13 Best Tattoo Shops In Rapid City Deliver Unique Body Art

Getting a tattoo is the most thrilling alteration you can make to your physical appearance. It multiplies by a thousand the energy of a dramatic new haircut or completely new clothes. Additionally, the transformation speaks volumes about your will, devotion, and mental toughness. Today, take a look at these stunning tattoos inked by the best tattoo shops in Rapid City. You may consider visiting them!

tattoo shops in Rapid City

So that there are no problems after obtaining a tattoo, tattoo parlors must follow a policy for hygiene, sanitation, and safety. Do not allow such issues to diminish your delight and satisfaction at having the tattoo you’ve always wanted. Therefore, do your homework and inquire about choosing a tattoo parlor that offers you the most excellent services, designs, and tattoo artists that are masters of their trade.

What to look for in the best tattoo shops in Rapid City?

Several variables include the tattoo’s color, the usage of needles, the hand, and the tattoo artist’s experience. Check to see if the available tattoo studios adhere to specific standards and have a respectable reputation before choosing one.

To ensure getting a tattoo has the most significant possible impact on your life, we find the ideal and excellent tattoo shops in Rapid City SD for you.

1. Convicted Designs Tattoo & Piercing

Meet all your tattoo needs by visiting the fantastic Convicted Designs Tattoo & Piercing Shop. Their skilled painters are adept at using body art to convey sentiments, emotions, and aspects of life. They deliver faultless quality for unbelievable costs. 

They are all reasonable, trustworthy, dependable, and exceptionally creative. Only this establishment in South Dakota gives convicts who have improved their life a 20 percent discount on any tattoo in exchange for documentation of their aftercare program, parole, probation, and sobriety anniversaries. Additionally, they give military personnel, veterans, and students with valid student identification a 20 percent discount.

  • Address: 116 E Blvd N Rapid City, SD 57701
  • Phone: (605) 716-5230
  • Working days: Open all days a week except Wednesday and Saturday
  • Web address: https://convicteddesigns.com/
tattoo shops in Rapid City

Image: @convicteddesigns_2015

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2. Black Hills Tattoo & Piercing

The tubes and needles used in this tattoo shop are all disposable. Tattoo and Piercing shops in Rapid City, SD Black Hills boasts a skilled crew and a reputation for doing top-notch work. They provide bespoke tattooing, old-school and new-school styles, portraits, and artwork!

According to their restrictions, they tattoo anybody at least 16 years old with an ID and a parent with an ID to sign. Babies and children are not permitted. Anyone who is inebriated, high, or otherwise unable will not be able to use them. 

To schedule a tattoo, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $50, which, provided that you keep your appointment, will be applied to the cost of the tattoo.

  • Address: 501 Kansas City St Rapid City, SD 57701
  • Phone: (605) 399-2929
  • Timings: 10 AM – 7 PM, Tuesday and Sunday closed
  • Web address: http://www.blackhillstat.com
tattoo shops in Rapid City

Image: @blackhills_dorian.glh

3. Wild Idea

The Wild Idea tattoo parlor is the best option if you’re seeking originality, quality, and experience to obtain three great tattoos on your body. They think that clients and artists are more content and focused while working one-on-one. This implies you won’t have company during the tattoo, including friends, spouses, dogs, etc. 

Masks are not necessary for the lobby, but they are required when you are up close and personal with your tattoo artist. They retain the right to change this policy in accordance with the most recent medical developments. All they want flexibility and patience as much as is humanly possible.

They won’t join you if you are having a particularly horrible day. You could be asked to go and come back later when you feel better.

  • Address: 331 Knollwood Drive Rapid City, SD 57701
  • Phone: (605) 716-4332
  • Mail ID: wildidea@rushmore.com
  • Web address: http://www.wildideatattoo.com
tattoo shops in Rapid City

Image: @wildideatattooandpiercing

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4. Thrash’s Tattoo – A Living Art Studio

Thrash’s tattoo is a live art studio specializing in the highest quality tattooing. Its artists are adaptable and have a professional demeanor. Their tattoo artist does the greatest, and highest quality tattoo work. 

