15 Amazing Body Piercing Shops in Atlanta That You Must Know

Body Piercing Shops in Atlanta. Body piercing has a long history and may be seen on some of the earliest mummified bodies. While piercings of the ears and nose were frequently discovered on ancient remains, the extensive piercing of other body parts began in the 1970s. 

Body alteration, such as body piercing, is a means for people to show their uniqueness. Some people do it for amusement, religious or customary reasons, or to remember significant occurrences.

Best Piercing Shop in Atlanta

There might be many reasons to get pierced. However, the important question is from where you should get pierced. Getting a safe piercing is essential if you don’t want your piercing to be infected. Looking for such a safe tattoo in Atlanta? 

We have compiled a list of the best piercing shops in Atlanta GA from where you can get pierced safely.

1. Virtue & Vice

Three incredible piercers with years of body alteration expertise work at the best piercing shops in Atlanta GA. The greatest customer service is the major objective of the team at this store. Although Virtue & Vice workforce is outlandish and a lot of fun, they take their work very seriously.

At Virtue & Vice, kids may receive piercings, but a parent must be provided, and both parties must offer valid ID or other documents proving the relationship. A juvenile must be at least 12 years old to just get their ears pierced.

Image: @virtueandvicepiercing

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2. Iron Palm Tattoos & Piercings

The best piercing shops in Atlanta Georgia may be found at Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing. Because of its welcoming and very skilled personnel, this body piercing and tattoo establishment are well-liked. Some of the top tattoo artists and body piercers on the East Coast make up the staff of Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing.

They provide a sterile, secure, and relaxing environment that will make your surgery stress-free. Always going above and beyond, these performers will make sure that your session runs quickly and effectively. Thus, Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing provides some of the greatest services in Georgia if you’re in or around Atlanta.

Image: @ironpalmtattoos

3. Piercing Experience

The first piercing shops in Atlanta Georgia was Piercing Experience, which originally opened its doors in 1992. For over 20 years, this body piercing business has provided great service. The kindest, purest, and stress-free body piercing facilities are available by Piercing Experience. For individuals looking to get a new tattoo or piercing, their team of artists and body piercing professionals is dedicated to providing an easy, pleasant, and secure Experience.

To ensure that you are satisfied and delighted when you leave the business, these artists always give it your all. Therefore, Piercing Experience is a great choice in Georgia if you like being pierced in Atlanta.

Image: @piercingexp

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4. Studio 219

The best piercing shops in Atlanta, Studio 219 provides the greatest services. This body piercing studio in Atlanta provides piercings, tattooing, graphics, artwork, and other services. Additionally, Studio 219 offers a clothing store where you may purchase gorgeous tees created by gifted Atlanta-based artists.

The outstanding musicians in their repertoire will ensure that your session is more than you paid for. They will ensure that your time with them is enjoyable and stress-free since they are amiable and knowledgeable. The finest spot to be pierced is Studio 219 if you live in Atlanta or the nearby region.

Image: @studio219ink

5. Atlanta Ink

Atlanta Ink is an exclusive and contemporary piercing shop in Atlanta Georgia. They provide services including tattooing and body piercing, among others. Everyone will like the variety of tattoo designs Atlanta Ink specializes in.

They also have a group of body piercing specialists on staff who have the skills and expertise necessary to guarantee that your procedure is both safe and successful. These experts will guarantee that your trip was worthwhile in terms of time, cash, and effort.

This location is a favorite among those looking to get a new piercing because of its outstanding customer service, sanitation, and welcoming, secure setting.

Image: @Atlanta Ink

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6. Sink Or Swim Studio

The finest tattoo, body piercing, and permanent best piercing shops in Atlanta are Sink Or Swim Studio and Gallery, previously Psycho Tattoo. Having over 27 years of expertise in the field and upholding the highest standards of sterility.

Conveniently situated in Marietta, just north of Atlanta, and showcasing the greatest local artists. This place will be your go-to place for all your tattoo, piercing, and permanent cosmetic requirements. We specialize in body piercings and every type of tattoo. 

Image: @sinkorswim_studio

7. The Queen Bee Tattoo Parlor

Please drop by for consultations or tattoo prices. These best piercing shops in Atlanta GA accept walk-in piercing requests in the order they are received. Bring your identification ID and eat within four hours after arriving. 

The professionals typically take our final customer an hour or so before closing. However, they may close earlier if all available time slots fill up before then.

Recognize that before we can start, an anatomical check is required for every piercing. If the piercing(s) you’re asking for is not appropriate for your physiology, here the staff would be pleased to recommend an alternative. Visit their website for information about prices, minor policies, and much more.

Image: @queenbeeparlour

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8. All Or Nothing Tattoo

The best custom tattoo and body piercing shop in Atlanta, named “Best of Atlanta” for more than a dozen years, has been in business for more than 18 years. Presenting monthly guest artists from a national touring circuit of television and presenting tattoo artists from all around the world.

The Master Piercer Ari King provides accessibility for both walk-ins and appointments and does body piercing at the top levels. We also remove tattoos! Here the certified and experienced specialists use a method that is less unpleasant, more efficient, and more affordable than laser!

