12 Top Ranking Tattoo Shops in Sacramento

Whether to get a tattoo and the way of choosing the right tattoo artist to execute it is a big decision that should be utterly carefully planned. Searching for a good tattoo artist incorporates more than simply knowing who to search for; it’s a lengthy procedure that will consecutively result in the outline you want. Through this procedure, you can be contented with your choice for the rest of your life, and you will also bump into less pressure. Now, it’s time to search the top ranking tattoo shops in Sacramento. Check out the list below!

tattoo shops in sacramento

Like any business, a few characters are popular but not considered the most outstanding at what they do. Subsequently, some knuckle down and create the most all-inclusive results – and are often overlooked.

Unfortunately, many individuals conduce to see these self-styled ‘popular’ communities as the best, but the truth is time and again far from existence. Knowing what you need to know and whom to consider is an investment, and all should analyze the likely outcomes of a substandard tattoo.

Accordingly, the information in this piece of writing has gathered the best details about the top Tattoo Shops in Sacramento. 

Tattooed Body Parts

Look matters a lot in today’s modern world. Individuals love to show off their looks with particular garments and accessories. Body tattoos are the most stylish fashion statement. Many individuals worldwide adore wearing tattoos on diverse parts of their body to give the impression of being more striking and attractive. 

If you are looking for ideas on this issue, you can search the web. There are many websites created to help find their most wanted tattoo ideas and designs. There are diverse types of tattoo ideas, designs, and symbols. Many individuals show off these tattoos on various parts of their bodies, consequently attracting others. It is well-thought-out as a sign of expression for many individuals. 

According to the latest reports, more women adore wearing tattoos in contrast to men. They craft tattoos on top of different body parts to exert a pull on their partners. Many ladies glance through the online sites that make available information on this matter. They utilize these all-inclusive designs and ideas to wear tattoos.

Some individuals are still bewildered to see people seeking tattoo representations and designs for particular body parts. They think about it a bit embarrassed. In the past, many individuals were in the habit of choosing a tattoo that was imperative, and next, they used to discuss it with the tattoo artist.

Afterward, they used to settle on the body part where they wanted to wear the Tattoo. On the other hand, with the change of time and the random things of the internet technology, many individuals are an option for the internet as the correct place for finding tattoo ideas and designs.

Before wearing any specific tattoo, particularly the permanent ones, you need to consider a few essential things. It is wide of the mark to think that all the body parts are the same. Some are more susceptible than others. As a result, you need to think about this issue carefully. 

Some popular tattooed body parts are:

1. Wrist Tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos. They can be concealed underneath a watch or bracelet if you want.

2. Lower Back Tattoos are also trendy among the masses. Most women adore crafting tattoos on this part of their body.

3. Some individuals also like foot Tattoos.

4. Some individuals also prefer ankle Tattoos. 

Some other popular tattooed body parts include Arm tattoo designs, Chest designs, Armband designs, Forearm designs, Neck designs, Rib designs, Shoulder designs, Upper back designs, and Leg designs. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Tattoo

1. The cost of a tattoo will count on the skills and knowledge of the artist that you select for your Tattoo. The more knowledgeable and expert artists tend to charge at a higher rate than the less experienced ones.

A highly regarded tattoo artist will price their services on an hourly basis, which is why making the Tattoo more costly. On the other hand, despite the higher cost, a knowledgeable artist will offer you a more specialized service that also transforms into a more magnificent tattoo.

2. The more significant the Tattoo, the more expensive it will be. Big tattoos have a propensity to munch through more time than a smaller tattoo, and thus it is only reasonable for the artist to charge extra for them. On the other hand, this is not the case because some small tattoos may cost way more than larger ones owing to their delicate design. 

3. A one-color tattoo is, to some extent, economical and cheaper than a multicolored one. The key reason behind this is that a tattoo with more than one color entails more features. In addition, the more in-depth a tattoo is, the more the time and resources considered necessary to sketch it. 

4. The place that you select to have your Tattoo will influence the asking price of the Tattoo drastically. Some areas are generally more challenging for the tattoo artist to sketch than others, so most artists will tend to charge extra for these locations. 

5. Multifaceted tattoo designs entail a lot of the work from the artist so that he can be able to dig it upright. Owing to this, the more multifaceted the design of your Tattoo is, the more costly will be the Tattoo will be. On the other hand, uncomplicated tattoo designs are easy to sketch, and accordingly, they will also not cost you to a large extent. 

6. Tattoo parlors situated in luxurious cities are usually more costly than those found in other metropolis areas. This is because tattoo artists know that the community in the great regions is well-off, so they will charge them more costly. Furthermore, running the tattoo shop in the lavish areas is also more expensive due to high rents. Therefore a tattoo artist has to be pricier to carry on his business running. 

