47 Exciting Bat Tattoo Ideas You Should Save For Your Next Tattoo

Flower tattoos are one of the most famous tattoo choices, if not the most famous, rightfully so, they are beautiful, meaningful and inspiring and all this makes getting flower wrist tattoos worth it. So, are you looking for the best flower wrist tattoo ideas? If you are, you are on the right article.

47 Exciting Bat Tattoo Ideas You Should Save For Your Next Tattoo

Enjoy browsing through 27 wrist flower tattoos that evoke hope and happiness in you and by the end of this article, you’ll fall in love with these designs and may want to get them all inked!

Start looking for your tattoo inspiration with these 47 exciting bat tattoo ideas; whatever your preference may be, you’ll find a tattoo for you. Let’s begin by answering some FAQs to clear your mind before falling in love with a design.

What does a bat tattoo mean?

A bat tattoo is a sign that you are visionary and sensitive to your environment; it can represent your internal struggles and your faith in your intuition. 

Are bat tattoos taboo?

No, bat tattoos are not considered taboo, on the contrary, they are often related to the Halloween season, good fortune and often taken lightly. 

What do bats symbolize?

Bats are the creatures of the night, they symbolize balance, intuition and death and rebirth, however; they have inappropriate negative meanings attached to them, but in reality, they are highly sensitive and intelligent creatures.

What is the best finger to get a bat tattoo?

You can get a bat tattoo on any finger you like, but the best place to get a finger tattoo, in general, is the area next to your knuckles. 

Are bat tattoos cool?

Yes! They are super cool, versatile and unique, they can hold a lot of meaning and are amazing to look at depending on your body placement and cool tattoos make tattooing fun!

Small Bat Tattoo Ideas

1. Dotted Bat Tattoo

Want to keep your tattoo creative and detailed? A dotted bat tattoo might be for you – you get to play with thin lines and dots, and they make your tattoo; generally, these tattoos are in black, but you can add any color of your choice.

Image: @wildbaco 

2. Webbed Bat Wings Tattoo

If you are not into delicate or softer designs, a thick and detailed tattoo might be your style and the areas you can get these types of tattoos are endless.

Image: @alex.duzter 

3. Behind the Ear Bat Tattoo

Maybe you have a small bat tattoo design in mind and brainstorming the area or perhaps you have the placement in mind (behind the ear), but you can’t find a tattoo; here you go.

Image: @misanthrope.tattoos 

4. Artistic Bat Tattoo

If you are a fan of artistic tattoos, you need to consider a back tattoo for sure because it looks dainty, and you get a little more room to get creative.

Image: @nocer_art_tattoo 

5. Hand Tattoo Design

Hands are optimal areas for delicate tattoos and grunge designs at the same time so, you decide to make it if you want a simple bat tattoo or a dark one.

Image: @linfanera_tattoo_studio 

6. Simple Tattoo Idea

You do not need to have an over-the-top design to have a great tattoo; all you need is something you really like and if you want a simple design, you have all the options for tattoos and body placement here.

Image: @cristiana.iordache 

7. Small Finger Tattoo

A finger is one of the cutest places to get your small tattoo, it enhances the charm of any tattoo to the highest degree; the same goes for a small bat design.

Image: @maleficent_2014 

8. Tattoo Outline Design 

Some designs are striking, so striking you just need their outline – a bat’s anatomy is so distinguishable its outline does the job and here you have your simple bat tattoo design.

Image: @gene.ytattoo 

9. Cute Black Bat Tattoo

Black tattoos are the most versatile tattoos you can get, they look fantastic, add mystery and you can create so many designs – go for a minimal tattoo if it’s your first time getting inked or even if you’re confused.

Image: @sztorm_tattoo_studio 

10. Traditional Bat Tattoo

A traditional bat tattoo is clearly one of the best bat tattoo designs you can get, usually, they also have a meaning to them.

It is simple; it pops out and makes your existing tattoos look better. So, why wait? Go to your tattoo artist now!

Image: @theavalonrooms 

11. Little Finger Tattoo

A tiny tattoo is a perfect addition to your tattoo collection, it can act as a filler, a stand-alone tattoo or just a fun design.

