15 Amazing Tattoo Shops In Tulsa That You Must Visit

Tattoo Shops In Tulsa. Tattoos are one of the interesting methods to look cool in front of your friends. Due to this reason, most individuals love to get their bodies inked. Deciding to get your body ink seems interesting; however, the real problem is where to get your body inked.

Many tattoo shops in Tulsa might be present in your area but deciding which tattoo shops can serve you the best is essential. Individuals must take time to research which tattoo shops could serve them best, or you’ll end up regretting it. To help you out in the process of finding a good tattoo artist, we have come up with this comprehensive guide of top tattoo shops in Tulsa that you must visit.

If you live in Tulsa, then consider yourself lucky because this place seems to have multiple talented artists that could create any kind of tattoo according to your taste and preferences. While choosing out among our listed tattoo artists, you must note their style and features and what competitive edge they have over others.

1. Charles Page Tattoos

The owner at Charles page tattoos has been inking people for more than a decade. This place is among the finest and best tattoo shops in Tulsa Oklahoma and specializes in classical, old-style, and black & white tattoos. He offers a wide variety of custom tattooing and classical flash tattoos. You won’t find any other tattoo artist in the market like him that holds the same kind of exceptional talent. Moreover, the quality equipment used in this place makes this place most loved among tattoo artists.

Image: @charlespagetattoos

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2. Eleventh and Rockford Tattoo

For all those who are a fan of traditional-style tattoos, you must visit Eleventh and Rockford Tattoos, one of the walk-in tattoo shops in Tulsa. They specialize in custom work, providing the best to their customers. Firstly, you can book a one-on-one consultation with the professional here who will guide you with the great tattoo according to your taste and preference. After that, you can both mutually decide upon the design that you want to ink on your body. All the past customers have appreciated this place for its cleanliness and hygiene.

Image: @myktattoo

3. Just Another Hole Body Arts

The staff here provides piercing procedures and also tattoos in a variety of designs. This tattoo shop in Tulsa is focused on maintaining its cleanliness & order to welcome clients in a hygienic and safe environment. The studio’s two proprietors have extensive paramedic expertise, which has given them an understanding of first-aid techniques as well as other medical information. As a result, they can guarantee that clients are tattooed using the safest tools and facilities possible.

Image: @justanotherhole 

4. Pair ‘O’ Dice Tattoo

One of the first best tattoo shops in Tulsa Oklahoma providing tattooing services in Tulsa is called Pair’ O’ Dice Tattoo. Richard Stell, the proprietor, and founder focuses on classic American design but can also accommodate various design demands, such as text and calligraphy, faces, and small tattoos. Stell is a skilled painter who has also produced original items that could be bought through the business’ website. Customers are advised to book a face-to-face session to go through tattoos in greater depth and obtain a price quote.

Image: @pairodicetattoo

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5. Solid Ground Tattoo

Since 2010, this tattoo shop in Tulsa OK seems to be doing unique tattoos. The gallery carefully chooses each member of its group of artists depending on their own aesthetic, commitment to excellence, competence, and love of the arts. After each appointment, the tattoo artists talk with the customers about the aftercare procedure. In a welcoming setting, Solid Ground Tattoo promises to offer top-notch creative tattoo art together with cutting-edge sterilizing methods.

Image: @solidgroundtattoo

6. Spaded and Jaded Tattoo – Tulsa

If you want to get a quality tattoo in Tulsa, then this clean and relaxing tattoo shop in Tulsa OK is an amazing place. The beginners who never had a tattoo before must go visit this friendly place with cordial staff and a cooperative environment. They have numerous designs to choose from, providing you with diversity and versatility in tattoos. Not only do they create custom pieces, but they also cover up the previous art pieces. Even the famous football and basketball players have inked themselves from this spectacular studio.

7. Water Street Tattoo

When you’re looking for versatility in tattoo designs, this one of the best walk in tattoo shops Tulsa would be one for you. Anyone who loves tattoos is familiar with this famous place. They specialize in providing coverups and custom-designed tattoos to satisfy the needs of your customers. Moreover, the price of this place is affordable and friendly, and you’ll feel no awkwardness during the hours of the tattoo session. You must visit this place to know the basic tattooing option available for you!

Image: @waterstreettattoo

8. Brookside Tattoo

To satisfy your tattooing demands, the tattoo shop in Tulsa OK provides a variety of distinctive and diverse tattoos. The skilled and accommodating tattoo artists at the studio may alter your tattoo design as you like. They have a state license, adhere to all health inspection standards, and strive hard to satisfy and uphold all state rules. Their studio is committed to giving you the most hygienic and high-quality experience possible. A large selection of body jewelry made of various metals and varieties of glass is also available here. Exotic handmade body jewelry is another area of expertise for Brookside Tattoo.

Image: @brooksidetattoojonathan

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9. Inkjunkys Tattoo LLC

Don’t miss out on an award-winning custom tattoo shop in Tulsa that almost has years of experience in inking. Their highly-skilled tattoo artists offer the most dependable tattooing procedures in a hygienic and clean environment. They have a great deal of combined tattooing business expertise. Their tattoo artists will be able to design the ideal tattoo for you if you express your views to them. Modern amenities are available in their tattoo studio to manage the tattoo services flawlessly.

Image: @nattatt8

10. Electric Gnome Tattoo

Everything you can think of can be designed and inked by one of their artists. By directly converting pictures from your imagination to their needle, we bring your ideas to life. Their tattoo shop in Tulsa OK is the location to visit for beautiful art, whether you want colorful or classical tattoos. Their crew will make absolutely sure you remain calm and cozy because Their studio was created by keeping you in consideration. If you want high-quality body piercing, jewelry alterations, or tattoo treatments, come to their business.