9. My First Piercing

They are a Covid-compliant medical mobile ear-piercing business prepared to come to you. For any type of skin, we have a selection of earrings. This five-star business specializes in treating infants and kids and uses a holistic method to ensure that everyone is properly healed. Please allow us to visit and provide your kid with the first-rate care they deserve.

The professionals here take every step to make your kids first piercing fun and less painful. Our friendly staff keeps your kids engaged so that they feel less pain. Book a consultation with this superb store now!

Image: @myfirstpiercing_

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10. Not Of This World Tattoo & Piercing

This place warmly invites you into our welcoming space, where you will immediately feel at home. In addition to providing complete body piercing procedures, they also provide a range of body jewelry. The professional and piercers are required to have professional licenses from the Dekalb County Board of Health and adhere to local laws governing the practice of body art.

The personnel at our place have received training in infectious disease management and first aid/CPR. The whole inventory of equipment is autoclave cleaned and of medical quality. We only ever use brand-new, disposable needles throughout procedures. 

At Not Of This World Tattoo & Piercing, they provide a courteous, secure experience for all of their customers.

Image: @notwtattoo

11. Thunderbolt Tattoo

The professional here helps clients with the story instead of just telling you about us. Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing, located in a strip off Briarcliff & LaVista Rd. in Atlanta, has all the characteristics of a traditional tattoo parlor. The business has a lot of personalities and is adorned with a variety of vintage tattoo machines, Polynesian Hula Girls, and vintage posters, in addition to a lot of tattoo art and Japanese-inspired decor.

The store at Thunderbolt is warm and motivating, and our staff is extremely passionate about what they do. To book an appointment for your new tattoo or piercing, contact them or stop by for a free consultation.

Image: @thunderbolt_tattoo

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12. Saints And Sinners ATL Tattoo and Piercings

Sinners and Saints ATL is the newest, most upscale tattoo and piercing studio in Atlanta. It opened in March 2016! Our address is 1002 Duluth Highway in Lawrenceville. The tattoos that Amanda Mariscal, Junior Aguilar, and Cristian Hernandez create are of the highest caliber. 

You’ve come to the correct spot whether you’re seeking a stylish custom tattoo, from whole sleeves to tiny butterflies, or if you want to redo or cover up an unsightly, out-of-date tattoo. Visit the website and feel free to stop by or contact us with any queries.

Make a reservation as soon as possible! To reserve your appointment and the artist’s time to develop and create your design, you must pay a non-refundable deposit.

Image: @saintsandsinnersatl

13. Knotty Headz

Knotty Headz has the best modification artists in South Carolina. Their goal is to constantly improve and provide clients with pleasant service. They provide professional tattoo and piercing services daily with our knowledgeable and attentive staff. 

Feel free to visit one of their locations at your convenience. The artist in this tattoo studio focuses on maintaining quality services while providing a clean and sterile environment, so the clients don’t feel awkward. The professionals are super friendly to make your piercing experience smooth and fun.

Image: @knottyheadzbodypiercing

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14. Long Island Ink

The best tattoo parlor in Atlanta, Georgia, is ours. This business, which is tucked away in the Little Five Points neighborhood, features tattoos and piercings done by some of the top local tattooists and piercers. You’ll notice the shop’s overall cleanliness, organization, and distinctiveness as soon as you walk in. 

They also accept walk-ins in addition to appointments. They pledge to treat you properly and ink you with the design of your choosing. The tattoo artists can fulfill the majority of requests since they are proficient in a wide range of tattoo specialties. 

When you’re done shopping in Little Five Points, stop by this tattoo parlor to schedule your next appointment with one of our talented tattoo artists or body piercers since we’re open late.

  • Phone: (404) 205-5294
  • Address: 1118 Euclid Ave NE Unit 1 Atlanta, GA 30307

Image: @Long Island Ink

15. Insomnia Tattoo and Body Piercing

For all your tattoo and piercing requirements, visit Inksomnia Tattoo and Body Piercing in Alpharetta, Georgia. They are unlike any standard tattoo parlor you have ever heard of or visited. They provide the best quality tattoos and piercings, talented artists, and over 75 years of combined expertise as one of the oldest tattoo shops in the city.

The professional team is ready to help you realize your ideas, and they work hard to provide the customers with high-quality customer support. So why are you still waiting? Schedule an appointment or stop by right away!

Image: @piercingsbymarissaandinksomniatattoo

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What Is the Timing of The Piercing Experience Studio?

This studio usually opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 06:00 PM. However, on Sundays, this studio opens at 12:00 and closes at 05:00 PM.

How Much All or Nothing Tattoo Studio Are Navel Piercings?

We charge $65.00, and that includes the jewelry.

How Is the Staff at Not of This World Tattoo Piercing?

According to the reviews, this place is super-friendly, super knowledgeable, and has great customer service skills. It is super easy to make an appointment, and all the piercing here is in and out very quickly. This place is Highly recommended! Must-visit!

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