90 Shoulder Angel Wing Tattoos: Feathers of Serenity

Key Takeaways

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  • Shoulder angel wing tattoos exude celestial elegance, symbolizing grace and divine beauty in inked form.
  • Each shoulder angel wing tattoo is a canvas for personal symbolism, allowing individuals to express their unique connection to spirituality and protection.
  • Shoulder placement highlights the intricate details of angel wings, creating a feathered showcase that embodies ethereal grace and heavenly charm.
  • Whether small and delicate or large and intricate, shoulder angel wing tattoos offer a celestial expression that can be subtle and striking.
  • Angel wings on the shoulders serve as a timeless symbol of protection, guidance, and a connection to the divine, making them a meaningful and enduring choice for body art.

The angel wings for everybody; here, we have designs for angel wings that everybody will like or can have. Because the most common choice for the angel wings is by the gym-goers, we have compiled angel wings shoulder tattoo designs that anyone can opt for.

The angel wings are the symbol of protection, faith, and freedom. So getting the angel wings on the back will give you wings to fly, meaning it will help you affirm strongly in the things it stands for, like freedom. 


Shoulder angel wing tattoos are powerful symbols of spirituality and protection. Often representing the presence of guardian angels or a connection to divine forces, these tattoos are a constant reminder of guidance and celestial support. Positioned on the shoulders, they embody a harmonious blend of strength and grace, signifying the enduring connection between the earthly and spiritual realms. Whether chosen for their aesthetic appeal or deeper symbolic meaning, shoulder angel wing tattoos hold a timeless significance that resonates with themes of faith, hope, and celestial beauty.

Before You Get Started

  • Reflect on the symbolic meaning you want to convey. Angel wings often represent protection, spirituality, and a connection to the divine.
  • Consider the size and placement carefully. The shoulder offers a versatile canvas for discreet and prominent designs. Choose a size that complements your body contours and aligns with your aesthetic preferences.
  • Explore different artistic styles for angel wings, from realistic feathers to more abstract designs. Find a tattoo artist whose style resonates with your vision to ensure a harmonious and visually pleasing result.
  • Infuse personal elements into your shoulder angel wing tattoo. Consider incorporating meaningful symbols, dates, or names to enhance your body art’s personalized and sentimental aspects.
  •  Be prepared for the healing process. Follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions diligently, keeping the tattoo clean, moisturized, and protected from direct sunlight. Avoid excessive movement or tight clothing during the initial healing period to promote optimal results.

Placement Option

Selecting the placement for shoulder angel wing tattoos involves careful consideration to ensure a harmonious and visually appealing result. The shoulders offer an expansive canvas that beautifully complements the body’s natural curves. Opting for a symmetric placement can create a balanced and elegant aesthetic, while asymmetry adds a dynamic and personal touch. The upper back and collarbone areas are popular choices, allowing the wings to frame the shoulder blades gracefully. The strategic positioning ensures the wings align with the body’s contours, enhancing the overall impact of the tattoo and creating a celestial and ethereal visual narrative.

How Do You Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist for   Shoulder Angel Wing Tattoos?

Discovering the perfect tattoo artist for your shoulder angel wing tattoo involves a thoughtful blend of research and connection. Start by exploring artists’ portfolios, focusing on their proficiency in intricate wing designs and celestial themes. Look for an artist whose style resonates with your vision, whether realistic feathers, abstract interpretations, or a blend of both. Reading client reviews and seeking recommendations can provide insights into their professionalism and ability to bring clients’ ideas to life. A personal consultation is key—this allows you to discuss your vision, ensure they grasp the spiritual or symbolic elements, and gauge the artist’s enthusiasm for creating a personalized and meaningful piece. The perfect tattoo artist possesses technical skills and a passion for capturing the celestial grace of angel wings on your shoulders.

What Is The Best Aftercare For   Shoulder Angel Wing Tattoos?