Accordingly, have a look at the 12 Top Ranking Tattoo Shops in Sacramento: 

1. The American Tradition

The American Tradition is a reputable tattoo parlor in Sacramento serving residents, visitors, and neighboring areas. The tattoo shop is owned and created by renowned professional tattoo artist Ryan Tanton (2008). He has been in the tattooing business for a lot of years. Furthermore, all the experienced tattoo artists have more than ten years of specialized experience. The studio specializes in creating American traditional, flower-patterned, and full-color tattoo designs. 

tattoo shops in sacramento
Credit: tatsacto

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tatsacto

Website: www.tatsacto.com

Contact: 1219 19th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

tattoo shops in sacramento

Credit: tatsacto

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2. Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

Royal Peacock Tattoo has been serving the customers of the Sacramento vicinity for the past so many years. The tattoo studio specializes in traditional custom body artwork, American customary, black and gray, Japanese, sketch, and realism styles. In addition, the tattoo parlor has an extensive library and web research facility for tattoo stimulation. The shop is always open seven days a week. Most customers have praised the Royal Peacock Tattoo shop for its welcoming and amusing staff.

tattoo shops in sacramento
Credit: royalpeacocktattooparlor

Instagram: www.instagram.com/royalpeacocktattooparlor

Website: www.royalpeacocktattooparlor.com

Contact: 2101 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Credit: royalpeacocktattooparlor

3. Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio

Fallen Angel Tattoo has been serving the customers of the Sacramento area for the past so many years. Every professional tattoo artist specializes in different body tattooing art styles: neo-traditional, full-color, realism, and graffiti. The tattoo parlor also makes available body piercing and carries a massive range of premium quality handmade jewelry. The studio was featured on FYI’s Red Hot Design, and the proprietor has done on-camera work by way of Epic Ink. 

tattoo shops in sacramento
Credit: fallenangeltattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fallenangeltattoo

Website: www.thefallenangeltattoo.com

Contact: Citrus Heights, CA 95621

tattoo shops in sacramento

Credit:  fallenangeltattoo

4. Imperious Rex

Imperious Rex is a reliable and most popular tattoo parlor serving the Sacramento vicinity and neighboring areas since 2013. Its list of tattooing artworks with customers to produce art customized preferences, including fine-tuning creative ideas. The professional team of tattoo artists at Imperious Rex is multitalented, and their combined portfolio displays full-color to fine line big tattoos. 

Credit: 1mperiousr3x 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/1mperiousR3x

Website: www.imperiousrextattoo.com

Contact: Citrus Heights, CA 95610

tattoo shops in sacramento

Credit: 1mperiousr3x

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5. Forever Tattoo

The tattoo parlor commits to making available safe and sound tattoo surroundings for all clients. The team of skilled artists is all the time available for discussion on all-embracing tattoo designs, and the artists are generally booked two months beforehand. They can integrate mythologies and pop civilization and capture high-impression ideas. Customers can also buy prints and creative art from tattoo artists.

Credit: forevertattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/forevertattoo

Website: www.facebook.com/forevertattoosac

Contact: 2312 K St, Sacramento, CA 95816, United States

tattoo shops in sacramento

Credit: forevertattoo

6. Leonardi Tattoo

Leonardi Tattoo is a Sacramento-based reliable tattoo studio owned and maneuvered by renowned sand professional tattoo artists Alicia Harry and Jennifer Leonardi. Both the artists began their lines of tattooing business under Bill Liberty. The tattoo parlor specializes in big traditional pieces, black and gray, multicolored, and cover-up artworks. Furthermore, clients can buy gift cards at the tattoo studio shop or on the website for their next walk-ins appointment.

Credit: leonarditattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/leonarditattoo

Website: www.leonarditattoo.com

Contact: Sacramento, CA 95841

tattoo shops in sacramento

Credit: leonarditattoo

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7. Reclamare Tattoo

Reclama Tattoo has continuously made custom tattoos available for customers in Sacramento and neighboring areas. The owner, Corey Bernhardt, is an expert tattoo artist specializing in illuminating Japanese and neo-traditional tattoos. His professional team of local artists can also craft particular tattoo styles, such as geometric, lettering, watercolor, pop culture, and many more elegant designs. 

Credit: cbernhardt_rclmr

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cbernhardt_rclmr

Website: www.reclamareart.com

Contact: Sacramento, CA 95818

Credit: cbernhardt_rclmr

8. Sacramento Tattoo & Piercing

Sacramento Tattoo & Piercing is one of the best tattoo studios in the entire Sacramento vicinity, initially opening its access in 1991. Their great teams of professional tattoo artists have all-inclusive experience in the tattooing industry, offering traditional and contemporary designs. In addition, they are competent in working on particular tattoo styles, employ quality inks, and support hygiene in their workspace. 

tattoo shops in sacramento
Credit: sacramentotattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sacramentotattoo

Website: www.sacramentotattooandpiercing.com/Artists.php

Contact: Sacramento, CA 95818

Credit: sacramentotattoo

9. Cloud 9 Tattoos

Cloud 9 was established in 2006 and is the best body art studio offering tattooing services and body piercing in the vicinity. They are fully approved and inspected by the relevant health authorities. The tattoo studio also provides a massive selection of fine body jewelry and other natural stones.

