79 Amazing Roses Shoulder Tattoos To Try Right Now For Best Inking

Flowers like Roses are predominantly the most popular and inspirational design, especially for tattoo lovers. The roses shoulder tattoos offers a wide area where you can ink any kind and size of tattoo design.

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79 Amazing Roses Shoulder Tattoos To Try Right Now For Best Inking

Roses look beautiful and have so much to admire in various colors. Each type of rose smells great and spreads its fragrance into the air.

They symbolize many emotions such as friendship, love, etc. Express your wonderful life with the help of a red rose tattoo, and can choose various colors to reflect the vividness of your feelings and emotions with expressions.

What Makes Roses Tattoos Popular?

The rose tattoos are  a perfect choice for both men as well as women and come in a variety of colors and designs. Each rose tattoo conveys its own meaning, symbol, and emphasis.

The rose tattoo symbolizes love, passion, lifelong companionship, and beauty and is gifted to loved ones as a token of love and admiration.

These all things make rose tattoos popular and attractive. Choosing the ideal tattoo design is not simple as it looks.

We will guide you with some special, unique, and eye-catching tattoos design that helps to make an ideal tattoo on your shoulder are following:

1. Impressive Rose Shoulder Tattoo

This is the most beautiful and realistic tattoo design for the girls. The pink color of the rose expresses your first love, healing, gratitude, and innocence.

It looks stylish and perfect on the shoulder. The impressive rose tattoo captures the delicate elegance of the rose perfectly. You may choose the color and design that represents you.

Impressive Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @electro_ink_tattoo_studio

2. Wonderful Roses Tattoo On Shoulder Back

If you are looking for a back-shoulder tattoo, this will be a wonderful choice to make a simple and bold rose tattoo using black ink.

Make a most fashionable choice and go with the trend by choosing a wonderful rose tattoo, and it will look more beautiful and ideal on your shoulder.

Wonderful Roses Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Image: @sacredjourneytattoo

3. Trendy Clock And Rose Tattoo

The clock with a rose tattoo carries a deep meaning. It is designed to express the significance of time and death.

Clock tattoo pair with rose crafted onto the body to express your love for a significant person. Commonly, the roses are an indication of love. When paired with a clock tattoo, it expresses love as always and forever. 

Trendy Clock And Rose Tattoo

Image: @ns.inks

4. Baby Name Rose Tattoo

Express your love for your children by designing your baby name with a rose tattoo. As a mother, your love is pure and real for your child.

You can represent your immense love, connection, and beautiful bond while designing a fantastic rose tattoo. The crescent shaped moon and star representing the nighttime symbolizes a baby cannot sleep without her mother, especially at night.

Baby Name Rose Tattoo

Image: @weee_arts

5. Rose With Leave Tattoo Design

Getting a designed rose with leaves will look superb on your body. Black ink makes this tattoo more expressive and eye-catching.

If you are a black color lover and like a simple and medium-sized design, this tattoo will be a fantastic option for making a rose flower with a falling  leaves design. 

Rose With Leave Tattoo Design

Image: @bastasquack

Image: @sonya_madfox

6. Skull And Roses Shoulder Tattoo

The skull with a rose tattoo expresses various dualities that hold different symbolic meanings, such as beautiful life versus death, good versus evil, and health versus decay.

The skull and roses concept is a fantastic acknowledgment that great beauty comes with fights, struggles, and their inevitable end.

Skull And Roses Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @arranb_tattoo

7. Oldschool Black Rose Tattoo

Oldschool tattoos are those tattoos that are designed with some color platelets. The main colors include blue, green, black, and others.

This tattoo color looks unique and great on the body. Not only does this tattoo look attractive, but it also looks fashionable and trendy and gives a different look to the rose beauty.

If you are also searching for unique and new, you can add this tattoo to your favorite design to wear on the back shoulder.

Oldschool Black Rose Tattoo

Image: @siouxitattoo

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8. 3D Rose Tattoo

To get a glossy and classy rose tattoo, this is a masterpiece for you. 3D tattoos are becoming more popular, especially among today’s young generation, as they look more strong, bold, real, and attractive.

