8 Top And Best Tattoo Shops In Fargo

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? The fact that you’re doing your research before proceeding indicates that you’ll make an informed selection and love your ink for the rest of your life. If you are around Fargo, these are the top and best tattoo shops that your should visit.

tattoo shops in Fargo

Permanent tattoos are always personal, can be simple or complex, and function as amulets, healing and status symbols, statements of love, and even religious symbols.

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Here are the 8 Top and Best Tattoo shops in Fargo 

1) 46 & 2 Tattoo

46 & 2 Tattoo is Fargo’s greatest and most well-known tattoo shop. Because each artist specializes in a particular art style, the shop suggests visiting each artist’s website to view their online gallery. The parlor’s professionals are professional, pleasant, and accommodating, so you’ll feel more at ease when having a tattoo.

tattoo shops in Fargo
Credit: 46and2tattoo

Each Tattoo is stunning, and customers have nothing but praise for Fargo’s 46 & 2 Tattoo. They believe in doing high-quality work regardless of the Tattoo’s size or pattern. The tattoo business is also known for its excellent customer service, quality, and comfort.

Credit: 46and2tattoo

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2) Addictions Tattoo & Piercing

Addictions Tattoo & Piercing, which opened in 1996, is one of Fargo’s best tattoo shops. Custom tattoos and piercings are available in a vibrant and professional studio with top-notch body artists.

tattoo shops in Fargo
Credit: addictionstat2

The tattoo artists are incredibly accomplished and friendly, and they offer stunning tattoos at affordable costs. Addictions Tattoo & Piercing in Fargo offers an unrivaled tattoo experience. They provide professional, state-of-the-art tattoos in a sterile, comfortable, and secure setting that promotes safety.

Credit: addictionstat2

3) The Bee’s Nest Tattoo And Art Studio

Bee’s Nest Tattoo And Art Studio is the top Tattoo and art studio in Fargo, ND, having opened in 2016. They consider the client’s personality and body type while tailoring each piece. They are known for their highly talented and competent professionals dedicated to providing their customers with the most incredible tattoo experience possible.

tattoo shops in Fargo
Credit: thebeesnesttattoo

They specialize in various tattoos like cover-ups, black, and grey, letters, portraits, realism, watercolor, traditional, garbage dots, Customized, modernity, floral, Japanese style, freestyle, etc.

Credit: thebeesnesttattoo

 4) Golden Dragon Tattoo

Golden Dragon Tattoo, which opened in 2015, is a venue where creative people combine to create a masterwork. This is the top tattoo shop globally, mastering the art of tattooing and employing outstanding tattoo artists from Fargo.

tattoo shops in Fargo
Credit: goldendragontattoo

They adhere to a thorough tattooing safety procedure, which delights their consumers. They also provide cutting-edge technology which is safe and easy to use on the skin surface.

Most importantly, the establishment is spotlessly clean, with all necessary safety procedures to put a customer at ease. Golden Dragon Tattoo in Fargo offers affordable tattoo masterpieces. Look no further if you’re looking for brilliant artists in a hygienic and welcoming workplace.

  • 2233 13th Ave S Ste B Fargo, ND 58103
  • (701) 297-7570

Credit: goldendragontattoo

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5) Amarok Tattoo Studio

Amarok Tattoo Studio, which opened in 2016, is situated in the Historic Central Business & Arts District of Fargo. Amarok Tattoo studio is known for giving the most fantastic quality tattoos by the greatest artists in a relaxing environment.

tattoo shops in Fargo
Credit: amaroktattoo

For all treatments, they employ top-of-the-line products and adhere to the strictest sanitation and hygiene standards. The shop’s staff is delightful from the first appointment to the last. They strive to make every client feel at ease. So if you want to get tattooed, Amarok Tattoo Studio is the proper place.

Credit: amaroktattoo

6) Golden Needle Tattoo Studio

Golden Needle Tattoo Studio, founded by Anita Burbeck in 1983, is the best place to get tattooed. They have a group of experts experienced in various genres. The expert conducts a beautiful job, and you will feel transformed entirely afterward.

tattoo shops in Fargo
Credit: goldenneedletattoo_mn

They are a cutting-edge tattoo studio that only employs the most advanced technology. However, tattoo artists are so modest, imaginative, educated, and professional that they will give you their time and have the patience to create the bespoke Tattoo of your dreams.

Golden Needle Tattoo Studio must be on your radar if you’re looking for the highest tattooing in a large tattoo studio. Although walk-ins are welcome, they urge that clients plan appointments.

Credit:  goldenneedletattoo_mn

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7) Inksters Tattoo Studio

Are you looking for the perfect Tattoo that represents your true self? Inksters Tattoo Studio is a must-see. You will not be disappointed. Even though some tattoos that require meticulous attention to minor details may be significantly more expensive, the prices are affordable.

tattoo shops in Fargo
Credit: devereauxtattooparlour 

One of their primary advantages is that they provide consumers with helpful advice on how to care about their tattoos once they are finished. Furthermore, their tattoo artists will turn your tattoo ideas into breathtaking works of art.

Credit: devereauxtattooparlour

8) The Inked Huntress Tattoo Studio

They are one of Fargo’s best & most well-known tattoo studios, providing excellent services. The staff is courteous, laid-back, professional, and dependable. The Inked Huntress Tattoo Studio is a cheerful and supportive environment. As a result, everybody is welcome to get tattooed there.