Image: @anthonyeyetattoos 

12. Flying Bat Tattoo

The best part about choosing a bat tattoo is that it has many designs, of course, you can get a flying bat tattoo too – it can have thin lines, a detailed design or a pop of color.

Image: @thomas_boulard_tattooist 

Cute Bat Tattoo Designs

13. Bat Heart Tattoo

What makes a tattoo cuter? A heart. Pick an attractive tattoo and add a heart to the design as per your preference, the heart can be on the bat or around the bat and it could represent anything you want. 

Image: @meatwash 

14. Funny Bat Tattoo

What are tattoos, if not a fun piece of art? And these fun art pieces deserve a fun bat design. So let your imagination go wild and get a funny and tiny bat tattoo now!

Image: @bird_witch_tatto 

15. Fuzzy Bat Tattoo

Usually, when you think of a bat, you might not get an image of a fuzzy creature. But a woolly bat tattoo is a famous option people go for. 

Image: @madik_tattoo 

16. Sweet Stary Bats Tattoo

If you want your tattoo to be unique and brilliant, add some elements to it, like stars. A bat out on a starry night or a bat surrounded by stars sounds like a great idea.

Image: @briannelouise_tattoos

17. Cute Vampire Bat Tattoo

Let’s be honest; when you think of bats, you also think of vampires. But cute little vampires, right? So you can have your adorable bat tattoo design with vampire bats.

Image: @creative.stuff.with.lara 

18. Cute Colorful Bat Tattoo

Yes, a bat tattoo and black color are the ultimate combinations but think about a colorful bat tattoo, it is mesmerizing and totally worth it!

Image: @hournoon 

19. Cute Colorful Bat Tattoo

Adding color to tattoos is one of the best ways to make them unique and cute. So if you have a tattoo design in mind, add some colorful ink to it or its background to make it prettier.

Image: @addidraws 

20. Cute Hanging Bat Tattoo

A bat hanging upside down, what could be more traditional than that? If you are a fan of simple bat tattoos, the hanging bat might be the right option for you.

Image: @goblinsinkpot 

21. Big Winged Bat Tattoo

Did you know? The largest bats, flying foxes, have a wingspan of around 1.7 meters! Well, your idea of a bat tattoo may not be this big, but you can have a gorgeous big winged bat tattoo for sure.

Image: @rustydiego_tattoo 

22. Prettiest of Bats Tattoo

A bat tattoo design can be cute and even pretty with sparkling eyes. However, your bat tattoo designs can be far off from reality and still be great.

Image: @af_tattoo_studio 

23. Hang in There Tattoo

Speaking of hanging bat tattoos, here is another option you might like. This is conventional yet cute, and you can keep things hassle-free. The fastest tattoo idea ever thought of, right?

Image: @amybishhhh 

24. Halloween Bat Design Tattoo

Halloween and bats are almost synonyms. So why not use the spooky part to make your tattoo unique and fantastic. Add elements such as pumpkins, spider webs, blood or ghosts to your tattoo to elevate it.

Image: @fernewt_tattoos 

Flying Bat Tattoo Ideas

 25. Flying Bat Tattoo

Flying bat tattoos are fantastic. Due to the remarkable shape of bats, you do not even require a lot of space. You can get a group of bats tattooed anywhere you like.

Image: @gigi_born 

26. Shoulder Bat Tattoo

Two of the most common near the shoulder tattoos are a dandelion in the wind and flying birds. But they are also way too familiar. 

Image: @hopehearttattoo 

27. Bats Flying Up Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos are a fantastic way to get more prominent tattoos. You have enough space to be creative, and if you want a smaller tattoo, you can get that too.

Image: @hickorybrandy 

28. Flying Bats and Shadows Tattoo

Want to add an extra element to your tattoo? A colony of shadows would be nice. It adds a bit of contrast to colorful tattoos and dimension to black tattoos.

Image: @tattoos.by.deana 

29. Bats Going Up Arm Tattoo

You can make the flying bat tattoos a forearm tattoo or bicep tattoo. You can use the tattoo as a stand-alone design or a filler. A colony of bats or a few bats is your all to make.

