14 Amazing Tattoo Shops In South Dakota To Get a Perfect Piece Of Artwork

Choosing the wrong tattoo artist can result in allergic reactions, skin complications, bloodborne diseases, and MRI complications. In this article, we give you list of top tattoo shops in South Dakota that will surely give you a satisfactory result.

tattoo shops in South Dakota

A good tattoo artist always gives the right aftercare guidelines so that you don’t have to deal with future complications. He will teach you every step to take care of your tattoo artist. Not only the right aftercare guidelines, but a good tattoo artist also offers a warm and friendly tattooing experience.

Tattoo Shops In South Dakota

Be sure to give it some thought before getting a tattoo. Give it extra time if you’re hesitant or concerned that you could regret it. Don’t give in to peer pressure to get a tattoo, and avoid getting one when intoxicated or otherwise inebriated.

The tattoo’s placement should be thoroughly researched. Examine your desire for the ability to conceal your tattoo with clothing. Also, keep in mind that weight increase, especially weight gain during pregnancy, may cause the tattoo to swell or change in appearance. If you want to take the right advice about what type of tattoo suits you the best, then we have collected the top ten tattoo artists in South Dakota that will help you in choosing the right tattoo:

1. Gypsy Rose Studio

Gypsy Rose tattoo shops in South Dakota, offer custom tattoo work, tattoo design, and tattooing from James Ann. The services here are done in a professional, clean, friendly, and fun atmosphere. This is a laid-back shop – you’re never rushed through. This place is all about providing quality, not quantity; we’re creative, not corporate.

This place utilizes sterilized equipment to prevent any type of bloodborne disease. Thus, maintain all the hygiene and sanitation standards. Visit this place if you wish to get a creative piece of work done.

tattoo shops in South Dakota

Image: @gypsyrosetavistock

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2. Convicted Designs Studio

Visit Convicted Designs Tattoo and Piercing, one of the finest tattoo shops in South Dakota perfect tattoo from the one and only tattoo artist in our place. Although this place is in Rapid City, the tattoo artist was actually a native of Lemon, South Dakota. The tattoo artist here learned how to communicate sentiments, emotions, and life via ART from a very young age.

He has always been an artist, even as a young adolescent. With each unique design he develops and tattoos, he wants to improve as an artist. He offers impeccable quality for unbelievable costs. He has a remarkable eye for creativity and is, above all, sensible, honest, and stable.

Payment options are available because the Convicted Designs team intended to make tattoos affordable for people from all walks of life.

tattoo shops in South Dakota

Image: @convicteddesigns_2015

3. Wild Idea

Over the years, there have been a lot of fads and trends in the tattoo and body piercing industries. People still demand high-caliber creations from high-caliber artists, though, and this is one constant.

The best team doing the finest work is exactly what one of the finest tattoo shops in Rapid City South Dakota have. Talented, entertaining, diligent, and committed. After two decades in business, this place has a chance to experience and discover some valuable lessons.

When working one-on-one, clients and artists are happier and more concentrated. This implies you won’t have any company during the tattoo or piercing, including friends, spouses, dogs, etc.

tattoo shops in South Dakota

Image: @wildideatattooandpiercing

4. Black Hills Tattoo And Piercing

Rapid City, South Dakota’s Black Hills Tattoo & Piercing boasts a skilled crew and a reputation for doing top-notch work. They provide bespoke tattooing using our or your own designs, including conventional, new school, and portraiture. They also employ both male and female body piercers with expert training. Additionally, they are a full-service body piercing facility with a vast jewelry assortment.

They exclusively use disposable tubes and needles in our tattoo parlor. Anyone who is inebriated, on drugs, or otherwise unable will not be treated.

To book an appointment for a tattoo, we request a $50 non-refundable deposit. As long as you keep the appointment, the money will be used for the cost of the tattoo.

  • Website: https://www.blackhillstat.com/
  • Address: 501 Kansas City St Rapid City, SD 57701
  • Phone: (605) 399-2929
  • Gmail: bhtattooandpiercing@yahoo.com
  • Timing: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Tue & Sun: Closed
tattoo shops in South Dakota

Image: @morglynnarts

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5. Rushmore Tattoo

The artist in this shop worked at a local shop for 8 years. In 2015 I started “Tattoos by LJ.” In May of 2018, I relocated my shop and started Rushmore Tattoo Company. I’ve been tattooing professionally for 11 years.

I use all disposable setups to reduce the possibility of infection. High standard of quality and customer service. Specializing in Fine line, color, watercolor, black and grey, blackwork, and custom. $100 minimum, $100/hour on larger pieces. Smaller pieces are priced per piece.

tattoo shops in South Dakota

Image: @rushmoretattoocompanyofficial

6. Addictive Ink

The award-winning artists at Addictive Ink have over 15 years of expertise and provide unique tattoos and body piercings in a welcoming, hygienic, state-inspected setting. Large lobby with private procedure rooms for relaxation. Want a fresh personalized item? Updating your more aged, fading work?

