Top Tattoo Shops in Anchorage for Long-Lasting Body Art

Tattoos are basically an impressive way to showcase your personality. You can make any kind of tattoo that can hold significance in life. However, the decision of choosing a place where to get a tattoo should not be made hastily. It is an important matter that needs to be decided after considering all the facts. After all, it is permanent. You should always choose only those tattoo artists that have years of experience that can create a creative image of your choice on your body. That is why we gathered the best tattoo shops in Anchorage for best body art.

tattoo shops in anchorage

Whether you need a simple design or an intricate one with great detailing, choosing the right best tattoo shops in Anchorage will always give you a tattoo as per your expectation. Although you should not only look at the creativity aspect, you should also consider the level of hygiene and facilities they provide while performing the inking. Find out whether they do proper sanitation of the tools they use or not.

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How to choose a good studio?

Visit tattoo parlors, speak with the artists, and obtain an overall impression of them. Being tattooed is an extremely intimate experience. Therefore you should like being around your tattoo artist and feel at ease in their shop.

How do they treat customers? Particularly if it’s your initial tattoo, many tattoo artists will approach consumers with disdain and as if it’s a hardship for them to deal with you. Simply go; you can find many tattoo artists who will handle you with courtesy. Finding another studio could be the best option if you receive an unsatisfactory response or are instructed to “choose anything from the Flash” when you request assistance.

Is the studio tidy and attractively decorated? What additional corners may a tattoo artist be taking if they can’t keep their house in order? You could be jeopardizing your own health and well-being. Consider yourself if you might allow someone to brush your teeth if this were a dentist’s office rather than a tattoo parlor.

Due to the potential for cross-contamination of tools and equipment and the transmission of bloodborne diseases, there may be many parallels between the two. The tattooing business has relatively few rules. Thus it is up to each studio to enforce its own policies beyond the very minimum standards for health and safety. Due to this, the studio’s hygiene will be much appreciated.

There are dozens of tattoo shops in Anchorage, but finding the best one out of them is a task. You won’t be able to find out yourself which tattoo artist will be good for you. Thus, we have collected the list of the 10 most loved tattoo shops to give you the desired tattoo design you’ve been wanting for years.

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1. Sditattoo LLC

When you have a vision in your mind and want to turn it into your reality, then this shop is perfect. They give priority to individuals and the designs they have in mind, then start inking a design. The professionals at this relaxing and best tattoo shop in Anchorage offer intricate customization with a large variety of styles and designs. This place is counted among the top studios near Anchorage because they only focus on providing customer satisfaction. The cordial and friendly staff members provide the best facility to every customer while providing the most eye-catching tattoo.

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  • Timing: Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 8pm
  •  ​Sunday & Monday: Closed
  • Contact- +1 907-929-8282
  • Web address:

Credit: flowerhead_art

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2. Ultra-Violence Tattoo Co 

This is one of the best walk-in tattoo shops in Anchorage run by a group of good-natured and experienced tattoo artists. It is a place known for its large clientele and for satisfying all their demands. Here the artist can create large and intricate designs that suit all the needs of the customers. They even do cover-ups for past mistakes and give you a new and marvelous art piece. Book an appointment here at ultra-violence tattoo to get a design of your choice now!

Credit: ultraviolence_tattoo

3. Rebirth Tattoo

Want to get inked from the most trusted place? You must go to rebirth tattoo, which is the most renowned and best tattoo shop in Anchorage for all tattoo lovers. Here you can ask for the most intricate design without any hesitation because the tattoo artists here excel in providing the most impressive detailed designs. Most individuals feel this place is the best for tattoo and comes over again for their excellent work done. The prices of this tattoo shop are fair, resulting in an increase in the client base.

Credit: ilovelucytattoo

4. Unique Ink AK

Unique Ink AK is one of the best walk in tattoo shops in Anchorage for all those tattoo enthusiasts who wish for a clean, sanitized, and cozy place. You won’t be complaining if you get a tattoo from this amazing tattoo shop. Enjoy a memorable tattooing experience at this wonderful place that welcomes walk-ins as well. There are only a few tattoo artists that entertain walk-ins, and this place is one of them. You can ask for even an intricate design that you may have in mind in the consultation and private sessions with their professionals.

Credit: unique_ink_ak_and_supplies

5. Primal Instinct Tattoo

When you need a tattoo on a budget, Primal Instinct is the only one of the famous tattoo shops in Anchorage where you should go. They have tons of creative designs. This is a place that will never leave its customers with complaints. Look for any of the designs from the artist here and flaunt your stunning tattoo design with your friends. This place entertains customers on appointment only to provide them with the finest tattoo pieces that everyone would love to ink on their body.

Credit: tattoosnob

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6. Body Piercing Unlimited

Step into this amazing and best tattoo shop in Anchorage that is not only famous for creative tattoo services but also offers body piercing services. The staff here maintains all the sanitary measures to provide the customers with a clean and refreshing environment. The cordial staff doesn’t hesitate to provide you with the right consultation with their super cool attitude and helpful nature.

Credit: bpu_tattoo5th

7. The Valla Gallery Tattoo

The staff at this one of the most professional tattoo shops in Anchorage is really kind and professional. The surroundings are spotless, well-kept, and pleasant. Kiko went far beyond by paying close attention to every detail and trying to make sure the tattoo was flawless from both his and my viewpoint as the artist. It is advised that anyone wishing to get a tattoo—especially a detailed one—visit Kiko and Valla Gallery. The tattoo artists are amazing at their job of providing the best experience to all customers.

