9 Top Ranked Tattoo Shops in Salt Lake City

Whether you’re on the lookout for your next tattoo or your first, Salt Lakes City’s friendly and specialized tattoo studios are here to lend a hand to you. Residents, as well as visitors, can look forward to a hygienic, relaxed space at any of the top-rated tattoo parlors. In conjunction with that, you’ll find experts in the tattoo game, showing off an amazing collection of work. Let’s find out the best tattoo shops in Salt Lake City.

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City

Take into account that any tattoo will be in the company of you for the rest of your life and is to some extent costly and excruciating to remove. Choose the position of the tattoo on your body very cautiously. 

Tattoos are practically painful to get, but you may stop the tattooist at any time all through the course of action until you feel all set to go on once more. Some individuals feel pain more intensely than others. Big tattoos are done over some time, to furnish the wearer time to rest after each session. 

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Caring for Your Tattoo

New tattoos will look to some extent red and puffed-up straight away following the tattoo procedure. The tattoo will keep on coming into sight this way for some days right through the tattoo healing process. Within a few days, the skin adjoining the tattoo is supposed to be back to normal – most tattoos are utterly healed within 2- 3 weeks.

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Furthermore, at the same time as it is healing it is essential not to carry out the following things or your tattoo may get damaged:

  • Do Not rub your tattoo
  • Do Not pick at your tattoo
  • Do Not expose your tattoo to sunbeams under any condition
  • Do Not swim, or bathe for the first two weeks after getting a new tattoo
  • Do Not shave the tattooed area for a minimum of one month after the tattoo procedure
  • Only lay a hand on your tattoo with clean and dry hands, do not allow others to feel your tattoo

Here are the 9 Top Ranked Tattoo Shops in Salt Lake City:

1. Painted Temple

Founded by Oak Adams (2005), Painted Temple is a reputable and most popular studio offering specialized tattoo and body piercing services to residents and visitors clients in Salt Lake City. The great team of professional tattoo artists creates all-embracing traditional tattoos in a hygienic, relaxed, and gracious environment.

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: paintedtemple

The wide-ranging tattooing styles take account of a multiplicity of exclusive styles, such as black & grey, customary, Japanese, and full color. The largest part of the artists’ works is based on beforehand appointments. 

Website: www.paintedtemple.com

Instagram: @paintedtemple

Contact: 1443 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States

Credit:  paintedtemple

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2. Black Thumb

Black Thumb is a reputable custom tattoo parlor studio with a machine shop neighboring in the backside. In this private tattoo studio, there is a professional team of tattoo artists possessing all-embracing body art tattooing experience.

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: blackthumb_mst

The shop is open by beforehand appointment, and all scheduling is done straightforwardly through your particular tattoo artist. The customers are advised to glance through the artists’ portfolios to make out whose work will best go well with them. 

Website: www.facebook.com/blackthumbmst

Instagram: blackthumb_mst

Contact: 1443 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States

Credit: blackthumb_mst

3. Hearts & Hands Tattoo and Piercing

Hearts & Hands Custom Tattoo Shop is continually serving tattoo and body piercing customers through Orem, Fork, Provo, Spanish, Payson, and the remaining part of Utah County. The wide-ranging tattoo services take account of geometric tattoos, realism, full-color tattoos, cover-ups, wedding ceremony bands, lettering, customary, and traditional style tattoos.

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tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: hearts.and.hands.tattoo

Website: www.heartsandhandstattoo.com

Instagram: @hearts.and.hands.tattoo

Contact: 546 S State St, Orem, UT 84058, United States

Credit: hearts.and.hands.tattoo

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4.Electric Foundation Tattoo

Electric Foundation Tattoo is a traditional tattoo studio making available an encouraging and comfy atmosphere. The tattoo shop prides itself in giving all the customers exceptional pieces of artwork.

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: angelunatic

This amusing tattoo parlor shop strives to create a pleasurable space where one and all feel at ease and is opinion free. The assignments are taken by beforehand appointment only, and that means all the customers get full attention and focus on their traditional body art tattooing work.