A nicely done 3D tattoo represents joy and love and can stand for a specific moment in your life that was memorable for you. 3D tattoos add more grace, unique charm, elegance, and beauty.

3D Rose Tattoo

Image: @adrian_flores_sa

9. Sweet Red Tattoo

No doubt that this tattoo is small in size, but dark red glossy floral looks wonderful on the shoulder of the body and is a great choice for the girls to design.

It looks marvelous when you design this type of tattoo on your body. It looks clean and clear with a perfectly designed red floral tattoo design. You must try this tattoo on your body!

Sweet Red Tattoo

Image: @seolheetattoo

11. Sweet Simple Rose Shoulder Tattoo

It is incredible how impactful a straightforward tattoo can be. Simple tattoos look clearer and perfect, especially using black ink for design.

Your shoulder is the best place for a rose tattoo. This black outline rose tattoo is stunning, peaceful, and elegant.

Sweet Simple Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @sarah_m_tattoos

11. Skull And Rose Designer Tattoo

One of the most famous places to get designed is the forearm. This tattoo design is a beautiful mixture of delicate and crude. Skull and rose is a great combination and work very well with each other.

These types of tattoos represent the fight between good and dark. Every part of the tattoo is black and perfectly shaded, giving the tattoo designs a realistic impression.

Skull And Rose Designer Tattoo

Image: @megan_rose.tattoo

12. Simple Roses Tattoo

The simple roses tattoo design represents the exact beauty of the roses. The rose expresses love, and when explored in the tattoo design, the queen of the flower need not be lavish and overdesigned.

A simple rose tattoo design is always in trend and remains the favorite design and choice for tattoo lovers.

Those who truly love nature and want to express it in their tattoo design will always choose a simple rose tattoo design as the rose looks beautiful.

Simple Roses Tattoo

Image: @sarabirdtattoo

13. Killed Rose Tattoo

A killed rose tattoo is usually designed to represent goodness and power in memory of the left. There is also one mythology story behind this. Aphrodite is represented as the princess of love and is often displayed with rose flowers.

When his lover was eradicated, a rose shrug rooted up from his blood, an expression of everlasting love. So if you also show your immortal love towards your loved ones, then this tattoo suits your body best.

Killed Rose Tattoo

Image: @skull6122

14. Roses With Crying Face Tattoo

Roses are considered dangerous flowers because they come with thorns that can pierce when you need to protect yourself.

These roses represent the protective nature of beauty and the pain that can come because of mishandling it. The roses with crying face tattoos typically express the feelings of the heartbreakers.

Roses With Crying Face Tattoo

Image: @paulastattoo

15. Roses And Gun Shoulder Tattoo

The Gun with roses tattoo design is a great mixture of both. This is a special design and quite personal too. Making a gun with roses seems like an appropriate representation of a gun’s destructive beauty.

If you are also a gun and nature lover, this is an ideal design that will look perfect on the shoulder of the body. 

Roses And Gun Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @screaminghobotattoostudio

16. Red Roses Tattoo On Left Shoulder

The litheness of colors, love, beauty and enchanting beauty is what entitled the roses the king of flowers. The main reason behind the popularity of red roses tattoos on shoulders is conditional visibility.

You can show them or even hide them. This red rose tattoo expresses the love and nature of beauty. This tattoo is for you if you want to represent immense love towards your partner, friend, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

29 Small Sunflower Tattoo Ideas + Designs

Image: @maciej_majcher

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17. Rose And Blue Bird Tattoo

Bluebird shows the beauty of nature that represents hope, happiness, and positive vibes. The Blue rose tattoo represents the imagination, impossibility, unattainable fantasy.

So if you are also hoping for a miracle, an impossible accomplishment, and a reminder that new chances and probability always come out there, then this will be the best design to match your personality.

