13 Top Ranking Tattoo Shops in Denver

Have you noticed that there are a lot of individuals that have Tattoos in recent times? In the long-ago, you may have only seen tattoos on individuals, for instance – sailors, bike gangs, or criminals, but the present tattoos are a very well-liked body decoration for many individuals. Today, let us focus on the tattoo shops in Denver that offer a high-quality tattoos.

tattoo shops in Denver

The styles and designs of tattoos have also got nearer a very long way. It is no longer makeshift depictions of skulls and anchors. Instead, tattoos have developed into stylish artwork varying from personalized symbols to Celtic crosses. In addition, a great majority of individuals have created designs that extraordinarily communicate themselves.

At the same time, as Denver gets bigger, so does the variety of tattoo parlors and meticulous tattoo artists. In other words, this denotes that finding the best tattoo artist for your part is not a simple chore. Furthermore, perchance you’re overwhelmed by questions: What approach? How large Will this mature wonderfully? Will it hurt in any way?

Whether you’re on the lookout for your first tattoo or are enveloping the last tiny piece of your skin, Denver’s most outstanding tattoo artists can walk you through the most elegant inking procedure. As a result, you finish up with the pieces you yearn for.

Getting hold of a tattoo is a way of communicating a remarkable statement. In particular, it is not simple to do away with once you’re inked. Therefore, one would make the primary effort to ensure that the tattoo is planned as desired. The most brilliant way to accomplish that is by visiting a reputable tattoo shop where you can be confident in the type of service you get. There are a lot of tattoo parlors that assure to deliver the best possible work.

How to Choose a Tattoo Shop 

There are generally two categories of shops, custom & street. A custom shop is simply what it sounds akin to; the entire artwork is drawn precisely for every customer. It is not unusual for a good custom shop to have a wait for some more time. Instead, you will be wearing it for the rest of your life; waiting for excellence shouldn’t be an issue. There will be a deposit required to lay down an appointment that will be applied, headed for the tattoo afterward.

1. Do your research; you will be wearing this right from the outset for the rest of your life. With the aid of the internet, check reviews. If you notice a tattoo you like on somebody walking down the street, ask over them where they found it & who executed it. 

2. Check for hygiene. If the tattoo parlor shop doesn’t give the impression of being or feeling clean the moment you walk in it, it almost certainly isn’t the best. Just because a shop declares it only utilizes “disposable” equipment does not denote it is clean; by and large, it is just the reverse.

3. Ensure you feel valued as a client. Tattooers have a terrible tradition of getting gigantic egos & bad feelings. In a saturated marketplace, there is no reason to stand for this. Ask over as many questions as you feel like. If they are not geared up to answer them, then stumble on a shop that is. Tattoos are perpetually, be 100% at ease before getting yours.

4. Find the right tattoo artist. A good number of tattoo shops have several artists. Tattooing is similar to any other art outline; each individual has their approach. Look in the course of several portfolios, until you find the best tattoo artist that performs the artwork you wish for. If you are on the lookout for a portrait artist, make sure they have manifold portraits inside there. You need to be spending quite a few hours with this individual. 

At this instant that you have found your tattoo shop & your specific artist, what do you need? Bring in whatsoever reference stuff you have. At this time, be flexible. You chose this artist because you adored their artwork; let them lay down their spin or approach to it. Also, keep in mind many things look striking on paper but do not interpret in good health for the skin.

Cost is based on expertise level. If you are looking for the cheapest tattoo, you are searching for the least capable artist. Overall, the best tattoo artists work faster; their hourly charges increase. Tattoo parlors are not flea marketplaces, do not bargain with your artist based on the cost factor. Tips are appreciated but should in no way be expected. 

Tattoo Aftercare 

For the most part, if you get a tattoo, get it done carefully! Bear in mind that a tattoo is a pierced wound that has to be taken care of, similar to any other scratch or cut that you may dig up. Tattoo aftercare should be recommended to get rid of the infection in the wounds and allow appropriate healing.

In a few countries, juvenile tattooing is not permissible, and special authorization must be given to tattoo mentally incompetent individuals. It is recommended to take advantage of skilled and expert tattoo artists, and the customer must take preventative measures to ensure that tattooing is completed only under the cleanest circumstances. The accountability, in due course, lies with the customer to ensure that all the preventative safety measures are strictly followed. 

There are no rigid rules concerning immediate aftercare of a tattoo. Nonetheless, it is recommended to maintain it as hygienic as possible at the same time as it heals. Special tattoo ointments are advised, but mild cleaning with soap and water is also suggested.

Care should be taken not to make use of too much water to rinse, nevertheless, as this could also scrub down tattoo inks or alleviate scabs before they naturally drop. If a tattoo gets unhygienic, the chances of deformation of the image are excellent owing to the development of scar tissue and pigments’ loss.

Tattoos repeatedly exposed to the sun will also have to be rebuilt or touched up before those not revealed – accordingly, stay out the sun – even later than your tattoo has healed! Picking off scabs will do away with the ink before it has set in, and the sun tends to lighten tattoo inks. A tattoo appears at its most excellent when the most ink remains within the skin.