Image: @boxofshark 222220

30. Flying Up Hips Tattoo

A colony of bats is distinctive and remarkable for sure. And such a tattoo idea in jet black makes for a tattoo that will grab attention wherever you go.

Image: @dollheart.tattoos 

31. Small Flying Across Shoulder Tattoo

If you are wondering about getting a shoulder tattoo, you need to consider tiny bat tattoos. The area makes tattoos look delicate, and it is also a great way to show off your fresh ink.

Image: @oscar.khan_ 

32. Flying Bat Sleeve Tattoo

Do you want a cool sleeve tattoo? Well, bats can make for one of the best tattoos. Think of a colony of bats flying on your arm; it sounds badass, doesn’t it?

Image: @gracehardytattoos 

33. Bats Going Up Ankle Tattoo

You can also apply an idea similar to sleeve tattoos with bats to your legs. Bats flying up your ankle can be just as cool as a sleeve tattoo.

Image: @miyuki.artwork

34. Behind the Neck Tattoo

The area behind the neck is also fantastic for small tattoos. For example, a tiny tattoo would look cute and suit anyone. You can get a tattoo in black or your favorite color.

Image: @venomisssss 

35. Small Bats on Wrist Tattoo

Bat tattoos on wrists are a classic. They are sharp, offer insight into your personality and look striking, of course. 

Image: @switchxbladetattoos 

36. Flying Bats Idea Tattoo

Not all bat tattoos have to be colorful to be interesting. You can get a black tattoo and make your design fun. After all, a pop of detail never hurts anyone.

Image: @thesisteritook 

More Ideas You Might Like

37. Starry Tattoo Idea

Bats get in all their glory at night. So if you think of getting a bat and star tattoo, it is only fair. A bold bat in a starry sky sounds like an adorable idea.

Image: @inkyayla 

38. Covered In Flowers Tattoo

Flowers make everything look better, and the same goes for bat tattoos. However, the flowers do not have to be the main focus, they can act as a minor element, and your tattoo will still turn out amazing.

Image: @_ryhno_ 

39. Traditional Bat Tattoo

Nothing beats a traditional tattoo. Traditional tattoo options are versatile; you can get a simple bat silhouette, a hanging bat, or a flying bat. 

Image: @roatx_tattoo 

40. Hanging Bat Tattoo

If you want a bat tattoo but don’t like experimenting much, a hanging bat is an excellent option for you. You still get a chance of making the creature cute/cartoonish or more realistic.

Image: @campusinkmadison 

41. His and Hers Tattoo

Did you know you can get matching bat tattoos with your significant other? Yes, you can. A his and her tattoo might be in the form of different colors or bats with texts.

Image: @bzeebzee.tat 

42. Bat Hip Tattoos

The beauty of art is in the details, and the same stands true for a tattoo. So no matter what your tattoo design is, add some details, and you’ll have the best tattoo ever!

Image: @xandthedeath 

43. Wide Winged Bat

If you want a unique tattoo on your body, you should definitely get a wide-winged bat on the back of your shoulder, arm or chest. 

Image: @viktoriagolebowska 

44. Long Hanging Bat

Bat tattoos have become a trendy symbol these days. And rightfully so, they have intricate details, and the design looks way better than any other tattoo. If you want realistic bat tattoos, this could be your design.

Image: @caleb_moul

45. Wide Winged Bat Tattoo

If you want a unique tattoo on your body, you should definitely get a wide-winged bat on the back of your shoulder, arm or chest. 

Image: @viktoriagolebowska 

46. Long Hanging Bat Tattoo

Bat tattoos have become a trendy symbol these days. And rightfully so, they have intricate details, and the design looks way better than any other tattoo. If you want realistic bat tattoos, this could be your design.

Image: @caleb_moul 

47. Lace Bat Tattoo

If you are planning on a cute little addition to your tattoo, this design may be the one for you. Make it bold, add mystery to it or keep it simple and have fun!

Image: @psycho.tatz 

So, did you find your bat tat? With all the versatile tattoo designs, the ball is in your court. Save your favorites, share the article with your friends and let everyone know you have the best bat tattoo ideas for the future. Now, all that’s left is to get inked!

Kai Falmer