15 Awesome Tattoos Shops In Shreveport To Get The Best Tattoo

Most individuals make the decision to select a tattoo artist and tattoo shops in Shreveport on the spur of the moment. Usually, they just go with just a random tattoo artist that is closest to their home. However, they tend to forget the critical aspects while selecting a tattoo artist. 

As a result, after choosing so carelessly, some individuals might get a tattoo of their choice, whereas some get their tattoo ruined. This is the basic reason why you should look for experience, specialty, and other vital information while choosing a tattoo artist. 

Here, we have collected some of the critical aspects that you should take into consideration while selecting a tattoo artist. 

Take your time

Well, getting a tattoo is amusing for all, but when you finally decide to have it, you just can’t wait. However, choosing a tattoo artist is a vital decision that should never be taken hastily. 

When you want a tattoo of your choice, take the time to find a tattoo artist so you don’t mess up by choosing the wrong one.

Visit various artist

Wander around for choices where you can get a tattoo of your choice. On visiting each one of them, ask for their previous work samples, their specialty, and every other detail that you need from a tattoo artist. 

Examine the artists’ friendliness and willingness to engage in conversation by asking them questions. They don’t take much pleasure in their work if, after spending 30 minutes wandering throughout the store, no one even approaches you to inquire if they can assist.

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Survey their work

You don’t have to be an expert to be able to distinguish between good work and terrible work. Look very attentively at work, whether you have the opportunity to examine examples in person or in an artist’s portfolio. 

Pretty images have a way of influencing people. Avoid falling into this trap. Look at the lines attentively. They ought to be fluid rather than jerky, jagged, or unsteady.

Friend’s experiences

Inquire about your friend’s experiences with the same tattoo artist that you figured out. They will share what the tattoo artist is actually up to. This would be helpful to you while choosing an artist. 

Your friends would alert you if they had a bad experience with a similar tattoo artist. You can also check the reviews and ratings of the tattoo artist online. It will further help you to decide whether you should have a tattoo from that shop or not. 

If you live in Shreveport and are looking for the best tattoo shop/artist, then you have come to the right place. 

We have collected all the best tattoo shops in Shreveport to help you select the best. You don’t need to go anywhere else in search of the best ones as we have listed them all:

1. Voodoux Tattoux

When you’re looking for the best tattoo shop in Shreveport, then Voodaoux Tattoux is the right place for you. The tattoo shop has skilled artists with years of tattooing background. All tattoo styles are offered by their skilled and certified tattoo artists at competitive prices. 

They want to provide tattoos of the highest caliber in a friendly setting. Voodoux Tattoux specializes in scar concealing, tattoos, and permanent makeup. The studio provides a warm, roomy, and attractive setting to make its clients feel at home. 

Image: @nicoleatvoodouxtattoux

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2. Trendsetters Tattoo

Finding a creative tattoo shop in Shreveport? Trendsetters tattoo is among the ones that offer creative art pieces while maintaining the sanitary and hygiene conditions of the studio. They have been offering their clients top-notch tattooing services for a long time.

The tattoo studio employs artists with a wide range of tattooing expertise that is extremely gifted and competent. To provide its consumers with fantastic and amazing outcomes, its staff makes use of the most recent and cutting-edge technologies. 

All of its clients may expect a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere from Trendsetters Tattoo. This place entertains walk-in customers as well.

Image: @stabbedbystacy

3. Red Handed Tattoo

Why miss one of the award-winning tattoo shops in Shreveport LA? Visit Red Handed Tattoo shop that has over years of experience in creating inspiring and motivating designs that stand up to the customer’s expectations. 

Their staff has several years of tattoo business expertise. Their tattoo artists all provide top-notch service to satisfy the needs and preferences of their clients. Moreover, their group takes great delight in offering the top tattoo designs and outstanding customer service. 

The studio offers a warm, inviting, roomy, and lovely setting to help its clients feel at ease.

  • Mail ID: inkbyalicia@gmail.com
  • Phone: (318) 865-0777
  • Timings: Mon-Sat: 12am – 8pm
  •  Sun: Closed

Image: @https://www.instagram.com/p/CZ2xLHfuDmE/ 

4. Atomic Tattoo:

You wish your tattoo to be flawless when you’re honoring a dear companion, marking a significant achievement, or just beautifying your body. Atomic Tattoo is a tattoo parlor with a staff of talented artists that can provide you with the artwork you desire. 

The bespoke tattoos they provide create a lifetime of memories. Styles in black and gray for a lovely 3-D effect and Full-color graphics for a vibrant appearance. You can schedule a time to have your first tattoo or to complete your sleeve. 

If you wish to remove a tattoo that is too old, they can also do coverups.

  • Mail ID: atomictattoobossier@gmail.com
  • Phone: (318) 747-0195
  • Timings: Tue-Thu: 02:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Fri-Sat: 2:00 PM – 12:00 AM
  • Sun: 02:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Image: @theatomictattoo 

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5. Bloodline tattoo

Do you have a design in mind and need a tattoo artist to ink exactly the same? Then, you must visit one of the amazing tattoo shops in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Bloodline tattoo shop. 

The professionals here are super-friendly, and they look after every need of the customers. This place maintains all the hygiene conditions and other compliances set by the tattoo associations worldwide. 

Here, you can also ask for customization tattoos and other creative art pieces with your own personal twist. This place definitely makes your experience professional, personable, and less painful.

