10 Best Incredible Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins For Long-Lasting Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for decades and have traditionally been used to distinguish between the various tribes, denote a social position, or even signify entrance into maturity. There are many taboos related to getting a tattoo.  Today, find out the best tattoo shops in Fort Collins for a long lasting tattoos.

Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

But nowadays, over 45 million American adults have had at least one tattoo, the taboos have almost faded, and thanks to today’s society, tattoos can be seen on an increasing number of people of all ages, religions, and genders everywhere you go.

Tattoos are also widely accepted across most societies. People of all ages are tattooing their bodies for various reasons as they have become a social norm. 

Some individuals acquire them as pieces of art or as a remembrance. Others receive them as a means of expressing their character and interests. Others get them only for aesthetic reasons.

Different Reasons For Getting A Tattoo

Due To Their Culture

Tattooing has a long history. The earliest tattoo evidence is obtained from about 3100 BCE. In many cultures, getting tattoos is a continuity of long-standing traditions or preferred aesthetics. 

The tattoo identifies them as belonging to a specific family or tribe and their position in the social hierarchy. Although the forms and styles of these traditional tattoos have occasionally changed and departed from their regular versions, they still serve the same conventional purpose.

Now, we will focus on the best tattoo shops in Fort Collins for tattoos with long-standing traditions.

To Get Something Special Or Significant 

For some people, a tattoo is an ideal way to permanently mark something important to you or even to stand out from the crowd. These tattoos represent something important to the individual, not their group as a whole, unlike traditional tattoos that signify tribal or cultural affinity.

There are a few similar characteristics in this sort of tattoo, despite the fact that they are frequently unique. 

Many people will also have a phrase, motto, or statement inked on their bodies that they consider essential and use to guide their lives, whether it be a more traditional saying like “memento mori” or something more contemporary like a song lyric.

We listed the best tattoo shops in Fort Collins where people get their motto inked in their bodies.

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To Display Uniqueness

Have any of you ever realized that occasionally, folks with tattoos catch your attention? Someone with a tattoo will probably stick out in a crowd for some purpose. It may be the thing that appeals most to some individuals. 

Some individuals desire a platform to express their sense of self-identity. They acquire tattoos, typically fairly prominent and bold ones, so they don’t just become another person who fades into the background because they don’t just want to seem like any other nameless person. Others experience it in a slightly more localized way. 

They want something that will be a tangible representation of their individuality rather than simply something that will make themselves stand out in a crowd. In other words, people acquire tattoos to convey something about themselves. They want a tattoo that will show off their unique, badass, or intelligent side.

People Like The Appearance Of A Specific Tattoo

Tattoos appeal to many people simply because they are attractive or because they look fantastic. 

Even if people don’t see a more significant meaning in the tattoo, they could be compelled to have one because they are in love with a particular picture or pattern and want it to be everlasting on their flesh. 

Some people use tattoos as a permanent fashion item to enhance their overall style or sense of beauty. This is true whether there is only a little star or love subtly portrayed on the wrist or an entire sleeve covered in vibrant ink.

To Hide Flaws

Tattoos are occasionally applied partially for aesthetic purposes. They may conceal or even include some physical flaws (including scars, stretch marks, and cellulite) to keep them less prominent and noticeable, and since tattoos aren’t likely to go out of style very soon, this long-lasting method of covering up is appealing. 

People who want to cover up almost anything—from scars and stretch marks to discoloration can acquire tattoos. Instead of the flaws, they feel self-conscious about, they’d much rather people see a butterfly, the emblem of their favorite artist, or some tattooed skulls.

Deciding to modify your body is a very personal one permanently. Even when done for cultural reasons, it is still a personal choice to live up to societal traditions. As a result, there isn’t just one reason why individuals acquire tattoos. 

Here are some best tattoo shops in Fort Collins from where you can get the best tattoos according to your preference.

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1. Tribal Rites

Tribal Rites is a full-service tattoo and body piercing shop in Fort Collins that takes great pleasure in employing only the best tattoo artists and piercers in Northern Colorado. 