Rose And Blue Bird Tattoo

Image: @danbythewood

18. Rose Tattoo On Left Shoulder

Rose tattoo design symbolizes pure and true love, passion, feelings, emotions, and compassion. Rose tattoo on the shoulder is a very hot trend in the market.

The shoulder, either right, left, or back, is the perfect space, especially when looking for a tiny, small, or medium-size tattoo design.

Rose Tattoo On Left Shoulder

Image: @zenh.cre8tive

19. Rose And Skull Tattoo

It’s a good idea to think about the tattoo design before inking on your body because it will remain with you for the rest of your life. Rose represents love, respect, and sacrifice and serves as a memorial.

On the other hand, the skull defines death, sadness, strength, and decay. When both are joined in the body part, the overall messages related to life and the skull become extremely robust.

Rose And Skull Tattoo

Image: @ihatemilkalot

20. Red Rose Tattoo On Shoulder Back

If you are a true lover of nature, this real red rose tattoo design is for you. Red rose tattoo designs with dots look amazing on the body’s back shoulder.

Rose tattoos come in many varieties that you can choose according to your taste, preferences, and personality that best match it.

You can check the below red rose design as it is a bit unique. The back outline of the red rose makes it a more eye-catching and ideal tattoo. 

Red Rose Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Image: @sangrehabil.tatuajes

21. Realistic Pink Roses Shoulder Tattoo

Pink is a classic color that brings out the flower’s absolute elegance and stunning beauty. The realistic pink rose tattoos are signs of happiness, gentleness, charm, and other feminine qualities.

The shades of the pink tattoo blend perfectly in this realistic pink tattoo and will be a great gift for your loved one or life partner on a special day when you meet or on their birthday to say thank you for being there and even help in their struggle times in your life.

Go for this unique realistic tattoo.

Realistic Pink Roses Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @mandiebarbertattoos

22. Colored Dragon Rose Flower Tattoo

The colorful dragon with rose flower tattoo represents energy and intensity, primarily in love. So give your dragon tattoo a feminine touch by integrating it with a rose flower.

Adding a soft floral element contrasts the energy and strength of a symbol of the dragon. If you are thinking of getting a colorful dragon with a rose flower tattoo.

You can check the below image of the tattoo design that looks attractive both on women and men on the forearm, even to show your muscular body.

Colored Dragon Rose Flower Tattoo

Image: @ms.slickmahon

23. Roses And Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo

The Dreamcatcher design looks fabulously beautiful. People hang the dreamcatcher above their bed or on the window as it is believed that they catch a bad dream.

The same things apply in the tattoo design that is a dream catcher represents your safety and protection from negative spirits and bad dreams.

If you are looking for a delicate tattoo design with rose flowers, go for the roses and dreamcatcher shoulder tattoo.

Roses And Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @thetattooedladymn

24. Flying Bird With Roses Tattoo

A flying bird represents freedom as all the birds show their eagerness and wish to live a spiritual and happy life.

The birds with roses represent the deep love of the birds towards nature. The flying bird with a rose tattoo looks great among the king of the flowers.

Flying Bird With Roses Tattoo

Image: @tyedyedhippie

25. Hummingbird With Roses Tattoo

A very tiny hummingbird design is a great way to represent the deep recesses of the mind innovatively. Both hummingbirds and roses are considered love, care, attraction, good luck, happiness, friendship, sweetness, and joy.

Many other elements resemble both. So you can choose a hummingbird with a rose tattoo to express your lover’s personality.

Hummingbird With Roses Tattoo

Image: @messiastattooart

26. Impressive Red Rose shoulder Back Tattoo

The impressive red rose design is an elegant flower and a perfect way of showing your deep love for your partner. This Impressive red rose tattoo is a fabulous piece of art.

All tattoo enthusiasts eyeing this mixture of feelings and symbolism in a tattoo design can have this kind of tattoo.

Impressive Red Rose shoulder Back Tattoo

Image: @marinadrigotattoo

27. Pink Rose Tattoo Design

This pink rose tattoo design is extremely rare and looks unique. This dark pink rose with green leaves is for whom you admire, whose opinions matter more to you than others.