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8. Dragon Rays Tattooing

While researching for a place to get an extremely amazing tattoo, this best tattoo shop in Anchorage would be an ideal place. The knowledgeable and amazing staff here provides a wide variety of designs due to their high artistic skills. You’ll be glad to get an amazing tattoo from this remarkable place. Go with any of the shoulder pieces or basic tattoos. They know how to do it all.

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Credit: deathbysnusnu

9. Hardlines Tattoo & Design

The main tattoo artists, Rick & Michael, are amazing. They immediately make you comfortable when you walk into the store. For first-timers, this walk in tattoo shops in Anchorage is far better than the others. The artist here will first draw what you want from your tattoo, then creates stunning art on your body. Only little flakes of skin were shed throughout the healing process for around 5-7 days following the session, and the tattoo hasn’t peeled at all. With seats and a TV, the room is incredibly spacious and inviting.

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10. Southside Tattoo Alaska

The artists at Southside Tattoo Alaska strictly adhere to the bloodborne pathogens safety procedures. This walk-in tattoo shop in Anchorage preserves its sterile equipment, occupations, seats, and other items in a clean, sterile, and extremely ethical manner. The tattoo artist here can ink marvelously for several hours, including new work, cover-up work, and rework. They focus on clean edges and gentle shading, and most importantly, they pay attention to what the customers want.

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Credit: jeremy__doughty

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11. Ink Therapy

Similar to the name of this place, this one of the best tattoo shops in Anchorage really provides services that are just like therapy. The artist here, Joelene, is amazing and shows love and compassion to the first-timers. You’ll not feel awkward at her amazing studio. Additionally, not only her skills are commendable, but her prices are fair enough as well. Don’t miss this place if you really want to have an honest consultation with the tattoo artist because she never fails to give the right advice.

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12. Tatau Alaska

This best tattoo shop in Anchorage offers amazing artwork, no matter what your preferences are. The artist here can create everything that you want, from large masterpieces to small and basic artwork. They excel in everything. Moreover, they are super-friendly, so if you need assistance regarding aftercare or something related to your tattoo, they’re here to help. A good price range is what attracts the customers the most.

Credit: tatau_alaska

13. Sacred Symbols Tatau

When you look for a cozier place, a walk in tattoo shop in Anchorage is perfect for you. They maintain all the cleanliness measures and are super-friendly to remove all your doubts. The stuff they do is so incredible that you won’t be able to circle out any mistakes. Once you have a tattoo from this place, you won’t go to any other place then. Enjoy the intrinsic work of art at Sacred Symbols now!

Credit: richardpevahouse

14. ABC Electric Tattoo

This is the place where you can go if you love traditional American tattoos. The tattoo artist here in this best tattoo shop in Anchorage will ink you with a better idea that you’ll bring in because their creativity is stunning. Being a great individual, the tattoo artists here always make sure that their customers and visitors are at ease. They will make preparations for additional care to ensure that the drawing you gave would go with the other items.

  • Phone: (907) 865-5907
  • Web Address:
  • Timings: Tue-Sat- 10:00 AM- 07:00 PM

Credit: evancressuptattoos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are tattoos painful at Sditattoo LLC?

The short answer is that it does, yes. Nevertheless, not as much as other people would have you think, as endorphins, your body’s natural analgesics, start to work after a short while and make the situation much more tolerable. Your natural “limit” for the length of a tattoo procedure you can tolerate is often determined by how much these endorphins persist (generally between 2-3 hours); after this point, you will likely start to feel really uncomfortable.

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Tattoo discomfort is frequently compared to a little sharp pain. However, the location of the tattoo is truly what determines how painful it will be. Any region directly above a bone will be very sensitive; examples include the ribs, fingers, feet, skull, and pelvis. The number of nerve endings in a region should be added to this to determine where the pain is most intense.

Consider a less sensitive place that is shielded by a big muscle, such as the forearm, upper arm, shoulder, calf, or thigh, if you’re seeking a less uncomfortable location. However, because everyone has a different pain tolerance, there are no concrete solutions to this. 

How long would it take to get inked at the Sacred Symbols Tatau tattoo shop?

Although getting a tattoo takes some time, you shouldn’t rush it because you’ll have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. It usually requires two hours to finish an averagely intricate piece of work the size of the back of your hand.

Larger or more difficult sculptures may require numerous proceedings and tens of hours to finish. Although appointments are often booked in increments of an hour, certain smaller items could just need a 30-minute session. Depending on intricacy, a whole sleeve (done by any skilled artist) might need ten to fifty hours of effort. 

What would be the price of a tattoo at The Valla Gallery Tattoo?

You get what you paid for when getting a tattoo. You shouldn’t expect a decent artist to be inexpensive, and if you do, you can find people spend much more in the long run when you need to pay for a substantial cover-up or laser tattoo removal. Until you can buy what you really desire, hold your money!

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Do not even compromise simply because you can’t wait to get some tattoos; you’ll regret it later. Few of the best tattoo shops in Anchorage like the Valla Gallery tattoo charge somewhere around $100 for a decent piece of artwork and fine detailing. 

Bottom Line

People who work in tattoo parlors must possess a thorough understanding of designs and artistic genres. They must have the necessary talents in order to produce works of art on the bodies of their clients. All these listed tattoo shops provide the best services, and you should go with the one that you think would serve you better.

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