Website: www.facebook.com/electricfoundationtattoo

Instagram: @angelunatic

Contact: 423 W 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, United States

Credit:  angelunatic

5.Tiger Claw Tattoo

Tiger Claw Tattoo is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you would like a unique tattoo from the best and award-winning tattoo artists, you can visit Tiger Claw Tattoo. The team believes that tattoos are not only an outward show of art but if implemented as they should be and cautiously, can also be an outward show of individuality.

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: tigerclawtattoo

Website: www.facebook.com/Tiger-Claw-Tattoo-1637276966560866

Instagram: @tigerclawtattoo

Contact: 834 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106, United States

Credit: tigerclawtattoo

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6. Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos

Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos was established by professional tattoo artist Jon Poulson who has more than 20 years of all-embracing tattooing experience. The tattoo shops’ staff specializes in a massive number of tattoo styles, such as customary, geometric patterns, conventional and neo-traditional, multi-colored, new-school, lettering, black and grey, sketches, and realism. 

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: alohasaltlaketattoos

Website: www.alohasaltlaketattoos.com

Instagram: @alohasaltlake

Contact: 6657 S State St #4, Murray, UT 84107, United States

Credit: alohasaltlaketattoos

7.Cathedral Tattoo

Cathedral Tattoo is a reputable tattoo shop that is all the time open (7 days a week). The studio functions by beforehand appointment and accepts walk-in clients in addition.

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: cathedraltattoo

Cathedral Tattoo has a greatly skilled staff of professional tattoo artists who specialize in an extensive range of modern and elegant tattooing styles. The studio at all times accepts walk-in clientele and also welcomes first-time clientele anytime for a preliminary consultation.

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Website: www.twitter.com/cathedraltattoo

Instagram: @CathedralTattoo

Contact: 249 S 400 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Credit: cathedraltattoo

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8.Lost Art Tattoo – Salt Lake

Lost Art Tattoo has been in the tattooing and body piercing business since 1997. The tattoo parlor has a huge number of professional and skilled local as well as guest artists who make available tattooing services at locations in Salt Lake City. The tattoo shop makes available tattoo services in an extensive range of designs and styles, for instance – customary American and Japanese mode.

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tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: jonmadetattoos

Website: www.lostarttattoo.com

Instagram: @lostarttattoo

Contact: 348 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, United States

Credit: jonmadetattoos

9.Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is a studio amid an Asian theme offering all-inclusive tattooing and body piercing services in the entire Salt Lake City. The studio draws on confidential rooms to secure surroundings that are hygienic and safe and sound for every tattoo session. Model work portfolios for all the highly experienced tattoo artists are accessible with styles and designs to accommodate every individual’s first choices. 

tattoo shops in Salt Lake City
Credit: jaredpreslar

Website: www.luckybambootattoo.com

Instagram: @luckybambootattoo.

Contact: 1155 N Main St #8, Layton, UT 84041, United States

Credit:  jaredpreslar

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Decorating the body with tattoos is a fine art and in contemporary times, the professional tattoo artist in Salt Lake City will recommend and ensure that the tattoo you dig up is an accessory that you will be contented with altogether. Today special tattoo machines are in use with manifold needles. The machines are intended to make multiple perforations very fast, so that perfect shading lines can be made more characteristic. 

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How do I make my tattoo appointment?

To plan an appointment or make inquiries, you need to contact a particular tattoo shop. 

Tattoo shops prefer cash payments for tattoo services. You can also pay online at the tattoo shop’s website. 

Can I bring my kid to my tattoo appointment?

According to stipulated law, you are required to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be permissible in the work areas. Kids are not allowed. 

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How are tattoos priced?

The tattoos are priced based on design and overall size. Some tattoo shops charge on an hourly basis for bigger, wide-ranging work. Hourly rates differ between various tattoo artists.

What happens if I miss my tattoo appointment?

At the same time as a minimum of a week’s notice is preferred, most tattoo shops call for a minimum of 48 hours beforehand notice to cancel an appointment. If notice is not given, the customer can even lose the advance deposit. 

How can I care for my tattoo?

If you misplaced your tattoo aftercare instruction copy, you can download it from the tattoo shop’s specific website. Keep in mind that tattoo aftercare is at all times a good option at what time you have a new tattoo affixed to your body. 

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