Top 16 Tattoo Shops In Pennsylvania To Express Your Style In Ink

Thinking of getting a tattoo on your body? Before going to the nearest tattoo shop, ensure your research of the artist and his/her reputation. Finding the great tattoo shops in Pennsylvania takes some effort and asking around. 

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania

Inking a tattoo is permanent, so we advise doing your due diligence. Finding the best tattoo shop in Pennsylvania might make the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy customer. Here we provide some crucial advice for selecting a tattoo parlor.

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Ensure the tattoo parlor is licensed:

Discovering the excellent tattoo parlor that is licensed is essential. Going the other way might result in enormous disappointment, not to mention the chance of getting a tattoo that looks terrible and, worse yet, an infection or illness. Be careful to inquire about a tattoo parlor’s licensing.

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Ask around:

Find people that had work done at the tattoo shops you are considering. Or check the tattoo artist’s portfolios by visiting their social account or website. 

Commitment to health and safety:

Check out one more crucial thing: the shop must provide a safe and clean experience for customers and don’t take any shortcuts regarding sanitation and customer well-being.

Meet the tattoo artists: 

Visit the tattoo shop, meet the tattoo artist, and ask questions because every artist has their own style and personality.  

Take your time:

We know inking a tattoo is exciting! But consider your options carefully before entering a tattoo parlor and assuming they’ll live up to your expectations. 

Check out the best tattoo shops in Pennsylvania that provide high-quality tattoo designs.

1. Revelation Tattoo and Piercing

Regarding the tattoo and body piercing industries, Revelation Tattoo knows what it takes to be entirely professional. They completely renovated their store to be modern, secure, and have the appearance and feel of today’s standards, leaving the biker-style tattoo parlor behind.

Additionally, they constantly update to ensure they keep ahead of the curve and offer you the most incredible experience. They feature market-leading products and technology in their store.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


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Women run No Ka OI TIKI, a tattoo parlor constantly aiming to provide the best possible work. They have a large number of domestic tattoo artists as well as international visitors. They have extensive knowledge in large and small formats and a wide range of work types.

Their tattoo artists have received extensive training to give their clients excellent tattooing services. They use the best tattoo ink and color supplies to provide you with the excellent desired results.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


3. Central Tattoo Studio

A tattoo shop and a fine art gallery coexist at Central Tattoo Studio. Their artists investigate the core of the line, color, and composition in response to the space’s light and openness.

They are a personalized tattoo shop and art gallery that emphasizes beautiful art. Their tattoo artists specialize in tattoos in the following styles: watercolor, graphic, black-and-grey realism, and dot work.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


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4. Tattoo Galaxy~Willow Grove 

This studio offers a group of tattoo artists who have decades of experience and masters in different styles of tattoo art. You can check out their artist’s portfolios and review their work on their customers excellently. Each artist operates individually, so their prices, styles, and availability—as well as their response, varies.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


5. Studio One Tattoo

This is the one-stop shop for all of your piercing and tattoo requirements. They can create your concept in any style, whether classic, fine line, realistic, Japanese, or anything in between, depending on whether you want customizing or flash. They can transfer ideas from the mind to the body.

Visit their shop to meet their welcoming staff, a tidy, enjoyable, and individualized experience.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


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6. Never Say Die Tattoo

Custom tattoos are available at the Never Say Die tattoo parlor in a sterile, professional studio environment with cutting-edge sterilizing. With over decades of combined experience, their award-winning tattoo artists cater to appointments and walk-ins.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


7. Vivid Skin Tattoo

The artists at this tattoo parlor focus on creating personalized, high-quality tattoos. They offer a tidy and professional environment. All tattoo artists are skilled in a variety of tattoo designs. Appointments are required for their tattoo artists.

  • Address: 3955 W Market St, West Manchester Township, PA 17408, United States
  • Phone: +1 717-843-6101
  • Timings: Tue-Sat: 1 PM – 9 PM, Mon: 10 AM – 5 PM, Sun: Closed
  • Web address:
tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


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8. 717 Tattoo, Body Piercing, and Tattoo Removal Studio 2

The 717 Tattoo Studio delivers the highest tattoo quality, cleanliness, and attention to detail. Both walk-ins and appointments are welcome. Nonetheless, they advise that the ideal days for walk-ins are always the weekdays. They provide a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Every day of the week, their friendly staff will answer your queries.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


9. Electric City Tattoo

Enter one of the fantastic tattoo shops in Scranton, Pennsylvania, called Electric City Tattoo, where tattoo artists work full-time. They provide a wide variety of tattoo designs, but they also focus on doing custom tattoos. For their clientele, they also stock aftercare items for tattoos.

tattoo shops in Pennsylvania


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10. Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo

Philadelphia, one of the best tattoo shops in Pennsylvania, is Eddie’s Tattoo. They have skilled tattoo artists with extensive expertise who can make any tattoo, whether it’s a minor design or extensive body art. The tattoo artists at the workshop are renowned for their quick execution of various design styles, including Polynesian tribal and black and grey.