Image: @electricgnometattoo

11. Karma Body Modifications

This tattoo shop in Tulsa OK is known for custom tattoo designs to help you achieve the style you want. This place is amazing as it not only provides tattooing services but also offers jewelry pieces for the initial piercings. The staff here maintains a friendly and cozy environment that no visitor feels uncomfortable during long hours of tattoo sessions.

Image: @karmabodymodifications

12. Black gold tattoo

Interested in getting a Japanese-style tattoo full of colors? Visit Black Gold Tulsa, which creates mesmerizing images on the bodies with intrinsic detailing. You can check their portfolio on Instagram. This tattoo shop in Tulsa OK has really unique and inspiring custom-created designs that will look amazing and will motivate you to get one on your body.

Image: @blackgoldtulsa

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13. Tulsa Tattoo CO

This tattoo shop in Tulsa OK offers customized tattoo and body piercing businesses with cutting-edge equipment and unmatched hygiene. For both experienced collectors and those just getting started with body art, their helpful team is here to answer any queries. Visit their facilities and enjoy their lovely store. Their artists provide the highest caliber of expert service with over fifty years of combined expertise. We provide services ranging from rotational tattooing to every type of piercing.

  • Phone: (918) 585-8282
  • Mail ID: tulsatattooco@gmail.com
  • Timings: Tue: Sat- 12:00 PM- 08:00 PM Sun- 12:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Image: @tulsatattooco

14. Black Sheep Tattoo

From colorful to black & white and freehand to realistic tattoos, this tattoo shop in Tulsa OK seems to have experience in all types of tattoos. They have experience of over 2 decades, so they have mastered every type of tattoo. Most often, the artist here works on large-scale designs that are mostly created on the back, chest, and sleeves. Moreover, they maintain a clean environment and use all sterilized pieces of equipment to gain the trust of their customers.

Image: @tattoosbyblacksheep

15. Geek Ink Tattoo

This tattoo shop in Tulsa OK is located outside Tulsa, but this needs to be on the list. They have multiple artists with different specialties that can create any type of tattoo you desire. All the staff is focused on making the customer satisfied by giving attention to even the minute details. The professionals here will love to assist you whenever you need assistance with your new tattoo.

Phone: (918) 928-4335

Instagram ID: https://www.instagram.com/geekinktattoo/

Timings: Mon-Sat: 11:00 AM- 07:00 PM

Image: @geekinktattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other things that you might not contemplate before having a tattoo at Electric Gnome Tattoo?

  • Take a bath and leave the kids at home. Please don’t bring them—truly.
  • Bring all required documents.
  • Good work is expensive, so bring some cash!
  • Have a meal before entering!
  • If you have diabetes, brace yourself for a crash.
  • Don’t put words with photos — we’ll attempt to persuade you out of it because of the whole “a picture is worth 1000 words” thing.
  • Your concept might not be able to be tattooed.
  • Just because you saw it on Pinterest doesn’t make it a good tattoo.

How do you remove unwanted tattoos in Tulsa Tattoo Co?

They certainly could, without frightening anyone. If you do have ink that you wish to get rid of, you have a number of alternatives. Cover-up is perhaps the most typical method. To do something like this, collaborate with your tattoo artist to create a design that will conceal the existing ink.

There are certain myths about coverups; it is not as simple as adding another tattoo on top. The coverup must be darker than the current tattoo in order to overwhelm it since the new tattoo will be positioned in almost the same layer of skin (the dermis) as the previous one. Due to this, extremely old or fading tattoos are more concealable than fresh, vibrant ones.

The second choice you have is laser hair removal. While, based on the age and color of the tattoo, this could be very useful, it can also take a lot of time. If you want additional details about removal, take a peek at the Laser Removal before getting it done.

A mixture of the first two options is the third one that is offered. A far more appealing (and frequently smaller) tattoo might be utilized to hide the undesirable tattoo by reducing its density by laser removal. This results in a significantly better tattoo coverup and requires considerably less laser therapy than tattoo removal.

Is tattoo ink safe at the Black Gold tattoo shop?

Depending on where it originates. Today’s society offers a wide variety of easily accessible inks. High-quality tattoo ink that has been used for decades without producing any negative effects. Today, only certain nations control the production of inks to ensure that they satisfy particular health and safety requirements (EU and USA).

Regrettably, the selling of tattoo inks on eBay has allowed for the entry of low-quality Chinese inks and knockoffs of well-known and reputable brands. The Chinese inks are potentially harmful.

Recently, a study detailing the analysis of several of these inks revealed that they included both prohibited and dangerous compounds. The use of reputable brands by your tattoo artist is no longer appropriate; in order to guarantee the quality of their work, they must also purchase their inks straight from the factory or a retailer that has been authorized by the manufacturer.

What kind of tattoo is best for me? Then where?

Everything here is a question of preference. You can obtain whatever you like and are prepared to pay your artist for it. You have the option of choosing a picture already hanging on the wall or having a special piece made particularly for you. Your creativity is your only constraint. Just bear in mind your line of work and the kind of social circles you hang out in when deciding where to get it. You might like to think about getting your tattoo in a location that is simple to conceal with everyday wear.

Bottom Line

These are only a few tattoo shops in Tulsa, OK where you can go to make a marvelous tattoo. However, choosing a good shop from out of the listed is a crucial task. You should take into consideration all your requirements before booking an appointment. Think about the location, the professionals they have, and all other things that you should take into consideration.

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