12 Top Tattoo Shops In Pensacola Make Tattoo Experience Incredible

You have finally decided on the idea of inking a beautiful tattoo art that you desire on your body forever. You want your first tattoo to be of high quality, but you’re unsure how to choose a reputable tattoo parlor without prior knowledge. That being said, check out these amazing tattoo shops in Pensacola!

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Read to learn what constitutes a decent tattoo parlor and how to spot one that is sanitary and secure enough to be inked in.

What Qualifies a Quality Tattoo Shop?

When you go into a tattoo shop, you’ll notice a few things that might give you an idea of the caliber of the tattoos you’ll get there.

A reputable tattoo parlor maintains cleanliness and adheres to safety regulations for its customers. Additionally, you can determine if a shop is reputable by the attitude of the personnel, their degree of professionalism, and whether or not they adhere to state tattooing laws.

Now that you know the essential characteristics of a top tattoo studio, let’s explore each one in more detail.

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You ought to be welcomed by staff members shortly after entering a tattoo shop. Be patient if it doesn’t happen immediately because sometimes all the artists are busy. When determining if a tattoo parlor is dependable and trustworthy, the impression it makes on customers and visitors is crucial. 

Your tattoo artist must earn your trust to provide you with a high-quality tattoo; therefore, their attitude may make or ruin their career. Professional staff members at a decent tattoo studio will address any of your queries or worries without making you feel unwelcome.

Obeying the rules for tattooing

Following state tattooing laws is another vital responsibility of a reputable tattoo parlor; this aspect might make the difference between a legitimate business and a dishonest one. Refreshing your memory of local laws is a good idea.

Tattoo artists must often hold certification or registration demonstrating their knowledge of bloodborne infections and compliance with their state’s health department, even if tattooing rules vary from state to state. Additionally, don’t hesitate to inquire about and confirm the tattoo artist’s current tattooing license or permission.


A tattoo shop’s cleanliness plays a big role in whether or not it’s a good decision. Whether a tattoo parlor is clean may make a big difference in whether its customers are safe and healthy or have serious health problems. 

A fresh tattoo poses a risk of infection since it is considered an open wound and was likely applied in an unclean environment or with contaminated materials.

Obeying Safety Protocols

Being safe and keeping the business clean go hand in hand, but other safety precautions include keeping a tattoo studio safe besides just sanitizing the surfaces. 

Check to see if the tattoo artist has opened fresh packets for sterilized instruments and has changed out any disposable materials if they inked someone before you. If not utilized properly, these items could contaminate your tattoo.

We locate the top tattoo shops in Pensacola that address all the issues discuss above and provide you with the top tattooing experiences that will make you want more.

1. Pensacola Tattoo Studio

For more than 20 years, the Pensacola tattoo studio has proudly been serviced. They are a committed tattoo studio specializing in cover-ups and bespoke pieces. They have several highly talented artists that concentrate on various specializations to better meet your demands. 

Furthermore, they have many really talented artists available to create work for you. Every artist is committed to creating tattoos of the highest caliber that will last a lifetime. Their tattoo artists specialize in various tattoo designs, including cover-ups, new school, traditional, Japanese, and everything in between. 

They want both the tattoo and the customer service to make their customers pleased. Additionally, they do free touch-ups on anything that leaves their store! They invite you to visit one of the top Pensacola tattoo shops and view each artist’s portfolio.

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @pensacolatattoostudio

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2. Hula Moon Tattoo Studio

The hula moon tattoo studio is the greatest place to go if you’re seeking the best tattoo shops in Pensacola, Florida, with the top tattoo artists in the industry. Having been in operation for 14 years, this store was founded in 2000 and offers quality work at reasonable prices.

  • Address: Suite 415-B, N Tarragona St, Pensacola, FL 32501, United States
  • Phone: +1 850-285-0207
  • Timings: Tue – Sat: 2 PM – 9 PM, Sun & Mon closed
  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/hulamoontattoo/
Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @darren_hansell

3. All About Ink Tattoos

The biggest among the tattoo shops in Pensacola, All About Ink Tattoos, serves the best tattoo work that lasts a lifetime. Their knowledgeable staff works hard to ensure complete client satisfaction. 

For their clients who must wait, their store features a pool table, air hockey, X-Box, and two large screen televisions. 

They have talented painters at fair rates. They have provided Pensacola and the surrounding region with high-quality tattoos and excellent customer service in a fun, welcoming setting for more than 9 years. One of the many factors that motivate them to be one of the top stores in their lovely neighborhood is the people. 

They don’t just want to take your money and let you go. They want you to leave with a lovely work of art, a smile on your face, and support for your recovery. Visit one of Pensacola’s top tattoo parlors now.

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @https://www.instagram.com/p/CKNhkuDs63U/ 

4. Three Fates Tattoo

The artists at this incredible Three Fates tattoo business started in 1999 and have been doing this for several years. The tattoo is at conventions all over the country, and while their art has appeared in books, journals, and TV shows, they still maintain a hometown feel for their local and military customers.

They have a fully customized tattoo shop to provide a special tattoo, depending on your requirements. Any design or style concepts you may have can be accommodated. 

Even though their tattoo artists have decades of expertise, they have the skill to keep your upcoming tattoo as current as you. 

In this store, private sessions are also offered. Open environment, comfortable settings, and close by. Although appointments are recommended, walk-ins are welcome as well. Besides offering custom tattooing, Three Fates also houses The Gallery, a gallery area showcasing original works of art and prints created by regional artists. 

