10 Best Tattoo Artists in Wilmington, DE

While researching some great tattoo artists online can also reveal helpful information about their past experiences. Visit social media platforms and study the reviews of the tattoo artist you’re enthralled by. Individuals who have beforehand had their inking done by them can be asked over for their judgment. Settling on another artist may make more thought if the artist appears disreputable, such as when they tattoo minor customers. Here are 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Wilmington, DE.

Tattoo Artists in Wilmington DE

When it draws closer to online surveys, you should be careful about everything you study. There are a few credentials on sites that may not be right, and they are time and again posted namelessly. These articles may have been registered to counterbalance any unhelpful criticisms or reviews previously published.

With the aid of our list, you can find the ten best tattoo artists in Wilmington, DE, devoid of wasting time unnecessarily searching. You can get all the essential details about them with the links to their profiles and contact details here. 

Finding the Right Tattoo Shop

Many individuals look for a tattoo shop when they rely on a new tattoo. Some individuals even look for a particular tattoo artist who offers free-of-charge services. However, you must note that the tattoo, once made, remains for natural life, and funds spent on digging up a premium quality tattoo design and professional tattoo artist are worth it.

Many designs in tattoo art galleries have retro designs and look every day. You cannot find the best possible tattoo designs unless that artwork has been more or less for a moment or two, which many individuals choose.

The tattoo designs in a complimentary gallery look like they were made from a complexion manuscript on a computer. Every so often, free of charge, tattoo designs cannot be worn simultaneously as tattoos. It is hard to ink a flawed design of a tattoo. 

Amid a complimentary tattoo design, you generally finish up with a design that somebody before now has, and it may look as if you do not have your distinctiveness. Once you are done with the sort of ink to be employed for its color and the tattoo’s position on top of your body, you can set up searching for your specific designs.

You can find better and exclusive designs from online tattoo shops. Another technique for getting a matchless design is designing the tattoo yourself.

Many online tattoo galleries have a massive collection of tattoo designs, and you get limitless access to glance through the wide-ranging tattoo designs. You may also pick and choose any tattoo designs and work to some extent to create your exclusive tattoo design. Having a matchless tattoo design wordlessly speaks of your image and individuality. 

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Is Your Local Tattoo Shop a Safe Place?

The vast number of drawn tattoos is on the increase more than ever before. This is due to the entry of different categories of individuals who feel like having their bodies tattooed. On the whole, tattoo parlors receive an extensive base of customers from various backgrounds and age groups.

The massive growth of this art makes it a vital need for rules to legalize it. Startlingly, there are no solid rules to standardize tattoo work. When we look into the health guidelines, we will discover that they covered everything bar the tattoo ink itself.

The health guidelines cover the equipment and tools employed in tattooing. The tattoo ink is incorporated under the cosmetics group; subsequently, it appears to be safe and sound to employ when tested. 

Conversely, tattoo artists started to use realistic painting rather than metal-based inks, but they faced the problems of insecurity and color disparity. These problems restrict the usage of natural colors rather than other commercially mixed inks.

The prerequisite for more regulations at this moment is more than before because of the mounting number of individuals having tattoos most recently. The authorities must test all the tattoo inks found in the marketplace to find which of them is safe and sound to be utilized.

Even though there are rare reports about unfavorable reactions from the commercially assorted tattoo inks, we still call for some firmer regulations to organize their usage. Then again, a few tattoo artists choose to mix their tattoo inks internally to know precisely what they are laying down in it.

There could be grave dangers of tattooing on your own. Some individuals may consider this a safer technique, but it is not like this perpetually. When a tattoo artist tries to get to a specific color, he may employ some manufacturing paints containing harmful materials.

The Popularity of Upper Back Tattoos

The original tattoos were employed to denote relationships within a clan or tribe. Now and then, they were utilized as a symbol of status and rank. On the whole, tattoos are so accepted most recently as a form of expressiveness and as a means to respect the significant memories that we boast in our lives.

Furthermore, one of the more trendy tattoos is the upper back tattoo, and for a good motive. The upper back is a charming place for all tattoos because it is flat and has more area to draw on. You can place smaller stylish tattoos just about the upper back or pull out a full back tattoo up to the neckline or arms.

