77 Awesome Tree Tattoos For Back To Try On Right Now

Tree tattoos for back- Tree tattoos have a deep meaning, and they come with several different possibilities. When understanding what a particular tattoo represents, an essential factor is other elements representing different concepts. 

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77 Awesome Tree Tattoos For Back To Try On Right Now

It is generally assumed that trees have long-term durability and resilience. They endure weathering storms and other elements for an extended time, creating a sign of strength and adaptability for many cultures.

As a symbol of life stage and seasons, a tree with flowers might symbolize adolescence, a tree with fruits symbolizes mature maturity and the bare branches represent old age. 

Best Tree Tattoo Idea For Back

Tree tattoos are a great idea to express your inner self. There are millions of signs and symbols of getting a tattoo design that you can cherish on the skin.

Choosing the right tattoo design is simple and time tasking because of the flexibility and the creativity added. 

The tree tattoos in the collection cover a variety of styles and approaches on several different canvases of the back to give you a taste of what is possible with these powerful symbols.

They have played an immeasurable role throughout human history—the images, designs, patterns, and ideas we like to follow the most in our lives. The magic, most vital, and beautiful design ideas look great on the body. 

1. Love For Tree Tattoo Design

A love tree represents longevity and connection with God. The tree tattoo on the back represents new romance, affection, and love. The delicate design idea on the back gives a distinct look to the tattoo making it more gorgeous in black ink. 

Image: @javierhamparte

2. Elemental Tree Tattoo Idea

A tree tattoo can have different meanings, and it adds barks, roots, leaves, and branches.

Showing the path, the addition of symbols and signs with the tree gives a conscious action. The fundamental element gives life and existence to the tattoo. 

Image: @elektrikstormtattoo

3. Designer Mandala Tree Tattoo

The Mandala tree tattoo features an intricate tree motif working in the round use of various crochet designs. The twisted branches worked in layers, forming the tree’s signature look, showing symbolism of good fortune, shelter, and family stability. 

Image: @permagrafix

4. Bright Colored Tree Tattoo Design

Trees are the most popular choice of tattoo designs, and the colored ink gives a styling look and determines the shape and factors for the appearance. The different concepts and the ones that fit your personality and life need a particular moment. 

Image: @crouchingtigerhiddenconnie

5. Initials And Tree Tattoo Idea

There are many design ideas to choose from, and your tattoo design can be huge or small as per your choice.

The detailed tree tattoo inked back in the circle design showcases the deep connection between you and your family. The addition of a name under the tattoo design represents the connection between you and your family members. 

Image: @b.obringado_ink

6. Black Circular Celtic Tree Tattoo 

Celtic culture worships the so-called Tree of Life that marks the new beginnings, courage, power, and height. People who get nice Celtic tree tattoos with accents go for a knotty design or try to mimic the authentic family tree tattoo of that origin.

Image: @colbyjunetattoos

7. Beautiful Palm Tree Tattoo Design

In addition to their connection to bending but not breaking, palm trees symbolize peace. People who have persevered even while facing very tough times in their lives will probably find a palm tree tattoo to be an ideal tattoo for them.

Image: @_lil.angel.ink_

8. Black & White Tree With Horse Rider Tattoo

The tree tattoos come in a range of styles, and it is expected that the artist portrays bark with leaves, including the top of the branches. Adding elements of horse rider makes the design look stylish and decent. 

Image: @tailoredinktattoo

9. Side Waist Colored Flowers Tree Tattoo 

There are different interpretations behind the meaning of the tree. The tattoo design represents knowledge, strength, forgiveness, and salvation, and making the design in colorful ink shows a meaningful reason to the wearer.  

Image: @elisa_ianaink

10. Moon Phase Tree Tattoo On Back

Tree tattoos have deep meaning, and as a symbol of different things in life, the tree circle represents longevity and endurance. In addition, creating a layer of protection for the tattoo gained a reputation of being strong and resistant to storms in the tattoo design. 

Image: @enginkarahasan_

11. Dual Wolf And Tree Tattoo Design

For a man, the wolf can symbolize power, family, strength, protection, freedom, instinct, survival, etc. The addition of trees represents longevity and endurance. Combining tattoos has a deep meaning and can signify many traits and personalities. 