This looks better on the back shoulder of the body, and the dark pink color looks really very attractive.

Pink Rose Tattoo Design

Image: @tintovera

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28. Purple Rose Tattoo

This tattoo will be a fantastic option for purple lovers. If you desire to try something special and unique, go for the purple rose.

It will represent the same symbols of the rose flower but with a twist in color. You can go and try something new.

Purple Rose Tattoo

Image: @jasmin_tattoo

29. Cute Rose With Snake Tattoo

A cute rose with a snake tattoo shows love’s strong grip often has on a person. In the spiritual meaning, roses are balanced and innocent, and a snake represents curing and good luck and expresses new beginnings.

Both are a mixture of negative and positive aspects of life. If you also face two phases in your life, you can choose these tattoos.

Cute Rose With Snake Tattoo

Image: @staffhristovatattoo

30. Geometric Rose Tattoo

There are numerous rose designs. Geometric design is also one of them. Roses are known for their natural beauty and elegance.

Adding some geometrical art will never get you tired of adoring this nature’s work of art. A geometric rose tattoo is a unique way to render the beauty of the flower to your human skin. 

Geometric Rose Tattoo

Image: @trueloveart

31. Amazing Pink Rose Shoulder Tattoo Design

Whether the rose color is pink or red represents love, charm, grace, and gratitude. The shoulder is a stylish place for a rose tattoo where you can cover your tattoo or show it off whenever you want.

Check out this remarkable pink rose tattoo to look attractive and modern. 

Amazing Pink Rose Shoulder Tattoo Design

Image: @persephonescabin

32. Small Roses Tattoo Design

The small roses tattoo is the most famous among all flower tattoos. These designs are especially liked by women. But they also look good on the men’s bodies.

This simple black ink used small roses design looks bold and attractive on the shoulder of the body.

Small Roses Tattoo Design

Image: @jessicajohnsonb_art

33. Attractive Red Rose Shoulder Tattoo

The attractive red rose is a sophisticated and ideal way to show your immense love to your partner through this tattoo design.

Those who design a rose tattoo have a high moral and give their inner peace and spirituality more time. The rose’s red color depicts true love, romance, and passion.

Attractive Red Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @mudmuddatattoo

34. Beautiful Rose With Luckycharm Tattoo

A beautiful Rose with a Lucky Charm Tattoo brings good luck in life. These tattoos also help to bring wealth and love to your life.

So you can invite your fortune by inking this design on your body. Here are different eye-catching colors that make this design look more attractive and beautifully designed. 

Beautiful Rose With Luckycharm Tattoo

Image: @colorfaststudios

35. Black Roses Shoulder Tattoo Design

A black rose tattoo is one of the most popular designs because it looks gorgeous. The black color of the rose tattoo has some positive and negative aspects.

It represents death, rebirth, grief, romance, and love. Irrespective of their symbols, this tattoo looks stunning and is a good option to show your arm muscles.

Black Roses Shoulder Tattoo Design

Image: @rattoopelicitattoo

36. Blue Rose Tattoo

The tiny size of tattoos is also increasingly popular day by day. This tattoo also looks very cute and stylish and perfect for both men and women.

The blue color of the rose tattoo depicts your impossible imagination, power, fantasy, briefly, and simply your wishful thinking. So if you are more imaginative, and love fantasy, go for this tattoo.

Blue Rose Tattoo

Image: @tattooistflower_mood

37. Celtic Red Roses Shoulder Tattoo

A Celtic red roses tattoo represents structures like puzzles and mazes. This design is difficult and requires huge patience to art these types of tattoos.

It looks pretty cool and lovely. Here in this tattoo, the shape of this Celtic tattoo is a rose flower. 

Celtic Red Roses Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @dondoestattoos

38. Muted Yellow And Red Rose Tattoo

Red roses are common to design. You should try to add some color to refresh the art design and the beauty of the flower.

If you are looking to try something new that refreshes the design of the old one, you can choose a red rose with muted yellow tattoo design that enhances the look of the flower differently.

