8 Best Tattoo Shops In Salem, MA

Having a tattoo is a long-term commitment, no matter who and what you are. Tattoos are a form of art that is virtually always permanent. Before obtaining a tattoo, people should consider the long-term effects and social implications of their tattoo’s style, size, and placement. Individuals and groups continue to use tattoos to express and identify themselves. Check out the top-ranked tattoo shops in Salem, MA that you should visit.

tattoo shops in Salem

They assist people in determining their reasons, beliefs, and customs. One of the most excellent methods to ensure that you are satisfied with the tattoo is to learn how to select a safe and trustworthy tattoo business.

No matter what style you want, tattoo shops maintained by honest, skilled tattoo artists are essential for having the most significant possible ink. Even if you aren’t new to the tattoo field, spending some extra time researching a tattoo parlor is the best solution.

Finding a safe and trustworthy tattoo business isn’t as challenging as it may appear. If you remember a few tricks, it’s relatively straightforward. Some are as follows.

1) Look into referrals: Referrals are suitable for clients, but they are also beneficial for tattoo shops. If you find a reputable & safe tattoo shop, talk to friends and other family members who may already have a tattoo you want. 

2) Shop’s Cleanliness: Shop cleanliness is necessary for creating a safe environment for any tattoo customer. If you find the tattoo shop dirty and or they are unable to answer about the regular sterilization of equipment, it is best to find another shop.  

3) Know your artist: Knowing your tattoo artist before the appointment is essential in getting a tattoo. Any honest & reputable expert will always have a meeting with their client. This is an excellent opportunity for both to get to know each other and get their queries solved. 

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4) Information about ink & equipment: Inquiring about your artist’s tattoo ink and equipment is vital in ensuring that you get the most incredible tattoo possible with the least amount of risk. Professional tattoo shops will always utilize high-quality equipment and inks to avoid infection, sickness, and other potential hazards associated with having a tattoo.

5) Ask about the shop’s license: The customer has a full right to know whether the shop has a mandatory charge or not. Tattoo parlors with all the necessary permits take their business & clients’ health very seriously. 

Choosing the best tattoo shop to get inked is very important. It is critical that you feel at ease in the store you have selected as a customer. Before you jump on board and set your appointment, always spend additional time reading about any prospective shops you get tattooed. 

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Here are the 8 Best Tattoo Shops in Salem MA

1) Salem Ink Tattoo And Art Gallery

Salem Ink Tattoo and Art gallery are the best custom Tattoo spot situated in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts. The shop experts are friendly, kind & helpful, and they always guide you in the right direction while making the best design selection to get a tattoo. They strongly recommend advance calling to book an appointment. 

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tattoo shops in Salem
Credit: saleminkma

Credit: saleminkma

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2) Helheim Gallery

Established in 2015, Helheim is a customized ink studio & art gallery. The shop has earned many customers from all around the world because of its well-known brand name. Whether a customer wants a new, one-of-a-kind tattoo or wants to revitalize an old one, competent tattoo artists can help. They have thousands of designs to choose from, and they can also turn a customer’s tattoo idea into a reality.

Credit: helheimgallery

3) Merk Ink Tattoo Studio

Merk Ink Tattoo Studio is Salem Ma’s best & most exquisite tattoo shop. They are known for their highly skilled and professional experts concerned about the best tattoo experience for their clients. They have the cleanest, friendly, and best-looking shops in the whole city. Overall they have a positive vibe in the air, which will make you feel even better when you’re there. 

tattoo shops in Salem
Credit: merk.ink

Credit: merk.ink

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4) 9th Realm Gallery

Established in 2019, 9th Realm gallery is the most reputed & well-renowned tattoo spot and art gallery. They believe in doing top-quality work regardless of the size or pattern of the tattoo. The shop’s personnel are all kind and helpful, which will come in handy if you visit for the first time. Make an appointment if you’re thinking about having a tattoo. 