Image: @fabigruer

12. Designer Owl And Tree Tattoo

An owl tattoo and a tree tattoo might differ and are also associated with the afterlife. The magic, wisdom, and mystery behind the tattoo give a decent look to the style. The addition of style makes the design a rich symbolic value that is beautiful. 

Image: @valkyria_tattoo_parlour

13. Tiny Palm Tree Back Design

The small palm tree design on the back looks beautiful when inked in bold black. The tattoo symbolizes immortality and eternity. Giving a decent look to the style of the tiny palm trees is a thought of Paradise representing wisdom and goodness. 

Image: @worldwideinktattoo

14. Intricate Pine Tree Tattoo

A tattoo of a pine tree can have different meanings. The symbolism associated with this tattoo type will depend on the particularities of the design, colors used, etcetera. The design on the back gives a delicate look on the back making the design feminine. 

Image: @igloo_shop

15. Mother Daughter Holding Tree Tattoo

There are fantastic tree tattoo designs on the back, and it looks pretty cool to have a mother-daughter love design.

The branch inked as a mother and holding a child gives a deep meaning to the style. So many people love to celebrate the relationship, making it wholesome and lovely. 

Image: @sketchhtattoostudio

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16. Bold Red Tree Back Tattoo Design

Red tree tattoos symbolize durability and strength in the face of obstacles. They represent how change occurs in life, making the style look great. The red ink style with effects makes the design look elegant and outstanding. 

Image: @desert.ink

17. Stick And Poke Tree Tattoo

Stick and Poke lightning tattoo on the back interpreted from customer’s artwork. The tree design idea inked in black ink gives a deep meaning. The fine line design idea gives a delicate look, symbolizing strength, endurance, and love. 

Image: @indigenoustattoo

18. Green Eye Skull And Tree Tattoo

The skull tattoo and tree tattoo designs are a symbol to convey concepts related to change and transition.

It represents stability and rootedness when living and even after being cut down. The design inked with green leaves gives a delicate and gorgeous appeal. 

Image: @kashivipondart

19. Trail Of Birds And Tree Tattoo

Sailors mainly valued swallowing birds with tree tattoos to symbolize a safe journey and protection of the soul. The tattoos represent peace, motherhood, and safety, and the black ink design gives a deep meaning of freedom and endurance. 

Image: @murphyshouseoftattoo

20. Bold Black Celtic Tree Tattoo

The tree tattoos have a deep meaning, and the design represents a lot about life and nature.

The intertwined knots around the tattoo give a decent look for the tattoo. In addition, the bold black line design provides the tattoo with a glorious and stunning look. 

Image: @gotadeluz.tattoos

21. Family Tree Love Tattoo

We all know of a family tree, and this tree tattoo design looks very small to that. The tree of life symbolizes one’s connection with their family and ancestors.

The family tree shows that a family grows, spreads, and expands throughout many generations, forming a complex network of branches.

Image: @inkut_tattoo_montreux

22. Stylish Fir Tree Back Tattoo

The stylish tree tattoo design can depend on many things. The design revolves between love, passion, strength, endurance, and care.

The hardship and difficulties to the point that is willing through history give a shape of impressive tree design on the back. 

Image: @heyryanash

23. Detailed Sunset And Tree Tattoo

Sunset tattoos, in general, mean truth and light. The fact that the sun is setting means that the tattoo represents truth and light or is disappearing but will return for another day.

The black ink design with intricate detailing gives a stunning appeal to the back tattoo. 

Image: @goatmag.azine

24. Circular Formed Tree And Birds Tattoo

The circular tree with birds shows freedom, and it symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The tree has a deep meaning for every part of life and represents longevity and endurance. The tattoo design looks great to enhance the back look. 

Image: @k_ink_tattoo

25. Dry Wood Tree And Crow Tattoo

Crow tattoos frequently depict the crow in-flight with outspread wings to represent the bird’s abilities. The addition of an old tree with the design symbolizes eternity, knowledge, wisdom, and strength. The black ink style makes the tattoo look elegant. 