Muted Yellow and Red Rose Tattoo

Image: @sammiejonestattoo

39. Amazing Colorful Rose Tattoo

Design this wonderful rose tattoo design that perfectly looks stunning on your body. It absolutely looks more beautiful even than a real flower.

The crystal shining of this rose flower tattoo makes it more attractive and realistic. You must design this gorgeous and the most beautiful rose tattoo if you are a true lover of tattoos.

Amazing Colorful Rose Tattoo

Image: @caitlin.curtis.tattoos

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40. Amazing Gray Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Those roses are undoubtedly well known for their vibrant colors, but a gray rose color tattoo will be just as significant and beautiful. Gray color rose tattoos are a more masculine color due to severity and strength.

This tattoo conveys the painful symbol of the mother’s loss with the date of birth and death. Here gray color represents the loss of a beloved mother. 

Amazing Gray Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @staceyloutattoo

41. Stunning Gray Roses Tattoo

This gray roses tattoo looks stunning because it’s perfectly designed from neck to shoulder. Two roses with leaves are designed with a gray color that looks attractive and different.

If you want to show your tattoo, this one is ideal for designing on your neck.

Stunning Gray Roses Tattoo

Image: @pablos_tattoo

42. Beautiful Roses With Skull Face Moon Tattoo

Most people don’t know that skulls hold greater meaning than death, especially when combined with other objects like roses in a tattoo design.

It represents the human life cycle that is life and death. This is the best tattoo who wants a colorful tattoo on their body.

Beautiful Roses With Skull Face Moon Tattoo

Image: @tattoopoolink

43. Blue Roses With Tiger Tattoo

This tattoo represents a mixture of power, beauty, and energy in body craft image. Combining a tiger with a blue rose tattoo contrasts the rose beauty with immense strength and magnetism.

Ink, this great mixture of blue, rose with the tiger on your body.  

Blue Roses With Tiger Tattoo

Image: @immaxrodriguez

44. Watercolor Roses Tattoo

Are you looking to get yourself designed with a special watercolor roses tattoo that is stunning and realistic? Examine the below watercolor roses tattoo. 

Watercolor is the new style of tattoo that has become popular in a short time for its subtle and artistic appeal. This tattoo is perfect for every type of gender.

Watercolor Roses Tattoo

Image: @amaltheatattoos

45. Pierced Skull With Roses Tattoo

The pierced skull with a rose tattoo is a fantastic design. This is a full light colorful tattoo with a lot of detail. A sword dagger into the skull represents the ultimate death covered with beautiful roses.

The entire space of the forearm has been splendidly covered with this tattoo.

Pierced Skull With Roses Tattoo

Image: @countyourblessings.tattoo

46. Fineline Roses Tattoo

In a fine line rose tattoo, an artist makes the lines so delicate that they will look like they are made on paper.

Here you can see the image of the tattoo that perfectly describes the fine line rose tattoo on both shoulders using only black ink that looks simple and give a complete finish.

Fineline Roses Tattoo

Image: @redrainkissed

47. Red Roses With Moon And Butterfly Tattoo

Red roses strongly depict love positively or negatively, whereas butterflies represent femininity and freedom.

Combining the red roses with butterflies signifies nature’s beauty, love, freedom, and transformation. Try this beautiful combination on your body.

Red Roses With Moon And Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @peria_tattoo

48. Blue Roses With Name Tattoo

A rose tattoo design is a gorgeous design, where you can add your loved one name or your favorite person, or you can put your own name.

Name tattoos are perfect for couples and married ones. You can also express your love towards your siblings, mother, father, brother, and sister.

Blue Roses With Name Tattoo

Image: @bernybee_tattoo

49. Pastel Roses Tattoo

The pastel roses tattoo is one coloring technique that makes everyone’s eye shinier when designing a tattoo. With a pastel color theme, one will see its texture and are pleasant to the eyes.

The pastel style color design is mostly done on flower designs, making it very effective.