Credit: 9threalmgallery

5) Good Mojo Tattoos

Founded in 2009, Good Mojo Tattoos are the finest tattoo shop in Salem, Ma. The purpose of Good Mojo is to continue spreading the word about the shop’s name, GOOD MOJO. Exceptional talent, professionalism, and passion for the craft are reasons for selecting an artist.

In addition, the tattoo shop is famed for the best customer service, quality & comfort. They offer free consultations, welcome walk-ins, and recommend appointments. 

Credit: goodmojotattoos

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6) The Black Veil Tattoo

The Black Veil Tattoo is one of the established tattoo shops in Salem, Ma. Customers are treated like family and become creative collaborators in the design of their tattoos. They only employ cutting-edge inking hardware and advanced anti-pollution techniques and take delight in providing unwavering scrupulousness. They provide their consumers with a wide range of new designs and crafts executed disorderly.

Credit: blackveiltattoo

7) Witch City Ink

Established in 2008, Witch City Ink is the top custom and award-winning tattoo shop in Salem, Ma. They offer a limited group of highly skilled custom tattoo artists available seven days a week to work with you. They make you feel quite welcome when you first go in.

tattoo shops in Salem
Credit: witchcityink

The specialist does an excellent job, and you will feel like an entirely different person afterward. So, if you’re seeking high-quality tattooing in a spacious tattoo studio, Witch City Ink should be on your list.

Credit: witchcityink

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8) North Street Tattoo

If you want to get tattooed at an affordable price, North Street Tattoo is Salem’s best tattoo parlor. In addition, it is Salem MA’s most well-known tattoo parlor. Customers will find the staff kind and helpful, making their walk-in visits enjoyable. You can see their address and phone number below if you need to contact them. So, if you’re thinking of having a tattoo, pay a visit to North Street Tattoos. 

Credit: northstreetsalem


A well-designed tattoo studio plays various functions in ensuring the success of a tattooing plan and attracting clients to that studio regularly. Tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world conduct extensive research and hunt for the fundamentals.

Choosing the most excellent quality and most dependable tattoo studio is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of strategically planning your inking process to avoid accidents. Salem is the home to many tattoo spots. Tattoo Shops in Salem MA and their professional tattoo artists will help you decide on your next tattoo.

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Are tattoos safe?

Yes, if done correctly, it is entirely safe. A good tattoo cannot be inexpensive. Any low-cost tattoo will always sacrifice hygiene. As a result, it’s critical to assess the studio’s cleanliness and the artist’s knowledge and experience. An unsanitary tattoo might be disastrous.

What is the basis for deciding the price of a tattoo?

Every shop has different prices. As a result, there is no set cost for a tattoo. However, if you want a high-quality tattoo, you will have to pay a significant sum. The cost of a tattoo varies based on the quantity of work necessary and your vendor’s work quality.

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How much time is needed to get inked?

This is dependent on the design you want, the artist’s experience, and your patience. Tattooing is a time-consuming operation that requires patience. There should be no haste to finish it because the results will not be as good as expected. For example, a piece on the area of your hand with a medium level of difficulty should take no more than two hours. A more intricate and massive design, on the other hand, can take up to ten hours. As a result, it is dependent on the artist’s innovation and expertise.

Is it okay to inquire about an artist’s portfolio?

Absolutely! You can investigate your tattoo artist before exploring your tattoo by looking at their portfolio online. It would be best to never get a tattoo without first seeing the artist’s previous work. Some tattoo artists specialize, while others want to do it all. Some painters solely work in black and grey, while others like color or both, but you wouldn’t commission a portrait of your firstborn without first seeing their previous work.

What is the best time to get a tattoo?

You can get a tattoo at any time of the year. But the best time to get a tattoo is during winters. Because of the milder weather, it will be easier to heal your tattoo. In the winter, covering up allows the tattoo to heal more quickly. Swimming, sunbathing and being outside put a lot of strain on your skin throughout the summer. So it is recommended to get inked during winters. 

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