They are hard-working, entertaining, and skilled artists. Their aesthetic focus has been the rigorous pursuit of accurately and artistically transferring color to the human body, continually pushing its boundaries and fostering the cultural acceptance of tattoos. They are also skilled at creating black and gray and colorful tattoo designs.

  • Address: 3223 West Main Street Rapid City SD 57702
  • Phone: (605) 343-6372
  • Timings: Tue – Sat: 11 AM – 8 PM, Monday and Sunday closed
  • Web address: http://www.thrashstattoo.com
tattoo shops in Rapid City

Image: @thrashstattoo 

5. Rushmore Tattoo Company

Check out the Rushmore Tattoo Company, which specializes in fine line, color, watercolor, black and gray, and custom tattoos. They charge a minimum of $100, $100 per hour for more oversized items and a piece for smaller ones. 

To get a tattoo, you must be at least 16 years old, have parental permission, and both of you must have a valid ID. Additionally, they give verbal and written instructions on how to cure and maintain your new work of art over the long term. You are responsible for making sure the aftercare is followed correctly.

  • Address: 1315 Haines Ave Rapid City, SD 57701
  • Phone: (605) 786-7810
  • Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM, Thursday and Sunday closed
  • Web address: https://rushmoretattooco.com/
tattoo shops in Rapid City

Image: @rushmoretattoocompanyofficial 

6. Bad Cat Tattoo Studio

You should visit the 12-year-old bad cat tattoo workshop if you’re looking for a tattoo parlor specializing in bespoke color and geometric designs. Six tattoo artists work full-time at Bad Cat Tattoo Studio. They offer every style you can imagine, like Realisticism, traditionalism, modernism, geometry, watercolor, garbage polka, etc. 

Any of it is available in full color or black and white! Each artist has at least two to three years of experience, and the majority 6–10 years! They provide a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere filled with laughter and smiles.

Moreover, they are incredibly well-rounded painters who can draw in great detail in silky black and gray with crisp, clear, thin lines. They like creating original artwork and revitalizing old tattoos! Their hourly fee is $120 per hour, and they bill following that.

So come on in and talk to one of their skilled painters; together, let’s create your subsequent stunning work of art!

  • Address: 1141 Deadwood Avenue, Rapid City, South Dakota 57702, United States
  • Phone: (605)-718-7817
  • Timings: Open all days a week, 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Web address: https://badcattattoo.com/
tattoo shops in Rapid City

Image: @john.rhian 

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7. Blackwood Ink USA

If you’re seeking a skilled artist who enjoys making art and learning about your ideas, stop by Blackwood Ink USA for a unique tattoo experience. Large black and grey tattoo designs are another area of expertise for them. A deposit equal to a portion of your tattoo’s cost is needed to reserve a spot on the schedule.

tattoo shops in Rapid City

Image: @blackwoodink_usa

8. Good Dominion Tattoo Company

A top-notch tattoo shop in Dominion prioritizes the art and the client experience. In 2020, Good Dominion Tattoo Company, one of the best tattoo shops in Rapid City SD opened its doors, intending to provide the best tattoo art while fostering a setting that offers customers the most memorable tattooing experience. 

They work to be at the top of the tattoo industry while the field of tattooing expands at a phenomenal rate. Their tattoo artists are trained in safe and sterilized tattooing techniques and Blood Borne Pathogens.

By providing a wide range of designs and styles, their artists aim to deliver tattoo artwork of the best quality for their customers. They can handle any request, whether for a short piece or a substantial, in-depth project. They value your confidence in us to provide you with the tattoo experience you deserve and strive to make every one of their customers feel like family.

Image: @gooddominiontattoo

9. The Ink Gallery Sd

Enter the wonderful The Ink Gallery SD, where the artists are open and honest about their creations. They offer fair costs and excellent work. As a matter of fact, they also provide various piercing designs. They are efficient, do not hurt, work quickly, and charge great prices.

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10. Elegant Ink Studios

Professional tattoo artists with more than ten years of expertise can be found at this ink shop. They have a strong work ethic and are passionate about what they do. They want to ensure that your enjoyment of the tattoo art equals theirs.

