12 Top Ranking Tattoo Shops in Dallas

If you’re not on the same wavelength with the tattoo community, you may not appreciate that some of the best talents in the countryside exist right here in Dallas. Four in almost ten adults currently have a tattoo, thus making it trendier than ever to sport a little ink. That being said, check out our list of top ranking tattoo shops in Dallas in this article.

tattoo shops in Dallas

On the other hand, you shouldn’t just walk into any tattoo parlor as soon as you think of an idea. Tattoos are an obligation, one you should, without doubt, make inquiries and consider in advance. So think about some of the best Dallas tattoo shops if you’ve been thinking of toting up some everlasting beautification to your skin. 

What precisely do you know regarding Dallas? One might be let off to think the town is all about museums and attractive horizons. But there is more to this business hub. And at what time do we say more? We signify some of the unique tattoo shops and artists who work here.

Different Types of Tattoos

A tattoo is an enduring mark, and whether it is for decorative or commemorative purposes, it must be a mark that goes well with you. Even if you know what you feel like putting on top of your skin, there are still a lot of choices to be made when it comes to style. Likewise, there are many tattoos to opt from, so think about your options earlier than talking to an artist.

For instance, tribal tattoos are iconic in that they utilize sharp black lines pre-arranged to form a conceptual design. The lines of a tribal tattoo can be used to go with the line of your body, or they can be secured to induce a specific thing. Tribal tattoos are a good option for individuals with dark skin, seeing that the black shows up very fine.

Black and gray tattoos make use of only particular shades of black ink. The black ink is thinned with water to produce tones of black and gray, and using this undemanding monochrome palette, awfully delicate tattoos can be shaped. Black and gray tattoos do in good health when you yearn for a hyper-realistic appearance to your body art, seeing that the black and gray can produce shading. A black and gray tattoo is highlighted using white ink in several cases.

Ultraviolet (UV) tattoos, also acknowledged as blacklight tattoos, utilize a form of ink that glows when it is held underneath the blacklight. The tattooing procedure is the same as a standard tattoo, but the outline becomes noticeable when the ultraviolet tattoo is stored under a blacklight. In customary light, the UV tattoo is undetectable. On the other hand, before getting a UV tattoo, it is imperative to bear in mind that at the same time, as with any tattoo, a little scarring might crop up, which crafts the design more visible.

Another category of tattoos is the kind drawn in the Asian style. Asian-style tattoos draw from Chinese and Japanese art customs and may also integrate Chinese or Japanese characters. These tattoos cover various themes, varying from animals to nature outlooks. If you settle on putting either Chinese characters within your tattoo, find a translator who can reassure you that the characters you are getting articulate what you assume they are saying.

Consider whether you wish for colorwork or a tattoo standing by only in black and whether you would like something simple or complex. Then, amid all the alternatives to choose from, there is no cause not to get hold of the tattoo of your dreams.

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What to Consider for Your Tattoo

You may be sure you feel like enduringly putting a mark on your body – but are you certainly geared up? Any first-timer should recognize there are a lot of parameters to take into account. At the outset, you have to be entirely sure of the design you have selected since you can’t do much about it after it is done. Before committing to any meticulous tattoo, you have to be sure that you will still love it forever. So in all probability, you should think twice before tattooing something on your body.  

If you before now have a tattoo or more, the selection development might be to some extent easier, but it is still a significant judgment, so think it carefully. Whether you choose lyrics, a sketch, a dragon, and so on is ideally up to you, but ensure that it is something carrying great weight and that it has a story following it. You don’t want to dig up a tattoo just out of tediousness or because one and all else has one. It’s got to be remarkable.

In the same way as necessary, if not, even more, it’s the body part you opt to beautify with a tattoo. There are some factors to take into account, for instance: your work dress system – seeing as there are a few companies that do not permit their workforce to show off their tattoos; your individuality, meaning that if you are a more discreet individual, and you will almost certainly want a less visible tattoo. The general aspect of the design you are looking for is also significant because a few techniques and colors go well again with a few body parts.

Another essential thing to take into account is the tattoo artist you choose. If you now have other tattoos, you certainly already have an artist you like better. Many online forums do available reviews for tattoo shops; accordingly, why not look? You will find a better idea by talking to individuals who now have tattoos. Whatever your motive is for getting a tattoo, whether you are rejoicing your love, your achievement in life, whether you remember a dear one, or want one for the visual appeal, ensure you are faithful to your decision and that you have performed your research in good health. 