Optimal aftercare is crucial for preserving the beauty of your shoulder angel wing tattoo. During the initial healing phase, follow your tattoo artist’s instructions diligently. Cleanse the tattoo with mild, fragrance-free soap, and moisturize using a specialized tattoo ointment or unscented lotion. Shield the tattoo from direct sunlight and avoid tight clothing to prevent irritation. Embrace patience as the delicate feathers heal, refraining from picking or scratching. Regular moisturizing ensures the longevity of vibrant colors and intricate details, maintaining the celestial elegance of your shoulder angel wing tattoo for years to come.

Stunning Angel Wings Tattoos

1. Astonishing Wings Tattoo Idea

Grey color tattoos are trendy now and for a good reason; see this tattoo made using negative space perfectly to create shading. If you are looking for a big tattoo covering a significant part of your back, you can get something like this.

Astonishing Wings Tattoo Idea

Image: @donut_bones

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2. Lovely Bird Wings tattoo

Shoulder tattoos look great on men as well as women, so you can also try this design and add your favorite bird to your tattoo. Different birds stand for different meanings.

Lovely Bird Wings tattoo

Image: @chris_weber_vs_tattooing

3. Attractive Wings Tattoo On Shoulder

Here is another tattoo idea for those looking for an arm sleeve in black ink. The intricate design done in the tattoo makes it an engaging tattoo. 

Attractive Wings Tattoo On Shoulder

Image: @ozkartattooer

4. Amazing Wings Tattoo Art

If you have seen the angel wings shoulder tattoo used in animations or some cartoon series, you must have noticed that they are placed similarly as it is done here. So you can also have a wing-like this done on you.  

Amazing Wings Tattoo Art

Image: @luisrocha_art

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5. Angel Wings Tattoo Idea

Instead of having a single wing done on your back, you can have a pair of them made. This will provide you with the flight you need for the path of freedom.

Angel Wings Tattoo Idea

Image: @alexia_aude

6. Wings Tattoo Design With Angel

You can also add a little angel in between the wings of the angel. If you want to add a women’s angel, it will look something like this. An eye in a triangle is considered the eye of Horus. It is the all-seeing eye to protect against all evil forces.

It was used to help guide the pharaohs in the afterlife in ancient times.

Wings Tattoo Design With Angel

Image: @daria_isko_art

7. Angel Wings Tattoo For Back Shoulder

Earlier, we saw the angel made with wings was in a smaller size, but here we have a tattoo made with a big angel and smaller wings.

You can customize the kind of angel you want for yourself; it can depend upon the culture you come from and combine it with angel wings shoulder tattoo.

Angel Wings Tattoo For Back Shoulder

Image: @martyna.grzywa.tattoo

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8. Fabulous Wings Tattoo Design

If you want to make your tattoo unique, you can experiment with the kind of design you want for yourself.

Here the texture is made from around three patterns, and the color chosen here also adds to the uniqueness of the tattoo. Of course, you can use your favorite colors in the same manner.

Fabulous Wings Tattoo Design

Image: @dot.tattoo

9. Angel With Large Wings Tattoo

Here is a personalized tattoo with a beautiful angel with a key in her hand, which looks like the key to unlocking freedom. You get this tattoo if you want to depict freedom from your angel wings shoulder tattoo. 

Angel With Large Wings Tattoo

Image: @manhattaninkuk

10. Girl With Wings Tattoo

Girls with angel wings are the tattoo people usually choose; you can have your vector with different positions made of her.

Girl With Wings Tattoo

Image: @frankflorestattoo

11. Awesome Dragon Wings Tattoo

Looking for something scary or intimidating, then adding red color to a fearful design will do the job. The wings are made in a unique way, with them made in a cape form, and small patches that look like wounds are scattered around the tattoo.

Awesome Dragon Wings Tattoo

Image: @cbroukztat

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12. Black And White Skull Wings Tattoo

Skull tattoos are taken as scary tattoos because of their meaning. Skull stands for death, and the person wearing it may imply that he is not scared of death.

In addition, the skull in its original color, that is, the white color, looks scary and the wings blended with it add more significance to the tattoo. You can also use such a tattoo as a coverage tattoo. 