Pastel Roses Tattoo

Image: @eniv.tattoo

50. Dotted Black Rose Tattoo

Using dark black ink rose with leaves tattoo looks bold and stunning. The rose flowers are filled with lots of dots that look perfectly gorgeous.

This tattoo design on the shoulder is a great space to make a small tattoo design. If you are a lover of the black color, then you can go for this tattoo. 

Dotted Black Rose Tattoo

Image: @retro.miaw_thekat

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51. Mandala Rose Tattoo

A Sanskrit word, a mandala that means circle, expresses eternity, stability, and fulfillment. The Hindu and Buddhist cultures design these mandala designs to represent the whole universe in basic geometric shapes such as triangles and squares.

When the design is completed, it comes to a circle shape that symbolizes the harmonic combination of all basic shapes. Go for the simple basic shape of a mandala with a rose.

Mandala Rose Tattoo

Image: @unforgettable_moment

52. Rose With Scorpio Tattoo

The rose with Scorpio tattoo design looks better and is ideal for women. It looks dramatic and wonderful in its own way. You should check out this design if you love heartwarming tattoo designs.

It represents power, love, beauty, and honest connection. You will definitely enjoy this tattoo if you are a passionate lover of your loved one. 

Image: @ink_addict_tattoos_piercings

53. Smoky Rose Tattoo

A Smokey rose tattoo symbolizes that unsuccessful relationships will not end your world. There is a mixture of the two colors in this tattoo that is black and red.

Black represents the failed relationship, and red depicts the painful sadness. Its design is catchy and steals the attention of the others. This looks beautiful on both men and women.  

Smoky Rose Tattoo

Image: @tattoolookas.s

54. Memorial Rose Tattoo

Death is reality, hard truth, and inevitable in life. One design memorial tattoo for a beloved family member that they have lost, like a friend, mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, child, or even pet.

Rose is the best choice and combination with a memorial tattoo that shows your deep and true love for that person you lost with a birth to death date.

Memorial Rose Tattoo

Image: @pekarei_fischamend

55. Traditional Rose Tattoo

Those who don’t like the modern styles of the rose tattoo design can go for the traditional one. So if you are interested in traditional tattoo design, then this traditional rose tattoo design is perfect for you.

The black outline gives the perfect finish touch to the tattoo design.

Traditional Rose Tattoo

Image: @paila_tattoo

56. One Line Rose Tattoo

One line tattoo idea becomes popular and increasingly famous day by day among the younger generation.

A single-line rose tattoo design helps set up the unbreakable nature of roses and is the most powerful as it is covered and fully secured with thorns. This unique tattoo design has sharply risen in popularity, especially among youth.  

One Line Rose Tattoo

Image: @hyper__violet

57. Huge Rose Tattoo

In this huge rose tattoo, the rose is colored light pink, representing charming, sweetness, gentle love, and gratitude. So if you love light colors of rose flowers, you can add this huge tattoo design to your favorite design.

This tattoo was designed on the back of the shoulder of the girl but also looks good on the men’s body.

Huge Rose Tattoo

Image: @inkkutattoo

58. Poppies And Wild Roses Tattoo

If you are looking for something different and try to stand out from the common rose flowers, then go for the poppies and wild rose tattoo design that looks different and attractive.

Moreover, poppy flowers symbolize sleep, peace, and death, whereas the wild red roses flower tattoo depicts love and intelligence.

Poppies And Wild Roses Tattoo

Image: @jentonic

60. Dainty Little Rose Tattoo

If you want to get fashionable, understated, and small tattoos, look cute, pretty, meaningful, and unique. The dainty little rose tattoo looks feminine and cool.

Small designs easily fit any space of your body but below, a girl designed on the back shoulder that also looks lovely.

Dainty Little Rose Tattoo

Image: @amyfloydtattoo

60. Red And Black Rose Tattoo

You will love the mixture of black with red color in the tattoo designs as it enhances the attractiveness of the tattoo design.

Black color represents the failed relationship or loss of a loved one, and the red color shows the angriness, sadness, pain, and feeling alone. Basically, this tattoo represents heartbroken feelings.