Image: @mariemchughtattoos111

26. Rooted Book Tree Tattoo Design

The black ink design on the back with the tree and book tattoo looks impressive. The addition of a book with the ability to outspread the design gives an enhanced look. In addition, the shading effect of the tattoo inked with striking black ink gives an elegant appeal. 

Image: @marain_lucas

27. Geometrical Tree Of Life Tattoo

A geometric tree of life tattoo design is a sign of those tied to spiritual and religious practices. In most cases of ancient times, the trees symbolize balance, symmetry, stability, intelligence, and mystery in today’s world. 

Image: @maryjade.art

28. Huge Tree Tattoo With Quote On Back

Traditionally, huge tree tattoo designs on the back are a sign of knowledge, growth, and wisdom.

While trees are linked to spirituality, immortality, strength, nourishment, fertility, and freedom, the design looks great. In addition, the vast tree design inked on the back gives a stylish and elegant appeal. 

Image: @ jamminjamon_tattoos

29. Black & White Fineline Tree Of Life Tattoo

Since ancient times, the tree tattoo design inked n black and white symbolizes many things in nature.

The colorful tree comes with an eye-catcher design and will illustrate personality. The feminine tattoo design inked on the back looks to embody these traits. 

Image: @bavariastichtattoo

30. Realistic Tree Roots Tattoo

The symbolic signs of connection with the tree root design on the back give a distinct look. Making the style inked in bold black with intricate detailing helps with plenty of options. The style to show the hardship and difficulties makes the style look unique. 

Image: @oldculture_inked

31. Compass With Tree Tattoo

The best compass tree tattoo design is appealing for its variety and the unique position on the back. As a symbol of hope, it represents a new journey, good luck, charms, direction, and adventure. The black ink design on the back gives an elegant look. 

Image: @valentina_la_machine_

32. Medusa Tree Root Tattoo

Medusa is portrayed in Greek art, and the tattoo design inked on the back represents protecting and warding off the negative.

The dangerous threat with an image of evil to repel gives a sign for the tattoo. In addition, the black ink design idea on the back makes the tattoo appealing and decent. 

Image: @efka_tattooart

33. Bright Watercolor Tree Tattoo

The watercolor design is attractive, and the tree tattoo has been made on the wearer’s upper back. It is added with amazingly bright and vivid watercolors that look nice.

Image: @gabor.noemi.erika

34. Small Women Tree Tattoo

The tree of life tattoo can subtly represent our personal growth and uniqueness. The women’s tree design inked in black gives a distinct look to the style. Making the tattoo an excellent appeal for the tattoo signifies endurance and good luck. 

Image: @sissi_eva

35. Wonderful Tree With Moon Phases Tattoo

The tree design with moon phases or cycles can be a powerful image to get the tattoo inked as it represents growth and can be linked to birth, death, and reincarnation. Adding a tree to the tattoo design gives an elegant appeal to the style.

Image: @rui_tattooist

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36. Memorial Family Black Tree Tattoo

The memorial tree design without leaves symbolizes the loss of a loved one, and it can also be a symbol of remembrance of the ones you have lost.

The design idea inked on the back comes as a ritual tattoo with various styles and is a perfect idea. 

Image: @13moonstattoostudio

37. Yellow Orange Pastel Tree Design

The vibrant yellow and orange pastel effect on the tree tattoo looks so lifelike. The fast fade shades traditionally symbolize strength, and the pretty design idea looks sensible, and exploring the colorful ideas gives an elegant tattoo

Image: @ramseyryetattoos

38. Black Dotted Tree Tattoo

The delicate and small tattoo design with branches inked with fine line ideas gives a soothing appeal. The incredible tree on the upper back represents energy and optimism. It looks elegant and can be worn by both men and women.

Image: @myflytat

39. Tree Circular Symbol Tattoo

The tree tattoo design represents longevity and connection. The bold black ink style represents eternity, immortality, strength, and protection.

With deep and meaningful different things in life, the tree symbol design shows the most affluent design idea. 

