Our Editorial Policy

Do you want to display your unique self in a different but artistic way with tattoos? But it would help to clarify how to choose and what to expect. If yes, you are at the right place where we know how and what clients feel about that. We aim to build a supportive and positive community for tattoo lovers.

At Psychotats, we feel proud to provide our clients with reliable and insightful suggestions to ensure that our clients get updated, curated, and insightful information. We strive to provide our readers with informative and engaging content based on the real-time experience with our teams and the pros and cons of specific works of art.

To ensure the comfort of our clients with a smooth and wise decision, we follow some principles at Psychotats.

The Principles We Follow:

Building Trust

At Psychotats, we believe our clients and readers and their satisfaction is our priority. The body modification journey is one of the most complex. Still, embracing your true self is a unique and trendy way. We ensure that our clients make enlightening decisions with the latest style and trends. Our articles are highly affected by the real-time experiences of our authors and clients. We make our articles as helpful and informative as possible to give them the best.

Reliable & Insightful Content

You must have wasted plenty of time choosing a trendy piece of art. But did you find anything relevant? No, since those articles are nothing but just filled with random information. However, we ensure that every piece of information on our website is neutral, informative, and curated by our experienced authors with plenty of experience in their respective fields. We also double-check our content with medical practitioners to check a specific style’s positive and negative consequences.

Content Curation With Experienced Professionals

At Psychotats, we feel pride in providing our clients well researched, informative, and reliable content. Experienced practitioners fact-check every content on our website. Whether it is tattoo artists, piercers, and medical practitioners, to ensure that all our content is impartial, trustworthy, and as helpful as possible for our clients. Our authors ensure first-hand research before writing or suggesting anything to our clients. Their experience in a similar field helps them to stay updated with trendy designs and styles. Every article on our website is written keeping our readers and clients in mind to provide them organized, meaningful, and with plenty of choices according to their needs.

Our Review Team

We have an extensive review team to ensure the authenticity of our content. Our team comprises tattoos, piercers, and medical practitioners. Our tattoo artists’ teams have a combined experience of around 100 years in their respective fields.

Diversity is the best way to ensure the quality and reliability of our articles. So, we quickly reach out to the professionals who are not connected with us. These are some of the things which help us to make a valuable addition to the lives of our clients.

Authors & Sources

We have an extensive team of writers from different fields to provide curated content to our clients. At (Website name), we believe if you are not from the respective field, how can you deliver relevant and informative content? So, to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of our articles, we have compiled a team of tattoo artists and piercers. They are constantly updating themselves with the latest trends and styles to provide you with curated information on different body modification trends.

Content Update With Latest Trends

The tattoo industry has evolved over the past years and is still changing with many updates in different styles. We keep every article on our website updated to keep up with the latest trends, styles, and developments.

Although we try our best to stay updated still, we are humans, and humans make mistakes. So, we welcome our readers and clients to help us with their valuable feedback so that we can make the relevant changes if any are required.

Editorial Values

As we said earlier, the industry is evolving, and we must keep up with the pace to stay updated. We ensure our tattoo artists and piercers work with real-time professionals to adapt and see how things evolve. It helps them to stay updated with the latest industry trends.

We do not suggest pointless things to our clients. Our first-hand experience helps us to be a trusted resource for our clients.

Apart from this, we are not connected or do not have any relationship with practitioners. It helps us to give our readers a choice to make an impartial decision. However, if they are connected to us, we will mention that so our clients can decide accordingly.

We are strictly against clickbait and irrelevant content to fill our websites with aimless articles.

Product Review Policy

We take pride in making the body modification journey of our clients smooth and enjoyable. For that, we give them plenty of choices of body art and ensure that they use the best products. Yes, we aim to suggest quality products within your budget. We also highlight the key features of specific products and how you can use them.

Although we receive products from different brands, we still ensure to use the products to check their quality and reliability. We have our trusted sources and ensure that real-time feedback helps us to provide you with an unbiased review.

Here, we would like to mention that there will be affiliated links on our websites that will help us to gain commission if you purchase anything from these links.