Going with upper back tattoos is a fantastic way to get started if you don’t boast one yet. Another good motive for upper back tattoos is that you can cover them with outfits. Some individuals like better to have a medium-sized tattoo placed on top of their shoulder blade area. You could even draw on both shoulder blades and craft mirror images of tattoos for the most favorable effect. 

Many men like to use the shoulder blade area for symbolic tattoos. It can be creature tattoos or other tattoos that symbolize the family unit, relationship, values, or strengths. At this instant, upper back tattoos can dig up a little diversity, seeing as it spreads out crosswise your entire back. It can even cover the neck, wrapping just about the shoulders and down to the arms. Generally, these tattoos are permanent or based on an idea.

Now you could try to find tattoo pattern ideas for your upper backside. Places to glance are the tattoo periodicals, design websites, and the pictures of work organized by your tattoo artist. In any case, the upper back tattoos can get to a certain extent large, and if it is done imperfectly, you will get dissatisfied because you are going to be caught with that tattoo you don’t like in any way. As a result, be slow and cautious. Be wholly convinced that this is the tattoo design or idea you would like to cover your back.

Making your upper back tattoos have an essential effect. It is a means to put yourself and those near to you. And above and beyond, you will show off your fine-looking tattoo; accordingly, be sure that it is precisely what you want before you get it inked on.

And ensure that it is the tattoo you want and would adore seeing on you every time you make it out.

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Here are the 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Wilmington, DE

1. Tina Marabito- Poppycock Tattoo

Poppycock Tattoo has a professional team of tattoo artists with over 40 years of experience in the tattooing trade. Located in Wilmington, DE, Tina Morabito (skilled tattoo artist) has occupied the tattoo parlor in Delaware since 2004. In 2009, she launched the tattoo parlor to create a lively and fascinating environment. Over and above entertaining gallery shows, attending tattoo conferences, and awarding local events, the tattoo shop is acknowledged as a prosperous area of the downtown vicinity. 

Tattoo Artists in Wilmington DE
Image: @poppycocktattoo

Trade Name: Poppycock Tattoo

Contact: Poppycock Tattoo, 115 W 8th St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

Timings: Mon-Sat 12 pm – 7 pm

Email: mail@poppycocktattoo.com

Phone: +1 302-543-7973

Facebook: Poppycock Tattoo

Instagram: @poppycocktattoo

Yelp: Poppycock Tattoo

LinkedIn: Poppycock Tattoo

Pinterest: Poppycock Tattoo

Twitter: @poppycocktattoo

Website: www.poppycocktattoo.com

tattoo artists i Wilmington DE

Image: @poppycocktattoo

2. Terry Manning- Wildcard Studios

Terri Manning, a professional tattoo artist, devoted to his art and proprietor of the Wildcard Studios, launched the tattoo shop in 1997. The sole ambition has been to promote great tattoo disciplines at some point. After her education in Wilmington, DE, she established a Wildcard Tattoos tattoo studio. Wildcard Studios also offers body piercing support, and walk-ins are admired.

Image: @wildcardtattoos 

Trade Name: Wildcard Studios

Contact: Wildcard Studios, 1708 Newport Gap Pike, Wilmington, DE 19808, United States

Timings: Tue- Sat 12 pm – 8 pm

Phone: +1 302-683-9453

Email: wildcardstudios@comcast.net

Facebook: Wildcard Studios

Yelp: Wildcard Studios

YouTube: Wildcard Studios

Website: www.wildcardtattoos.com

Image: @wildcardtattoos

3. Sarah Peacock- Artfuel Inc.

At Artfuel Inc., passionate clients can observe every tattoo artist’s collection to look at their previous works and practices in a precise art style. The designs accessible on the website vary from standard ones to traditional techniques, for instance – landscapes, the natural world, and classic American art.

The tattoo studio has five permanent employees, and one or two guest artists are summoned to the team at any specified time. Sarah has been tattooing for so many years, and she has tackled a few hilarious moments and many exciting encounters. 

tattoo artists in Wilmington DE
Image: @artfuelinc

Trade Name: Artfuel Inc.

Contact: Artfuel Inc., 2165 Wrightsville Avenue Wilmington, NC 28403

Timings: Mon-Sat 12 pm – 7 pm

Phone: (910) 504-9684

Email: artfuelink@gmail.com

Facebook: Artfuel Inc.

