6 Top Ranked Tattoo Shops in Springfield

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Springfield is a remarkable city in Missouri (Greene County). Even though it is a trendy college destination, it has a lot of great attractions. For example, you will discover the world’s prominent Bass Pro Shop in Springfield. Today, check out the top ranked tattoo shops in Springfield for best inking.

tattoo shops in Springfield

Other vital interests consider the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and Springfield Cardinals AA Baseball and other natural wonders, the Springfield Conservation Center, Wild Animal Safari, and Dickerson Zoo. Furthermore, the city has several historic sites, museums, caves, and natural underground creations. 

If you’re visiting Springfield, you must know many tattoo shops should be your priority amid the various things to achieve in Springfield. When you are ready to get inked, understand that the tattoo parlor you choose will settle on the excellence and design of your meticulous tattoo.

Even though it’s natural to consider that all tattoo studios function similarly, every studio is outfitted with professional tattoo artists specializing in detailed designs.

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Tattoo Post Care

You dug up tattooed and fancy taking all the proper preventative measures to ensure it does not dig up infected, maintains its exciting colors, and lasts longer. However, beginning from this point, you are accountable for any infectivity or setback you may have with your novel tattoo; as a result,

if you don’t take the appropriate steps to take care of it, it’s on you! Therefore, it is remarkably advised that you follow all the proper steps of your aftercare with the intention that your stunning tattoo does not turn into adversity.

The tattoo artist covers up your novel tattoo for a good motive. Consequently, no air-borne bacteria will march into your wound. Keep in mind that as unique as your new tattoo is, it is still a lesion on top of your skin. This open part of the flesh is, without a doubt, a breeding ground for bacteria and infectivity to march into.

Leave your dressing on for a minimum of hours. As exhilarating as getting your novel tattoo, you do not feel like doing away with the bandage to show your acquaintances and relatives; they can wait one or two hours until it is safe and sound. 

Once you do away with your dressing, it’s time to wash down your tattoo. Run warm water over your tattoo with a gentle, liquid antimicrobial soap to calmly wash off any cream blood or plasma. Do not draw on a washcloth or fabric that is rough.

Your hands are eventually the most excellent option for you to use in this case. Once you have cleaned your tattoo carefully, you feel like patting your tattoo and the adjacent area determinedly with a soft towel until it is utterly dry. Next, you must apply a very light application of your favorite cream covering the entire tattoo and adjacent area. 

It is good enough and a good idea to have a shower with your new tattoo. It’s passable getting your tattoo soaked too. Just be cautious and do not allow your new tattoo to get washed. Immersing your tattoo in water for extended periods can lead to severe damage. You will feel like keeping away from this for 2-3 weeks; keep in mind not to soak your new tattoo when taking a bath. 

Once your tattoo is utterly healed, you will feel like protecting it incessantly from the sun’s rays. Tattoos can grow fainter and become smashed rapidly if you don’t safeguard them from these sun rays. So, before spending an extensive amount of time in the sun or too much heat, guard your tattoo by applying sunblock ointment. Then, take pride in your novel tattoos, tag along with the post-care instruction, and show your tattoo to the people.

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Tattoos for Girls 

There is a massive variety of tattoo designs and body location combinations that make amazing tattoos for girls in this day and age. However, it can then and again be challenging to settle on which tattoo design to ink and where to locate it. 

In the long-ago, it was, for the most part, men who decorated their bodies by way of tattoos; on the other hand, over the preceding 50 years or so, tattoos for girls have also turned out to be amazingly popular.

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The rise in the attractiveness of tattoos among girls followed the women’s rights development, as societal attitudes changed to hold close impartiality.

At the same time, as many girls still like the characteristic tattoo design styles and body locations that are also trendy among men, the latest decades have also seen a sudden increase in amazingly womanly and elegant tattoo design styles that have been developed especially for female tattoo enthusiasts. 

Some girls like better to choose the design first and afterward think about where best to have it tattooed, at the same time as other girls single out the body location first. There is no right or comprehensive way, although it is recommended to consider both the design and body part altogether when planning a novel tattoo.

Some of the most well-liked design styles that make for amazing tattoos for girls take account of (bird, butterfly, eagle, fairy, Celtic, cross, dolphin, heart, flower, and zodiac tattoos; though many more design styles are far and wide available. Over and above the design itself, it is also imperative to think about the colors that you would like to include in your tattoo.

Another factor that will significantly influence your body location options is the tattoo size you feel like ink. Huge tattoos will need a gigantic canvas such as the backside, arms, chest, or legs. In particular, many girls planning their preliminary tattoos like better ink moderately small designs, and these can be sited good-looking much anywhere. Some body parts can only have room for small tattoos, such as the ankle, wrist, or foot.

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Choosing the best place to get your tattoo is very imperative. You want to be confident the tattoo shop is hygienic and secure. Things such as needles, masks, etc., are supposed to be all disposable and should on no account be utilized on more than one individual. 

The very last step you will have to follow is crucial. That takes care of your fresh tattoo until it is completely healed. The tattoo parlor will furnish you with instructions that you’re supposed to tag along and will most probably make available you with the cream to utilize on top of your tattoo.

Just bear in mind to get in touch with your general practitioner if something regarding your tattoo seems unusual. Furthermore, if the tattoo studio you are considering looks unclean or filthy, it would be best to locate a tattoo shop you are more at ease with. 