Image: @lime_tat2

40. Stunning Floral Tree Tattoo

Floral tattoos are a popular pick for their symbolism and represent feelings, moods, and ideas. The fascinated tattoo design idea inked on the back gives a cherry blossom look and stands for beauty. The colorful design shows the intricate detailing of the tattoo. 

Image: @madvikingtattoo

41. Cherry Blossom Tree With Red Sun Tattoo

Sakura or the cherry blossom as the national flower of Japan shows a time of renewal and optimism. The pops of pink mark the ending of winter and signify the beginning of spring.

Due to their short blooming season, cherry blossoms also symbolize the transience of life, a significant theme in Buddhism.

Image: @mackenziestattoo

42. Sugar Pine Tree Tattoo Design 

The sugar pine tree tattoo on the back gives an elegant appeal to the tattoo look. Giving a little intricate detailing to enhance the back style gives an elegant look. The feminine tattoo on the back provides an improved look with styling appeal. 

Image: @tattooist_gaon

43. Inked Dried Tree Tattoo

The tree tattoo design represents knowledge, growth, and wisdom. It also shows strength, spirituality, nourishment, and freedom. The styling inked design as an abstract look gives a distinct look to the trend, and the tattoo design inspires the tattoo. 

Image: @by.elisavet

44. Tree With Quotes Full Back Tattoo

Trees represent a lot of things and are inspired by resilience to identity. As one of the wealthiest symbols, it shows eternity, immortality, knowledge, and wisdom.

The addition of your favorite quote to the design gives a personalized meaning to the tattoo style. In addition, the red flowers inked on the tree provide a distinct approach to the tattoo style. 

Image: @tats_mickey_brown

45. Half Green Half Dried Tattoo

Representing the life cycle for green and black trees means the journey of life. The leaves stand for impermanence and dark thoughts.

The green and black tree tattoo show a distinct style, representing the most prominent ideas of human nature, oneness, wisdom, abundance, and eternity. 

Image: @blackswantattoouppsala

46. Tree With A Nice Shade Tattoo

Whether it’s trees, they symbolize a feeling of stability by incorporating natural elements into your tattoo designs, showing a significant part in most traditions.

In addition, the stoic and lasting nature symbol of truth and fairness is often sacred and representative of the interconnection between living things. 

Image: @pejczi

47. Yin Yang Tree Tattoo

The tree life as a yin-yang design gives a great example of two spiritual symbols. The tattoo design expresses the importance of balance and serves as a reminder of harmony in energy and a reminder of power. It is a popular pairing of tattoo designs, making the style elegant. 

Image: @__stichart__

48. Colored Family Tree Tattoo

Family tattoos can be drawn on the body, reflecting the importance of the family roots of an individual.

Color is a bold choice to differentiate self from the bold strokes to dominate family tree design. The splash of colors and names on the back is an honor for those closest to you.  

Image: @blackwidow_tattooer

49. Mother Nature Black Tree Tattoo

It makes sense to represent nature as a mother to celebrate the source of life and as the force that is creating and feeding us.

Mother Nature tattoos are inspired by art, using allegories as references. Usually, the designs picture nature as a gorgeous woman whose body is made of natural elements.

Image: @crystal_ink_

50. Mighty Oak Beautiful Nature Tree Tattoo

The Mighty Oak tree is one of the most loved trees globally and with good reason. It symbolizes strength, morale, resistance, and knowledge and is represented in mythologies linked to powerful Gods. The colorful design idea gives an elegant appeal to the tattoo. 

Image: @lucas_kivimaki

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51. Freehand Outlined Tree Tattoo

The tree is undoubtedly one of the essential characteristics of the earth. The design inked back represents peace, comfort, happiness, and warmth.

The freehand design idea is somewhat drawn with an example of height and colorful inking. 

Image: @toroverde_torino

52. Orange Tree Tattoo

The meaning of orange tattoos is associated with fertility and therefore is directly related to the feminine.

The orange is known for its brightness, and an enthusiastic feel brought out through its radiating hue. The colorful tree design looks gorgeous and elegant on the back. 

Image: @best_of_tattoo_

53. Animal & Pine Tree Tattoo

The trees with animals come as another family idea representing beauty, love of nature, and endurance.

