8 Tattoo Shops In St. Augustine You Should Visit In Order To Get The Best Body Art

Undoubtedly, getting tattoos is a terrific method to show off your toned physique. People who do not have tattoos frequently wonder what inspires the wearer to wear a tattoo and endure the extreme agony of tattooing. Find out the best tattoo shops in St. Augustine for the best inking.

tattoo shops in St. Augustine

There are many reasons why someone may want a permanent tattoo of a design. According to one study, 38 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. 

Social acceptability nowadays has contributed to the tattooing industry’s slow but steady expansion. The possibilities are endless for those who want their bodies to be a canvas, from the skill behind today’s best tattoo artists to the ink and equipment that enable their artwork.

Individuality Expression

Tattoos are often regarded as one of the most effective means of expressing one’s personality. Ask any tattooed person, and you’ll learn that the majority of individuals get tattoos because they want to feel and look like themselves. 

Some people acquire tattoos to have a tangible representation of their individuality. They obtain tattoos purely for the purpose of expressing a particular aspect of their personality, which might be bold, unconventional, or even intellectual. 

A tattoo is sufficient to express a unique element of a person’s personality.

Regarding Cultural Belief

The tradition of getting tattoos is ancient, and in many cultures, it is seen as a continuation of traditional aesthetics or rituals from long ago. 

For them, tattoos are more than just fashion accessories. They substitute traditional tattoos as social status symbols. A particular tattoo signifies their membership in a specific family or tribe and their position within the social hierarchy.

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People Enjoy Tattoo Design

Many individuals are fascinated by tattoos because of the designs or because they are visually appealing. They are merely persuaded to have their preferred design permanently imprinted onto their bodies. They genuinely don’t have a cause; they just really like a design and feel like having it permanently inked on their flesh.

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A Subculture Identification Marker

Then some acquire tattoos as a sign of belonging to a subculture—for example, prison groups, gangsters, motorcyclists, and so on. Actually, the importance of participation in a particular society is expressed by their tattoos. 

Having a permanent emblem of a specific organization also increases their sense of pride and belonging to the group.

To Honor And Remember Their Loved Ones

Tattoos can sometimes be devoted to loved ones. The remembrance of the loved one is permanently inscribed by tattoo designs, particularly those with anniversaries.

Some individuals choose to have a piece of permanent artwork in commemoration of the person they cherished the most—their grandparents, father, mother, etc.—applied to their bodies. They feel more connected to the individual at every stage of life when they have a tattoo on them.

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Fashion Item Or Accessory

Some people use tattoos as permanent fashion accessories. They believe tattoos are a fantastic way to enhance their overall appearance or personal style. 

You’ve probably seen athletes with a complete sleeve of vibrant ink or some females sporting a little heart or a star on their wrists. For some individuals, tattoos serve as a fashion statement.

For Personal Purposes

Some individuals consider tattoos an excellent way to express something special or important because getting a tattoo is a great way to mark a special occasion, including the birth of your loved one. 

Then some tattoos display your individuality, such as slogans or quotes. The majority of the time, people who want to express their genuine personalities have slogan tattoos.

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For Aesthetic Purposes

People who have flaws, wounds, or birthmarks typically lack confidence, especially if the mark is visible. A tattoo is a great technique to hide your flaws. 

Most individuals just get tattoos to hide their scars or defects. Tattoos reduce their prominence and visibility. Furthermore, tattoos will always be in style, which is the most significant part. 

So you don’t have to be concerned about getting a tattoo on your skin. Hence, a tattoo is a great alternative if you want to conceal a scar, stretch mark, or discoloration. The size of your tattoo might range from modest to large. Therefore, whether your scar is large or tiny, you may cover it with an amazing tattoo design.

To Demonstrate Commitment

Some people get permanent tattoos to show their lovers how much they mean to them. Couple tattoos, for instance, are a fantastic way to show your devotion and enthusiasm for your partner.

People Are Literally Obsessed With Permanent Art

Of course, some folks are just tattoo-obsessed. They genuinely like getting tattoos, which is why they have several different designs. 

No amount of discomfort will ever stop them from getting their preferred design permanently inscribed on their flesh. They just want to customize their body in the way that they see fit because they view it as a temple.

Just Because Their Preferred Athlete Or Celebrity Wears It

Last but not least, individuals sometimes acquire tattoos to show appreciation for a certain athlete or star. Many individuals are motivated by the example set by their idols, and in order to express this, they acquire tattoos with similar designs.

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Therefore, tattoos look fantastic no matter what the reason is. 

Therefore, if you also intend to get a tattoo, go ahead. Don’t overthink it; simply have faith that tattoos look great. Here are the few top tattoo shops in St. Augustine where you can get the best tattoo.

1. Ms. Deborah’s Fountain of Youth Tattoo & Body Piercing

They provide professional body piercing, expert microdermal implants, and high-quality complete custom tattooing. 

Miss Deborah and her team are kind, professional, and compassionate. They provide different facilities that are exceptionally clean and sanitary. The owner has more than 20 years of experience. For information about scheduling tattoos, feel free to contact or drop by during business hours. If they have availability, they take walk-ins as first come, first served. Piercings are usually accessible on a walk-in basis.

Website: https://foytattoo.com/

Phone: (904) 825-0108

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/msdeborahsfountainofyouth/

Address: 78 Lemon St Saint Augustine, FL 32084

tattoo shops in St. Augustine


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2. Copper Coil Tattoo

Intent on getting that great picture of your dog? Or if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time and would really like to get your mother’s name across your breast but don’t know where to go? Visit Copper Coil Tattoo Shop, and they will draw the best-customized tattoos

The top tattoo artists are available at the shop and are all amiable and skilled. The artist at this shop will take the time to create something unique and absolutely stunning, no matter what you want to have done. 

