10 Best Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

Tattooing has a long and illustrious history as a form of art. For millennia, people in a variety of countries have been receiving them. They were widely used in ancient Rome, and some Native American tribes in North America were allowed to wear them. Here are our picks for the 10 best tattoo shops in Milwaukee. These are the greatest and well-organized in the city to get inked & pierced.

Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

However, tattoos did not become famous as a fashion statement until the twentieth century. Nowadays, it appears like everyone wants a tattoo. As a result, every generation sees a change in tattoo trends.

Tattoos are permanent ink impressions made over the skin using everlasting pigments or dyes. Tattoos are the best way to express emotions, and they can be inked from the head to the toe of the body. Obtaining a tattoo is a unique selection.

There are numerous factors to obtaining a tattoo. It can be an excellent method to reveal your love and recognize a unique individual. Some people get tattoos because it represents a significant moment in their lives, and some call them to commemorate a close friend or a loved one. A person gets a tattoo for a variety of reasons.

Types of Tattoos:

Tattoos are of three types:

  • Entirely Gorgeous: Tattoos that fall into this category usually have no meaning and are designed to be attractive.
  • Symbolic: Tattoos that fall under this category have a specific significance or a backstory related to the individual getting tattooed.
  • Pictorial: This type of tattoo refers to a tattoo that depicts a specific person or object.

A tattoo is a sort of body alteration in which ink, colors, or tints are injected into the dermis layer of the skin to produce designs.

Here are the 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee 

1) Mike D Tattoo Artist 

With the experience 14 years of, Mike D Tattoo Artist is one of the best and most reputable tattoo parlors in Milwaukee. Mike Davenport, the parlor owner, began his tattoo career in Tucson, where he learned from tattoo artists with more than 30 years of expertise in the field.

Mike D Tattoos has over 15,000 tattoos under his belt and has attended hundreds of tattoo conventions. Men and women of different age groups appreciated the variety of designs offered by them. Additionally, they are famed for their consultation services during and after the tattoo services to their customers. The shop’s employees are all quite pleasant and helpful, which will be helpful if you’re here for the first time.  

Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee
Credit: puregoldtattoos

Directions: 712 South 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Call: +1 414-208-1056

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Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

Credit: puregoldtattoos

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2) MANIA Tattoos Milwaukee

One of the top tattoo shops in Milwaukee, MANIA Tattoos Milwaukee, is a customized tattoo shop offering tattoo designs at affordable prices. In addition, their art gallery showcases their fantastic work, and they’ve had a lot of positive feedback from their consumers. They also offer consultancy services, and you can contact them any time to ask your query. 

Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee
Credit: jesse.e.mania

Directions: 1810 N Dr Martin Luther King Dr Milwaukee, WI 53212

Call: +1 414-801-6642


Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

Credit: jesse.e.mania

3) Rockstar Tattoo & Co.

Rockstar Tattoo & Co. is the best tattoo shop in town, with top-notch tattoo artists who have years of experience and passion in the industry. Brock Steven, the studio’s creator, has been a Milwaukee artist since 2004, and his studio has been in operation for almost ten years.

This shop has garnered numerous consumers from all around Wisconsin because of its well-known brand name. So whether a customer wants a new unique tattoo or intends to revive an old one, skilled tattoo artists can help. They have thousands of designs available for individuals to peruse, and they can also make a customer’s tattoo idea a reality. 

Credit: rockstartattooco

Directions: 2707 South 108th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53228

Call: +1 414-810-3631

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Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

Credit: rockstartattooco

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4) Walker’s Point Tattoo Co.

Founded in 2010, Walker’s point Tattoo Co. is Milwaukee’s most exquisite tattoo shop. They are famed for their highly skilled and professional experts who are highly concerned about the best tattoo experience for their customers.

Different types of tattoos like a cover-up, black & gray, lettering, portrait, realism, watercolor, traditional, trash dots, Custom, neo-traditional, flowery, Japanese style, freestyle, and many more are their specialty. They are a creative tattoo shop located just outside Milwaukee’s downtown area. They have the clearest, warmest, and best-looking shops in the city. 

Credit: walkerspointtattooco

Directions: 712 S 2nd Street Milwaukee, WI 53204

Call: +1 414-273-7827

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Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

Credit:  walkerspointtattooco

5) Good Land Tattoo

With over 25 years of experience, Good Land Tattoo is the best tattoo shop mastering the field of tattooing and hires outstanding tattoo professionals from Milwaukee. They follow a strict safety process for tattooing, which makes their customers delighted.

In addition, they offer cutting-edge equipment that is both safe and convenient to use on human skin. Most essential, the business is immaculately clean, with all the necessary safety precautions to put a consumer at ease. There’s also a positive vibe in the air, which will make you feel even better when you’re there. Overall, it’s one of Milwaukee’s most highly rated tattoo shops

Directions: 3483 N Oakland Ave Milwaukee, WI 53211

Call: +1 414-249-3954

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Credit: goodlandtattoo

Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

Credit: goodlandtattoo

6) Moving Shadow Ink Tattoos

Moving Shadow Ink, which opened in 2009, is a Milwaukee tattoo studio that offers a wide range of creative body art pieces. Master Mario Z is a self-taught tattoo artist who has paired up with other artists in the city to form an innovative team capable of handling a wide range of tattoo styles.

Black and grey realism, colorwork, and comic book designs. Laser tattoo removal is also available at Moving Shadow Ink. They are Milwaukee’s best tattoo & piercing experts. Shepherd Express and Alist have also named them the best tattoo shop in Milwaukee for 2012-2013. Realistic tattoos are their specialty. 