Instagram: @artfuelinc

Yelp: Artfuel Inc.

LinkedIn: Artfuel Inc.

Pinterest: Artfuel Inc.

Twitter: @artfuelinc

Website: www.artfuelinc.com

tattoo artists in Wilmington DE

Image: @artfuelinc

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4. Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Piercing

Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Piercing supports the Wilmington vicinity with premium quality tattoos. A distinction for medical-grade sterilization, a collection of wide-ranging designs by professional tattoo artists, and extensive practices have helped strengthen the tattoo parlor’s reputation in the marketplace.

The entire team works directly with customers to appreciate their ideas, and they are competent to settle on from a wide assortment of flash art. In addition, a wide-ranging collection of Cadillac’s past tattoos is displayed on the website.  

tattoo artists in Wilmington DE
Image: @cadillaccustom

Trade Name: Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Piercing

Contact: Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Piercing, Wilmington, 4710 Market Street

Timings: Mon-Sat 12 pm – 7 pm

Email: info@cadillaccustom.com

Call: (910) 452-0066

Facebook: Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Piercing

Instagram: @cadillaccustom

Yelp: Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Piercing

LinkedIn: Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Piercing

Website: www.cadillaccustom.com

tattoo artists in Wilmington DE

Image: @cadillaccustom

5. Meaghan Angel- Cape Fear Tattoo

Wilmington tattoo artist Cape Fear Tattoo has been in the tattooing business for many years. Five tattoo professionals put forward a broad category of techniques, together with black and gray realism, customary Japanese, pop traditions, and multicolored tattoos.

Walk-ins are advantageous for uncomplicated tattoos extracted from existing designs, at the same time as appointments are necessary for more complicated artwork. Valued for its high-class services and creativity, this tattoo shop is recognized for its all-embracing tattoos and elegant body piercings.

tattoo artists in wilmington DE
Image: @capefeartattoowilmington

Trade Name: Cape Fear Tattoo

Contact: Cape Fear Tattoo, 1533 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403

Timings: Mon-Sun 12 pm – 8 pm

Phone: (910) 390-8163

Email: capefeartattoo@gmail.com

Facebook: Cape Fear Tattoo

Instagram: @capefeartattoowilmington

Yelp: Cape Fear Tattoo

Twitter: @capefeartattoo

Website: www.capefeartattooshop.com

tattoo artists in wilmington DE

Image: @capefeartattoowilmington

6. Glenn’s Tattoo Service

Glenn’s Tattoo Service offers a wide range of high-quality tattooing and body piercing services. Several tattoo experts are working at the tattoo parlor studio specializing in many styles, such as traditional tattoo work, Japanese-customary themes, sketches, and cover-up designs. In addition, the website displays links to different social networking sites where clients can glance through every tattoo expert’s collection. 

tattoo artists in wilmington DE
Image: @glennstattooservice

Trade Name: Glenn’s Tattoo Service

Contact: Glenn’s Tattoo Service, 21 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Timings: Wednesday- Thurs: 12:00 – 20:00, Fri- Sat: 12:00 – 22:00, Sun: 12:00 – 18:00

Phone: (910) 597-3490

Facebook: Glenn’s Tattoo Service

Instagram: @glennstattooservice

Yelp: Glenn’s Tattoo Service

Website: www.glennstattooservice.com

Image: @glennstattooservice

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7. Luke Worley- Good Graces Tattoo

For clients in Wilmington, Good Graces Tattoo makes available several tattoo services. In expanding to customary fashions, the tattoo parlor has a great team of professional tattoo artists who can create neo-customary color tattoos, fine lettering, multicolored, and black and gray tattoos.

The tattooists can support customers in implementing pre-designed sets; however, they can also work out traditional designs based on the clients’ perceptions. As a graphic designer and illustrator, Luke Worley worked unaccompanied for many years before beginning his professional career. Luke is all set to be commissioned for symbolic works and traditional tattoos.