Skyler and Mike are the most famous artists in this tattoo shop. The store is clean and well-organized, and both artists are very polite and make their clients feel more comfortable during the procedure of getting the tattoo.

Website: https://www.coppercoiltattoo.com/ 

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coppercoiltattoo/ 

 Address: 1962 US 1 Hwy S St. Augustine, FL 32086

Phone: (904) 342-8460

tattoo shops in St. Augustine

Credit: coppercoiltattoo

3. Unify Tattoo

Bart Andrews and Pepper came up with the idea for Unify Tattoo Co. & Fine Art Gallery. The term “Unify” was selected to symbolize the union of the two artists as well as the merging of their respective loves of art and business.

It is situated in the charming city of St. Augustine, Florida, and the staff at Unify Tattoo Co. works hard to provide the most satisfactory customer service and artwork to a variety of clients of tattoo lovers and art enthusiasts. 

With award-winning artists, they give a spotless, expert, amiable, and secure environment for individuals to experience art in all its forms. They are experts in portraits, Japanese art, realistic, cover-ups, conventional art, color, trash-polka, black and grey, and other genres.

Website: http://www.unifytattoofl.com/

Phone: (904) 770-7779

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unifytattoofl/

Address: 314 S Ponce De Leon Blvd St. Augustine, FL 32084

tattoo shops in St. Augustine


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4. Old Towne Tattoo

This tattoo parlor’s owner is incredibly skilled and provides his customers with fantastic tattoo designs. They keep fully separate sections to ensure that consumers receive the best treatment possible from someone who specializes in what they do. 

Several of the most talented tattoo artists in the region are working with us to develop the ideal design and tattoo. They can help if you’ve been considering getting a tattoo but need some new inspiration.

Website: https://www.oldtownetattoo.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldtowne_staugustine/ 

 Phone: (904) 547-2245

Address: 4320 A1a Ste 4 St. Augustine, FL 32080

tattoo shops in St. Augustine


5. Sailor Cher’s Tattoo & Body Piercing

Sailor Cher’s Tattoo & Body Piercing is a family-run, exclusively female-staffed tattoo parlor. They specialize in a variety of body piercings and customized tattoos. Sailor Cher, a native of St. Augustine, founded Sailor Cher’s in 2013. 

Cher has been performing body piercings and tattoos for 12 years. Her eldest daughter Molly manages the books and customer service, while her youngest daughter Erin. G does the body piercings and has been doing it locally for seven years.

This tattoo parlor has been listed in Old City Life and selected Best of St. Augustine Runner Up for two years. The owner and her staff take great satisfaction in providing exceptional customer service, clean, high-quality work, and a welcoming environment, and they are committed to making your visit one to remember.

Website: http://www.sailorcher.com/

Address: 4540-3 US1 N St. Augustine, FL 32095

Phone: (904) 679-1188


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6. Jesse Britten Tattoo

They are skilled in all forms of tattooing and use a time-honored method to design the most incredible tattoos utilizing your ideas. The owner’s distinct style is influenced by the great tattooing traditions of Polynesia, Japan, and America. 

He has been studying and enjoying these traditions since he finished his training in 2001 when he inked his first client and started working as a professional tattoo artist. The owner specializes in black and grey color tattoos, realistic tattoos, picture tattoos, Japanese body art, and traditional body art.

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He is content to collaborate on any of his clients’ ideas. His objective is to collaborate with you and use his years of professional knowledge to offer you the most fantastic tattoo while coming as near as possible to your unique custom tattoo ideas.

Website: https://jessebrittentattoo.com/

Phone: (904) 392-5861

Address: 4475 US 1 S Ste 403 Saint Augustine, FL 32086


7. Electric Chair Tattoo

This tattoo shop is very classy and clean. The tattoo shop owner is great and draws the best artwork by mixing your idea with his idea. The tattoo artists at the shop are highly skilled and have a wide range of tattooing specializations. 

The shop uses single-use needles and cleaned equipment in accordance with the health department’s safety regulations. The artist here wants you to realize that having a tattoo is a serious investment and that you will get the most prominent portion of your money. 

The owner is an expert who ensures his clients have unique tattoos. The tattoo shop’s walls are virtually overflowing with the enormous collection of works that its talented tattoo artists have produced.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/electricchairtattoos/

Address: 701 A1a Beach Blvd Ste A Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Phone: (904) 325-2115


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8. Pegasus Gallery

They provide customized body piercings and tattoos in a welcoming, professional capacity. It is a high-end tattoo parlor that places a big emphasis on personalized work. Every tattoo artist contributes a unique set of talents to the studio’s atmosphere. 

The owner has more than ten to twelve years of expertise, adequately assists the clients, and is highly experienced when it comes to designing the ideal tattoo. He also increases your comfort level while the procedure is being done.

Address: 215 W King St St. Augustine, FL 32084

Phone: (904) 814-2422


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Preparation Necessary For A Tattoo At Unify Tattoo?

It’s essential to get sufficient sleep before getting tattooed. Make sure you’ve had enough to eat and that you’re dressed correctly for the region where your tattoo will be. If you prefer to listen to music, bring a Walkman, an iPod, or a book. Show up on time for the appointment. Avoid entering if you are inebriated or under the influence of drugs.

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What Is The Procedure For Making An Appointment At Old Towne Tattoo?

As a beginning point, decide on the tattoo artist you wish to work with. This decision can be made via online or in-store portfolio reviews. Once you’ve chosen your tattoo artist, please call us or come by to set up a consultation. 

The artist will arrange a time for a conversation with you to discuss your ideas and any sources you may have, like photos or sketches. Make an appointment to get a tattoo after that.

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