10 Best Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia

Are you looking to get inked up simultaneously as in town and speculating where the best tattoo shops in Philadelphia are? You’re lucky: we’ve rounded the best tattoo shops for you.

For decades, the critical center of the city’s tattoo culture was a bunch of prominent tattoo shops on South Street – one of the most outstanding Philadelphia attractions that have been long acknowledged as a great deal for its counterculture attraction at the same time its heavy foot traffic.

But, in the last few years, things have revolutionized: brilliant artists have branched out to the outer reaches of local areas, setting up self-governing operations and building audiences in many more places. 

Tattoo Removal Creme & Laser Technology

Let’s face it: any individual would somewhat apply a topical creme than go through a succession of uncomfortable laser treatments. Even as both are alternatives for tattoo removal, there are many things to consider before choosing how to get rid of your Tattoo.

Tattoo removal creme works in good health by fading the Tattoo, the same as laser removal. The dissimilarity between the two is the period requisite to do away with the appearance of a tattoo and the level to which the Tattoo fades. Some individuals have found excellent results with tattoo removal crème; however, these may ultimately take a few years to effect.

The efficiency of each technique depends, for the most part, on the size and position of the Tattoo. It may be a lot more challenging to do away with a tattoo from your fingers, for instance, than from your buttocks which has excellent fat to hold it up. One also has to think about the asking price of each treatment. However, the creme treatment is far easier to go through and is significantly more reasonable than laser procedures.

The laser tattoo removal entails several sessions, depending on the extent of the Tattoo, but the results usually are immediately noticed after all the sessions are completed. This is because the laser can make its way into the underneath layers of the skin and breaks up the spots of the enduring ink that are sooner or later sopped up by the body.

It would help if you considered the difficulty of your desire to eliminate the Tattoo over and above how much you are all set to pay. However, both the tattoo removal creme and the laser technique have their advantages, and it is a matter of finding what technique will be appropriate to your means.

Check out our 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia, which we selected based on the tattoo art style, general approach to the tattoo skill, and flexibility.

1. Black Moth Tattoo and Gallery

Black Moth Tattoo and Gallery is a reputable tattoo parlor that makes custom tattoo design work and body art available for customers in Philadelphia and the neighboring areas.

Image: @ blackmoth_tattoo

With over a decade’s worth of specialized experience in the tatting field, the tattoo parlor’s professional artist Steve Martin offers varied tattooing style options, such as geometric designs, Japanese, black and gray, customary Americana, and realism. 

Website: www.blackmothtattooandgallery.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/blackmoth_tattoo

Contact: Location: 18 East Lancaster Avenue Ardmore, PA 19003

Image: @  blackmoth_tattoo

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2. Central Tattoo Studio

Central Tattoo Studio is a reliable tattoo shop and art gallery in Philadelphia. Its characteristically skilled tattoo artists specialize in many modern-day tattoo styles: black and grey, abstract, realism, watercolor, dot work, and graphic. The tattoo studio also makes available all-embracing cover-up services. In addition, the tattoo shop has a gallery of rotating displays from up-and-coming local tattoo artists. The studio is open seven days a week and usually welcomes clients by beforehand appointment.

Image: @centraltattoostudio

Website: www.centraltattoostudio.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/centraltattoostudio

Contact: Location: 171 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19123

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia

Image: @centraltattoostudio

3. Eastern Pass Tattoo Co.

Eastern Pass Tattoo Co. is a reputable tattoo studio in Philadelphia founded by local tattoo expert Scott Bakoss (2014). With more than 25 years of experience, he and his professional team of tattoo co-artists seek to offer customers a clean, safe, and sound tattoo experience at what time coming into their tattoo parlor.

Image: @easternpasstattoo

The tattoo studio also makes a broad range of tattoo options available to customers. Every tattoo artist specializes in diverse styles, such as blackwork tarot tattoos, Japanese styles, and characteristic American tattoos.

Website: www.easternpasstattoo.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/easternpasstattoo

Contact: Location: 1625 East Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19148

Image: @easternpasstattoo

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4. Northern Liberty Tattoo

Northern Liberty Tattoo is a famous tattoo studio servicing the customers of Philadelphia and its close at hand areas. It offers various styles and designs, including customary black and grey, sketches, and nonfigurative geometric.

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia
Image: @northernlibertytattoo

The tattoo shop also manages piercings for lips, nostrils, eyebrows, and other body parts. Launched in 2009, the studio has a great professional team of around-the-clock and guest tattoo artists who attend different tattoo conventions within the nation-state. 

Website: www.nlibertytattoo.net

Instagram: www.instagram.com/northernlibertytattoo

Contact: Location: 823 North 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19123

Image: @northernlibertytattoo

5. Cresson Street Tattoo

Cresson Street Tattoo is a family-owned tattoo company in Philadelphia servicing the vicinity since its establishment in 1995. In 2014, the parlor was reopened in the reminiscence of the creator Howard Saunders.