Thus, if you want to get a tattoo in Dallas, check out our 12 top ranking tattoo shops in Dallas:

1. Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company

Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company is a traditional tattoo studio having a professional team of artists from all across the Dallas vicinity. The tattoo parlor is committed to laying down the standard of excellence at the maximum. The creator of Dallas Tattoo & Arts, Rudy Hetzer, always wanted to build a studio where hygiene and quality are of the topmost value. The professional artists focus on several different tattoo styles: black and white realism, typical Americana, lettering, and sketches. 

tattoo shops in Dallas
Image: @dallastattooandarts

Website: www.dallastattooandarts.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DallasTattooArts

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dallastattooandarts

Image: @dallastattooandarts

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2. Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art

Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art is a reputable and most popular Dallas studio specializing in all-inclusive traditional tattoos. Owner and professional tattoo artist Char McGaughy has been tattooing proficiently for many years. She has received several awards, such as the Best Tattoo Artist Dallas 2010 and Dallas Tattoo Expo 2013. Her area of expertise is black and gray and realism tattoos. Overall, all the customers feel glad about the sterile surroundings and professional employees.

tattoo shops in Dallas
Image: @golddusttattoos

Website: www.golddusttattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/golddusttattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/golddusttattoos

Image: @golddusttattoos

3. Cat Tattoo Company

Cat Tattoo is a reliable tattoo and body piercing studio catering to Dallas customers and visitors. Owner Terry Mayo has been tattooing productively for the last many years. The tattoo parlor has made available wide-ranging traditional tattoos ever since it got established in 1996. The all-embracing services include custom tattoos, laser removal, and body piercing. Terry Mayo has also received several awards for his artistic works. The prints of Cat Tattoo’s artists are accessible in the tattoo shop. Besides, a credential and record of every sterile test completed are made available as evidence of the studio’s fulfillment with customary clean practices.

tattoo shops in Dallas
Image: @cattattoodotcom

Website: www.cattattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cattattooTX

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cattattoodotcom

Image: @cattattoodotcom

4. Lone Star Tattoo

Lone Star Tattoo is a reputable and most popular tattoo shop serving North Dallas residents and visitors. The tattoo parlor has local and guest tattoo artists specializing in many tattoo styles, including American traditional, neo-traditional, black & gray, Japanese, and illuminating tattooing. Lone Star Tattoo also offers unique Texas-chic tattooing. The shop can also share ideas with clients if considered necessary. Customers can also avail the benefit of elegant body piercing services.

tattoo shops in Dallas
Image: @lonestartattoodallastexas

Website: www.lonestartattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lonestartattoodallastexas

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lonestartattoodallastexas

Image: @lonestartattoodallastexas

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5. Cedar Springs Tattoo

Cedar Springs Tattoo offers a broad range of stylish body art services to folks in the Dallas vicinity. Situated in the center of Oaklawn, the tattoo parlor has a great team of expert artists with over 100 years of collective experience. They focus on a wide variety of tattooing styles, for instance – black and gray realism, fine line lettering, American customary, Japanese, which allocates them to meet the artistic vision of customers. Cedar Springs Tattoo also offers all-embracing body piercings and carries a wide-ranging line of fine-quality jewelry.

Image: @cedar_springs_tattoo

Website: www.cedarspringstattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CedarSpringsTattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cedar_springs_tattoo

tattoo shops in Dallas

Image: @cedar_springs_tattoo

6. Elm Street Tattoo

For more than 20 years, Elm Street Tattoo has shared its enthusiasm for all-embracing tattoo art in the Dallas vicinity. Fourteen professional tattoo artists, chosen by owner Oliver Peck and Dean Williams, specialize in many styles, such as American Traditional, Black and Gray, and Japanese. This tattoo shop organized the first-ever Friday, the 13th tattoo marathon in 1996. The 24-hour tradition is still celebrated, wherein numerous people come to get tattooed. In addition, elm Street provides piercing and microbladed brows by walk-in or appointment.

tattoo shops in Dallas
Image: @elmstreettattoo

Website: www.elmstreettattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElmStreetTattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/elmstreettattoo

Image: @elmstreettattoo

7. Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Lamar Street Tattoo Club in Dallas all the time aims to bring a top standard in terms of tattoo quality and hygiene to all the customers. Professional tattoo artist Josh Hall is specialized in tattoo healing and making available safe and sound tattoo practices sincerely. He adores tattooing customary American and Japanese mandalas and dot work. Many customers realize Josh’s healing practices, approach, and responsiveness. The other skilled tattoo artists do exceptionally well in the typical conventional American style, illuminating neo-traditional and clown art tattoos.

Image: @tattoosonlamar

Website: www.lamarstreettattooclub.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tattoosonlamar

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tattoosonlamar

tattoo shops in Dallas

Image: @tattoosonlamar

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8. Dallas Tattoo

Dallas Tattoo is a traditional custom tattoo parlor situated in Dallas, Texas. The owners, Kayden DiGiovanni, and Travis Chick established the tattooing business in 2010. Jointly with their professional team of tattoo artists, they draw and paint traditional tattoo designs based on the customers’ fondness. In addition, customers can furnish their designs or look into the parlor’s wide-ranging artistic collection. Dallas Tattoo makes sure that appropriate hygienic measures are rolled out using non-reusable needles, sterilized gloves, and masks.

