there’s one thing you want to be accomplished well in life, it’s getting a tattoo. Your tattoo will be cared for by Apex Tattoo artists as if it were their own. They are experts in full-color, black-and-gray, and cover-up tattoos.

Furthermore, they will support you at every stage of the procedure to ensure that your new work of art is something you are proud to display. They strive to produce a masterpiece that endures, whether it’s your first tattoo or you’re down to your final un-inked patch.

Why not drop by and talk about your ideas with one of their skilled artists if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo? They collaborate with you to get your concept from the drawing board to your skin using their years of knowledge. Bring any reference materials you’d like; they’ll utilize them to produce a customized, one-of-a-kind work of art just for you to make your dream come true.

Credit: madtattoouille

13. All You Can Ink Tattoo Studio

The all-day tattoo special offered by this tattoo studio is highly renowned! You may have one major tattoo or perhaps a few smaller ones for reasonable pricing. Their tattoo artist likes working on a range of projects but specializes in hand-drawn realism, black and grey, and portraiture.

Credit: bryan_d_27

14. Burn The Boats Tattoo

Stop squandering time and money on inferior tattoos. Visit the Burn The Boats Tattoo store if you want a tattoo that you won’t regret getting, both now and in the future. They take care to ensure that their esteemed clients receive the artwork they desire and merit from the artist who is most appropriate for them. Find the best tattoo artist for your next tattoo.

Credit: burntheboatstattoo

15. Anarchy Ink Tattoo Company

Visit the Anarchy Ink tattoo shop to get the greatest local artists who have years of expertise. They provide personalized tattoos, piercings, art, clothing, and much more in a welcoming environment!

In order to select the perfect unique design for your tattoo, they also provide free consultations. This store offers its customers sparkling-clean equipment. They concentrated on creating fantastic body art. Every single one of their customers should, in their opinion, feel at ease and smile as they leave the store.

Credit: bombsawayben

Frequently Asked Questions on Tattoo Parlors in Boise

What should you bring to get your first tattoo at Chalice?

Regardless of whether you have had tattoos elsewhere, you must bring a valid state-issued or military picture ID to your initial visit with Chalice Shop. Additionally crucial is a restful night’s sleep the night before and maintaining hydration. Eat a healthy lunch around an hour or two before you enter and drink lots of water. Avoid being inked when you’re starving! Low blood sugar results from it, which raises your risk of fainting.

Do the designs at Black Cat Tattoo Shop already exist?

Yes. They specialize in custom tattoos, working with you to design a one-of-a-kind design. Email it to them or bring it in to show them if you have something in mind. Any pattern may be made into a tattoo, although certain designs may need to be altered in size or detail to provide the desired result. If the tattoo is too small, some of the intricacies won’t be seen.

What are Black tattoo prices?

Numerous factors, like size, placement, intricacy, artist, etc., affect the price. Quality is their top priority, even if it does occasionally cost a little bit extra. A work with which you are completely satisfied is priceless.

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What is the procedure for getting a tattoo at all you can ink?

Their excellent artist, Jasen, often creates his tattoos by hand right onto the skin. He’ll clean and shave the region before doing this with a marker. Before he starts tattooing with a needle, you’ll be able to inspect the sketch and give your approval for the design. Tattoos typically don’t “pain,” but some people have compared them to a bothersome insect bite or itch. It just depends on how much pain you can take and where the tattoo is placed.

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