10 Best Tattoo Shops In Baltimore Which You Must Visit To Get Inked

Getting the appropriate tattoo artist has two aspects. First, pick what you want: the style, the location ( tattoo shop), how much you’re ready to pay, and how far you’re prepared to drive. Then consider whom you’d like to do it with – someone whose work you’re completely comfortable in. Today, let us focus on the best tattoo shops in Baltimore that you should visit and get tattoo.

Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

But there are several factors to consider on both sides, so where do you begin? With so many types and skilled artists available, it is not easy to know where to begin your quest for the appropriate one for you.

You can visit with your preferred tattoo artist one-on-one for an exceptionally long period and talk about everything related to their experience. Who and what you select is a crucial decision that should not be treated lightly. 

We caught up with various tattoo artists to give you some direction and help you narrow down your choices.

Understand Your Personal Style

Tattoo styles include conventional, neotraditional, realistic, watercolor, balancing act, and others. The list continues, and understanding what you’re searching for is a wise starting point. The artist will vary based on the type of tattoo or expertise you seek. 

A walk-in shop could be the best option if you want to choose a design from a handbook and have something done right away. However, if you want a more creative and distinctive design, it’s essential to study what you want and how you want to accomplish it.

If you want personalized work, you must totally trust the artist’s style. You’ll be contacting them to inquire about a piece of their work, so you don’t want to ask for something different or go through numerous rounds of design changes with them.

Do Some Research

You are familiar with different social networking platforms, including Instagram. Every tattoo artist has an Instagram profile. You can begin your research from their Instagram gallery because that’s the fastest and easiest method to demonstrate their work and what they’re worthy of.

You’ll soon get a sense of an artist’s taste from their social media profiles and understand whether that’s all you’re looking for. Once you’ve decided on a style, you can search for artists using specific hashtags. Don’t forget to look at the reviews of the tattoo artist or shop from which you have decided to get inked. 

Get In Touch

When you find an artist you like, get in touch and contact them. Most individuals will specifically mention how an individual can reach them on their Instagram page. Or is there a website you can visit to learn more? Are there recommended ways of communication mentioned in any specifics? 

Give as much information as you can while explaining your intentions at first. Describe the design, style, and position of the tattoo on your body. You can determine if the artist will best suit you, depending on how they answer. 

Either they will embrace your concept and expand upon it, or they will be absolutely open and admit that they don’t believe your idea is quite their thing.

Enquire About

Another excellent marketing method is the way of communication. Ask your different friends if they can suggest a tattoo artist who has expertise in the design you desire, in specific. When choosing an expert, examine the individual’s personal preferences and read reviews. 

Your priorities can range from the designer’s level of skill to their level of patience. You might want someone who will make you feel comfortable during the whole process of getting a tattoo. 

It’s essential to pick an artist that has a distinctive style, someone who actually enjoys what they do, and someone who aspires to be creative. However, having a positive encounter with that individual is equally critical.

Make Time For It

Finally, take your time. Cherish the method of choosing the ideal tattoo artist, and ensure you’re entirely satisfied with the artist you pick. 

Be aware that many famous tattoo artists will be fully booked months in advance or may not be accepting new clients when you inquire. The perfect tattoo artist and being inked are always worth the wait.

Here are some of the best tattoo shops in Baltimore to help you make a decision and make sure you get a tattoo you’ll love.

1. Triple Crown Towson

Triple Crown Tattoo in Baltimore is the first and only top-tier tattoo shop in Baltimore County. It employs experts in body piercing, highly known tattoo artists, and notable international visitors. 

Triple Crown Tattoo is the epitome of high-quality body modification, combining skilled elegance with fearless style, and is supported by a staff of artists with years of expertise. 

The manager has been an expert in this field for more than 15 years and helps you to make the most significant body modification decision professionally.

Website: http://triplecrowntowson.com/ 

Phone: Phone number (667) 206-2125

Working Hours: 12:00 – 08:00

Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

Image: @triplecrowntowson

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2. Naked Art Tattoo

Those individuals who love customized tattoo work can visit Naked Art Tattoo. They have a specialty in customized tattoos – one of the notable tattoo shops in Baltimore.

The owner is a very creative tattoo artist who has performed work on five different continents and received numerous prizes for his creations. He has a DVD tutorial available and is also a skilled fine artist.

He always tries to draw something unique and creative according to the requirements of the customers. Sometimes he mixes his imagination skills with the clients’ ideas to draw one of his best artwork. All of the previous clients have praised this place for its cleanliness and hygiene.

Website: https://nakedarttattoos.com/home.html

Phone: (410) 672-2059

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nakedarttattoosmd/?hl=en

Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

Image: @nakedarttattoosmd

3. Embassy Tattoo

Embassy Tattoo is the nicest, cleanest tattoo parlor among the tattoo shops in Baltimore. The owner has won different prizes for his outstanding work. He has an experience of more than ten years. 

All the artists present in the shop are experienced and skilled. They take great pleasure in their unique artwork. You can visit to get amazing tattoos.

They have an extremely competent staff who specialize in unique tattoos and piercings, so they can accommodate any tattooing style you want. Whether it’s traditional, realistic, tribal, or anything in between is all acceptable. 

The work of the artists reflects their love for what they are doing. Every artist is unmatched in their passion for their work, and they approach each tattoo as though it were their last.

Website: https://embassytattoo.com/

Working Hours: 12 – 10 PM

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/embassytattoo/

Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

Image: @embassytattoo

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4. Mt. Vernon Body Art

Mt. Vernon Body Art provides high-quality body piercing and unique custom tattoos. This tattoo parlor aims to improve the client’s experience and comfort by simplifying the appointment procedure and offering warm customer care in a pleasant, comfortable, and professional setting. 