Credit: movingshadowink

Directions: 4328 W Forest Home Ave Milwaukee, WI 53219

Call: +1 414-321-0122                                

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Credit: movingshadowink

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7) Color Bomb Tattoo Shop and Body Piercing

Established in 2006 as a family-owned studio, Color Bomb Tattoo & Body Piercing is a Milwaukee-based shop that offers unique tattoos and facial and body piercings. In addition, it may provide Ethnic, religious, cultural, and nationalistic tattoos to customers.

Micro dermal piercing, as well as body, face, and ear piercing, are all available. The artists have over 20 years of piercing experience, allowing them to perform piercings in any style or location. It began in. The entrance and parking at Color Bomb Tattoo & Body Piercing are also handicap accessible.

Credit: colorbomb76

Directions: 8030 N 76th St Milwaukee, WI 53223

Call: +1 414-371-2525

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Credit:  colorbomb76

8) Serenity Ink

Serenity Ink is a Milwaukee-based tattoo studio that launched in 2012. Seven tattoo artists work in the business, each with special drawing and painting skills. Bright colors to grey and black combos, new school/watercolor technique, naturalism, Japanese environment, or melody tattoos are alternatives depending on the artist the customer chooses.

Clients can also have end consultations with the artists. Every artist schedules their appointments. They make you feel quite welcome when you first go in. The specialist does an excellent job, and you will feel like an entirely different person afterward. 

Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee
Credit: serenity.ink.tattoos

Directions: 5029 W Howard Ave Milwaukee, WI 53220

Call: +1 414-212-8179

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Credit: serenity.ink.tattoos

9) Atomic Tattoo Milwaukee

Are you on the hunt for the ideal tattoo to represent your genuine self? Visit Atomic Tattoo Milwaukee. You will not be sorry. Another aspect worth mentioning is that the parlor also offers piercing facilities. The rates are reasonable, although certain tattoos that require meticulous attention to detail may be slightly more expensive.

One of their key advantages is providing helpful information to customers on how to care about their tattoos once they are complete. In addition, your tattoo ideas are transformed into stunning art pieces by their tattoo Experts. 

Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee
Credit: atomic_tattoos

Directions: 5700 W. North Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53208

Call: +1 414-445-7777

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Credit:  atomic_tattoos

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10) Brew City Tattoo

Brew City Tattoo is one of Milwaukee’s best and finest tattoo shops with the most talented and experienced in the Milwaukee area, all with 10-16 years as industry professionals. They also provide licensed piercers for full-body piercing. In fact, they can gladly build something unique for you, or you can choose from thousands of pre-designed options. They can do whatever type of tattoo you want, no matter your style. 

They have tattoo artists specializing in Japanese, traditional, neo-traditional, portraiture, tribal, and cover-up tattoos. The state licenses the studio and its artists to operate and fulfill tasks. Brew City Tattoo appreciates its customers and places a premium on their safety and well-being while in the shop for their tattoo appointments.

Directions: 4637 South 108th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53228

Call: +1 414-425-8282 

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Tattoo Shops in Milwaukee

Credit:  brewcitytattoo

Credit: brewcitytattoo


Tattoos are a form of self-expression. They help you communicate your feelings and make vital markings or symbols about things that matter to you. For example, people get tattoos or get inked to remember a lost loved one, a particular word, or a specific moment in their lives.

There is a lot of development in Milwaukee in terms of fashion and glamour industries. Every prime location in Milwaukee is the home of tattoo shops. These Milwaukee tattoo shops offer conventional and contemporary styles that are well-liked by customers and in high demand. 


Is it true that tattoos are completely risk-free?  

Getting a tattoo is entirely safe if you visit a professional artist who follows all suggested safety precautions. Make sure you’re completely truthful about any medical issues you may have. 

What is the best season for getting a tattoo?

However, you can get a tattoo at any time of the year. Your skin takes a lot of stress in summers due to swimming, tanning, and simply being outside. The most incredible time to get a tattoo is during winter. Because of the cooler weather, healing your tattoo will be more comfortable. Covering up in winters allows the tattoo to recover faster.

Is getting a tattoo while I’m sick ok?

It’s not a good idea to get a tattoo while your immune system isn’t fully active. You’ll need all of your stamina and white blood cells to heal the tattoo, which your body won’t have if it’s busy fighting viruses and bacteria. Not to mention the risk of spreading germs to others if you carry your ailment into the tattoo studio. If you have an appointment, contact me to postpone it when you feel better.  

Is it possible to remove tattoos?

Yes, tattoos can be eradicated without scaring. You have various options if you have ink that you wish to remove. The cover-up is the first and most prevalent method. This entails collaborating with your tattoo artist to ‘cover up’ the previous tattoo.

Laser removal is the second option open to you. Removing tattoos can be highly successful, but it can also be very time-consuming, depending on the age and color of the tattoo. The third alternative is to combine both of the previous options. Artist uses the laser to lower the density of the objectionable tattoo, and the tattoo can be utilized to hide the old pattern.  

Is it possible to touch up old tattoos?

There is no need for touchups for all tattoos. However, the natural healing process of your skin may cause defects in your tattoo. To fix the problem, you’ll need to do some further detailing. However, if you take basic measures, you may avoid touching up. For healing, you must follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare guidelines.

Is it common for my fresh tattoo to scab after a few days?

Scabbing, flaking, peeling, and dryness are all-natural signs of healing. Severe, profound, thick scabs may signal that you need to adjust your aftercare services, which you should discuss with your tattoo professionals. 

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