Black And White Skull Wings Tattoo

Image: @craftarttattoostudio

Quick Guide to Shoulder Angel Wing Tattoos: Celestial Ink Elegance

  • Expressive Selection: Quickly choose between ethereal and bold designs for your shoulder angel wing tattoo, ensuring it resonates with your symbolism.
  • Swift Placement Decision: Opt for a quick and strategic shoulder placement that aligns with your body’s contours, enhancing the overall impact of your celestial ink.
  • Artistic Efficiency: Select a skilled tattoo artist with a swift yet precise hand to bring your angel wing vision to life efficiently, ensuring the intricate details are captured effortlessly.
  • Maintenance Harmony: Maintain the vibrancy of your shoulder angel wing tattoo with swift aftercare – gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and protection from direct sunlight ensure enduring celestial elegance on your skin canvas.

13. Wings Tattoo Design

Here is another tattoo idea for you stretching from the shoulder, arm, and towards the back.  

Wings Tattoo Design

Image: @avi.liberman.tattoo

14. Beautiful Wings Tattoo

The angel wings shoulder tattoo are for protection; a tattoo done on the arm will protect you from evil and all the dangers.

Beautiful Wings Tattoo

Image: @ozkartattooer

15. Cool Angel Wings Tattoo

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design, then you can draw inspiration from the tattoo done below.

The butterfly is the symbol of change and transformation, and extending those wings into angel’s wings and then adding blazing fire color to it is a genius idea for a customized tattoo.

Cool Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @dblaketattoos

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16. Black Wing Tattoo

A black color wing looks beautiful, and if you have a light tone body, then the black can look fabulous because of the contrast it creates. Here the bearer has added a clock as an extra element to the tattoo; you can also add your favorite elements like this. 

Image: @fenyes_andras_tattoo

17. Black Wings Design Tattoo

This is a full-back tattoo idea, but it will cost you more than other body parts tattoo designs if you want something like this. 

Black Wings Design Tattoo

Image: @redliontattoosnkutz

18. Brilliant Wings Tattoo

Another big tattoo idea with the wings stretching from the back towards the arms. Such tattoo designs give a look like the angel wings are a part of your body. 

Brilliant Wings Tattoo

Image: @yhare_mata

19. Black Line Wings Tattoo

A simple tattoo on your shoulder with a combination of minimal to medium design is also a good tattoo idea.  

Black Line Wings Tattoo

Image: @independencia.tattoo

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20. Black Wings Tattoo On Right Shoulder

Angel wings shoulder tattoo also look fabulous, and here is one more idea for you to use to get your authentic tattoo.

Black Wings Tattoo On Right Shoulder

Image: @p.lyszczarz

21. Black Wings Tattoo With Name

You can also use the angel wings tattoo as a memorial tattoo. For example, if you add a name to the angel wings shoulder tattoo, it can be a memorial tattoo for a loved one.  

Black Wings Tattoo With Name

Image: @_studio_142_

22. Black And Gray Large Wing Tattoo

The people who go to the gym usually wear the wings on the chest, but you can also try this body placement for your angel wings shoulder tattoo. 

Black And Gray Large Wing Tattoo

Image: @kalybu

23. Lovely Feather Wings Tattoo

Here is a unique tattoo design of the angel wings with a unique pattern of the texture and the way it is placed. You can add the wings tattoo to your body in a similar manner to give flight to your path to freedom.  

Lovely Feather Wings Tattoo

Image: @artsoul_oliver

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24. Red Wing Tattoo Design

Red and black look good in contrast to a tattoo; you can have a look at the tattoo done here. This looks more like a drawing than a tattoo. You can also try something like this to make your tattoo indifferent.   

Red Wing Tattoo Design

Image: @intro_outro

25. Charming Wing Tattoo

Here is a one-of-a-kind tattoo idea for you; this is a pretty creative design where the wings of a bat are used for the tattoo. The bat tattoo is made realistic with little holes in it.

The bat stands for things like vision, intuition, and dreams. So if you want such things in life, then you can also get a bat wings tattoo.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Charming Wing Tattoo

Image: @mat_d_ink

  Keep In Mind

  • Remember the symbolic meaning behind your shoulder angel wing tattoo, whether it represents protection, spirituality, or personal beliefs.
  • Consider the size and proportions of the angel wings to ensure they harmonize with your shoulder’s natural contours, creating a visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Collaborate closely with your chosen tattoo artist, discussing your vision and exploring artistic styles to ensure the final design aligns seamlessly with your preferences.
  • Infuse personal elements into the tattoo, such as initials, dates, or symbols, to enhance the sentimental value and make the design uniquely yours.
  • Be mindful of the healing process by following aftercare instructions diligently. Avoid excessive movement, tight clothing, and direct sunlight during the initial healing phase to promote optimal and enduring results.