To guarantee that customers receive the most outstanding care from a person who specializes in what they do, Tribal Rites maintains completely distinct tattoo and piercing departments.

Our variety of unmatched, quality jewelry ensures that your piercing will seem just as you imagine it. Appointments for piercings and tattoos can be booked over the phone or by email unless you are coming from out of town, in which case it is essential to call us for details. They offer outstanding customer service and are willing to assist everybody that enters the building.

Website: http://www.tribalritestattoo.com/

Phone: (970) 221-9712

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tribalrites/

Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

Image: @tribalrites

2. Magnetic

Fort Collins’ top art gallery and tattoo parlor are Magnetic Gallery and Tattoo. Your design and tattoo will be created in collaboration with some of the area’s most accomplished tattoo artists. 

They collaborate closely with you to make incredible art that you’ll treasure forever. They provide a full range of tattoo services and an art gallery with some of the top artists in the region—the Gallery at Magnetic features new and emerging artists with a very spacious atmosphere.

Website: https://www.magneticgallery.com/

Phone: (970) 484-1305

Address: 203 W Myrtle St Fort Collins, CO 80521

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magnetictattoo/

Image: @magnetictattoo

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3. Small Mountain Tattoo

Small Mountain Tattoo stands out as a contemporary studio with a hand-picked and diversified group of artists. They are all equally passionate about both art and tattoos. 

The studio provides a personalized experience in a peaceful setting, and it is quickly becoming a valued part of the town. While they can’t speak for other tattoo parlors, at Small Mountain Tattoo, they put the utmost importance on keeping you safe and healthy.

They follow tight protocols to prevent cross-contamination and offer cleaned syringes for each customer. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo but need some fresh ideas, they can assist you.

Website: https://www.smallmountaintattoo.com/

Phone: (970) 221-2340

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smallmountaintattoo/?hl=en

Image: @lindenstreettattooco

4. Millennium Gallery Of Living Art

Millennium Gallery of Living Art is one of the tattoo shops located in Fort Collins, Colorado. They have been tattooing individuals in Northern Colorado since 1995. Their talented artists had participated in conferences both domestically and overseas. 

Their skilled artists have Red Cross First Aid and CPR certifications. Moreover, you can feel secure knowing that they use clean needles and autoclave sterilization. 

The owner is a member of The National Tattoo Association and works as a security director on the board. They all are very friendly and assist you in every possible way.

Website: https://tats4u.com/ 

 Phone number: (970) 482-8282

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mglatattoo/ 

 Address: 213 Jefferson St Fort Collins, CO 80524

5. Covenant Tattoo

Covenant Tattoo has a variety of artists available, each with its own skills and aesthetic preferences. They always accept walk-ins but making an appointment ensures that your preferred artist would be there. 

The artists at the business make sure to contribute by collaborating directly with the customers and responding to their demands. The shop’s tattoo artists are quite accomplished and specialize in many tattoo styles. The store follows the health department’s safety guidelines using sanitized equipment and single-use needles.

Website: https://tattoocovenant.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tattoocovenant/

Phone number: (970) 482-3254

Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

Image: @tattoocovenant

6. Scrimshaw Tattoo

They create the most incredible tattoos, whether Japanese, American conventional, black and grey, or any other style. They always wanted to ensure that their customers received fantastic tattoos in a pleasant environment. 

When you visit Scrimshaw Tattoo, they place a particular emphasis on treating you like a regular client, regardless of whether this is your first time through the door.

They want you to realize that getting a tattoo is a major commitment and that you will receive the most significant piece of your money. The owner is professional and ensures his customers have the most extraordinary tattoos possible. 

The tattoo shop’s walls practically overflow with a vast collection of artwork their expert tattoo artists created.

