13 Marvelous Tattoo Shops In New Jersey That You Must Visit

Tattoos have been an everyday fashion trend in Western culture since the 1900s. Tattoos are still becoming more and more common in our culture, despite the fact that they may not be as popular as they were a few years ago. An individual with tattoos can only tell you that they can be dangerous and uncomfortable, but they also help express one’s uniqueness. In connection to that find out the marvelous and amazing tattoo shops in New Jersey for the best inking!

tattoo shops in New Jersey

Almost every part of your body is suitable for a tattoo. All areas of your body, including your leg or shoulder or fingers to stomach, are a standard part of getting tattoos.

Many industries and cultural activities, such as tattooing, have profited tremendously from the increasing use of social media. The only way to obtain tattoo inspiration until recently was to go into a tattoo shop and look around. But now that’s altered. Social media usage has changed this. There are countless examples of artistic and complex designs on the internet, from Instagram to Pinterest.

One sees fresh tattoo concepts every time he accesses a social networking site. Tattoo artists have benefited dramatically from these websites as well. On social media, millions of people follow different adorable tattoo celebrities, and there are almost tens of millions of individuals in tattoo-related social media groups.

Among young individuals, tattoos are fashionable. More youthful generations view tattoos as a form of self-expression. The increased acceptance of tattoos among younger generations is becoming more common in the workplace.

The issues associated with tattoos have diminished as they become more prevalent in pop culture, television, movies, celebrities, and internet users.

The majority of people now view persons with tattoos as “normal,” with a few prominent outliers. Due to their widespread use, tattoos are increasingly accepted by people of all ages. Even people who formerly believed that getting a tattoo was unethical to have changed their minds.

Best Tattoo Shops In New Jersey

There may be a lot of tattoo shops in New Jersey in your neighborhood, but choosing the ones that can best serve your needs is crucial. People should take the time to discover which tattoo studio best meets their needs; otherwise, they’ll regret it.

We’ve put together this thorough list of the best tattoo shops in New Jersey for you to visit to assist you in your search for a talented tattoo artist.

1. Ink Bound Tattoo Studio

Are you searching for the ideal location to get your next tattoo? You’ve just discovered it; Ink Bound Tattoo has a body of work that speaks for itself and a team of great artists from all around the world.

The Ink Bound team adds a fresh perspective and visual language to a 20-year-old tattoo parlor in Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood. They cordially encourage everyone to visit, get to know their newest artists, and learn about their goal for a vibrant, worldwide community.

The owner of this tattoo shop is a very hardworking artist who comes from a family of tattoo artists. She was initially trained as an architect, but because tradition runs in her family, she opted to return to her origins and start working as a tattoo artist. You can book an appointment after seeing their fantastic artwork.

Website: https://www.inkboundtattoo.com/

Phone: (973) 732-7343

Address: 46 Ferry St Newark, NJ 07105

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inkboundtattoostudio/

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2. Adu Ink

The goal of our tattoo parlor is to provide each customer with the most incredible tattoo experience possible. We offer tattoos in excellent resolution and take delight in making our clients satisfied. The artists here are very patient, precise, and gentle. They also do some body piercing. Check them out if you’re searching for a hygienic place to get piercings and tattoos. The prices are fair, the staff is kind, and you’ll be happy with the results.

The artist of this tattoo shop does both traditional flash tattoos and a wide range of customized tattoos. No other tattoo artist in the industry possesses the same outstanding ability as they do.

Additionally, the high-quality equipment used in this location makes it a favorite among tattoo artists.

Phone:(973) 512-2220

Address: 464 Central Ave East Orange, NJ 07018

Website: https://aduink.myonlineappointment.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/b_tat/

3. Bad Intentionz Tattooz

In 2003, Bad Intentionz Tattoos LLC opened its doors in a modest space on Clark Street in Newark, New Jersey. They made the decision to move into a larger space in 2007 and are now at 103 Broadway in Newark, NJ. Where all tattoos and piercings are the areas of their expertise, all body jewelry accessories and aftercare are also available from them.

Locally operated Bad Intentionz Tattooz offers tattooing and body piercing services to people in the Newark region. Their skilled artists work hard to provide high-caliber services in a clean and secure setting. Call them right away for additional details! They are experts in all piercings, black and grey, portraiture, and other forms of tattoos.