26. Clock With Wings Tattoo

The clock is the symbol of mortality and existence, infinity and life and death. A clock with the angel wings shoulder tattoo can be a memorial tattoo in memory of someone who existed some time ago. The name with the clock makes it more clear that this tattoo is a tribute tattoo. 

Clock With Wings Tattoo

Image: @s13epy

27. Colored Bird Wing Tattoo

If you like things on the colorful and bright sides, you can use colors on your wings tattoo. The splash scheme used in this tattoo has become a popular choice to get the colors like this, and the rainbow color looks amazing in tattoos. The rainbow is the sign of a new journey. 

Colored Bird Wing Tattoo

Image: @missmoth_tattoo

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28. Colored Wings With Beads Tattoo

Here the bearer has experimented with the tattoo by adding one personalized element; a small thread with beads is used to make the half infinity sign. 

Colored Wings With Beads Tattoo

Image: @head2toetattoo

29. Colored Wings Tattoo On Right Shoulder

Here is a unique color scheme for your tattoo; if you can’t decide on the kind of colors you want for your angel wings shoulder tattoo, then you can take the idea from the one done here. 

Colored Wings Tattoo On Right Shoulder

Image: @dinosaurstudiotattoo

30. Beautiful Angel Wing Tattoo

Here is something on the elegant and graceful side of angel wings shoulder tattoo.

Beautiful Angel Wing Tattoo

Image: @tatuchampp

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31. Cross Wings Tattoo Design

The wings are the sign of faith, and so is the cross. Yet these together can be the perfect elements that complement each other.

The cross represents the most crucial moment that happened for Christians when Jesus was crucified. If you have faith in God, you can use a tattoo like this to tell everyone.

Cross Wings Tattoo Design

Image: @johnnyvanity

32. Memorable Cross Wing Tattoo

The cross with the wings can mean other things than faith; it can even be used as a memorial tattoo. For instance, you can have a look at the tattoo done here with the date and name.

As the cross also depicts death because of the crucifixion, you can also use it to show someone else’s death. 

Memorable Cross Wing Tattoo

Image: @donnietattem

33. Crown Wings Tattoo

The crown stands for strength, triumph, and glory, so it is also one good secondary tattoo to get with the wings; moreover, you can use it right in the middle of the wings for a unique yet meaningful tattoo. This is a tattoo done with a combination of minimum and maximum shading.

Crown Wings Tattoo

Image: @backandsides_tattoo

34. Angel Wing Tattoo On Shoulder

We came across angel wings tattoos that were women, but here we have a tattoo with the angel being a male.

The male angel also has legends and stories associated with it. So if you are interested in the male angel tattoo, you can learn about the stories that come with it.

Look at this artistic impression created with sheer creativity.

Angel Wing Tattoo On Shoulder

Image: @richtrecetatuajes

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35. Cute Small Wing Tattoo

Small and dainty tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts now, and they will typically require only one sitting and cost you relatively low.

Moreover, if this is your first tattoo, you can also consider this as your ideal option if you do not want too much ink on your body.

A halo on top of the angel wings tells that it is a memorial tattoo, you can also honor your loved one by getting a similar tattoo on you.

Cute Small Wing Tattoo

Image: @bhargav_sonu19

36. Cute Wings Tattoo On Both Shoulder

You do not have to go for enormous wings on the back for an impactful tattoo; you can even go for a small size wings tattoo like it is done here. It is not about the tattoo’s size then; it is more about the meaning it carries.

Cute Wings Tattoo On Both Shoulder

Image: @lacupulatattooshop

37. Cute Wings Tattoo On Shoulders Back

Here is another unique way of doing relatively small angel wings. You can play with the design here; the angel wings are prepared with pointy wings for a tattoo. They somewhat look crafted from bones and their structure.

