77 Superb Butterfly Skull Tattoo Ideas For Your Consideration

History, Symbolism and Meaning

The butterfly is one of the most popular elements that women and even a few men prefer to get inked. The beautiful creature tells us all that we’ve turned from a straightforward cocoon and emerged a magnificent, gorgeous animal. They’re everybody’s much-loved insect, and they make beautiful tattoos.

77 Superb Butterfly Skull Tattoo Ideas For Your Consideration

However, a recent study carried out in the US reveals that when it gets nearer to tattoos, a great majority of women outnumber men. A total of 60% of women have, at any rate, one tattoo versus only 40% with the men.

On the whole, butterflies are an ordinary subject of tattoos among women. They are every so often inked just as acute skin decoration. Nevertheless, at other times, they may have a more profound significance. Butterfly tattoo designs and meanings stand for exquisiteness, freedom, self-assurance, self-determination, and change. They symbolize transformation, autonomy from the emotional stress, pardon, or divine growth.

Tips to Remember

Skull Tattoo Meanings

There’s no doubt that every civilization on this globe has a significance for the skull tattoo for the reason that no one in this life is unaffected by death (it’s difficult not to be gloomy at what time we bring up the skull).

On the other hand, it’s not all doom and gloom for these tattoo implications.

Skulls show symbols of bravery and power in the face of death, which are unique themes for any person’s next tattoo.

Here are the critical meanings following skull tattoos:

Death Fearlessness 

If you’re wearing a skull tattoo, you most expect you would like to show individuals and yourself that you are not scared of death.

The skull tattoo symbolizes your association with death, and wearing it on top of your arm, leg, or anywhere you prefer can be a reminder day after day that you have no apprehension of the beyond.


The skull tattoo also symbolizes a new beginning to life: or a new start. The skull represents how a close to-death experience may have handled your life and made you believe reborn.


If you want to admire somebody who has died symbolically, the skull tattoo may be the approach to set out. In this kind of tattoo, you may feel like adding design elements that tell you of that appreciated one so that the skull can get tattooed in an approach that honors their reminiscence.

What Does a Butterfly Skull Tattoo Symbolize?

Butterfly tattoos depict representing exquisiteness, change, and hardiness. They are well-liked and multipurpose designs exploring the insect’s imagery in various styles and practical applications. Butterflies naturally draw closer in a massive variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. In addition, they are delicate and flimsy creatures that can combine with other components of nature.

Suppose you’re on the lookout for a unique tattoo design that’s bound to draw awareness and initiate conversations. In that case, the exciting combination of a skull and a butterfly might be the precise fit for you. 

It’s one of those designs where the combination of two differing polar elements may look like a strange choice, but in fact, carries profound meaning in the wake of it. 

Independently, the skull and butterfly are enduring classics and outstandingly popular at what time it draws closer to tattoo designs.

At what time placed together, they’re the just-right balance of maleness and womanliness and offer never-ending opportunities for design and ingenuity depending on top of what importance it holds to you.

A butterfly could be well-thought-out, pretty, a feminine symbol and could stand for a romantic interest or even the failure thereof. Although, on the one hand, it is like the male and womanly representation of a connection, at the same time as on the other hand, it is like the finish of a relationship, perchance a sad ending where hearts broke down.

Seeing that butterflies stand for good luck, grouping a skull and butterfly could signify how someone has had an intimate to-death experience. Or how they employ to tread down the wide of the marked path, but with sheer good fortune, has handled to take back organization of their lives.

Butterfly Skull Tattoo(74 Ideas)