Website: https://badintentionztattoos.com/

Phone: (862) 343-8051

Address: 103 Broadway Newark, NJ 07104

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jayden.tattoo/

tattoo shops in New Jersey

Image: @jayden.tattoo

4. Jersey City Tattoo

Adam Paterson has been tattooing in Jersey City since the prohibition was removed in 2001. He founded Jersey City Tattoo in 2007 with the goal of providing a traditional and comprehensive American tattoo parlor experience. The Japanese, Americana, and black work styles of traditional tattooing are among the ones that Jersey City Tattoo Co. excels in.

Their talented artists consider the client’s thoughts and conceptions to design the ideal tattoo. Traditional “sailor” tattoos, Japanese art, realistic portraiture, pin-ups, and other styles are all things they are skillful at doing. They always utilize the best supplies for the tattooing procedure. 

The owner of this shop is amiable and provides his customers with a clean and safe environment for the whole process.

Website: http://www.jerseycitytattoo.com/

Phone: (201) 360-0139

Address: 253 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jerseycitytattoo/

tattoo shops in New Jersey

Image: @jerseycitytattoo

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5. Souls Tattoo – Jersey City

It is one of the best tattoo shops in the city. They think a tattoo should be a representation of a person’s distinctive style, a tribute to a specific person or occasion, a devotion to that special someone, or a way to honor a personal victory. They always cordially invite the clients to see their staff’s artistic talent as they turn your heart’s wishes into a piece of art.

Their artists consider your body to be a living canvas that portrays an artistic depiction of the most profound aspirations and feelings, loves, or life accomplishments. To do this, their artists form a personal connection with the person in order to comprehend the concept of body art.

The artist will generate the best artist work with his extreme level of imagination and create body art that you will cherish for years to come. Seven Souls has excellent quality throughout. Veronica is unique, perceptive, imaginative, and entertaining.

Phone: (201) 333-8832

Address: 546 Jersey Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302

Website: https://www.7soulstattoo.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/7soulstattoo_ramsey/?hl=en

tattoo shops in New Jersey

Image: @7soulstattoo_ramsey

6. Black Fish Tattoo

Black Fish Tattoos workshop in Midtown Manhattan is tucked away on 32nd Street and has been providing top-notch tattoos for more than 20 years. Owner and seasoned tattoo artist Kevin Jang offers free unique artwork and designs. He is capable of any kind of tattooing and excels at realistic pictures.

This shop’s tattoo artists specialize in customized work and strive to give their customers the most satisfactory service possible. This tattoo parlor is committed to keeping things neat and safe so that customers may arrive in a clean and secure setting. So feel free to stop by whenever you want to get inked with your thoughts, ideas, and photos.

Website: http://www.blackfishtattoo.com/

Phone: (929) 501-5138

Timings: Monday- Sunday (11 am-07 pm)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackfishtattooinc/

7. Encrypted Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio

This tattoo shop was established in 2017. The studio is set up to offer the best body art experience. The sleek, contemporary location has a loft-like feel and provides a serene, pleasant, sanitary setting where the great art of tattooing is performed.

The owner of the shop is experienced and expert in his work. This shop also offers all types of piercing services. The owner made this shop clean and safe and also decorated the wall of this shop beautifully with beautiful artwork.

Website: https://www.encryptedink.com/

Phone: (201) 793-0054

Address: 588 Summit Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/encryptedink/

Image: @encryptedink 

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8. Studio 28

Custom tattoo studio Studio 28 Tattoos is conveniently situated in Manhattan, NYC, near New Jersey. They continually try to be the best in terms of hygiene, tattoo quality, and client service.

In addition to housing some of the city’s top body piercers and tattoo artists, Studio 28 was built to offer its customers a tidy and welcoming environment. Since the first launch, they have focused on custom tattoos, Japanese coverups, and realistic and scary designs.

 They only use implant-grade jewelry from the best suppliers for our piercings. Also, keep in mind that walk-ins are welcome for piercings every day. The store has constantly been ranked as one of Manhattan’s best studios. TJ and his staff work hard every day to improve the store.