Image: @miguelrangelxitras

6. Iron Horse Tattoo

The top custom tattoo parlor in Shreveport-Bossier is Iron Horse Tattoo Company. You won’t find any other place than Iron Horse Tattoo Company, known throughout the Ark-La-Tex for the spectacular unique designs and fantastic piercing deals. 

They put more effort into offering you the greatest quality at the most competitive costs possible. This place offers a customized customer piece to its customers in a great setting that every individual love.

Image: @ironhorsejerez

7. Scaredy Tatts

Their first area of expertise is client satisfaction! Almost everyone who has inked from this place adores the usage color and realistic black and grey. Whatever task, at any cost, is doable. Scaredy-Tatts doesn’t mind going beyond the limits of its clients. 

This place has over a decade of experience in creating tattoos that its clients love. Here the professionals are as friendly as to make you comfortable for the long hours of tattooing sessions.

  • Web Address: http://www.scaredytatts.com/
  • Timings: Tue – Thu: 01:00 PM – 09:00 PM
  • Fri-Sat: 01:00 PM -11:00 PM Sun-Mon- Closed
  • Phone: (903) 417-4082

Image: @https://www.instagram.com/p/CJZRM8BBTtt/ 

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8. Ghostfire Tattoo

Have a sneak peek into the work of Ghost fire tattoo studio that has reputable staff on its sides. They have one fun and classical and whimsical appeal about them that every tattoo artist towards themselves. 

This location welcomes all individuals who want walk-ins and tattoo customization by booking. This place has a great hand in making creative pieces to give your customer only the best.

Image: @https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQRFDqB1vf/ 

9. The SkinWorks Tattoo

Want quality tattooing services? This place is the one for you! The services this place offers are surreal that you will get stuck in its beauty. You can also ask for custom pieces of your choice that suit your personality. 

The staff here provides amazing realistic tattoos and also specializes in providing black and white tattoos and geometric and dot work tattoos. The clean and hygienic environment of this place makes it outstanding for getting yourself inked.

Image: @sharnibott

10. Shreveport Ink

Beginners who are worried about where to get their first tattoo, this place is perfect for you. They have a trusted name and artwork that guarantees you’ll get a satisfactory piece of artwork. 

Furthermore, this place is good for individuals who need a coverup tattoo. They exist in a fun, clean, and friendly environment, so you don’t feel anything awkward. The professionals make sure to make your first tattooing experience incredible.

Image: @tat2brandon

11. Body Electric

When you need a fully personalized tattoo, coverup work, or nearly anything you can imagine on your skin, they can do it for you. They always create high-quality artwork in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, so their clients never feel awkward in their tattoo parlor.

The staff here will let you realize if there is anything you need to know or comprehend about what you desire. However, the professionals will go through it with you and arrive at a solution that is superior to what you had first desired!

  • Web Address: http://bodyelectrictattoo.com/
  • Timings: Mon- Thu: 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Fri- Sat: 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Sunday- Closed
  • Phone: (318) 681-0990

Image: @martinkellytattoo

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12. Pens and Needles Tattoo Studio

This is one of the highly recommended places where people love to get inked. You will have such an amazing experience at this place. The environment is sterile and clean and maintains all the cleanliness compliance that the tattoo shops need to maintain. 

The tattoo artist is very sweet and would never ignore your concerns and queries. They answer them politely, so you never mess up on the aftercare routine, resulting in ruining your tattoo.

Image: @tattoosnob

13. Ink’d Up Tattoo Rescue

Since the professionals at this place have experience of 18 years, everything in their work is bespoke. They specialize in various sorts and styles of tattoos, including Japanese, Polynesian, tribal, color, and portraiture. 

Tattoo artist here started their own tattoo parlor when they first saw a cover up or fresh ink. The professionals here also carry a huge assortment of body jewelry and specialize in body piercing.

Image: @mayagilmourtattoos

14. Hand Forged Tattoo

This is the only place that specializes in different types of tattoo styles and accepts walk-ins. They have a solid reputation in the tattoo industry, and every tattoo artist knows the name of this place in Shreveport. 

Choosing this place would definitely be a boon for you, and you’ll never regret the decision. Keep track of the offers here and get yourself inked from this amazing place.

Image: @angelhands.ink

15. Tattoo Paradise

The professionals at this studio were amazing. He was professional, polite, and professional. You can give the pics of what you want, and they will tattoo it flawlessly. The prices are spot on for the work and exactly what you expect. 

You would absolutely go back and recommend this shop to anyone looking for artwork. Skilled, professional, clean, and FAST! They also take time to explain aftercare, especially to those who have their first piece.

Image: @kaviduvimanga

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Frequently Asked Questions

What affordable tattoo parlors are the best?

Two of the top tattoo parlors where you may get a masterpiece engraved on your body, are Atomic Tattoo and Body Electric.

In Louisiana, how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

The legal age to acquire a tattoo without parental permission is 18. I think you can acquire one with parental permission at 16 or 17. Most venues won’t let anyone inside who is less than 18 years old.

What is the minimum price of the Voodoux Tattoux shop?

The range of this place varies anything between $10 to $80. It also depends upon what style of pattern you are looking for. If you choose a large piece of the tattoo, the price will eventually increase, whereas if you go minimalistic style yet it has some intricate details, the price will be low.

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