25 Striking Aesthetic Tattoo Designs You’Ll Be Sorry To Miss

Do you decide if a tattoo is beautiful after you look at it? Or are there some tattoos that catch your eye? If the latter is your intention, here are 25 gorgeous aesthetic tattoos for you. 

Aesthetic tattoos are a form of body art that is different for every person. It could be sleeve tattoos for you and a wolf tattoo for another. Aesthetic tattoos could be fun tattoos, cultural or tribal tattoos or religious tattoos. The main idea behind aesthetically pleasing tattoos is a style that you find neat and pretty.

25 Striking Aesthetic Tattoo Designs You'Ll Be Sorry To Miss

You don’t need to search the internet to find the right aesthetic tattoos for you. Why go anywhere else when every great idea is curated in this article. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The most popular aesthetic tattoo designs are:

  • Small heart
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Smiley face
  • Fruits

Do aesthetic tattoos have meanings?

The context of aesthetic tattoos depends upon you. If you want a tattoo for fun, it doesn’t have to hold meaning. If you want it to be meaningful, you can choose accordingly.

What do flower tattoos mean?

Flower tattoos symbolize several feelings like love, friendship, good luck, happiness and unity.

Are line art tattoos painful?

Fine lines irritate the skin more than thicker lines. And it may hurt more in the beginning but line art is often less painful.

What does a small heart tattoo mean?

A small heart tattoo is one of the most famous aesthetic tattoos. It represents a good feeling. It also symbolizes love, friendship, happiness and all the wholesome feelings.

Appealing aesthetic tattoo ideas

1. Wave aesthetic tattoo

You can combine all wholesome feelings to create body art that evokes joy. For example, here is a tattoo that looks like a mini-masterpiece and suits everyone’s skin tone too. These beach influenced tattoos might be the end of your search of innovative and aesthetic tattoo design.

Image: @studioeleven_11 

2. Line art aesthetic tattoos

Line art is in trend. It is definitely aesthetic and it expresses a meaning with simplicity. What more could you ask from an aesthetic tattoo? 

Make sure you look at the portfolios of multiple tattoo artists before choosing one. Line art can be complex that is why you need to know your tattoo artists first. 

Image: @miguelart.tattoo 

3. Sunflower tattoo design

If you think of the happiest flowers, sunflower aesthetic tattoos must come to your mind soon. When they are tattooed, they make the person happy too. Its happy yellow color and blooming grace sure make for an aesthetic tattoo to save.

If you are looking for a tattoo with influences from nature, you need this aesthetic tattoo on your body.

Image: @tattoolegendtenerife 

4. Cute butterfly tattoo

It is almost a sin to talk about aesthetic tattoos and not add a butterfly tattoo to the list. They look amazing, elevate your mood and make everyone smile. Butterfly tattoos could be the tattoo ideas for you.

More cute tattoos with creatures are a phoenix tattoo, dragonfly tattoo, lion tattoo and wolf tattoo.

Image: @shakeysdeluxetattoo 

5. Lavender aesthetic tattoos

Nothing compares to the beauty of flowers. Maybe what you are looking for is a lavender bundle. It is a soft tattoo that you can almost smell.

The flower can have multiple meanings depending on its color, design and placement. You can choose what your tattoo styles represent and keep the details.

Image: @hangang_tattooz 

6. Quotes tattoo designs

Words express ideas that pictures can’t, and pictures explain things that words can not. So, it is time to find your favorite quote, phrase or verse, share them with your tattoo artist and turn them into aesthetic tattoos.

A small cross tattoo, anchor tattoo, geometric style tattoo and zodiac sign tattoo are some of the tiny pieces that work well with quotes and different ink colors.

Image: @ sun_69customtattoo_kohsamui

7. Moon aesthetic tattoos

This is one of the most popular tattoos you can find on the internet. But, you can see why it is one of the most significant aesthetic tattoos. Usually, moon tattoos are simple designs, hold meaning and have celestial magic to them.