Phone: (855) 200-5240

Website: https://www.studio28tattoosnyc.com/

Address: 108 W 28th St Fl 3 New York, NY 10001

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studio28tattoos/

Image: @studio28tattoosandjenny_tatts

9. Nobu Tattoo

Professional tattoo artist Nobu Tattoo originates from Japan. His specialties include traditional tattoos from Japan and the United States. But all that matters for him is providing his customers with a nice tattoo and decent service.

The artist of this studio is also very hardworking and polite. The studio’s owner has substantial paramedic experience, enabling him to comprehend first-aid procedures and other medical knowledge. All the artists can therefore ensure that customers receive tattoos using the safest equipment and settings.


Address: 107 10th st Hoboken Body Art Hoboken, NJ 07030

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nobu_yosh/

Image: @nobu_yosh

10. Knino Ink

Smurf, the owner, and tattoo artist founded KNINO INK in 2022. Sinersta Ink Tattoos was the original name of the owner’s company when it was founded in 2010, but that was back when he knew very little about managing a small business.

After several unsuccessful attempts to launch the company, the owner was finally permitted to operate legally. With the assistance of his closest friend, he chose to change the name and appearance of Sinersta Ink, and KNINO INK was subsequently formed.

The owner of the shop has experience of more than 20 years and specializes primarily in portraiture, but as a visual artist, he can work in almost any style. There is nothing he won’t attempt, and he doesn’t feel there is a tattoo he can’t do.

Website: https://kninoink.com/

Phone: (347) 791-3579

Address: 1024 Bergen St Newark, NJ 07112

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sumoneamazing/

Image: @sumoneamazing

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11. Holey Moley Tattoos

The shop has been serving its customers in Jersey City for more than ten years. The owner had piercings and tattoos for more than 10-16 years. The shop has international guests performing for them.

They provide piercings, tattoos, and pretty much anything else; They will do their best to meet your needs and direct you toward the proper tattoo or piercing. The owner charges $50 for appointments. A $50 deposit is necessary to reserve an appointment, and that amount will be deducted from the cost of your tattoo. If you have any questions, you are free to call the store.

Phone: (201) 216-9046

Address: 518 Central Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307

Image: @holeymoleytattoos_piercings

12. Heart in Mind Tattoo

Marc, Ernest, and Chantal launched Heart in Mind Tattoo in 2016, passing on the flame of previous owner and friend Ed Vidal. They take great satisfaction in the creative skill, expertise in body piercing, professionalism, attention to detail, and probably most significantly, the human element of the artists.

They constantly aim to accomplish everything with sincerity and leave the clients satisfied. In fact, they specialize in custom tattoo designs, color tattoos, black and grey tattoos, traditional tattoos, patterns, line-work, tribal tattoos, letters, and coverups. They offer their customers a clean and safe environment for the complete procedure.

Phone: (201) 222-8484

Address: 437 Central Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heartinmindtattoo/

Image: @heartinmindtattoo

13. Hoboken Body Art

This tattoo shop in New Jersey is known for its great custom tattoo works and helps you achieve the style you want. The atmosphere of this shop is very friendly and secure. The staff here keeps the atmosphere welcoming and comfortable so that no client feels uncomfortable throughout lengthy tattoo sessions.

The shop’s owner is really helpful and informative in terms of scheduling appointments and offering assistance with tattoo design. Their knowledgeable staff is there to answer any questions from seasoned collectors and those who are just starting with body art. You can see their artwork by visiting their store or on their social media accounts.

Website: https://www.hobokenbodyart.com/

Phone: (201) 963-4070

Address: 107 10th St Hoboken, NJ 07030

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hobokenbodyart/?hl=en 

Image: @hobokenbodyart

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Black Fish Tattoo Have An Artist Who Specializes In Portraits?

The black Fish Tattoo is an excellent choice for getting a tattoo. The owner himself has an area of expertise in black and grey realism, including portraiture. His art is accessible on Instagram. You can visit his account to see his outstanding artistic work.

tattoo shops in New Jersey

Is Holey Moley Tattoos Tattoo Shop Skilled At Inking People With Dark Skin?

The owner of this shop has more than 16 years of experience in tattooing and is quite skilled with people of color. If you wish to view examples that aren’t publicly displayed, you can send us an email or call us for more inquiries.

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