Trying to hide an error from the past? Everything, including photos and old school, is included. Providing discounts to members of the armed forces (and their dependents), as well as to law enforcement, firefighters, and college students. We provide a 3-year craftsmanship warranty on ALL of our tattoos.

tattoo shops in South Dakota

Image: @addictive__ink

7. Visionary Ink Tattoo and Piercing

It all started with an up-and-coming tattoo artist named Steve O with a vision to do things differently. This vision blossomed into a collection of some of the best artists around.

The artist in this unique shop creates amazing visual designs that sparkle your eyes with fascination. You won’t find other tattoo artists better than this studio. 

Image: @visionaryinktattoos

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8. Vishnu Bunny Tattoo & Piercing

A reputable tattoo parlor called Vishnu Bunny Tattoo & Piercing is situated in the lovely city of Sioux Falls. For more than fifteen years, the studio has been offering top-notch body art in the Sioux Falls region. They offer a creative staff with the skill that will start from scratch or work with you to build your idea.

Also, they specialize in creating tribal, realism, traditional Japanese, and portrait tattoos. They also provide a vast selection of body jewelry and piercings. Only individuals who are at least 18 and have a legitimate government ID are permitted, according to their staff. Walk-in clients are always accepted at Vishnu Bunny Tattoo & Piercing.

Image: @vishnubunnytattoo

9. The Electric Crayon

One of Sioux Falls’ top studios for custom tattoos is called Electric Crayon. For more than 10 years, the studio has been providing the Sioux Falls region with top-notch tattooing and piercing treatments. For all your tattoo and piercing requirements, they have two tattoo artists and two body piercers.

They have expertise performing anything, from crazy to full sleeve work. One of their tattoo artists, Mark Wasco, is an expert in a tattoo design. Tyler Jung adores inking traditional tattoos. The studio maintains a top-notch sterilization procedure by constantly using new needles.

Additionally, they have the largest selection of jewelry in Sioux Falls. At Electric Crayon, you may purchase aftercare, random goods, and stickers. Walk-in clients are welcomed at Electric Crayon.

Image: @electriccrayontat2

10. Outlaw Tattoos

A well-known custom tattoo parlor in Sioux Falls is called Outlaw Tattoos. JD Little proudly owns the studio, which Amy Little lovingly runs. The studio offers skilled tattoo artists that provide affordable tattoos with excellent customer service.

Your aspirations might become a reality thanks to their talented tattoo artists. They are committed to offering tattoos of the highest caliber at fair prices. To meet the needs of their clients, their skilled and knowledgeable tattoo artists provide outstanding custom tattoo designs.

From straightforward typeface and symbol tattoos to fully realized bespoke work, their staff is skilled in all tattooing techniques.

Image: @electriccrayontat2

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11. Ink & Iron Studio

Ink & Iron Tattoos will satisfy the customer’s request for any creative style or design! The tattoo artists at this store have vast expertise in almost every type of tattooing. This shop offers cover tattoos that aren’t very good in addition to typical tattoos. With parental or guardian approval, Ink & Iron can even tattoo your children in a clean and safe atmosphere.

12. Alien & Co.

The business’s proprietor, Steve “Alien”, is the most accomplished tattoo artist in the area, with 33 years of expertise. Nearly anything is available as a tattoo service, including portrayals, old-style, floral, script, and bespoke designs.

Traditional piercings, various non-classic piercings, and micro dermal piercings are all options. Safety is of utmost importance, & all artists have received first aid and information on bloodborne diseases training. Your tattoos will be very stunning when you visit this piercing studio!

Image: @alientattoosd

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13. Thrash Tattoo

The environment at Thrash’s Tattoo is extremely sanitary and clean while yet offering the best possible tattoo experience. Since they are members of the Association of Professional Tattooists, their artists adhere to ethical business practices. Thrash’s Tattoo also provides lasting cosmetic tattoos, jewelry, and body piercing.

Image: @thrashstattoo

14. Tattoo Cellar

The Tattoo Cellar, which is in the normal little Sturgis Town, is active the rest of the time, but really week is when business is at an all-time high! The Travel Channel’s “Human Safari,” “Sturgis Raw,” & National Geographic’s “Sturgis Hell on Wheels” have all featured this tattoo business.

Skilled artists can complete nearly various types of tattoo work in this shop. Also available are body piercings. Come all through the tattoo shops in Sturgis South Dakota motorcycle rally to fully experience the rally atmosphere!

Image: @makileriveratattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Tattoo Cellar Shop take 15 years old with parental consent?

This piercing studio does not tattoo minors at this location.

How do I schedule a tattoo session at Convicted?

Choosing the tattoo artist you want to use would be the first step. You can make this choice with the use of online or in-store portfolio reviews. Please give us a call or stop by to schedule a consultation after you’ve decided on your tattoo artist. The artist will schedule a time to talk with you about your ideas and review any sources you may have (i.e.: photos or sketches). The next step is to get a tattoo consultation.

What are the prices at Gypsy Rose Studio like?

$100 minimum & $100 hourly rate

Megan Ivy