Image: @elegant_ink

11. Dystopian Ink & Piercing LLC

Visit Dystopian Ink & Piercing LLC, the most outstanding tattoo parlor in Rapid City, which features artists with years of expertise in various tattooing techniques, including old-school blackwork, new-school watercolor, and more. 

They assist you in making your idea come to life if you have a specific vision. They only utilize the best tools available. In fact, they have several tattoo artists who are also skilled in freehand tattooing. 

They transfer a custom, one-of-a-kind work of art made just for you right onto your body.

Because of this, each of their artists has a wealth of knowledge and has spent years polishing their skills. 

This implies that your tattoo will be designed and executed with the meticulousness and care that only an accomplished expert can provide. You may relax knowing you’re dealing with the best in the business, artists who won’t accept anything less than flawless skin.

Image: @dystopiantattoo

12. Amanda Allison Tattoos

Four years have passed since Amanda Allison Tattoos began creating original body art. Amanda is the name of the owner, a lady. She got instruction from Matt Thrash and Loren Gooden. She appreciates the chance to uphold the reputation of the tattoo industry. 

In addition to that, she feels that this occupation has allowed her to provide for her family and make lifetime friendships. She aspires to keep developing both emotionally and creatively so that she may give her community her very best. 

She had no idea that the tales we hold room for grieving, celebrating, and empowering as tattoo artists. Daily interactions with customers who entrust her to share in these moments frequently leave her surprised.

What motivates her? She is inspired by Books, nature, human experience, and stories. She likes both elegant or artistic tattoos and those that are whimsical and charming.

  • Address: 1602 Mt. View Rd (Suite 104), Rapid City, SD 57702 (In the Sacred Path building)
  • Phone: +1 605-777-1420
  • Mail ID: amandaallisontattoos@gmail.com
  • Web address: https://www.amandaallisontattoos.com/

Image: @amanda_allison_tattoos

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13. Gypsy Rose Tattoo Studio

In Hill City, South Dakota, the Gypsy Rose Tattoo Studio provides James Ann’s creative tattoos, design, and tattooing. They provide their services in a polished, orderly, welcoming, and enjoyable setting. 

They are a relaxed store; you will never feel hurried. Since they are creative and not corporate, they focus on offering quality rather than quantity. Their painters’ techniques span from realism to fantasy, Celtic, and more, so they primarily focus on bespoke work.

Although they don’t perform a lot of cover-ups or bio-mechanical work, they welcome customers looking for that sort of work to visit the shop and are pleased to recommend other nearby artists who specialize in it.

  • Address: 343 Quincy St Ste 102 Rapid City, SD 57701
  • Phone: (605) 721-1234
  • Timings: 11 AM – 7 PM, Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday closed
  • Web address: http://gypsyrosestudio.com

Image: @jamesannbarlean

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Gypsy Rose Tattoo Studio Prices Like?

They charge $100 minimum & $100 hourly rate.

Will Thrash Tattoo Illustrate A Design For You?

To the best of their abilities, they will get ready for your appointment. They like to brainstorm with you at your scheduled session and make any necessary last-minute adjustments just before tattooing you.

How Old Do You Have To Be Inking A Tattoo In A Wild Idea Tattoo Shop?

To get a tattoo or get your ears pierced in their shop, you must be at least 16 years old. They demand matching IDs (last name and address) from the minor and parent/legal guardian if you are under 18. 

You need to get a notarized authorization from their studio if the IDs don’t match. Additionally, the parent must be there as you modify your physique.

How Do You Schedule Your Appointment With Convicted Designs Tattoo & Piercing?

Choose the tattoo artist you want to use as a starting point. You can make this choice using online or in-store portfolio reviews. Please give us a call or stop by to schedule a consultation after you’ve decided on your tattoo artist. 

The artist will schedule a time to talk with you about your ideas and review any sources you may have (i.e., photos or sketches). The next step is to make a tattoo appointment.

How Do You Get Ready For A Tattoo In Convicted Designs Tattoo & Piercing?

It’s crucial to get enough sleep before getting inked. Make sure you’ve eaten something and are dressed appropriately for the location of your tattoo. 

Bring a book, an iPod, or a Walkman if you want to listen to music. Attend your appointment on time. Avoid entering while intoxicated or under the presence of any drugs.

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