Their tattoo artists use top-notch ink and design supplies to create your custom tattoos. To ensure that you may get the reliable results you need, the studio sterilizes all equipment following hospital-grade sterilization standards.


11. Marc’s Tattooing

Marc’s tattooing artists take great care to make sure they have a comfortable experience. Customized art, flash, color or black & white, realism, Japanese, tribal, anime, cover-ups, writing, biomechanical, classic Americana, and others are among the artwork they provide. Marc’s Tattooing is a full-service establishment that specializes in all kinds of piercings and tattoos.

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12. X-Treme Ink Tattoo

Whether you want a tattoo to express your love or a one-of-a-kind piece of art, the tattoo artists at Xtreme Ink Tattoo are ready to satisfy your needs. Only those at least 18 years old are eligible for their tattooing services.


13. Glass Heart Tattooing & Arts

The Glass Heart Tattooing and Arts offers a collection of tattoo artists who work hard to improve upon each new work of art they produce. Each client will experience positive changes due to the artwork they create. Here your tattoos and the pieces of art you own will show the world how your spirit thinks.


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14. Hallows Eve Tattoo

Enter Hallows Eve Tattoo Studio, a clean and safe tattoo parlor. On your body, tattoo artists ink original works of art. After receiving tattoos from the Hallows Eve Tattoo Shop, many clients who have used their services have left positive and happy reviews.

  • Address: 1081 E Main St, Palmyra, PA 17078, United States
  • Phone: +1 717-838-7230
  • Timings: Tue-Fri: 11 AM – 7 PM, Sat: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Mail ID:
  • Facebook account:


15. Red Rose Tattoo Parlor

Visit the Red Rose tattoo parlor if you’re looking for the best and most distinctive tattoo designs on your body. Their tattoo artists have years of expertise, and they can design the tattoo of your dreams that also complements your personality.

  • Address: 22 S Lime St, Lancaster, PA 17602, United States
  • Phone: +1 717-419-5677
  • Timings: Mon-Sat: 12 PM – 9PM, Sun: Closed


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16. Art Machine Productions

Art Machine Productions provide safety to their customers and staff. Talented tattoo artists in the studio are masters in inking in the American Traditional, New School, Cover-up, lettering, and geometric tattooing styles. Their designers delightfully work with clients to create unique pieces they know they will appreciate for years to come.

Each month, visiting guest tattoo artists teach the staff at Art Machine Production new procedures and techniques. They provide their customers with the best possible tattooing in a unique environment. To protect their customers’ safety, they are committed to following correct sterilization procedures.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Working Hours Of Glass Heart Tattooing & Arts? 

An appointment is required to visit Glass Heart Tattoo. This indicates that their artists organize their appointments around their own schedules. If you must phone or visit the store for your consultation, it is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 7 p.m.

Does Central Tattoo Studio Have Experience Tattooing Darker Skin Tones? 

Yes, they all have experience dealing with different skin tones. Each tattoo artist wants to give you a beautiful, long-lasting tattoo. The artist will choose colors that complement your individual undertone and skin the best based on their experience. Crimson red, dark navy and blue, deep purples, and forest greens are a few hues that look great on those with darker skin tones.

Remember that the ink is put in the dermis layer of the skin when considering how the color will heal. Whatever pigment you have will function as color over the ink while your skin heals.

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How Much Is The Charge For Tattoos By The Glass Heart Tattooing & Arts? 

Glass Heart Tattoo Artists have a variety of approaches to tattoo pricing. Several variables affect pricing.

Tattoos completed in a single session or sitting are typically priced on the spot based on an hourly prediction. Although the price of each artist varies significantly, in general, you can plan to spend between $150 and $200 each hour.

Session Rate Pricing will often be provided for larger projects or multi-session work (such as sleeves, backs, legs, cover-ups, and reworks). According to their own price, each artist determines their own session fees.

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