The design can show off the love of aesthetics with abundance in life and mysteries. It brings a sense of magic and mystery. The tattoo style on the back looks great. 

Image: @pista.ink

54. Realistic Tree With Date Tattoo

The enduring symbol of a realistic tree tattoo comes across generations and cultural borders with spiritual growth.

The realistic look with the addition of your memorable dates gives linework of miniature ones. The design provides an elegant look on the back, giving a desirable look. 

Image: @alexis_fil22 

55. Sleek Tree Tattoo

It is time to lose with a profoundly stylish palm inking masterpiece representing a love for oceanic lifestyle and giving a gorgeous look.

The sleek tree design makes the design elegant and sober on the back. Moreover, the black ink design idea enhances the design idea’s appeal. 

Image: @noa_kom_

56. Tree Tattoo Without Leaves

The tree design without leaves represents the age of battle, getting worn out. The design idea means the opposite of life in no escaping time.

The design represents knowledge, growth, wisdom, and spirituality and the shading effect gives a distinct appeal to the tattoo style. 

Image: @the_art_house_tattoos

57. Tree With Tiger & Cross Tattoo 

The design idea symbolizes self-sacrifice and devotion expressed within the tattoo. It represents the central path of life and eternity and has a more sober meaning. The design idea shows a distinct appeal to the style, making it look kind. 

Image: @gwontoo_tatooer

58. Deer Thorns Tree Tattoos

Deer and trees represent vitality and fertility and can also relate to a renewal of the human spirit. The tree tattoo design with deer gives an elegant look to enhance the back.
Likewise, the shoulder design shows the revival of human nature, providing beautiful meanings. 

Image: @conormca_tattoo

59. Dotwork Tree Tattoo

To look on the positive side of things instead of focusing on the sour part of life for the dotwork tree looks great.

The design idea shows the distinctive style of the tree. The most common styling of tattoos inked in black is connected with everything around the universe. 

Image: @pureinkstudio

60. Colorful DNA Tree Tattoo

Discovering the scientific art of self-replication style, the double helix structure of the tattoo gives an enhanced and elegant appeal to the design.

The colorful inking enhances the style idea, making the back design look elegant. The style seems distinctive and is a symbol of the human species. 

Image: @pinkpandatattoos

61. Huge Geometric Tree Tattoo

It is a beautiful art piece that can be pretty amazing. The huge tree tattoo design is done with special black ink that looks great.

It is an excellent tree tattoo design made right in the middle of the back! It is done with beautiful black ink and striking patterns.

Image: @anna.tattoos

62. Tree And Compass Tattoo

The tree and compass tattoo design looks great as a symbol of hope of finding the way and returning home.

The unique position represents several things: immortality, eternity, strength, protection, and forgiveness. The design looks great on the back. 

Image: @tatzi_tattooartist

63. Maple Tree With Colored Flower Tattoo

The maple tree design represents a promise of balance, love, longevity, and abundance. It also speaks of success, generosity, offering, and practicality.

It is connected with the power of love, longevity, and money. The red and black ink design on the back gives an elegant appeal on the back. 

Image: @inkatattoolyon

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64. Zebra Shaped Tree Tattoo

The tattoo design signifies beauty, freedom, harmony, balance, and individuality, making the zebra style look distinct.

It shows a unique way to represent identity’s balance and spiritual significance. The black and white ink style of the Zebra tree gives a delicate look to the tattoo. 

Image: @inkmoetattoos

65. Double Helix Root Tree Tattoo On The Back

Double Helix tattoo meaning has often been used in describing family line trees of the human species or symbolism of infinity.

The root tattoo on the back gives a genetic code representing the uniqueness and individuality of a person. The black ink design gives an enhanced appeal with colorful leaves. 

Image: @dirty_harry_tattoos

66. Dried and Bright Girl Tree Tattoo 

The beautiful tree tattoo with a girl design inked on the back looks gorgeous. However, it generally symbolizes the end of something and the beginning of a new life.

Trees are a symbol of life, and the design represents mourning, growth, and beauty of the cycle of life.

