11 Popular Tattoo Shops In Iowa With Talented Artists

Iowa consists of many tattoo shops with innovative and incredible designs with various  tattoo designs. The top listed tattoo shops retained excellent ratings and reviews from fellow clients and marked some of the selected shops with an experienced look.

Without any further delay, the tattoo looks shop clean and clients happy. The most creative and artistic body art studios specialize in tattoos and piercing. The relaxed and fun environment with quality tattoo artists gives one of the best looks in appreciating looks.

Featuring a clean and inviting environment, Iowa helps give great ideas for high quality inking. The custom tattoo design gives one of the best looks to give pride in all his work and excel at being a tattoo artist with a classy and inviting atmosphere.

Pairing with one of the counts; the artist and the shop gives inspected and distinctive looks. Here are some of the best tattoo artists with incredible art around to enhance the looks.

The latest Tattoo Shops in Iowa are:

1. Velvet Lotus Tattoo

Velvet Lotus Tattoo is located in Iowa City. It is there to give access to create your dream ink. The tattoo shop strives for quality art with the best knowledge and experience with professional services. With a calm, friendly and hygienic ambiance, the tattoo shop has been working with its team since 1996. With decades of experience, the tattoo shop provides the best art that does not fade for a lifetime.

It is a skillful work for tattoo artists who are experienced in promoting tattoo services, including color, black & grey, traditional, wording, portrait, realism, and many other designs. With online appointments, they also take free consultation to help resolve customers’ queries regarding inking. 

Website: http://www.velvetlotustattoo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VelvetLotusTattoo/?ref=page_internal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/velvetlotustattoo/

Credit: velvetlotustattoo

Credit: velvetlotustattoo

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2. Temple Body Arts 

The Temple Body Arts have been working since 1995 in Iowa City. The shop was originally opened with a different name – Black Angel Body Arts, and after changing ownership in 2017, the name was rebranded to Temple Body Arts. The tattoo shop has been popular for decades with knowledgeable and skillful tattoo artists.

The shop offers appointments only based on a first-come-first service with huge customer gatherings. Andy October and Nikki Powills help accumulate tattoo services to the customers in a friendly way. With a clean and hygienic atmosphere, the tattoo artist helps feature a premium approach with genuine concern. 

Website: https://temple-body-arts.com/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/templebodyartsiowa/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/templebodyartsiowa/?hl=en

Credit: templebodyartsiowa

Credit: templebodyartsiowa

3. Iowa City Tattoo 

The Iowa City Tattoo is located in Iowa City, serving the community and beyond. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your umpteenth, and no matter what style you’re looking for, if anything is guaranteed at Iowa City Tattoo, you’ll like what you see when you leave the doors.

The tattoo shop promotes skillful and experienced tattoo artists specializing in colored or black ink work, tradition, neo-traditional, graphic, realism, portrait, and many more options. With outstanding results, the tattoo shop gives customers a home-like feeling, making their experience great. With one of the great looks, the tattoo design helps manage the overall look. 

Website: http://www.iowacitytattoo.com/

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Iowa-City-Tattoo-561286754011539/timeline/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/iowacitytattoo?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y

Credit: iowacitytattoo

Credit: iowacitytattoo

4. Hot Spot Tattoo & Piercing

Hot Spot Tattoo & Piercing shop is located in Coralville, Iowa. To accept high-quality inks with state-approved equipment and the highest safety measures. When choosing the studio, the tattoo studio provides the highest safety measures. The store is here to make sure the experience is unforgettable.

The hot spot tattoo & piercing studio works for custom designs that help provide distinguished tattoos by viewing in the studio. In addition, the tattoo shop offers more outstanding services by exploring the team art and body piercing on the online gallery to learn more today. The tattoo studio helps make the art look extensive and gives you one of the best skill work. 

Website: https://hotspottattoo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1745770348975366

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hotspot_tattoo

Credit: hotspot_tattoo

Credit: hotspot_tattoo

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5. Sacred Diamond Tattoo

The tattoo shop in another place in the Des Moines area is Sacred Diamond Tattoo. The full-service tattoo studio is here to bring your tattoo ideas to life, and it is one of the best tattoo studios with award-winning tattoos. All tattoo artists are highly experienced and skilled to meet all the needs of the clients.

The artist goes above and beyond to meet the client’s needs. You can come to the next tattoo with distinguished art with high-quality body art in many styles. The beautiful tattoo studio promotes clean work and a relaxing environment with services including colored and black tattoos, portraits, realistic, horror, religious, and different sections. 

Website: http://sacreddiamond.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sacreddiamondtattoo/


Credit: sacreddiamondtattoo

Credit: sacreddiamondtattoo

6. Neon Dragon Tattoo & Body Piercing 

If you are searching for a Cedar Rapids tattoo studio, the tattoo studio also provides body piercing. The Neon Dragon Tattoo & Body Piercing features five talented tattoo artists from Iowa. With distinguished looks, the premium tattoo artist helps you create your favorite tattoos inked as per customization.

The tattoo studio offers even a cover-up tattoo not done by Neon Dragon, giving a detailed description of tattoo artists before providing services. With expertise and high-quality, unique piercing, the shop ensures clients that they receive a sanitized and professional atmosphere. 