Below are the 13 top ranking tattoo shops in Denver:

1. Dedication Tattoo

Dedication Tattoo is a reputable and most popular tattoo shop in Denver that offers an assortment of contemporary tattoo services. The tattoo parlor shop allows walk-in appointments. The entire skilled tattoo artists are experts who have immense knowledge concerning tattoos and pride themselves on their capability to communicate with customers.

They specialize in various art styles, such as bold customary, black and grey, Japanese, and delicate lettering tattoos. Its artists’ tattoos have established to age in good health. Depending on the assignment, services can be outlaid by part of the pack or hourly.

Website: www.dedicationtattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dedicationtattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dedicationtattoo

tattoo shops in Denver

Image: @dedicationtattoo

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2. Urban Element Tattoo

Urban Element Tattoo is a modern tattoo and body piercing shop in Denver. Jenny Alfelor and Rowell own the tattoo shop. Rowell has been working continuously as an expert tattoo artist for more than ten years.

The tattoo parlor provides customers with a clean, safe and sound, and specialized environment to walk around and know the world of body art. Urban Element Tattoo offers high-quality, ground-breaking traditional tattoos and body piercing over and above original artwork.  

Website: www.urbanelementtattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/UrbanElementTattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/uetattoo

tattoo shops in Denver

Image: @uetattoo

3. Bound By Design

Bound By Design is the leading destination for tattoos and body piercings situated in the center of Denver, Colorado. Walk-in appointments are welcome for tattooing as well as body piercings. Beforehand positions need to be canceled or rescheduled with a minimum of two hours’ notice.

Otherwise, you’ll be charged 25 dollars for the no-show fee. To schedule a separate tattoo appointment, you need to contact your favored tattoo artist straightforwardly through their profile contact page. Professional, expert, and artistic, the team can make any tattoo style available in a safe, sound, and relaxed environment.

Website: www.boundbydesign.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/boundbydesigncolfax

Instagram: www.instagram.com/boundbydesign

tattoo shops in Denver

Image: @boundbydesign

4. Alternative Arts Tattoo

Alternative Arts Tattoo is a reputable tattoo parlor serving Denver residents and visitors. Its entire team of expert tattoo artists offers various styles – customary, neo-traditional, sketches, and more. Alternative Arts Tattoo also makes available all-embracing body piercing services. The tattoo shop has been operational for more than 18 years, and Greg Fritts is the owner. He has over 30 years of experience in the tattooing business and is devoted to making premium artwork available. 

Website: www.alternativeartstattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alternativeartstattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/alternativeartstattoo

tattoo shops in Denver

Image: @alternativeartstattoo

5. Mammoth American Tattoo

Located in Denver, Colorado, Mammoth American Tattoo is a specialized, custom tattoo parlor studio and art gallery devoted to making all the customers’ top-quality tattoos and supreme customer service available. Owner and renowned tattoo artist William Thidemann have collectively brought the skills of Michael Martinez and Matt Hays together with his own to make public the most outstanding quality tattoos.

Website: www.mammothamerican.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mammothamerican

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mammothamerican

Image: @mammothamerican

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6.Think Tank South

Launched in 2002, Think Tank Tattoo is a traditional and reputable tattoo studio in Denver. The tattoo shop has a professional team of stylistically varied tattoo artists who persistently aim to improve and develop as expert artists. Spencer Reisbeck, an artist at the tattoo parlor, specializes in customary American, black and gray, and floral tattoos. In the meantime, Dominique Bega, another great tattoo artist at the parlor, focuses on top of unique cosmetic tattooing. 

Website: www.thinktanksouth.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thinktanksouth

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thinktanksouth

tattoo shops in Denver

Image: @thinktanksouth

7.Dead Drift Tattoo

Dead Drift is a reputable tattoo parlor in Denver. The professional and highly experienced team of tattoo artists includes Dan Hayes, AJ McGuire, and Jonny Agoes. The tattoo shop makes available the highest quality, creative tattoos in a sterile clean, and friendly environment. Amid several artists to pick from, there is a unique style for one and all. You can walk in or set up an appointment beforehand for your tattoo. 

Website: www.deaddrifttattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/deaddrifttattoodenverco

Instagram: www.instagram.com/deaddrifttattoodenverco

tattoo shops in Denver

Image: @deaddrifttattoodenverco

8.EOD Tattoo

EOD Tattoo is a modern tattoo studio in Denver. The tattoo shop serves walk-ins as well beforehand and appointment customers. The entire team includes award-winning tattoo artists covering particular styles: photo-based drawings, animal sketches, black-and-white icons, flower-patterned designs, and Japanese tattoos.

EOD Tattoo meets with every client to plan out the duration and number of necessary sessions for the different body parts. In addition, the tattoo parlor makes sure a hygienic environment and can show customers bills of fitness for their coolness.