Image: @eltatuero

67. Graveyard Tree Tattoo

A graveyard tree tattoo on the back is a simple way to honor and remember a beloved family member.

The design represents freedom, healing, and lost love, and for getting a design on the body, it needs a personalized meaning. However, the undying charm and the concept of ghosts never lose their endless appeal to people. 

Image: @coreycuc

68. Angel And Tree Tattoo

In modern culture, angels have become a symbol of faith, purity, humbleness, love, and protection.

Therefore, the angels and trees represent hope and faith, making different meanings, and it shows a different consistency with the black ink design with the feeling of security. 

Image: @romo_79

69. Customize Tree Tattoo

Tree tattoos are characterized by many distinctive features, which can sometimes change their meanings dramatically.

It depends on the type of tree you choose on most of its characteristics. Many trees can represent very different things in a tattoo. 

Image: @tony_g_tattoos_cork

70. Pitch Black Tree Tattoo

The pitch-black tattoo design looks distinctive as a symbol of strength, morale, endurance, and knowledge.

The entirely black thick lines are considered the art of tattooing itself. The bold black ink design on the back looks stylish and generous. 

Image: @ju_le_tattoos

71. Mother Kid Tree Tattoo

The mother and child tree tattoo design inked on the back is a permanent reminder of an unbreakable family hand.

The black inked tree design on the back represents wisdom and protection. As one of the most meaningful tattoo designs, it is a perfect mother-child style idea. 

Image: @marissa_2197

72. Bird On Tree Tattoo

Trees have many associated meanings, and tree design stands for strength, stability, and growth. The tree’s heart holds a lot compared to human life and is rich in symbolism.

The complex nature of the design gives a more realistic look to the tattoo and looks perfect on the back. 

Image: @gribouillink

73. Heart Tree Tattoo 

Trees have many associated meanings, and tree design stands for strength, stability, and growth. The tree’s heart holds a lot compared to human life and is rich in symbolism.

The complex nature of the design gives a more realistic look to the tattoo and looks perfect on the back. 

Image: @goethe_tattoo

74. Black And White Tree Tattoo

The tree tattoos have a deep meaning, and the design represents strength, close bond, and love.

The black and white color design idea inked on the back gives a decent appeal inked in a circle representing the personality. The black and white inking design on the upper back gives an elegant appeal. 

Image: @themanyao

75. Fineline Tree Tattoo

The delicate line design shows distinct straight or curved thin lines without gradations in shade or color.

With longevity and connection, the tree design on the back looks distinctive and stylish, making it the first choice for nature lovers. The delicate design idea gives a link associated with nature. 

Image: @fairy_betty7

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76. Black And Grey Tree Tattoo

The most distinct representation of trees of life and the artistic styles represents flexible and highest standing trees making the design look great.

The black and grey ink style on the upper back gives a stunning appeal. The stylish and distinct design looks excellent on the back. 

Image: @skunk_tatts

77. Scary Night Tree Tattoo

It represents a beautiful panorama of a Halloween tattoo design. The spooky scary night tree design idea on the full-back with additional elements adds distinct appeal.

Image: @world_map_tattoo_studio


What Does A Family Tree Tattoo Mean?

A family tree tattoo can represent the deep connection between you and your family members, like parents, siblings, or children. It is a visual description of the bond you share with your closest ones and shows how much they mean to you.

What Does A Willow Tree Tattoo Mean?

One popular reason for getting a willow tree tattooed on your body is to commemorate the life and death of a loved one. Make the tattoo specific to that person by adding text around it in either banner form or script around the tree.

What Does An Evergreen Tree Tattoo Mean?

The evergreen tree tattoos with garlands and wreaths represent an eternal life. It is also used as a custom of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews.

What Is The Meaning Of The Tree Of Life?

The Tree of Life is not a real tree but a sculpture of the baobab tree, sometimes called an upside-down tree because the branches mimic roots.

What Does A Tree Tattoo Symbolize?

Traditionally, the tree tattoo design idea on the back shows growth, knowledge, and wisdom. The tattoo design is also being linked to strength, nourishment, immortality, fertility, and freedom.

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