Red And Black Rose Tattoo

Image: @progressiveinktattoo

61. Cover Up Rose Tattoo

In this tattoo, you can see the visual beauty of the rose in a purple tone. It’s dark and unique color ink catches our eye’s attention.

You can go for the cover-up rose tattoo if you love the purple color. You can check the perfect details of this unique tattoo.

Cover Up Rose Tattoo

Image: @sweetpainsantiagotattoo

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62. Multiple Flower Tattoo

If you truly love flowers, you must go for this tattoo design. This tattoo has three types of flowers: pink roses, yellow sunflowers, and purple chrysanthemum flowers with some leaves.

The pink rose depicts gratitude, the sunflower represents happiness, good luck, and hope and the purple chrysanthemum flower expresses the first love.

Multiple Flower Tattoo

Image: @blastedtattoocare

63. Anchor Rose Tattoo

This classic sailor tattoo design expresses a commitment or promise to the loved one, regardless of time and distance. It also symbolizes strength, support, and protection.

The combination of an anchor with a rose symbolizes love and passion, recommends committed relations, and discovers support and security in a loved one.

Anchor Rose Tattoo

Image: @tattoo_lounge_hl

64. Rose Branch Tattoo

In this tattoo design, there are rose flowers with branches of leaves. As we know that the rose represents love and is a sign of loyalty toward love.

Rose with branches of some leaves looks fashionable and good. The shoulder is the perfect place to show your tattoo to all.

Rose Branch Tattoo

Image: @brandonlow80

65. Rose Clock Tattoo

A clock tattoo motivates people to enjoy their life to the fullest. Rose with clock tattoo is a great combination that expresses the symbol of love that remains always and forever.

You can add the unforgettable time for you or that time when you and your life partner met.

Rose Clock Tattoo

Image: @inkarea_tattoo

66. Pierced Rose Tattoo

A clock tattoo motivates people to enjoy their life to the fullest. Rose with clock tattoo is a great combination that expresses the symbol of love that remains always and forever.

You can add the unforgettable time for you or that time when you and your life partner met.

Pierced Rose Tattoo

Image: @iron.enzo.tattoo

67. Tiny Floral Butterfly Tattoo

The two topmost popular creature designs that can never go out of the trend are butterflies and roses flowers. Both don’t need a lot of space to design.

They are ideal for the shoulder to show off or the forearm. Both are easy to draw and come in many varietal options like colors, design, and patterns.

Here an artist shows their creativity easily. If you love to make small and cute tattoos, you can check the tattoo design below that looks very cute and attractive.

Tiny Floral Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_color.b

68. Rose Pair Tattoo

In this tattoo, one rose is made in black color that shows a loss, grief, and death. The other rose tattoo is colorful, representing happiness, love, joy, and passion.

There are always two phases of life where we have to go. Never happiness always remains in life, nor do sadness and painful moments.

This is the truth of life. So if you are interested in showing the reality of life, you can choose this tattoo design.

Rose Pair Tattoo

Image: @sagi_tuvia

69. Rose With Quote Tattoo

Rose, with a quote, looks attractive and beautiful. You can add your favorite quote or line close to your heart and maybe connect with some memory.

This will help you to remind you with that memory. Enhance the beauty of the rose tattoo with a beautiful small quote to steal the attention of others. You can check the quote below that depicts the rose symbols: beauty, power, and luck.

Rose With Quote Tattoo

Image: @iv_tattooist

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70. Roses With Mask Tattoo

A Mask tattoo represents a mask with a face to portray certain emotions. A face will say a lot without saying anything at all. One rose is for a broken heart in this tattoo as the face mask is crying with tears.

The other is for happy couples in love. One face mask depicts sadness, and the other shows happiness and a normal face. That means it represents a life that goes through some ups and downs.  

Roses With Mask Tattoo

Image: @herb.tattooing

71. Rose Face Girl Tattoo

Floral face girl tattoo filled with feminine appearance and graciousness. It’s an elegant symbol that depicts delicacy and innocence. You can see in this tattoo a rose design on the head of the girl that looks like she is wearing a crown.