This tattoo parlor specializes in big traditional pieces, highlighted, gray, and cover-up artworks. The tattoo artists are accessible for consultation on several different tattoo designs and are generally booked beforehand.

Credit: cloud9tat2

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cloud9tat2

Website: www.cloud9tat2.com

Contact: 6321 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819, United States

Credit: cloud9tat2

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10. Relentless Tattoo

Relentless Tattoo was launched in 2011) and is a locally operated specialized tattoo studio focusing on skillful craftsmanship with reliability and traditional tattoo designs. With more than 60 years of collective experience in the professional industry, Relentless Tattoo strives to move ahead with the art variety.

Award-winning and both countrywide and globally published in-house artists, you will find well-informed and talented staff who are standing by to facilitate you with your traditional tattoo designs.

tattoo shops in sacramento
Credit: relentlesstattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/relentlesstattoo

Website: www.relentlesstattoogallery.com

Contact: 1422 28th St, Sacramento, CA 95816, United States

Credit: relentlesstattoo

11. Liberty Tattoo Art and Ink

Liberty Tattoo Art and Ink services the local clients and visitors in the entire Sacramento vicinity. For the past so many years, the professional tattoo artist ‘Bill Liberty’ has been perfecting his expertise in tattooing. He opened the tattoo shop in 1979 and was soon after joined by his spouse, Lori (2013). The tattoo studio determinedly employs practices for booking, payments, safety, and cleanliness. It handles an extensive range of subjects and styles to go well with varied customer needs.

tattoo shops in sacramento
Credit: bill_liberty_tattoo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bill_liberty_tattoo

Website: www.billlibertytattoo.com

Contact: 9244 Old State Hwy #117, Newcastle, CA 95658, United States

Credit: bill_liberty_tattoo

12. River City Tattoo and Body Piercing

River City Tattoo and Body Piercing is based in Sacramento. The tattoo shop offers a broad range of all-embracing body art services. Launched in 2001, it is home to professional and highly experienced tattoo artists who specialize in all modes of tattooing, such as full-color work and black and gray realism. They work together with customers who get nearer to the shop for their favorite styles or creative pieces. River City Tattoo and Body Piercing shop maintain a purely sanitized environment for visitors’ and employees’ well-being and safety.

Credit: rivercitytattoooldsac

Instagram: www.instagram.com/rivercitytattoooldsac

Website: www.rivercitytattoo.net

Contact: 1021 2nd St #200, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States

tattoo shops in sacramento

Credit: rivercitytattoooldsac

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A professional tattoo artist produces a tattoo that looks striking on top of your body. He can also facilitate you in choosing the exact body part for crafting the Tattoo. Tattoo Shops in Sacramento and their professional tattoo artists will help you decide on your next tattoo venture! 


Why is a Tattoo Always Permanent?

Seeing that tattoo ink is placed in the skin’s dermal layer. Thus it doesn’t wash away straightforwardly. Furthermore, this outer layer of skin doesn’t fall either. Therefore it is not likely that the tattoo ink will fade away once it is completely healed.

Can a bad tattoo be fixed?

Fortunately, although tattoo ink is permanent, it is beyond doubt possible to fix or get rid of a bad tattoo. If you want to restore it, you can dig up a cover-up tattoo, which entails getting a new tattoo above the bad Tattoo.

How does laser technique tattoo removal work?

If tattoos are enduring, how is it possible to remove them? However, the laser technique produces a very potent light that, devoid of harming the skin, pierces your body and is wrapped up by the ink particles.

Does tattooing damage the skin enduringly?

At the same time, as our skin gets damaged through tattooing as an essential part of the process, the damage should not be enduring. But you need to follow appropriate tattoo care procedures.

Can skin damage crop up after the Tattoo gets healed?

Inking can often result in bruising, which is when the skin swells and raises to some extent. This is usual and anticipated for more significant pieces with lots of details. In general, you won’t experience any problems later than the Tattoo is fully healed, but a few individuals discover the skin on top of their Tattoo raises yet again occasionally.

Does tattooing draw on specific equipment?

Of course. Ranging from ink to needles and various tattoo devices, the whole thing employed in the inking procedure is, to some extent, particular to tattooing.

How many needles are generally in a tattoo device?

Tattoo devices are generally set up – something amid 1 – 20 needles digs your skin at a relatively accurate rate of 10-15 needle drops (every second).

Are tattoo inks damaging?

Inks are subjected to thorough testing before being released into the marketplace, but not all brand names are top quality, and not all areas standardize tattoo ink.

Do some tattoos damage more than others?

Some styles of tattooing damage do more, but less for a reason that of the authentic style of tattooing and more given that of the kind of design you’ve selected.

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