Website: https://neondragontattoo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Neon-Dragon-Tattoo/7623982610


Credit: neondragonpiercing

Credit: neondragonpiercing

7. Iron Heart

The Iron Heart Tattoo shop in Iowa City is located in Des Moines and offers four best-experienced tattoo artists. Looking for a tattoo design in Des Moines happens to look directly for a tattoo shop is the spot for you. Featuring bright colors with a unique look adds strict attention to detail and quality.

With a free consultation and talk with the artist, Iron Heart is the best stop for you. Whether you go with any of the tattoo artists, you will get to know that they have trusting hand work while getting you inked. The skilled artists promote customized tattoo arts per your choice of colors and look with intricate detailing. 

Website: https://ironheartdsm.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IronHeartDesMoines/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iron_heart_tattoo/

Credit: iron_heart_tattoo

Credit: iron_heart_tattoo

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8. Pink Elephant Tattoo Studio

It is an Ankeny-based tattoo studio that features tattoos, removals, and piercings. It is a custom tattoo studio that always focuses on results. The detailed-oriented tattoo artists at the Pink Elephant Studio are experts in the long run, with no fading tattoos. With a handful of permanent artists, you can recognize what tattoos you want and which tattoo artist can manifest the design.

With access to different tattoos at the best tattoo shop, you can also get a customized approach for tattoos with detailed fine-line work. The hygienic and clean ambiance with friendly staff makes the customers feel comfortable. With online appointments, the tattoo studio also promotes free consultations. 

Website: https://pinkelephanttattoo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pink.elephanttattoo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pinkelephanttattoo

Credit: pinkelephanttattoo

Credit: pinkelephanttattoo

9. Lucky Girl Tattoo and Piercing 

The Lucky Girl Tattoo and Piercing is located in Des Moines, Iowa. The tattoo studio is a family-owned tattoo and piercing studio that offers different tattoo and body piercing styles. The team provides stunning and elegant tattoos to meet and exceed customer expectations.

It is one of the best stops if you want to get a tattoo inked by professionals. The artist at the store has experience in all types of tattoos, including traditional, color, black & grey, customized, and many more looks. 

Website: https://www.luckygaltattoo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luckygaltattoo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luckygaltattoo_official/

Credit: luckygaltattoo_official

Credit: luckygaltattoo_official

10. Maya Modification

Maya Modification studio is situated in Sioux City. It is a one-stop solution for you if you are searching for a clean and hygienic tattoo design. The tattoo studio thrives on alternate designs helping clients express themselves in body art. Making it small to large sleeve tattoo designs gives your artwork a complete look.

Alongside tattoos, the tattoo shop provides body jewelry, piercing, branding and scarification. Although the body modification seems to be at an extreme level, they handle clients with safety and care. From classic shops to find the perfect essential parts of the process, Iowa promotes high-quality services. 

Website: http://www.mayatattoo.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mayamodification

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mayamodification/

Credit: mayamodification

Credit: mayamodification

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11. Crow’s Nest Tattoo

The professional tattoo artist at Crow’s Nest Tattoo at Dubuque creates attractive tattoo designs to meet customers’ needs. With clean quality work and value provision, the artist provides excellent services.

Promoting educated and skilled artists for tattoos and body piercing focuses a small amount of ink on commemorating an experienced full-body creation to show off. Giving fine jewelry to accessorize your look, you can find one of the best and most skilled tattoo artists. Accessorizing more of the eyes, the studio provides consistently quality creations. 

Website: https://crow169.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tattoos-By-Josh/1607470136191406?fref=ts

Instagram: https://instagram.com/clicq

Credit: clicq

Credit: clicq


Tattoos represent earlier forms of art known to humanity. Different customized tattoo arts such as cover-ups, touch-ups, and piercing are in trend these days, and getting one of the designs from a specialist in the field features well-versed designs. The tattoo artists are licensed, and the best shops around give a distinctive image.

You can select one of your best tattoo shops and make stylized art on the body, providing an impressive look. You’ll get quality yet beautiful work to make it in your head. Giving one of the well-trained and passionate artists, the tattoo studio helps make the art look amazing. With one of the best tattoo shops around, you can get the most amazing tattoo looks for your body. 


Where is the most attractive place to get a tattoo inked?

The upper back and shoulder tattoos are the most attractive place to get a tattoo inked. The beautiful design looks great on women and is the top-rated tattoo location. With one of the best parts, getting a tattoo inked on your best part looks amazing and mind blowing. 

Do tattoo artists get paid per hour? 

The tattoo artists are being paid according to their work and skills. Getting a tattoo inked can be costlier. No tattooist takes the whole amount to their home as delivered by the client. 

Can I take Tylenol before getting a tattoo inked? 

You are not allowed to take any painkillers before getting a tattoo. This is because the medicine might thin your blood, resulting in longer sessions of tattoo inking. 

What size is the tattoo for $200? 

The range of tattoos depends on the tattoo artist. Getting a small tattoo design costs $50, and medium-sized art takes a higher amount. The more intricate the design will be, the higher the cost. 

What is the best age to have a tattoo?

The best age to get a tattoo is after you are 18. According to the rules and regulations of getting a spot of ink on the body, it is the most specific and required age.

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