Cute Wings Tattoo On Shoulders Back

Image: @kristattookristato

Pro Tip

Opt for a dynamic and asymmetrical placement of your shoulder angel wing tattoo for a visually captivating effect. This adds movement to the design, creating an ethereal and flowing aesthetic that enhances the overall impact on your shoulder canvas.

38. Eagle Wings Tattoo

Instead of the angel’s wings, you can even get the wings of an eagle done with the eagle on your arm. The eagle has different meanings in different cultures and mythologies.

For example, the eagle is the symbol of freedom, luck, clarity, focus, spirituality, and the apostle of God.

Eagle Wings Tattoo

Image: @stoorworm

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39. Perfect Eagle Wings Tattoo

Here is a perfect eagle tattoo that you can choose because this is the ideal position of the eagle when it is about to pounce upon its prey. This is when the eagle feels most powerful so that you can get this symbolic tattoo.

The shading in this tattoo is also done with great skill.

Perfect Eagle Wings Tattoo

Image: @esteban_tatts

40. Black Eagle Wings Tattoo

If you like the color black for your tattoo, then here is one with maximum black shading for you. On the other hand, if you want a sleeve tattoo, an eagle is an excellent option. The wings done in black with the eagle done using negative space is a great option. 

Black Eagle Wings Tattoo

Image: @tattoosbydoublea

41. Fairy Wings tattoo

People even get the tattoos of their babies’ drawings; you can also get such a tattoo to get a one-of-a-kind tattoo. You can show affection for your child by getting this unique tattoo.

You can also get a tattoo in this manner with colorful designs and a theme like this.

Fairy Wings tattoo

Image: @lunatyk_studio

42. Blue And Red Wings Tattoo

You can even use your favorite kind of colors as a combination for your wings tattoo. It is an impressive tattoo.

Blue And Red Wings Tattoo

Image: @damian_manchester

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43. Grey Wings Tattoo

Adding feathers to your wings tattoo will add more meaning to your tattoo and make it a rare-looking one at the same time.

The feather is the symbol of courage, bravery, freedom, and travel. The grey color is a good choice for the wings tattoo.

Grey Wings Tattoo

Image: @mr_tattoo007

44. Guardian Angel Wings Tattoo

A guardian angel tattoo on your back will always watch your back in times of need. The guarding angle is for protection and the need to be close to God.

Your tattoo artist can show his skill in making the signs and the angel’s dress like here it is done in a slight 3D manner.

Guardian Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @krzysztofwronski

45. Guitar Wings Tattoo

Have a guitar made with the wings tattoo, and it will show your love for music or especially for this instrument.

Also, a name on the guitar can show the dedication of the tattoo to someone that the bearer is fond of. The red color background for the tattoo is a nice touch.

The words were written ‘undiscovered soul’ to tell about a person’s personality. 

Guitar Wings Tattoo

Image: @petervdvelde1987

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46. Heart With Wings Tattoo

The wings can also be done with a heart with a lock made inside it. The lock symbolizes the love between two people; the heart shaped padlock is a popular tattoo choice.

The rose added here is also the symbol of passion in love and stands for love won or love lost.

Also, in this tattoo, the horoscope sign is done as an extra element, so this is for sure a love tattoo. 

Heart With Wings Tattoo

Image: @749socialclub

47. Lady With Wings Tattoo

The splash color body art is usually done with colorful choices, but it is done in black color, making it antique. Also, the hint of white in between the tattoos is an impressive idea. 

Lady With Wings Tattoo

Image: @deadrabbitink

48. Large Flying Eagle Wings Tattoo

Here is another eagle tattoo with its focus on its prey. The eagle is also the symbol of focus, so you can get such a tattoo to depict this about your personality. When the eagle is about to catch the prey, it does not drift its eyes from the target.

Large Flying Eagle Wings Tattoo

Image: @tomekktattoo

49. Large Wings Tattoo

Looking for a wings tattoo that can cover a significant part of the body then here is one more idea for you.

Large Wings Tattoo

Image: @bonitotattoo

50. Large Wings Tattoo On Shoulder

The crow is associated with the presence linked to the underworld and darkness. So you can even use the crow’s wings for your wings tattoo, and it will look something like this.

