33 Amazing Aquarius Tattoo Designs (You’Il Want To Get Them All)

If you are into astrology, your zodiac sign becomes an integral part of your personality, you identify yourself and find more of your true self and that is why getting your Zodiac sign tattooed is a fun idea. And if you want excellent Aquarius tattoo ideas to get inked, here are 33 of them.

33 Amazing Aquarius Tattoo Designs (You'Il Want To Get Them All)

Choose your Aquarius symbol to get inked and have a tattoo that you will love forever and by the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of the Aquarius tattoo to get; it is the best collection of Aquarius tattoo designs that you need to look at.

So go ahead and choose the Aquarius tattoos you love. 

Aquarius constellation tattoo ideas

1. Cute constellation tattoo

There is nothing beautiful that some stars spread across your body and it’s a wonder you can do that with tattoos – with a simple yet cute Aquarius tattoo design, you can bring starry magic to life.

Image: @_knzdesignart

2. Fun Aquarius constellation tattoo

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be simple to be neat, it can be extra and still be awesome; if a design looks fun and makes sense to you, not everyone needs to get your Aquarius symbol, here is an example of Aquarius tattoo designs you will like if you are into designs that are inspired by science. 

Image: @min_tattoo

3. Behind The Neck Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

A great spot to get an Aquarius tattoo you like and might want to hide is behind the neck, you can get almost any tattoo you want, big or small; any tattoo behind the neck looks gorgeous, you can choose a dainty Aquarius symbol or a loud one.

Image: @mytattoofamily 

4. Ankle constellation tattoo

You must have seen constellation tattoos in the sky or a water body beneath them; these Aquarius tattoos look beautiful, but if that is not your style, here is something magical; so bottle up everything beautiful and magic, and get it inked – these types of tattoos inspire Aquarius tattoo designs.

Image: @chey_inks

5. Scripted Aquarius Tattoo Design

Self-expression doesn’t always need words, but sometimes it is better to use them, for example, a quote related to your personality or something you really like can be a part of your design – it adds to your character and looks cool too; what more could you ask from an Aquarius symbol?

Image: @aquariustattoo

6. Starry Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

If there is some magic somewhere, it is in the skies, the constellations are a popular Aquarius symbol because they do not need any explanation and they look pretty – you can get an Aquarius tattoo design inspired by these stars, just add a few elements to make it unique and cute.

Image: @aidatattoos

7. Leafy Aquarius Tattoo

Tattoos can look delicate and pretty with just one element, leaves; if you add a branch, vine or even a few leaves, your tattoo will look soft and you can add leaves to your constellation Aquarius tattoo design or keep using the leaves for other ideas too.

Image: @nomin.tattoo

8. Floral Aquarius tattoo

Everyone is in love with flowers; you can get a beautiful bouquet tattooed with cute flowers inked softly on your skin, flowers are always a delightful Aquarius symbol to get tattooed; the bunch doesn’t even have to be of the same flowers – think of all the flowers you like, and you get them wrapped around your arm (literally) always.

Image: @tattooist.ashuri

9. Collarbone Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos look charming in their own way; the same goes with Aquarius tattoos designs and the best thing about collarbone Aquarius tattoos is that they are easy to hide, but they look good when shown off – if you want an Aquarius tattoo to look dainty, choose the collarbone area.

Collarbone Aquarius constellation tattoo

Image: @@jet_black_scorpion_ink

Some Unique Aquarius Tattoos

10. Large Aquarius tattoo design

These tattoos are bold, loud and badass, if you like living your life to the fullest with everything extravagant, a big design could be your inspiration and if you are looking for a remarkable Aquarius sign, this might be for you.

Image: @liveagetattoo_

11. Simple Aquarius Tattoo Idea

A simple tattoo doesn’t mean it can not be fun, it can be small and simple design could be just as detailed and beautiful as any other design – the formula to a simple yet detailed Aquarius tattoo design is trying and analyzing how different elements work together.

Image: @mountainviewtattoo

12. Colored Aquarius tattoo idea

If you are an artist, this tattoo is made just for you because loving and creating art come in many forms, some people like to paint or sketch, some like to click pictures, while some create an experience.

Image: @shaytarltoncreations 

13. Waves Aquarius Tattoo

If you want to get a great Aquarian tattoo idea, start with the basics. The water bearer is the golden standard for Aquarian tattoo designs. However, if you want to keep things simple and still want a unique design, there is a lot you can do with the vessel. For example, you can accessorize it with other elements related to the zodiac sign. And such an Aquarius sign could hold a special meaning to you too.