Image: @goodgracestattoo

Trade Name: Good Graces Tattoo

Contact: Good Graces Tattoo, 118 South 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Timings: Tue- Sat 12 pm – 7 pm

Phone: (910) 601-2542

Email: goodgracestattoo@gmail.com

Facebook: Good Graces Tattoo

Instagram: @goodgracestattoo

LinkedIn: Good Graces Tattoo

Twitter: @gracestattoo

Website: www.goodgracestattoo.com

Image: @goodgracestattoo

8. Sid Baggett- Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing

In Wilmington, Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing makes all-embracing body art and elegant piercing services available. The tattoo parlor has a professional team of experienced tattoo artists with combined tattooing experience.

The wide-ranging tattooing styles take account of Neo-customary, fine lettering, multicolored, and black and gray sketches. At Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing, a safe and sound experience is ensured by utilizing highly developed technology and equipment.

Image: @hardwiretattoo 

Trade Name: Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing

Contact: Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing, 3500 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403

Timings: Mon- Thu 12 pm – 9 pm, Fri- Sat 12 pm – 12 am, Sun- 12 pm – 6 pm

Phone: (910) 791-7977

Email: hardwire77@gmail.com

Facebook: Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing

Instagram: @hardwiretattoo

Yelp: Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing

YouTube: Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing

Website: www.hardwiretattoo.com

Image: @hardwiretattoo

9. Matt Allegretto- Infocus Tattoo

Infocus Tattoo in Wilmington has a great team of professional tattoo artists whose specializations take account of customary Americana, file lettering, black-and-gray realism, and multicolored tattooing work.

The tattoo parlor has a comforting, safe, and sound environment for customers as the primary concern to assure the practicality of customers all through tattoo sessions. Booking a beforehand appointment is feasible and very easy from its website.

Image: @infocustattoo_nc

Trade Name: Infocus Tattoo

Contact: Infocus Tattoo, 5905 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, NC 28409

Phone: (910) 399-8310

Facebook: Infocus Tattoo

Instagram: @infocustattoo_nc

YouTube: Infocus Tattoo

Website: www.infocustattoo.bigcartel.com

Timings: Mon-Sat 12 pm – 8 pm

Image: @infocustattoo_nc

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10. Kurt Elkins- Invoke Tattoo and Art Gallery

In Wilmington, Invoke Tattoo and Art Gallery support tattoo studios and art galleries that display characteristic and modern artwork. Making available tattoo services within a creative environment of sincere artists is its main ambition.

Professional tattoo artists are dedicated to making known the most distinguished tattoo services simultaneously as exhilarating local artists and artworks. Invoke Tattoo & Art Gallery strives to convey the local tattoo community as a result of demonstrating the proficiency of their specialists.

Image: @invoke_tattoo

Trade Name: Invoke Tattoo and Art Gallery

Contact: Invoke Tattoo and Art Gallery, 5424 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403

Timings: Tue- Sat 11 am – 7 pm

Phone: (910) 833-7957

Facebook: Invoke Tattoo and Art Gallery

Instagram: @invoke_tattoo

Yelp: Invoke Tattoo and Art Gallery

Website: www.invoketattoo.com

Image: @invoke_tattoo


A tattoo on top of your body denotes that you feel like telling a story. Because you are different from others, you must have a unique tattoo design. A tattoo is not merely an artwork on top of your body, but it personifies your representation. You can choose any of the best tattoo artists in Wilmington, DE.


Do Tattoo Shops admit walk-ins?

Most tattoo shops make an effort to accommodate one and all, and if they have available time, they will undoubtedly admit walk-ins. You can call the shop the day you are considering coming in, and then you can make out who is available for walk-ins. 

How do I make my tattoo appointment?

The most excellent way to make a tattoo appointment is to drop in the shop and talk with an artist. You can drop in anytime during working hours to speak with one of them. 

Can I make an appointment online?

Online contact is always a good starting point. What’s more, if you have a specific tattoo artist you are looking for, feel free to explain the design you are looking to dig up. All tattoo appointments entail beforehand deposits; as a result, to book an appointment, you will need to carry it out online.

How will you price my tattoo?

The cost of your tattoo depends on how much time it involves carrying out and the size, position, and design of the tattoo. The individual tattoo artist decides the cost of more considerable traditional work that involves several sittings.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you give 24-hour notice for canceling your tattoo appointment, the advance deposit will be honored. If you call off with less than a 24-hour notice, you lose your deposit and may have to make another deposit to reorganize your tattoo appointment.

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