Website: https://www.scrimshawtattoo.com/

Address: 1001 N College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone number: (970) 691-1501

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scrimshawtattooing/

Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

Image: @scrimshawtattooing

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7. Sanders Ink Studio

The first studio to offer you a home away from home is Sanders Ink Studio, a high-end tattoo store with a strong focus on customized work. In Sanders Ink Studio, the artists inspire all of their customers to join them on their journey by creating a family-oriented environment for them. 

They would like to give you a customized, one-of-a-kind piece of body art as a member of the family, and all they want in return is that customers offer their unique ideas so that they can draw the best artwork according to your need. Each tattoo artist provides an amazing set of skills for the studio’s dynamic. The owner has experience of more than ten-twelve years and appropriately helps the clients.

Website: https://www.sandersinkstudio.com/ 

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sandersinkstudio/ 

 Phone number: (970) 682-9102

 Timings: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

Image: @sandersinkstudio 

8. Under The Bridge Tattoo Studio

Under the Bridge is a high-end specialized shop focusing on large-scale color, black and grey, and grayscale tattoos. They recently moved to the stunning Fort Collins region. They emphasize how important it is for the customer to value their skin and believe that design is an essential aspect of creating art. 

The owner’s primary goal is to do research to enhance the technical proficiency of the craft. Joel is an experienced tattoo artist that has been in the industry since 2009 and is eager to expand his experience in this great city. 

He is quite knowledgeable when it comes to creating the perfect tattoo, and he makes you feel more comfortable during the procedure.

Website: http://www.underthebridgetattoos.com/ 

 Phone number: (970) 493-1758

Address: 2020 S College Ste A3 Fort Collins, CO 80525

Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

Image: @soturi_the_paladin

9. Dark Light Studios – Tattoo

Dark Light Studios was established nine years ago by Zach “Dark Light” Atlan; clients can schedule consultations to obtain guidance and confirmation on their tattoo requests. 

Each client receives a comprehensive explanation of tattoo maintenance so they can enjoy their new designs. In addition to tattoos, the studio provides a variety of visual art forms, such as live painting, three-dimensional art, and imaginative art.  

Website: https://www.darklight.studio/

Phone number: (970) 218-2005

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darklightstudiosllc/

Address: 317 Jefferson Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

10. Meadowlark Tattoo

Meadowlark Tattoo is one of the tattoo shops in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Cei Lambert, an artist, activist, and educator, is the owner and founder of this tattoo studio. The tattoo studio offers personalized, permanent body art in colored, black, and white inspired by the environment, geometric designs, and authentic environmental views. 

Meadowlark Tattoo’s tattoos are all individually designed for the customer or exclusive designs developed solely for the studio by the owner, who is dedicated to working with clients to make their dreams a reality.

Website: https://www.meadowlarktattoo.com/

Phone number: (303) 909-2313

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meadowlark.tattoo/

Address: 322 E Oak St Suite B, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

Image: @meadowlark.tattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Affordable Tattoo Shops Are The Best In Fort Collins?

There are several tattoo shops where consumers can get high-quality tattoos at a reasonable price in Fort Collins. Their greatest tattoo artists in the store provide their customers with enjoyable and welcoming artwork. These stores offer different styles of unique and customized tattoos. 

Some of these stores provide some really authentic artwork that makes you look different from the crowd. Additionally, these stores offer a clean and safe atmosphere to all their customers. These are the best cheap tattoo shops in Fort Collins, CO:

  • Tribal Rites
  • Millennium Gallery Of Living Art
  • Scrimshaw Tattoo
  • Covenant Tattoo
  • Magnetic
Tattoo Shops In Fort Collins

What Is The Procedure For Cancellations Of Dark Light Studios – Tattoo?

A loss of deposit will occur for postponing, canceling, or “No-Show” appointments. This compensates the artist for the time spent drawing for your appointment and the now-vacant appointment slot. 

After cancellation, no show, or even several reschedulings, your artist has the right to turn down service. Please give your artist at least 72 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment so they can find an alternative client. 

Your deposit can be withdrawn without sufficient warning, in which case you must put down a new one to make another reservation.

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