The personnel here are lovely and genuinely want to connect with you. They actually assist you in expressing yourself with amazing tattoos. They all are very friendly and guide you in selecting the ideal and suitable tattoo.

Website: https://www.mtvernonbodyart.com/index.html

Phone number: (443) 388-9703

Address: 827 N Charles St Baltimore, MD 21201

Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

Image: @mvba_gallery 

5. Stay Humble

The tattoo artists here are all really kind, kind, and helpful, making you feel right at home. In order to welcome clients in a clean and secure atmosphere, the studio places a high priority on keeping its cleanliness and order.

The staff makes getting inked a simple process for you. You can select from various designs, giving you tattoo diversity and adaptability. Anyone interested in unique, striking, or lovely tattoos can visit the shop. The owner’s behavior is amiable and generous.

Website: https://stayhumblebaltimore.com/home.html

Phone number: (410) 235-1234

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stayhumbletattooco/

Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

Image: @stayhumbletattooco

6. Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo

For classy people, we offer exquisite tattoos. From custom to traditional, we handle it all. The owner welcomes customers of all sexes, tribes, ages, and religious or political beliefs. She is undoubtedly one of Baltimore’s best tattoo artists. 

Everything she does demonstrates her concern, honesty, and attention to detail. She is not only excellent at listening to ideas and using her creative abilities to produce a work of art, but she is also extremely polite and considerate throughout the process of getting the tattoo.

The parlor has six permanent tattoo artists on staff and varying visitors whose expertise covers a broad spectrum of designs. 

They take pleasure in hosting unique charity events on several occasions each year to raise money for various neighborhood non-profit organizations.

Website: https://www.havefunbeluckytattoo.com/

Phone: (410) 235-5930

Address: 820 W 36th St Baltimore, MD 21211

Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

Image: @havefunbeluckytattoo 

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7. Saints & Sinners

Saints and Sinners provide a clean, safe, and relaxing environment for your tattoo or piercing. Our tattoo artists are all talented individuals who have worked in a range of styles and designs.

We offer free consultations, you can bring a photo or an idea of what you want, and they can create a personalized design for you. The staff present here is very friendly and makes you smile every time you visit their parlor.

Website: https://saintsandsinnersbaltimore.com/

Phone: (410) 276-1300

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saintsandsinnerstattoo/

Image: @saintsandsinnerstattoo 

8. Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery

Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery is for you if you want something unique and different. They are a studio that specializes solely in customized tattoos, and they go above and beyond to ensure that you have a good time there. 

The artwork of local and other tattoo artists is featured on the walls of the parlor, and you can view the daily work of these professionals by looking through various portfolios on the desks.

They feature an ultra-modern waiting area with friendly sofas for lounging and 8 HD Televisions that help you to view work while getting your tattoo. They can assist you with any of your needs, including getting a body piercing, a new, fully customized tattoo, or having a tattoo removed.

Website: http://www.blacklotustattoos.com/

Phone: (410) 487-6675

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blacklotustat2gallery/

Image: @blacklotustat2gallery

9. Read Street Tattoo Parlor

The store’s owner is extremely friendly and trustworthy. He accepts responsibility for all duties. They are experts in tattooing everything from calligraphy and names to unique sleeves and shoulder pieces. 

They can do whatever you imagine, including cover-ups, modifications to existing tattoos, and refreshments.

For creativity on your customized item, they provide a tonne of styles for you to browse and select from.

Furthermore, they offer body piercings five days a week, their prices are fair, and there is no denying that the right atmosphere and kind employees make you feel protected.

Website: https://readstreettattoo.net/home.html

Address: 882 Park Ave Baltimore, MD 21201

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/readstreettattoo/

Image: @readstreettattoo

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10. Tattooed Heart Studio

The owner’s mission is to design a unique environment for the tattoo studio that emphasizes the development of original artwork and customer service that goes above and beyond what the client expected. 

You can look through their tattoo collections and original art galleries to better understand each member’s unique styles.

Tattooed Heart Studio is a group of dedicated, experienced, and award-winning experts who all embrace the same purpose, one of the best tattoo shops in Baltimore. The committed team of tattoo artists excels in all forms of tattooing, from old conventional to new style hyper-realism. 

They will create a one-of-a-kind tattoo exclusively for you if you give them your ideas. Each artist has a private, enclosed space with a wall made of massive, automatically-frosted glass that is used for privacy. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance here.

Website: https://www.tattooedheartstudios.com/

Address: 7410 Coca-Cola Drive, Unit 108, Hanover, Maryland 21076

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tattooedheartstudios/

Image: @tattooedheartstudios


What are the latest COVID standards that the artists are following?

Tattoo shops in Baltimore, for every process, should wear a mask, and only the client is permitted in the workspace. Every employee at studios/parlors has already received a vaccination. PPE rules are still in force, and providing you safety is still the first priority.

What is the minimum age for getting a tattoo in Baltimore?

One typically needs to be 18 to receive a tattoo. However, if the client is younger than 18, a tattoo is still possible with the parents’ or legal guardian’s signed contract. The tattoo shops in Baltimore must retain the written consent, along with the client’s name, the tattoo designer’s name, the date, and a detail of the process, on record for two to three years.

What will the cost of a tattoo at The Read Street Tattoo Parlor be?

Any tattoo’s price will only be decided when the design has been completed. The price varies based on the tattoo’s size, where it is placed on your body, and how complex it is. If you’re on a limited budget, we’ll do our best to assist you. An hourly cost of $150 will be charged if you get a giant tattoo or one requiring several sessions. With the exception of tattoos on the arms, face, legs, or neck, all of our tattoos have a $60.00 minimum.

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