Image: @barbarrusa

14. The Aquarius lines tattoos

If you want to keep things basic and simple, nothing beats a zodiac sign as a tattoo, it represents what you want and still keeps things neat, if you want to get an Aquarius tattoo design, this is one of the most simple ideas.

Image: @inkedbyjulia 

15. Crossed fingers Aquarius tattoos

Crossed fingers do not just mean a promise, it is also a loved Aquarius sign, it also means you are asking for God’s grace so, if you like a tattoo that you can interpret differently, it could be for you and don’t forget it also symbolizes wishing someone luck.

Image: @jennta_ttoos 

16. Simple Aquarius tattoo design

A triangle is a symbol of the holy trinity, the shape is also closely associated with the Aquarian zodiac sign and it’s good for you because you get a fabulous element to add to your Aquarius tattoo design – waves, moon and stars inside the perimeter of the triangle will make your tattoo no less than remarkable. You can get this type of tattoo in black or colored ink.

Image: @yana_niyazaeva_pm

17. Detailed zodiac Aquarius tattoo

If you want to create your own design or bring a piece other than the artist’s portfolio, you are welcome everywhere; use this article as your reference to find your style, the colors and the designs you like – then, if you have some Aquarius symbol tattoos in mind, bring it to the tattoo studio, and your artist will be happy to do it.

Image: @elizabeth_nelsonnn

Creative Zodiac Tattoo Designs

18. Unique Aquarius tattoo design

Art is always a part of any creative process. So if you have a favorite art piece, a sculpture, a painting, or even a self-creation, it is time to get it tattooed. It’s all about expressing yourself and having fun, right? So enjoy the meaning behind your favorite painting with the meaning of your zodiac sign. It’s yours to decide. 

Image: @bink.tattooer 

19. Forearm Aquarius tattoo

The forearm is an excellent location to show your tattoo. It gives you ample space for design and highlights the result too. So if you want to get inked, do not forget the forearm.

Image: @tattooist_tramolive

20. Cute Aquarius Tattoo

Cute tattoos do not always need to be different. They can just be simple designs that add to your style, like this tattoo here. It is subtle and looks mature.

Cute Aquarius tattoo

Image: @@ sallaseart

21. Double lines tattoo design

If you want to keep the main message of your Aquarius tattoo design simple but make the tattoo pop, here is an idea for you. Add a splash (an actual splash design) and keep your tattoo true to its meaning yet interesting.

Image: @klaratattooart 

22. Colorful Aquarius tattoo

This design represents the strength in you in an artistic way. But it still keeps the Aquarius element with creativity. 

Image: @chops303tattoo

23. Arm Aquarius Tattoo Idea

Arm tattoos always look amazing. But, they are easy to hide too. You could get an Aquarius tattoo on your ankle like this design here. Maybe you like this one enough to get it tattooed or perhaps you could add a personal touch. Keep exploring!

Image: @tivas

24. Aquarius Zodiac Design Tattoo

Zodiac signs are related to Gods, making them ethereal. Such beauty is depicted by tattoos that take inspiration from humans, especially women. 

Image: @patrickvalenciatattoos

What does the Aquarius tattoo mean?

The Aquarius symbol is a water bearer, the entity itself is the most popular design for an Aquarius tattoo and it symbolizes abundance and good luck primarily, however, it represents many more things.

The water bearer signifies someone who is pouring, it can be seen as kindness to serve the world and is perfect for someone empathetic, loving and encouraging; if you are into astrology, you would agree.

What does the Aquarius constellation mean?

The beautiful Aquarius constellation represents different things in different cultures; in the ancient Babylonian era, the constellation represented “The Great One,” God Ea, in Greek mythology, it means the God of forethought and humankind, Prometheus; but it is, generally, associated with the same meanings all over.     

What tattoo is lucky for an Aquarius?

The water bearer symbol and the zodiac symbol are some lucky Aquarius tattoos you might want to get inked.

What are the symbols for an Aquarius? 

The most popular Aquarius symbol is a water bearer; other popular Aquarius

More Aquarius tattoos

Your journey to find the best Aquarius tattoo design isn’t over yet. It’s time to explore some more tattoos so you get a tattoo that you genuinely adore. Keep looking!

Image: @tianna.tatts

Image: @tattooist_green_

Image: @comb_alone

Image: @greemtattoo 

Aquarius Tattoo

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Image: @coyot.e

Image: @artbystephiijayne

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