Website: www.eodtattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EODTattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/eodtattoo

Image: @eodtattoo

9.Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio

Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio was established in 2010 and is situated in the Denver vicinity. Every year, Denver’s A-List has voted it one of the top tattoo parlors in the entire region. The tattoo shop’s owner, Adam Rose, donates nearly half of his business to serving kids, for instance – his program dealing with ink for kids’ toys. Fallen Owl specializes in everything, from fine black and grey to huge bold multi-colored tattoos. 

Website: www.fallenowltattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Fallenowltattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fallenowltattoo

Image: @fallenowltattoo

10.Love and Hate Elite Tattoo Studio

Love N Hate Elite Tattoo Studio was established in 2011, serving local customers and visitors in the Denver vicinity. Owner Gabe Lopez has been a tattoo expert for many years and specializes in black and grey, realism, and animal sketch designs. Lopez and his team of experienced and skilled tattoo artists’ aim are to make available custom-fit tattoo designs to meet the customers’ complex ideas. In addition, the team can re-establish the tattoo design if an unexpected event happens during the healing development.

Website: www.lnhtattoostudio.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LoveNHateEliteTattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lnh_tattoostudio

Image: @lnh_tattoostudio

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11.Landmark Tattooing

Landmark Tattooing is a reputable and most popular Denver tattoo shop. The tattoo shop is open six days a week. Sunday and Monday are by beforehand appointments only; on the other hand, Tuesday through Friday is all the time available for appointments and walk-ins.

The tattoo parlor organizes many events, for instance – the Flora Fauna Art Exhibition and Benefit. Many customers speak to the highest degree of the studio’s work, uttering that the tattoo artists produce quality tattoos with fine lines and meticulousness.

Website: www.landmarktattooing.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LandmarkTattooers

Instagram: www.instagram.com/landmarktattooers

Image: @landmarktattooers

12.Tribe Tattoo Shop

Tribe Tattoo is a reliable tattoo and body piercing shop situated in Denver. John Slaughter established Tribe Tattoo in 2010, intending to deliver the highest quality custom tattooing services. The tattoo artist, Vinny, has been in the tattoo business for many years. He is genuine regarding black and grey realism, customary, and lettering tattoo modes. One more tattoo artist, Meg, merges her oil painting/ graphic design background in all of the tattoos, specializing in all things beautiful; 

Website: www.tribetattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TribeTattooDenver

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tribetattoodenver

Image: @tribetattoodenver

13.Certified Tattoo Studios

Certified Tattoo Studios has a professional team of skilled tattoo artists working in every feasible area. This takes account of Realism, Customary, Grey & Black, Cover-Ups Full-Color, Watercolor, and many other styles of tattooing.

The tattoo shop can convey your ideas to life; whatsoever the size of the tattoo may be, and regardless of how multifaceted or straightforward, they will get you covered precisely. The costs of several different tattoos are based on the range, detail, and position of your Design.

Website: www.certifiedtattoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/certifiedtattoostudios

Instagram: www.instagram.com/certifiedtattoostudios

Image: @certifiedtattoostudios


With the infiltration of many tattoo studios, how do you know who’s secure, experienced & the best fit for you? In the Denver vicinity alone, there are more than 300 tattoo shops. In general, finding the best studio can feel irresistible. The advantage of these shops is that as a customer, options are never-ending. In a custom tattoo shop, all you need is inspiration & it’s the tattoo artist’s job to sketch it for you.


What Particular Tattoo Should I Get?

Where to place a particular tattoo is, and at all times should be, your personal decision. You can get whatever you feel like, no matter what your artist is all set to do. Your only limit is your judgment.

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Are all Tattoos Permanent?

Sun, inappropriate healing, and poor health will affect the ultimate results. All tattoos become old with time. How fine they age depends on the range and position. 

How much should a Tattoo

Questions close to tattoo prices are tough to answer and ones that can not at all be answered precisely by anybody above and beyond a genuine artist who knows exactly what you yearn for as your tattoo.  

How much does a Finger Tattoo Costs?

At the same time, as is the case for any other tattoo, the finger tattoo asking price depends on the Design, position, and tattoo artist’s capability. Generally, having such a petite tattoo comes with a massive cost. 

Can Old Tattoos Need to be Touched Up?

All old tattoos, to some extent, do not need a touch-up. On the other hand, when your skin’s natural healing development might create blemishes in your tattoo, you will need a little more detailing to fix the problem. It would help if you stayed away from sun exposure also. It is recommended to cover your tattoo simultaneously as being underneath the sun.

How much time does a small tattoo take?

At the same time, as it depends on the particulars of the Design, inexact 30-45 minutes are sufficient if not too much in-depth.

Do wrist tattoos in any way hurt?

Wrist tattoos also hurt, just similar to any other tattoo. Needles pierce your skin and inject it by way of ink. Some body parts can bear tattoo pain in good health than others, and your verge has to be well-thought-out. 

Is it normal for a tattoo to scab?

Scabbing and dryness are all standard parts of the healing development. Harsh scabs that are profound and thick may point toward a need to change your aftercare schedule and must be dealt with by your particular tattoo artist.

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