Image: @dallastattoo

Website: www.dallastattoo.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/addisontattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dallastattoo

tattoo shops in Dallas

Image: @dallastattoo

9. Davis Street Tattoo

Davis Street Tattoo is a renowned Dallas studio having a professional team of tattoo artists specializing in Japanese, American traditional, and black and gray tattoos. Artist Mark Thompson has worked as a skilled tattoo artist for more than 20 years. The other experienced tattoo artists, i.e., Artists Josh Robinson and Dominik Cichowski, have long been in the tattooing business. The Dallas Observer rewarded Davis Street Tattoo as Best Tattoo Shop in the Dallas vicinity. Customers like the artists’ tolerance, traditional artwork, and expertise. 

Image: @davisstreettattoo

Website: www.davisstreettattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/davisstreettattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/davisstreettattoo

tattoo shops in Dallas

Image: @davisstreettattoo

10. Legacy Arts Tattoo Studio

Legacy Arts Tattoo is a traditional tattoo parlor serving customers in the Dallas vicinity. The great team of experienced tattoo artists is well familiar with a broad range of tattoo styles that take account of black and grey, full-color illuminating, and photorealism. Richard Garcia’s tattoo collection incorporates a circus-themed back part of a set and a Stevie Ray Vaughan portrayal. The studio also welcomes walk-in appointments and offers body piercings. The tattoo shop is devoted to maintaining its status by making outstanding customer service, hygiene, and laid-back surroundings available.

Image: @legacyartstattoo

Website: www.legacyartstattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LegacyArtsTattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/legacyartstattoo

tattoo shops in Dallas

Image: @legacyartstattoo

11. Stainless Studios

Stainless Studios is a reputable Dallas tattoo parlor serving the Dallas vicinity for six years. The appreciated team of professional tattoo artists specializes in customary, neo-traditional lettering, Japanese, black and gray sketches, color realism, and new school body art tattooing. In addition, stainless Studios also proffers specialized body piercing. A great majority of customers like the artists’ aptitude, responsiveness, acquaintance, and the hygiene of the studio.

Image: @stainlesstattoostudios

Website: www.stainlesstattoostudios.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stainlessstudios

Instagram: www.instagram.com/stainlesstattoostudios

tattoo shops in Dallas

Image: @stainlesstattoostudios

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12. Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Urban Tattoo and Piercing Studio is an appreciated tattooing business specializing in sketches, black and white, traditional, realism, lettering, etc. The professional team of experienced tattoo artists has wide-ranging experience and will come back with all customers’ queries. In addition, the studio makes available a high-end setting that families can get nearer to. Urban Tattoo and Piercing Studio won the Dallas A-List Best Tattoo and Piercing award (2014). 

Image: @urbanstattoo

Website: www.urbanstattoostudio.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/urbantattoostudio

Instagram: www.instagram.com/urbanstattoo

tattoo shops in Dallas

Image: @urbanstattoo


Finding a reputable tattoo artist in Dallas is as significant as choosing the style of your tattoo. When choosing an artist, it is imperative to be aware of their expertise level, knowledge, and creative type. Before digging up your tattoo, spend a little time online looking at several different tattoo galleries. Plenty of artists have instances of their most brilliant work on display, and this facilitates you discover what kind of work you yearn for.


How do I schedule my tattoo appointment?

There are many ways to book your tattoo appointment with one of the best artists. You can straightforwardly book online or call the shop at some point during business hours.

​Why do I need a tattoo consultation? 

Consultations are the most acceptable way for customers and artists to exchange a few words. It is the moment to discuss design ideas, cost factors, and advance deposits. Consultations can involve a few minutes, and follow-up consultations may be necessary to determine the preferred design and scheduled prior arrangement. 

How expensive are tattoos?

Tattoo pricing is based on some specific things: locality, size, complexity, and technique. It would help if you discussed this with what your particular artist looked for. 

Is it bad-mannered to ask about tattoo price?

There are many things tattoo artists want individuals who are considering getting inked to be on familiar terms with. Trying to bargain the price of a novel piece of ink can be discourteous to many tattoo artists. When digging up a particular tattoo, value the parlor and keep away from touching tools and other areas. 

Are tattoos painful?

Ans: Every individual’s pain tolerance is different. Thus it is difficult to articulate what may pain you as an entity. Some spots hurt more than others, but it is in the eye of the viewer.

How long can my tattoo take to get healed?

Tattoo healing time varies per human being and locality, a complication of a tattoo, and quantity of shading done. In due course, you will know your tattoo is healed at what time it is, to some extent, smooth to the touch. 

Can I bathe after getting my tattoo?

Of course! Bathing after your tattoo is a beautiful way to wash it for the first time. We advise warm water, and on no account hot water.  

What do I need to prepare for my tattoo appointment?

You must eat in good health and are in a hale and hearty state. This will make sure that your session goes without difficulty.

Is there anybody you won’t get a tattoo on?

Anyone under 18 will not get tattooed, regardless of parental permission – identity proof may be needed at the appointment time. No one will get tattooed with infectious diseases or persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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