  1. Black and White Skull Butterfly
  2. Half Butterfly Half Skull Tattoo
  3. Butterfly Skull Dotwork Design
  4. Blue Butterfly Tattoo with Skull
  5. Skull Shaped into a Butterfly
  6. Cracked Skull Design in Butterfly Wings
  7. Butterfly Skull Art Inspiration
  8. Large Back Tattoo of Skull Wings
  9. Two Skulls on Butterfly Wings Art
  10. Detailed Sketched Butterfly Skull Design
  11. Butterfly Artwork with Skull Detail
  12. Small Black and White Skull
  13. Butterfly on Back of Leg
  14. Colorful Sugar Skull Butterfly
  15. Red and Black Sugar Skull with Butterfly Wings
  16. Sugar Skulls for Wings on Butterfly
  17. Colorful Butterfly with Sugar Skull Center
  18. Skull Detail on Butterfly Wings
  19. Dark Skull Design
  20. Large Butterfly Skull Thigh Tattoo
  21. Butterfly with Skull in the Middle
  22. Two Butterflies with Skull Wings
  23. Butterfly with Skeleton Face on Wings
  24. Sketched Half Butterfly and Half Skeleton Design
  25. Skeleton Face on Wings Tattoo on Hand
  26. Subtle Skeleton Face in Butterfly
  27. Knife in Skull with Butterfly Tattoo
  28. Shaded Skull with Butterfly Sitting on Cheek
  29. Skeleton with Rosary and Butterflies
  30. Skull with Butterfly and Rose Art Inspiration
  31. Skull with Flower Crown and Butterfly
  32. Flower Covered Skull with Butterfly Accents
  33. Butterflies Covering a Skeleton Tattoo
  34. Flying Butterflies with Skull Art
  35. Old Skull with Butterfly Design
  36. Butterfly with Skull on Back
  37. Two Skulls Making a Butterfly
  38. Hidden Skull in Butterfly Wings
  39. Hand Tattoo of Butterfly Skull
  40. Blue Butterfly on Skeleton Head Tattoo
  41. Detailed Skull with Flowers and Butterflies
  42. Shaded Tattoo Design with Details
  43. Pretty Flowers on Skull with Butterflies
  44. Large Detailed Tattoo Skull Pink Flowers and Butterflies
  45. Unique Sketched Skull Tattoo
  46. Skeleton Hand Holding a Butterfly
  47. Arm Tattoo of Skeleton Butterfly
  48. Skeleton Body Filled with Flowers and Butterflies
  49. Dancing Skeleton Tattoo
  50. Butterfly Sitting on Skeleton Hand
  51. Blue Butterfly with Skull Hand Tattoo
  52. Skull Design on Monarch Butterfly Wings
  53. Colorful Skull Butterfly
  54. Dotwork Tattoo Design
  55. Black and White Skeleton
  56. Outline Playing with Butterflies
  57. Colorful Playful Butterfly Skeleton
  58. Skeleton Ribcage with Butterfly Lungs
  59. Flower and Butterfly Turned into a Skeleton Outline
  60. Skeleton Butterfly Art Inspiration
  61. Ribcage Butterfly Tattoo Design
  62. Fun Skeleton with Butterfly Wings
  63. Butterfly Skeleton Body Parts Tattoo
  64. Skeleton Skull with Butterflies
  65. Portrait Tattoo of Skeleton Playing with Butterfly
  66. Colorful Butterfly with Skull Motif
  67. Large Skeleton Butterfly Chest piece
  68. Skeleton Face with Butterfly Accents
  69. Flowers Shaped into a Skull Head
  70. Half Skeleton Face with Butterfly Wings
  71. Colorful Floral Crown on Skull with Butterflies
  72. Butterflies Sitting on Skull Head
  73. Simple Butterfly with Skull Faces Outline
  74. Half Skull Half Butterfly Tattoo

The above-mentioned 74 Superb Butterfly Skull Ideas have been categorized as under:

1. Large Back Tattoo of Skull Wings

A butterfly paired amid a skull tattoo is the eventual symbol of transience and new life – collectively, they stand for the circle of life. By way of connections to nature, there’s no better ground to have this ink on top of you perpetually. Choose placement on top of your arm, thigh, or even your ribcage – these unique designs have a propensity to be somewhat more significant; as a result. It’s superlative to accommodate the exact space for it. On the whole, it’s a dazzling piece with a story to put in the picture.

Image: @joe.thefloraltattooist
Image: @ismintha
Image: @hos_tattooer 
Image: @ ismintha     
Image: @bigdaddymoejordan

2. Colorful Skull Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are the icons of many cultures, seeing as the tattoo often holds profound meanings for the civilizations that practice tattooing. For the individual, the colorful skull butterfly tattoo design is one of the most warily selected things that an individual has to think of. This is because to have a tattoo inscribed on top of one’s body means that the individual must be all set to live with the special symbol for a very long time. At the same time, as tattoos are iconic for many, the skull tattoo design is an iconic tattoo symbol that one can choose easily.