An extra eye is also added to the forehead of this raven, and it stands for supernatural power and a sense of extra perception.

These ravens have the gift of prophecy and sight. However, the way this tattoo is made gives a hint of darkness, with the wings made in this pointy form. 

Large Wings Tattoo On Shoulder

Image: @_jhaiho

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51. Lovely Cross Wings Tattoo

Different kinds of wings can also be attached together to make your tattoo rare. For example, the bat’s wing and angel wings are attached here.

The bat stands for good health, prosperity, happiness, and wealth to get a batwing for all these things.

The cross used to bind these different kinds of wings is a genius idea. The cross is the symbol for faith and devotion.

Lovely Cross Wings Tattoo

Image: @studio_m_tattoos

52. Lovely Horse Wings Tattoo

According to Greek mythology, the winged horse symbolizes rebirth, grace, fertility, and love. The horse with the wings is an indifferent tattoo, and the way it is done here is also an impressive one.

The background of the thundering clouds is a nice touch for this tattoo, giving it a mysterious look. 

Lovely Horse Wings Tattoo

Image: @develin_tattoo

53. Amazing Cross Wings Tattoo

If you like the cross and the wings theme for the tattoo, then you can also go for such a tattoo. The cross is made using the negative space, and the wings are made to look like a thick hair pattern.

Amazing Cross Wings Tattoo

Image: @brasscitytattoo

54. Adorable Angel Wings Tattoo

Those looking for something indifferent can have a look at this tattoo done, which can help you get ideas in your head. The angel and rocks are done in black color, and the wings are made using the negative space.

The clouds in the foreground stand for cheerful times ahead. However, the stormy and dark ones stand for emotional difficulty in life. 

Adorable Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @inkmonster_20

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55. Beautiful Cross Wings Tattoo

Using the wings in the background of the cross is amazing for a tattoo idea.

Beautiful Cross Wings Tattoo

Image: @americanbodyartlebanon

56. Large Sleeve Wings Tattoo

You can also use the wing as an arm sleeve; if you are looking for a unique tattoo design, you can try this one. Look at the tattoo below to get an idea of how it will look. 

Large Sleeve Wings Tattoo

Image: @illuminateart

57. Perfect Wings Tattoo On Shoulder

The combination of black and white with a combination of different birds is a good tattoo idea.

Perfect Wings Tattoo On Shoulder

Image: @kosta2

58. Wings Tattoo With Flower

A red flower added right in the center of other flowers is the attraction of this tattoo. Minimal shading is done on the rest of the tattoo to create a good contrast. You can try a similar kind of them or discuss them with your tattoo artist.

The leaves around the flowers also compliment them and have a deep meaning as they stand for the eternal circle of life.

Wings Tattoo With Flower

Image: @indieink.tattoo

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59. Outstanding Wings Tattoo

You can try and make the wings a little larger than the usual one. If you want such a tattoo, then it will look somewhat like this, and you let it spread to your shoulder and back.  

Outstanding Wings Tattoo

Image: @black_sheep_tattoostudio

Did you know? 

Shoulder angel wing tattoos, with roots in religious and spiritual symbolism, have transcended cultural boundaries. Throughout history, various civilizations have incorporated angelic wings into art and iconography, symbolizing protection, guidance, and a connection to higher realms.

60. Owl Wings Tattoo

You can even go for the wings of an owl; it stands for things like magic, wisdom, and mystery. The design done below the owl wing also makes an impressive vector. Every wing is done with a variation of dark and light shading. 

Owl Wings Tattoo

Image: @jexika_lee

61. Realistic Wings Tattoo

Here is a creative tattoo graphic done using a dragon, which is the symbol of protection, wisdom, peace, good luck, and strength. The dragon is made using the yin and yang sign for the unity of opposites.

It stands for the oldest principles like philosophy and cosmology. Adding wings to this tattoo is a good one to compliment it. 

Realistic Wings Tattoo

Image: @gginktattoo_studio

62. Rose Wing Tattoo

The rose signifies love won or love lost. So you can use a rose to combine with the wings for a love tattoo.