Credit: inkedhuntresstattoo

The team and tattoo artists are top-notch specialists who go above and beyond to satisfy each client’s individual wants, wishes, and tattoo design and preferences. The studio is welcoming to all, and the staff is friendly and laid-back while still being knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Credit: inkedhuntresstattoo

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Tattoos are a means of expression that allows people to be more involved with their thoughts. But it is very crucial to get inked from a reputed tattoo parlor. When it comes to selecting the right style for the brand new Tattoo, one should research the types and styles of tattoos.

The information above will help you know about different tattoos and the best tattoo shops in Fargo. The advantage of these shops is that as a customer, options are never-ending. In a reputed and customized tattoo shop, all you need is inspiration & it’s the tattoo artist’s job to sketch it for you. 

Types of Tattoos

Today, numerous tattoos are accessible, some for cosmetic reasons and others for medical ones. The following are the countless types to consider:

1) Professional Tattoos

Tattooing nowadays is done with a piece of sterilized equipment and inks. Tattoos come in more than 50 different styles. The following are some examples of types:

  • Traditional Tattoos: Traditional body art portrays the beginning of the contemporary tattooing era by using art and art styles from the 1700s.
  • Realism: One of the most stunning tattoo styles available today, realism takes photographs and converts them into incredible tattoos.
  • Watercolor: Watercolor tattoos are one of the newest additions to the tattoo world, and they require a great deal of talent to replicate the painting style produced on paper or canvas. 
  • Tribal: This tattoo style dates back to tribes such as aboriginal cultures and is one of the world’s oldest. Tribal tattoos make powerful statements with dark colors and typically intricate patterns.
  • Neo Classic: These tattoos are a development of the traditional style, with brilliant colors and strong linework giving the art an illustrated feel.
  • Japanese: Tattoos in Japan have a distinct aesthetic that dates back to the Edo period. These tattoos usually feature the colors orange and blue.
  • Blackwork: Blackwork tattoos are pretty famous, despite being an important topic to cover. Blackwork tattoos refer to any tattoo in which black is the primary emphasis and the only color used throughout the tattooing procedure.

2) Amateur Tattoos

Professional tattoos use multiple colors, but amateur tattoos use only one color (Usual ink). Therefore, anyone can use a syringe and a tube of Indian ink to apply an amateur tattoo at home. Understandably, becoming a fully qualified and reputable tattoo artist takes years of experience and dedication.

In addition, tattooing can be harmful to your health if done in an unsanitary atmosphere. Still, the results are also irreversible (and often painful to remove), making it a bad idea to trust just anybody with a tattoo machine.

3) Cosmetic Tattoos

Everlasting cosmetic make-up is becoming more popular as women desire the look of freshly applied make-up without the work. Microblading allows you to have your eyebrows tattooed and elegantly shaped. Permanent eyeliner will enable you to have eyeliner put to your lids for the rest of your life.

4) Medical Tattoos

 Anyone can use a medical tattoo to treat several ailments, communicate information, or identify a particular body component. Furthermore, medical tattoos also indicate where to do radiotherapy during breast cancer treatments. This is necessary to keep the tattoos in place between treatments.

5) Temporary Tattoos

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent tattoo, you can use henna to create a non-permanent or temporary tattoo. Henna is a plant-based dye used to paint the hands and face for hundreds of years by Muslim and Hindu cultures4. Many henna tattoo artists now provide their services for family weddings and other parties and on the beach throughout the summer.

Different types of tattoos have other significance. For example, some people get a tattoo of an evil face as a memory of a bad event or a symbol of their nationalism. But on the other hand, a tattoo can also denote a sense of stability.

So, it is critical to evaluate the meaning of a tattoo and the importance of getting one. In addition, the selection of a tattoo parlor also plays a crucial role. Therefore, one should get inked after getting the complete information about the parlor. 


How difficult are they to look after?

Tattoos are a long-term investment. You must devote both time and money to their care. At the same time, the most challenging part of tattoo care is applying the Tattoo. To protect your Tattoo from long-term harm, you’ll need to take some simple precautions.

Is it okay to have a tattoo?

Getting inked is safe unless you choose the unsuitable tattoo business and artist. You should visit a professional tattoo artist and company and follow all warnings and recommendations.

What should I care for my Tattoo?

You can receive a copy of your tattoo care instruction document from the tattoo store’s website if you lose it. When you get a fresh tattoo on your body, understand that tattoo aftercare is always a great idea.

Is it possible to touch up old tattoos?

Every Tattoo does not need any touch-up. However, the natural healing process of your skin may cause faults in your Tattoo. To solve the problem, you’ll need to do some extra work. However, if you take simple steps, you can avoid touching up. For healing, you must follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare guidelines.

Does getting inked permanently harm your skin?

While it is inevitable that Tattoo procedures may injure our skin throughout the tattooing procedure, the harm should not be everlasting. However, this is contingent on several things. Lower-quality ink might cause scarring and consequently lasting skin damage.

Good ink spreads less during inking, disappears less when the tattoo cures, is less prone to create patchwork healing, and reduces infection risk.

Are tattoo inks dangerous?

Before being released on the market, inks undergo extensive testing. However, not all products are high quality, and not all places have tattoo ink regulations. Therefore, you should question your artist about which inks they use and make sure they’re from well-known ink manufacturers.

Should I Get a Tattoo Somewhere?

Choosing a tattoo location is always a personal choice. So don’t let “it’ll be safer there” or “it’ll be better here” influence your selection; find the Tattoo anywhere you want! But, again, this is purely a matter of preference.

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