Image: @mazzzoni 

Image: @nickdrichard

Image: @chrisgifted72

 Image: @martyremo

Image: @kayrosstattoos

Image: @chrisgifted72

3. Butterfly skull Tattoos with Dark Outline

Time and again, the skull tattoo design talks about the significance of life and death. Today, many western individuals associate the skull with death, but in several cultures, the skull is an icon of something much more, life, over and above death. It is like the separation between the living and the remnant of those who have moved on after death. Therefore, when someone chooses the skull tattoo, an individual can live with the presence of death that he can ultimately learn to realize life.

Image: @kripta.tattoo  

Image: @mike_hervin

Image: @electricempiretattooinc     

 Image: @blinktato

Image: @mike_hervin 

    Image: @muramasatattoo_studio

4. Butterfly Skull Tattoos On Hand

The butterfly skull tattoo represents power and resilience and displays overcoming difficult times and struggles. This ink is a striking choice for those who want a potent reminder of their inner force to meet the challenges in life and the aptitude to re-write their story. Choose a side shot of the insect and have the punctuation mark act simultaneously as the body of the butterfly. This tattoo looks most excellent on the hand, as it sits in one of the sloppiest spots on the body.

Image: @_sullenator_         

                                                        Image: @  romansunico

Image: @mariscattt 

                                                                           Image: @jonny.kt

Image: @tattoosbystingray  

                                                                                        Image: @papillon.diurne.tatouage

5. Butterfly Skull Tattoos On Neck

If you’re a fan of beautiful artwork, you can’t go past this neck butterfly skull tattoo. This tattoo is a delicate and finely comprehensive impression, so be sure you find a well-thought-of artist who can imitate it completely. When considering this design, please stay away from placing it anywhere that will get profoundly exposed to sunlight. Also, be sure to take appropriate care of it so you can see its prettiness for years to get nearer.

Image: @miss_preciouss   

                                            Image: @flownupart      

Image: @smokeyfoxtattoo 

                                                        Image: @girlnorthtattoo

Image: @mami.tattoo   

                                                                      Image: @tattoobytran 

6. Butterfly Skull Tattoos On Fore arm

Keep the ones you care for you far and wide; you go with a butterfly skull tattoo and the forearm tattoo design. The collective symbolism of this ink stands for love, reliance, and rebirth – it’s the most excellent option to memorize your loved ones or individuals near to your heart. Feel free to add styles representing optimism, enjoyment, and new beginnings. This tattoo will hold additional impact for you every single day.

Image: @j_ed3n_tattoo    

           Image: @yebel_tattooer

Image: @chap_artwork    

                                                              Image: @luckyztattoo

Image: @yebel_tattooer

                                                                                         Image: @omega_ink_bladel   

7. Butterfly Skull Tattoos On Shoulder

You’re a single in a million, so why have the similar ink as one and all else? The butterfly skull tattoo design should denote something different to every wearer, so add your imagery to it by keeping it only one of its kind. Make the wings of the insect keen on eyes, unite it with a skull, have several sizes in one spot, or add various colors. Have a conversation with your tattoo artist before deciding on anything – they can facilitate coming up with the just-right style for you.

Image: @tut_pharaoh      

    Image: @wearequeencity

Image: @artbylilohcho

    Image: @haferks

 Image: @jessica.herzenswunschtatt    

                                                                         Image: @zeno_tattoo_official

8. Thigh Butterfly Skull Tattoos

Look as if a butterfly has landed on top of your skin with these realistic thigh butterfly skull tattoos. These delicate designs are challenging to replicate, so make sure you find an artist who specializes in practicality. Do a little research and find out your much-loved butterfly. There is a bit that will resound with you and suit your individuality. For the just right effect, place this somewhere, such as your thigh – it will emerge as if the dazzling insect has chosen you.

