Top 20 Tattoo Shops In South Carolina To Find Your Dream Tattoo

Choosing the correct tattoo studio is one of the most crucial decisions when having a tattoo on the body. Even if your tattoo design is finalized, choosing the wrong tattoo artist or studio can make your tattoo dreams turn into nightmares. The significance of the tattoo parlor and artist should not be ignored. Get your tattoo dreams done at the best tattoo shops in South Carolina.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

You should always be careful when selecting them. When selecting a tattoo parlor, it’s crucial to take your time. You’ll want to confirm that you are satisfied with both the quality of work and the pleasant working atmosphere at the tattoo parlor you choose. Find a tattoo parlor where everyone, from the front desk receptionist to the tattoo artist, makes you feel welcome and respects you.

If you are searching for fabulous tattoo shops in South Carolina, we have collections of the best tattoo shops in South Carolina that are the king of ink tattoos, offer one-of-a-kind tattoos you have always wanted, specializing in classic, bold and bright tattoos that last a lifetime.

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1. Blu Gorilla Tattoo

Blu Gorilla Tattoo is one of the exclusive tattoo shops in Charleston, South Carolina. This shop has received the necessary DHEC and City of Charleston licenses and approvals. This studio has friendly and skilled artists specializing in custom, memorial, and cover-up design work.

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Their creative tattoo artists can ink any style, whether black/grey or colorful, big or small. They have an extensive collection of tattoo flash that you can pick from. The studio is committed to using hospital-level sterilizing procedures to guarantee the safety and health of each one of its clients.

tattoo shops in South Carolina


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2. Broken Lantern Tattoo

Broken Lantern Tattoo is one of the oldest and best tattoo shops in South Carolina, with a solid reputation for offering top-notch tattoo design services In Charleston County, South Carolina. They employ well-known tattoo artists skilled in a range of tattooing techniques, from Japanese realism to illustrative/blackwork. Their tattoo artists consistently remain on top of all the latest procedures and techniques for tattoo design.

Their tattoo artists transform your tattoo design ideas and bring them to life. To design your ideal tattoo, you may speak with their artists. With the aid of their tattoo artists, Broken Lantern Tattoo offers a free consultation appointment that allows you to plan out your tattooing procedure.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: brokenlanterntattoo

3. Elite Ink Tattoos of Myrtle Beach

Elite Ink Tattoos, one of the renowned tattoo shops in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has professional tattoo artists, each equipped with the newest technology, who are dedicated to producing the ideal tattoo. 

For your convenience, they offer individual treatment rooms, several common spaces with sufficient sitting, plenty of parking, and much more. You can select the tattoo artist of your choice by submitting a booking request.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: elite_ink_tattoos

4. Mystic Tiki Tattoo Studio & Gallery

Mystic Tiki Tattoo opened its doors in 2013 and rapidly gained a strong reputation while operating in the Charleston area and is the best tattoo shop in South Carolina. Thousands of residents and tourists have both tattooed them. They have a reputation for being friendly, trustworthy, and constantly putting their customers first.

Visit their shop to see why customers repeatedly refer their friends and families to them.

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tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: samanthaawinter

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5. Main Street Tattoo On Woodruff

Seeking the quality tattoo work that will last a lifetime? Then look no further and come to one of the great tattoo shops in Greenville, South Carolina, named Main Street Tattoo on Woodruff. This studio delivers an outstanding tattoo experience for all of its valued clients.

Their tattoo artists are experts in inking all tattoo styles, including color bombs, black, and grey, portraits, traditional, neo-traditional, and cover-ups. You can visit their artist’s portfolios to check out their work sample. Whether you are sure of what you want or want them to create something specifically for you, Main Street Tattoo can meet all your tattoo needs.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: mainstreetstudiotattoo

6. Upper Hand Tattoo Studio

The Upper Hand tattoo shop opened in 2015 and is continually growing. Their tattoo artists provide various techniques and have years of expertise. They provide their customers with both a neat, professional environment and skilled tattoo artists who give their all to what they do.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: upperhandts

7. Lady Liberty Tattoo Parlor

This is one of the wonderful tattoo shops in Spartanburg, South Carolina; focusing on a welcoming attitude and a professional environment, their state-licensed artists provide personalized tattooing at affordable prices. 

Their tattoo artists specialize in creating unique tattoos for the customer in question. Their artists are always ready to make a lasting impression of the best quality on you.

They have all bases covered, from straightforward, bold, and conventional tattooing to full color or black and grey photorealism and portraiture. They accept clients by appointment only.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: ladylibertytattooparlor

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8. Toye Shop Ink

An authorized tattoo parlor with DHEC certification is Toye Shop Ink shop. They have been practicing tattooing art for approximately ten years. The shop provides their customers with top-notch tattoos in a clean and secure environment.

They specialize in styles such as full color, neo-traditional, new school, and black and grey realism. You can think of any additional tattoo designs that they can work on.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: thaddcurry

9. The Gilded Mermaid Tattoo Studio

Looking for a tattoo artist that does fantastic work and can style what you want? Check out the Gilded Mermaid tattoo studio. Their experienced tattoo artists specialize in creating the most satisfactory final results.