This tattoo is designed on the shoulder’s back, which is the perfect space to design these tattoos on the body.

Rose Face Girl Tattoo

Image: @light_grey_studio

72. Virgin Mary And Roses Tattoo

Virgin Mary represents unconditional love and hope in difficult times. A Virgin Mary is a caring, loving, sympathetic, and nurturing woman.

Basically, this Virgin Mary with many roses shows your deep religious connection. So if you strongly believe in god, this tattoo is perfect for you.  

Virgin Mary And Roses Tattoo

Image: @smileyartla

73. Chinese Dragon Roses Tattoo

Chinese dragons are mythical creatures with unconquerable spirit power that shows that no one can compete with them. Rose with Chinese dragon depicts the romantically dangerous tattoo looks elegant and seductive.

While the Chinese dragon is inked with bold black, the Chinese tattoo is completed by a rose in full bloom.

Chinese Dragon Roses Tattoo

Image: @md.tattoo.inn

74. Front Shoulder Ornamental Rose Tattoo

Ornament is a charming decoration that comes with secrets meaning that depicts special protection and helps in difficult situations.

Some people design to look cool. Here you can see the combination of rose with little detail of ornament tattoo design that makes the rose tattoo looks more elegant and cool.

Front Shoulder Ornamental Rose Tattoo

Image: @thomzyy_tattoo

75. Half Rose Half Butterfly Tattoo

Rose and butterflies are the two most beautiful creations. Both are famous for tattoo designs. The combination of both represents passion and affection.

Half rose with half-butterfly looks classy and elegant. This is a great option for you if you love nature. If you go for this tattoo, you spread the message of affection and compassion.

Half Rose Half Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @nanos9.1tattoo

76. Cute Rose Heart Tattoo

Heart and roses are a famous mixture among men and women. The heart and rose depict love, desire, and passion for love. Both are powerful symbols that can be designed in various designs and styles.

But check out the below cute rose with heart tattoo if you love to make a small tattoo on your body.

Cute Rose Heart Tattoo

Image: @tabootattoovenezuela

77. Rose And Goat Skull Tattoo

Goats are kept by human beings for milk, meat, and living. That is why it represents power, force, and fertility.

But when we combine a goat with a rose flower, it depicts wealth, passion, hope, love, royalty, balance, ambition, and intelligence. It shows the aspiring nature, strength, well off, and loving.

Rose And Goat Skull Tattoo

Image: @boston.born.ink

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78. Illustrative Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos are forever trendy tattoos. They will never go out of fashion and never miss to steal the attention of others as they look gorgeous, versatile, and illustrative.

Here in this tattoo, the beauty of the rose enhances more with a beautiful butterfly that is blue and black in color.

Illustrative Rose Tattoo

Image: @giuliariva_art

79. Love Yourself Rose Tattoo

Self-love is one of the most essential factors that explain whether you are happy or not in your life. Love yourself means how long you take time to keep pursuing your dreams and visions when people say no to you. 

Love Yourself Rose Tattoo

Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Rose Tattoo Denote?

It symbolizes falling in love with your person deeply. Couples give roses to express their feelings for them. Rose symbolizes eternal love, beauty, happiness, and passion.

Why Are Rose Tattoos So Popular?

Rose tattoos remain popular throughout the ages and now as this are a symbol of the highest level of passion for love. It is a beautiful and attractive gift given by god.

What Type Of Rose Tattoos Should You Get?

You will get many varieties of rose tattoo designs, colors, patterns, and sizes. Each rose with a different design and color represents a different meaning.

You can choose what matches your personality. Like red roses depict pure love, whereas black shows grief and death.

Where Does The Rose Tattoo Look Best And Perfect?

Usually, all the spaces are perfect for any kind of tattoo, but the shoulder and forearm are the right and ideal places to steal the attention of the others, or you can hide them also. The forearm is perfect for showing your muscular body.

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