Image: @tattoos_by_pat   

                                                                    Image: @gracewhite_art

Image: @melaniegraceart  

  Image: @philmanntattoo_hlt

9. Chest Butterfly Skull Tattoos

Now and then, you don’t want bright colors to create an impactful tattoo. These delicate designs are enduring and look remarkable. Instead, opt for a realistic chest butterfly skull tattoo with light and elaborate wings; in fact, there are scores of options to opt from. Be sure to take more care of this ink as the black ink is vulnerable to fading devoid of appropriate maintenance, so take care you hydrate and dampen the area.

 Image: @symmetrical.light  

    Image: @cino_tattoo

Image: @patriciainktattoo     

  Image: @greg.tatt

Image: @ryeclavxtattoos    

Image: @gta_ttoo

10. Butterfly Skull Arm Tattoos

The butterfly skull arm tattoo is a well-liked choice that will look stunning on anyone. Make it petite and delicate at the nape of your arm – allow the wings of the butterfly to facilitate you fly. To complete it, add more symbols in the company of the tattoo. This spot is one of the minor excruciating zones of the body, so it could be the just-right option for your initial piece.

Image: @imperfectmedium   

     Image: @electricempiretattooinc

Image: @piercingsworks   

    Image: @jean_vader_tattoos

 Image: @thepiratesloungetattooparlor     

     Image: @breaid 

11. Butterfly Skull Tattoos On Leg

Feel as if you’re walking through a haven with these delicate butterfly skull tattoos on your leg. There are no rulings with this placement; as a result, you can make an effort with different styles to locate one that suits you. Be sure to find a trustworthy artist, seeing that this spot on top of the body can get noticed straightforwardly. It’s also essential that you take good care of this ink, as it tends to grow fainter faster when exposed to the sunlight.

Image: @n1ck.tattoo    

                                                                                          Image: @junioretattoo

 Image: @ps.tattoostudio 

                          Image: @  rudyalvarotattoo 

Image: @swtiris_apes

  Image: @grimreality570

12. Belly Butterfly Skull Tattoos

As one of the significant canvas areas of the body, your belly is the just-right spot for your next ink. From a full sleeve tattoo to a solitary piece, there is the perfect design that will go well with you. In recent times, the belly has been a well-liked spot, and you can work these butterflies down into your belly and allow them to enfold crosswise your skin. Let your thoughts run naturally with a belly tattoo, or keep it accessible with a statement black sketch out.

Image: @nicc.inkk     

    Image: @black_eye_tattoo_shop

Image: @jimicheck 

Image: @vicki_m_hogg

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

    Image: @elysianink_ewataus


Butterflies are an innate vision of exquisiteness. In tattooing, they can stand for optimism and a future that will at all times be encouraging or changeover away from an off-putting situation to a little bright and uplifting through the thought of metamorphosis.

Irrespective of what the Skull Butterfly Tattoo symbolizes for you, there are many great unique designs to opt from. So whether you’re after rather multicolored and dazzling, or more profound and more serious, there’s bound to be a great design intended for you.


What does a skull butterfly tattoo mean?

Ans: A skull represents death, and a butterfly symbolizes new life. Simultaneously, these tattoo designs suggest the circle of life and the ties amid life and fatality.

What does a butterfly tattoo stand for mental health?

Ans: Butterflies time and again stand for natural growth and change, beginning life as a caterpillar, after that developing into a lively, multi colored insect with the power and autonomy to fly. It shows us that we can change and grow into something more significant.

Is butterfly tattoo a stroke of bad luck?

Ans: Exquisiteness is in the eye of the beholder, but you wouldn’t be able to stumble on many who oppose that butterflies are works of art. Butterfly tattoos stand for womanliness and prettiness in their rarest forms. A lot of cultures consider butterflies mean good luck.

Does a tattoo change your life?

Ans:It’s fine art you can wear every day — a bit that holds importance expresses your approach and becomes an everlasting part of your body. But in a few cases, tattoos can lead to complications later in life.

Why are butterfly tattoos considered sexy?

Ans: They are images that offer a double dose of womanliness. They are sexy and give out a sense of eventual female pride. They show the exquisiteness of both the butterfly and the woman as one separate being. Indeed, these double womanly imaged tattoos are lovely and sexy.

How do butterfly tattoos help enhance sex appeal?

Arranged in any style, the woman’s figure and a butterfly will be breath taken and give a face-lift. The grouping will add to your sex appeal and attractiveness at what time placed anywhere on your body. 

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