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia
Image: @cressonstreettattoo

Making available ingenious tattoos and a lively setting for its customers, the shop comprises appreciated professionals who make every effort to make quality tattoos available to their clientele. Cresson Street Tattoo is situated in the eventful galleries of Manayunk and continues to serve its vicinity until the present day.

Website: www.cressonstreettattoo.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cressonstreettattoo

Contact: Location: 4371 Cresson Street Philadelphia, PA 19127

Image: @cressonstreettattoo

6. Philadelphia Eddie’s Chinatown Tattoo

Eddie’s Chinatown Tattoo has been serving the residents and visitors in the Philadelphia vicinity since 1952. The tattoo parlor is open seven days a week and attributes various body art styles. The company has a legal team of professional tattoo artists with recurrently rotated visitor artists. Customers have given encouraging feedback about Eddie’s Chinatown Tattoo’s hygienic tattoo studio and professional, welcoming staff.

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia
Image: @  ballinghoff.brianna

Website: www.chinatowneddies.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pechinatowntattoo

Contact: 904 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Image: @ballinghoff.brianna 

7. Spirited Tattoo

Spirited Tattoo aims to build an open and compliant space for customers and tattoo artists. The company has been featured on many prominent websites and won the 2015 Rad Award. The creator of Spirited Tattoo specializes in an assortment of art styles, together with black and grey, photorealism, full-color tattoos, and traditional designs. Customers have praised the tattoo shop for its clean, relaxed space and brilliant tattoo artists.

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia
Image: @spiritedtattoo

Website: www.spiritedtattoo.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/spiritedtattoo

Contact: 4912 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Image: @spiritedtattoo

8. Valor Tattoo 

Valor Tattoo makes its wide-ranging tattooing services available to persons in Philadelphia and the neighboring areas. The tattoo studio is owned by a professional team of tattoo artists who have been expanding over a decade of tattooing proficiency.

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia
Image: @  valortattoo

The skilled tattoo artists work on a broad range of tattoo options, such as full color, black and gray, characteristic, lettering, and traditional American designs. They also agree to the customer’s ideas and handle walks in and beforehand appointment services. The parlor also offers body piercing services.

Website: www.valortattoo.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/valortattoo

Contact: 1448 Brownsville Rd, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053 

Image: @valortattoo

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9. Olde City Tattoo

Olde City Tattoo has served local customers and visitors for over 20 years in Philadelphia, one of the best tattoo shops in town. The tattoo studio comprises a professional team of skilled tattoo artists who possess years of experience in diverse body art styles.

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia
Image: @  oldecitytattoo

It covers an assortment of designs, ranging from characteristic to traditional techniques. The studio’s tattoo specialists bring more than 100 years of combined industry background to the board, striving to make sure to turn any customer’s vision into actuality. 

Website: www.oldecitytattoo.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oldecitytattoo

Contact: 44 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia

Image: @oldecitytattoo

10. Frequency Tattoo Company

Finally, frequency Tattoo Company has maintained a commitment to the highest possible standards of tattooing quality, clinical-level sanitation, and fantastic customer service – all at a reasonable price, in a relaxed and gracious environment.

Image: @frequencytattoocompany

The tattoo studio makes every Tattoo exceptional. Multitalented and brilliant artists work with every customer to create a distinctive piece, warily considering art and placement, all simultaneously maintaining the uprightness of the client’s original idea.

Website: www.frequencytattoo.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/frequencytattoocompany

Contact: 4038 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia

Image: @frequencytattoocompany

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Because tattoos are more or less permanent, getting the best tattoo artist who understands precisely what you need is imperative. Tattoos are also unique and are a mode for individuals to communicate themselves. Our 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia offer the most outstanding services, have professional and skilled tattoo artists, and can convey your ideas to actuality.


Is a tattoo painful?

Of course, it hurts, but it is manageable. Any individual can quickly get a tattoo, and tenderness is tolerable. Individuals all over the world are getting tattoos.

Will my Tattoo need any touchup?

Tattoos usually don’t need any touchups if you have taken the recommended care.

How much time will a standard tattoo take?

Like good things that take time, tattoos also take a little time. Depending on the range and design, any tattoo calls for time to be done flawlessly. 

How much will a standard tattoo cost?

When it draws closer to tattoos, you dig up what you reimburse for. Good tattoos are on no account cheap.

Tattoo Shops in Philadelphia

I got the latest Tattoo; how rapidly can I get it waxed?

Waxing a novel tattoo is, in fact, not a good suggestion. Let it heal from top to bottom, and afterward, you can dig up your skin waxed.

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