This shop can style any tattoo that you want to design on your body. They received positive feedback from their customers all the time. They provide a clean, hygienic, and professional atmosphere to their clients.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: thegildedmermaidtattoo

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10. Palmetto Ink Custom Tattoos

Get the best tattoo experience by stepping into the Palmetto Ink Custom Tattoos shop. Their tattoo artist provides fast and accurate tattoo services at reasonable prices. They give the clients pleasant tattoo services.

tattoo shops in South Carolina

Credit: palmettoinkcustomtattoos

11. Holy City Tattooing Collective

The Holy City Tattooing collective shop is an expert in custom tattooing and all tattoo styles. This shop is locally owned and operated. Regardless of size or subject matter, every tattoo created by the studio is given the same level of care and attention to detail, despite the firm’s concentration on huge, custom-tailored tattoos. They value each tattoo they have just as much as you do.

Credit: holycitytattooingcollective

12. Lucky 7s Electric Tattoo

One of the fantastic tattoo shops in Columbia, South Carolina, is Lucky 7s Electric Tattoo, which makes art for people that lasts a lifetime. They love to convert their customer tattoo idea into a forever reality, so the customer feels satisfied by meeting their expectations and requirements. All tattoo artists are passionate about giving excellent tattoo services to their clients.

They also do cover-ups and custom designs by their experienced tattoo artists and provide a clean and friendly environment.

Credit: lucky7selectrictattoo

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13. Lucky Dice Tattoo Shop Spartanburg

This is a renowned tattoo shop focusing on all forms of custom tattooing done by talented artists in a clean and friendly setting. Custom Japanese and Asian artwork, as well as black and grey, realism, portraiture, classic old school, new school, nature-inspired, and custom work, are just a few of the specialties they are experts in. Any fading ink can be touched up for no charge.

Credit: realthugwitchtattoos

14. Imperial Ink Tattoo Studio

Are you seeking tattoo artists that feel comfortable with you firstly by communicating and educating you about a tattoo? Meet with the super friendly staff of Imperial ink tattoo by visiting their shop and ink quality pierce an art on your body. They provide professional tattoo artists and clean areas to their customers.

Credit: imperialinkflorencesc

15. Mr. Shorty’s Tattoo Emporium

Mr. Shorty’s Tattoo Emporium was founded in 2006 by Laurna and Gaia Marika, a mother and daughter combination. They work in collaboration to produce the greatest in personal body art. They provide a certain type of tattoo that is always superior to your expectations. While working, they make their clients feel at ease. They turn your concepts for a tattoo into a beautiful work of body art.

Credit: mrshortystattooemporium

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16. Gypsy Moon Tattoo

This is a custom tattoo shop with several artists specializing in distinct styles of tattoo artwork. Their studio offers a clean atmosphere with your safety in mind. They utilize a bandage of the highest quality and supply aftercare items.

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Credit: gypsymoontattoo

17. Copper Finch Tattoo

The copper Finch Tattoo is an expert in everything from cover-ups to photo-realism. They offer a clean and sanitary atmosphere and give each client complete attention. This business provides each customer’s high-quality tattoos and is certified in Blood Borne Pathogens, Infection Control, and First Aid/CPR.

 This shop is also voted the best tattoo studio and artist for 2020.

Credit: eddiekane09

18. The Gallery Tattoo Shop Spartanburg

The Gallery tattoo shop Spartanburg’s tattoo artists are skilled in various styles. No matter what design you have in mind to get tattooed, they will have a tattoo artist that you can work with. Their team of tattoo artists mainly specializes in Black and gray, lettering, portraits, traditional, realism, Japanese, geometric, and illustrative.  

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Credit: thegallerytattoospartanburg

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19. Red Brick Tattoo

The Red Brick Tattoo shop offers quality, custom tattooing with experienced tattoo artists in a clean and comfortable environment. The studio uses the best tattoo ink and design tools to produce stunning results.


20. Iron Lotus Studios

Iron Lotus Studios is an established tattoo studio created to give its customers trustworthy tattooing services. In a hygienic setting, their skilled tattoo artists offer professional tattooing services. The tattoo parlors’ experienced artists specialize in various styles, including traditional, Japanese, and geometric tattoos.

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The studio has the most recent tattoo designs and patterns to satisfy your tattooing demands. For the long-lasting tattoo effects you seek, the studio employs top-notch tattoo ink and design supplies. By using sterilizing techniques, they guarantee the security of their clients.

Credit: ironlotustattoostudios

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Make An Appointment At Main Street Tattoo Studio? 

Not always. They accept walk-ins for minor designs and if a tattoo artist is available.

However, for larger tattoos, they advise scheduling an appointment for an art consultation to discuss your ideas with an artist. Custom tattoo work is often only performed by appointment and with a deposit.

*A non-refundable deposit is required for all tattoo services at Main Street Tattoo before an appointment can be made, and the artists may start planning any artwork.

Will Upper Hand Tattoo Studio Do The Tattoo On Sides Of My Fingers? 

The sides of fingers are not tattooed because of how quickly this skin regenerates and fades away. They want to give you a tattoo that you can cherish forever because the work here on fingers typically does not last very long.

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