The circular motion used for tattoos has become a popular choice among folks, and you can also try such a tattoo to make it a rare-looking one.

Rose Wing Tattoo

Image: @youngtattem

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63. Black Inked Angel Wings Tattoo

A tiny angel with apt detailing is also a good choice if you want a cute tattoo on a constrained budget or want a small tattoo. Here the wings of a butterfly are used with the angel, so you can take an idea from such a tattoo to have your authentic tattoo done. 

Black Inked Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @stevotattoos

64. Simple Wings Tattoo Design

The illuminating light with a cross is an excellent idea to show the guiding light of God, and the compass is also the symbol for guidance, protection, and travel. So you can also combine such elements to your angel wings tattoo.

Simple Wings Tattoo Design

Image: @baul_tattoos

65. Skull Wings Tattoo

Skulls and wings also go well together to represent the dichotomy of life; one symbolizes death, and the other is protection. 

Skull Wings Tattoo

Image: @sh_qingjiu_tattoo

66. Black Wings Shoulder Tattoo

Black ink is a popular choice among tattoos worldwide, and no wonder these wings also look lovely in this ink. 

Black Wings Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @valkyrie_tattooing

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67. Beautiful Brown Wings Tattoo

Some birds have brown wings also, and they also look good as a tattoo, and you can even go for it if it is your favorite color.

Beautiful Brown Wings Tattoo

Image: @bekkaluna

68. Blue Feather Wings Tattoo

A hint of blue between a no-color tattoo is a wise idea to make the tattoo engaging. The tattoo done here is also a combination of the feather and regular angel wings. 

Blue Feather Wings Tattoo

Image: @altattoo1000

69. Stunning Lace Wings Tattoo

One more customized design is done with a personal element. The stunning lace is also an intricate design that is available in different options so that you can choose from it also. 

Stunning Lace Wings Tattoo

Image: @jenniferbilligtattoos

70. Amazing Wavy Wings Tattoo

You can get the angel wings tattoo in the manner of a sleeve also; for instance, look at this tattoo that starts from the shoulder and spreads through the arm.

Amazing Wavy Wings Tattoo

Image: @el_cardenal_tattoo

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71. Angel Wings Grey Tattoo

A single wing on the back is also an attractive tattoo design that you can consider for the angel tattoo you want. 

Angel Wings Grey Tattoo

Image: @willhstattoos

72. Chirp Wings Tattoo

You can take the wings of any bird that you like and have them made as angel wings. All birds have different associated meanings, so you can use them to depict something about yourself. 

Chirp Wings Tattoo

Image: @feraleyes

73. Sweet Wings Tattoo Design

This looks like the design of the tribal Indian Cherokee tattoo; you can also experiment with the kind of tattoo you want by getting the feathers aligned in the manner they are done in the Cherokee.

This kind of tattoo looks attractive on women primarily if it is spread on the collar bone.

Because the collar bone is among the most beautiful body parts of women, and a tattoo on it highlights it even more.

Sweet Wings Tattoo Design

Image: @n_ice_queen

74. Lovely Wings Tattoo

Perfect display of the arm sleeve tattoo spread across the whole arm just by using the wings and feathers. The feather and wings make for a very attractive design when spread like this.

However, a full sleeve will consume slightly more sittings and money than a regular full arm tattoo.

Lovely Wings Tattoo

Image: @ninastrophie

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75. Vampire With Wings Tattoo

A vampire stands for a couple of things like dream, longevity, power, death, etc. However, the tattoo done here is very creative, with half the tattoo done of a human and half combined with a skeletal structure.

The skeleton in a tattoo is a symbol of the anger of a person, so you can make your tattoo intimidating and scary like this. Multiple hands caused by the creature add to the mystic look of the tattoo. 

Vampire With Wings Tattoo

Image: @b.a.s.e.m.e.nt

76. Angel Wings Tattoo

The full-back coverage tattoo of the angel wings is a beautiful piece of body art, as you can make out from the tattoo done here.

Leaving blank space in the middle is good to give proper definition to the tattoo. But a tattoo like this will take multiple sittings. 

Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @muctattoos

77. Wings Designer Tattoo

A small bird done on the backside of the neck is an excellent tattoo idea to show off those wings. Get your favorite bird done in the manner of this tattoo.

Wings Designer Tattoo

Image: @ng.ringvean

78. Family Love Wings Tattoo

The wings are for protection, so you can even dedicate the tattoo to your family. Like here, a tiny yet unique tattoo is done on the person’s body.

Family Love Wings Tattoo

Image: @pavanwahulkar

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79. Freehand Wings Tattoo

The freehand art of doing the tattoo is an inspiration taken from the freehand art of drawing, so if you know about this drawing form and like it, you can even have your tattoo made similarly.

This kind of art is done without any stencils or frames with the natural ability of a person to imitate something or make something out of creativity.

Freehand Wings Tattoo

Image: @strigaartist

80. Wings Tattoo With Navigation

The navigation compass is the symbol of guidance or protection, and the people who are bitten by the travel bug also go for a similar kind of tattoo. So you can get the wings, and these are made together.

Wings Tattoo With Navigation

Image: @tribalinktattoos

81. Spread Wings Tattoo

The tattoo in the sketch form has also become a popular choice now. If you like the sketch body art form with a simple outline in black and minimum color-filled, then you can go for a tattoo like this.

Spread Wings Tattoo

Image: @mastilnicatattoo

82. Wonderful Wings Tattoo Design

The navigation tool looks fantastic with the wings tattoo; if you’re interested in this kind of design, then here is another way you can get that tattoo done on you.

Wonderful Wings Tattoo Design

Image: @prismatattoo

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83. Wonderful Small Wings Tattoo

Here is a creative tattoo style for the type of tattoo. You will usually see the yin-yang tattoo done in this manner with the black and white color.

But the wings tattoo in this color changes the whole meaning and stands for the good as well as the wrong things.

Moreover, the angel wings shoulder tattoo are used to create the shape of a heart, which shows that our heart sometimes becomes the devil for us. 

Wonderful Small Wings Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_rain

84. Freehand Massive Wings Tattoo

This is another gigantic tattoo you can get in the freehand tattooing style. Earlier, a freehand design covering the back was mentioned, but you can also have it made in this manner.

Freehand Massive Wings Tattoo

Image: @nolanhatton

85. Granny Memorial Wings Tattoo

Memorial tattoos are mainly done for family members when you honor them in your memory. Well, here’s one done for a granny with a date.

Granny Memorial Wings Tattoo

Image: @hells_kitchen21

86. Wonderful Wings Tattoo On Back Shoulders

A simple yet engaging tattoo for the back.

Wonderful Wings Tattoo On Back Shoulders

Image: @rysaatattoo

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87. Custom Wings Tattoo

This is the tattoo done with the personalized touch where the raven wings and feathers of its wings are used to create the design. The crow stands for darkness, and so is the theme of this tattoo.

Custom Wings Tattoo

Image: @leetattool

88. Sweet Small Wings Tattoo

A small, dainty yet graceful tattoo idea for the collarbone of girls. An excellent option for girls to look more attractive and make the collarbone look more appealing.

Sweet Small Wings Tattoo

Image: @mr_sparks1

89. Floral Wings Tattoo

Another simple kind of tattoo in the sketch format and the flower are also added in the same type. Again, the shading of the leaves and the feathers match each other.

Floral Wings Tattoo

Image: @rafaellatattoo

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90. Lovely Angel Wings Shoulder Tattoo Design

Here is a colorful, vibrant scheme of tattoos used for the wing design. If you want a colorful tattoo, you can combine your favorite colors to create an engaging tattoo. Like here, the colors of a flame are beautifully added to the angel wing. 

Lovely Wings Tattoo Design

Image: @fabian15es

Personal Opinion

I believe shoulder angel wing tattoos evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and spiritual connection. The delicacy of the feathers combined with the symbolism creates a visually stunning and personally meaningful piece of body art.

Bottom Line

The angel wings look impressive on both males and females and are a great option if you are in for a symbolic tattoo. Also, you can use the angel wings tattoo to honor the memory of a loved one that you lost. These wings’ tattoos make great tribute tattoos.

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