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Here are our 6 Top-Ranked Tattoo Shops in Springfield:

1. The Bearded Lady Tattoo Parlor

The Bearded Lady Tattoo Parlor offers a great experience to all its clients. When you visit the studio, you are hit with a realistic vibe. The professional team of tattoo artists specializes in tattoo styles like skulls, full color, fine lettering, Japanese, mandalas, animals, American customary, flower-patterned, and more.

If you want a custom-made design, the tattoo artist will sit in your company and re-establish it. This will furnish you with an idea regarding how your design will seem to be in actuality. Then, if you feel satisfied with the design, they will continue with the inking procedure.

Website: www.beardedladytattooparlor.com

Instagram: @thebeardedladymo

Contact: 1668 E Sunshine St

Credit: thebeardedladymo

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2. Ink Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Ink Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio is an all-female tattoo parlor. Established by professional tattoo artist Kelsey (2013), the tattoo studio has quickly grown into the fantastic team it is at the moment. Ink Ink Tattoo is time developing and growing in their stunning tattoo studio.

tattoo shops in Springfield
Credit:  inkinktat

There are seven more highly experienced tattoo artists and two amazing body piercers adding more to their team. A secret piercing room is accessible in addition to five open booths.

Website: www.inkinktat.com

Instagram: @inkinktat

Contact: 302 E Commercial St Springfield, MO 65803

Credit: inkinktat

3.Transformation Gallery & Tattoo

Transformer Gallery & Tattoo was founded in 2010 with an ambition to link the distribution between fine art and body art. Tattoos are an enormously particular art form from traditional and modern-day art, so they host an all-embracing on-site art demonstration. Over and above the pieces hanging on top of the walls, all the skilled tattoo artists offer clients a wide range of services, such as traditional tattoos, elegant body piercings, and enduring cosmetic services.

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Website: www.transformationgallery.com

Instagram: @transformationgallery

Contact: 330 E Walnut St Springfield, MO 65806

Credit:  transformationgallery

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4. The Tattoo Coven

If you have any uncertainties about getting a tattoo, they will all vanish when you visit the most reputable tattoo parlor, “The Tattoo Coven.” Every customer that walks through their doors is treated similarly to a family unit component. Their professional team of tattoo artists specializes in all-embracing custom-made tattoo designs. Furthermore, the tattoo shop is hygienic, well clean, and thoroughly organized. This adds to the excitement and lively vibe of the tattoo parlor.

Website: www.thetattoocoven.com


Contact: 601 N. National ave. Suite 103

Credit: thetattoocoven

5. Eternal Tattoo

Situated in Springfield, Eternal Tattoo is a reputable and traditional tattoo parlor with five professional artists specializing in various styles. The tattoo shop prides itself on its sparkling tattoos that are one of its kind over and above their immense knowledge and combined experience with cleanliness and sterilization. The key tattoo artist ‘Nathan’ persistently pushes his extraordinary artistic abilities. He, beyond doubt, is a man of countless talents.

tattoo shops in Springfield
Credit: eternaltattoo417 

Website: www.eternaltattooing.com

Instagram: @eternaltattoo417

Contact: 3207 S Campbell Ave Springfield, MO 65807

Credit: eternaltattoo417

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6. Body Creations Ink 

This accredited tattoo parlor prides itself on a few fantastic and expert tattoo artists. So if you’re searching for a bespoke design, Body Creations Ink is the right destination to walk off. Their professional tattoo artists have an artistic flair and safe hands, competent in inking the most complex designs. Besides, the tattoo shop is devoted to making sure complete customer fulfillment. They set out above and beyond to ensure you get what you yearn for.

Website: www.facebook.com/Ink-Slingers-126085471466

Instagram: @bodycreationsink

Contact: 1704 East Sunshine Street

Credit: bodycreationsink


When choosing the best tattoo shop in Springfield, there are a lot of variables that you need to keep in mind. Springfield is a vibrant city. Keeping this in mind, several trustworthy tattoo parlors can choose from.

Many individuals walk into a particular tattoo studio devoid of any specific idea about what picture they wish for. Delve into what you yearn for ahead of time. Communicate clearly to your particular tattoo artist. You must decide cautiously, given that this picture will mark your body’s part enduringly.

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Does a Tattoo Hurts?

Without a doubt, getting a tattoo is an excruciating process. It entails the application of pigment underneath the primary epidermal layer of the skin. The bigger the tattoo, the longer it will take to execute; small tattoos hurt less than bigger ones. 

How Long Does a Tattoo Heals?

Days after the tattoo is completed, the skin just about the tattoo starts to shed, similar to a sunburn. Picking at the skin should be evaded, as doing so can smash up the artwork and enhance the risk of infectivity. 

What is the Best Time to Get a Tattoo?

Even though you can get a tattoo any instant of the year, your skin digs up a lot more ill-treated all through the summer, and simply being open to the components more. Wintertime is the best time of year to get a tattoo.

Can Hair Grow Through My Tattoo?

Of course, the part may need to be shaved by the tattoo artist as a fraction of the grounding for your tattoo, but it is supposed to grow back as your tattoo heals usually. It would help if you distinguished no change in the hair color or compactness at what time it returns.

Does a Tattoo Cost More for Color?

Color is on no account, more or less. This also depends on the magnitude and the feature of the tattoo. Small tattoos with fewer colors would be similar to one that only boasts gray shading. When doing manifold colors,

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