They work together to make your tattooing experience enjoyable and unforgettable. Their objective is to develop your concepts and creatively implement them.

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @threefatestattoo 

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5. Sweet Betsy Tattoos

You can only get a tattoo at the beautiful Sweet Betsy Custom Tattoos, which was founded by Betsy Badwater, one of the initial three tattoo artists of Tattoo Studio. The proprietor of Sweet Betsy Tattoos, Betsy, specializes in huge and challenging cover-ups, massive, multi-plane bodywork, scar removal, saturated color work, and black and gray tattoos.

All work is done by appointment only because of Covid-19 regulations. No “normal” lobby hours or walk-ins are permitted unless otherwise stated in events. Bookings are presently unavailable, but openings will be offered as soon as they do. When artists are available, booking options for guest artists will be offered. All job estimates are conducted through consultations in person. 

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @betsybadwater

6. Saints Ink Tattoos LLC

Visit Saints Ink offers alternatives for both male and female artists and piercers. Additionally, you may enjoy their free dope-ass vibe while waiting, plus they have lots of leather to sit on.

From their brand-new site in Pensacola, they provide exceptional tattooing services. 

Their artists are fervently committed to maintaining a spotless, secure, and cozy atmosphere for you. Their top-notch artists can give you the tattoo you want and ensure that you adore flaunting each permanent commitment. The most recent rules set out by the Florida Health Department are followed during every tattoo treatment. 

Image: @tattoosloth13

7. Sacred Grounds Tattoo Studio

By visiting the greatest store, Sacred Grounds Tattoo studio, they can provide you with the best tattoo artists in one location. They are experts at turning each tattoo into a work of art. They can make your dreams become a reality. 

Moreover, they are exceptionally skilled and really professional. They can assist you with the designs you select and always complete a fantastic job. The tattoo studio provides services in a spotlessly clean environment that exudes positivity.

Additionally, this store has very reasonable prices.

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @https://www.instagram.com/p/CdQvV1FMoeh/ 

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8. Sin Inkorporated Tattoos            

Meet with a skilled tattoo artist who specializes in dark-canvas tattooing and portrait artwork by stepping into one of the beautiful tattoo shops in Pensacola. They take pride in producing the highest quality work at the most competitive prices and are well-known for their skill and attention to detail.

They have the talent and skills to create any design, thanks to their over 25 years in the tattoo business. Additionally, they instruct the young tattoo artists on proper technique and finer details.

  • Address: 314 S Navy Blvd Ste D Pensacola, FL 32507
  • Phone: (850) 417-6254
  • Timings: Wed-Sat: 2 PM – 10 PM, Sun: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @tatman_caron

9. Sin Ink Pensacola Tattoo Shop

If you’re seeking compassionate tattoo artists, stop by the sin ink Pensacola tattoo shop for a beautiful work of art on your body. They provide excellent work and keep their shop immaculate. They have incredibly skilled artists that offer timely service and are very knowledgeable about tattoo aftercare.

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola

Image: @tatman_caron

10. Boneface Ink Tattoo Studio

Welcome to the award-winning, nationally broadcast tattoo shop Boneface Ink, which opened in 2010! The Gulf Coast has, without a doubt, the most exclusive set of professionally trained, insured, and licensed tattoo artists. A business that places a high focus on quality and customer service. 

Pensacola’s only 5-star tattoo parlor is Boneface Ink. The establishment is home to six award-winning tattoo artists who specialize in different styles, including Boneface, the owner/artist who has been on the popular TV show Ink Master for two seasons. 

The company takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and artwork. View one of the best tattoo shops in Pensacola and all they offer to meet your tattoo demands!

  • Address: 7 S New Warrington Rd Pensacola, FL 32507
  • Phone: (850) 458-1595
  • Timings: Thu – Sat: 2 PM – 9 PM, Sun: 12 PM – 6 PM, Mon-Wed closed
  • Web address: http://www.bonefaceink.com

Image: @bonefaceinktattooshop

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11. Psychedelic Shack

Enter Psychedelic Shack, one of the top tattoo shops in Pensacola. Currently, they have five fantastic artists working for them. Because they are bespoke artists, if you give them your concept, they will be able to illustrate it in their own unique creative manner.

Please note that each artist has a different hourly cost, and the store minimum price is $75, so you’ll need to contact them personally for an estimate. Links to each artist’s social media accounts, portfolio, and instructions on how to make an appointment with them may be found under the artist tab on each artist’s website.

Image: @psychedelicshack

12. Ink Incorporated Tattoos and More

Visit one of the exceptionally hygienic and immaculate tattoo shops in Pensacola FL. Numerous lounges provide their patron’s pool tables, movies, and video games. Discounts are for service members, award-winning, warm, veteran-owned businesses, and published and professional artists from the nation. 

Visit them for your initial or subsequent tattoo. Four of their artists have a combined many years of expertise. They fluctuate between conventional and reality.

Image: @https://www.instagram.com/p/CfrG_n0rXRF/ 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Expect To Pay At Three Fates Tattoo Shop For A Tattoo?

Only the artist can give estimates; you may get in touch with them or book a consultation to get one. Every artist charges $150 per hour with a $75 store minimum.

Do You Require A Pensacola Tattoo Studio Appointment?

No, not always. For smaller designs and if a tattoo artist is available, they welcome walk-ins. But for larger tattoos, they advise you to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your ideas with an artist. 

Custom tattoo art is often performed exclusively by appointment and with a deposit. A non-refundable payment is required for all tattoo services at Pensacola Tattoo Studio before making an appointment. Their artists may start designing and/or creating any artwork.

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