Moon tattoo is a favorite style of new as well as an experienced tattoo artist. So you can stay relieved if you choose the tattoo form.

Image: @blup_tattoo 

Small aesthetic tattoos

8. Shining star aesthetic tattoos

Talking of celestial magic, star tattoos are another deserving candidate for your next aesthetic tattoo. These types of tattoos are bright, vibrant and make really pretty body art.

With the right placement, you can add more details to the tattoo and they can still be easily covered. Some popular placements are your wrist, chest, hands and behind the ear.

Image: @jaime.ink 

9. Meaningful aesthetic tattoo

Maybe you don’t like your tattoos to be delicate; you want to express another side of yourself. This aesthetic tattoo design helps you communicate the emotion of freedom you want to convey through different designs and shapes. 

You can ask your tattoo artist for suggestions on cute small tattoos that represent your style. Your ink should represent a powerful meaning like your free spirit.

Image: @v1kasso_ink 

10. Coordinates small tattoos

If you like a place you like, your hometown, wedding spot or holiday destination, you can get its coordinates tattooed. The tattoo looks adorable and you can keep a good memory close to your heart forever.

You can transform this tattoo into a geometric tattoo or a compass tattoo as well. You should make your small tattoos something you will enjoy looking at.

Image: @yamae.tattoo 

11. Date small tattoos

Similar to the previous tattoo, you can convert an important date into an aesthetic tattoo design. Maybe your birthday is your special day or maybe it is your anniversary? Whatever it is, keep it close to you with a tattoo.

Image: @juniejunie_tattoo 

12. Simple smile small tattoo

A small tattoo can hold no meaning and it can be purely aesthetic on your body. A simple smile is a wholesome tattoo that will complement your aesthetic designs with fun.

Best friends can also get this aesthetic ink on their wrist, chest or arms.

Image: @skattytattys 

13. Safety pin small tattoo

A safety pin may seem like a fun small tattoo but it is more than that. It symbolizes stitching things together and in real life, it means you’d like to hold something or someone close. It also symbolizes solidarity against racism and xenophobia.

Image: @ tattoos_by_tali 

14. Small tattoo of the moon

The moon aesthetic tattoos can have hundreds of meanings of many cultures and that makes it even more beautiful. If you are confused and want a classic yet straightforward tattoo, the moon tattoo ideas in black ink are for you. You can make a moon and star tattoo fun or keep it the way it is. 

Image: @aaronleewilliamsart 

Aesthetic tattoo ideas for everyone

15. Smiley face tattoo

What is a tattoo that is nostalgic yet stays as fresh as ever? The smiley face. And right so it makes for a fun and bright aesthetic tattoo design for everyone. So you can get it with your friends (on your finger, hands, arms or chest) and keep smiling together.

Image: @ rin.cccccc 

16. Cute peach tattoo

Fruits make the most fun and aesthetic tattoos. Fruit tattoos look pretty, add a pop of color and they do not have to mean something. Just one look at this peach design and you’ll be mesmerized enough to get it.

Image: @studiobysol 

17. Match tattoo

Not only are match designs aesthetic tattoos, but it is also meaningful. A burning tattoo represents passion, energy and life. And a dying match tattoo symbolizes exhaustion, loss or sadness. So no matter what tattoo you get, your match will stay burning.

Image: @cat.rivers.tattoo 

18. Small tree tattoo

No matter if you are an environmentalist who likes trees or you want to remember the tree in your grandma’s backyard, this tattoo works for you. It’s bright, adorable and worth the effort.

Image: @dearyouth_ink 

19. Skeleton hand tattoo

Although the idea may not be as appealing when you hear it, you’ll get the charm when you see skeleton hand tattoo designs. Simple skeleton hands, hands in a shape or with quotes make edgy aesthetic tattoo designs you may like.

You can get this tattoo on your chest where your heart is. It can represent love, happiness and be a wholesome tattoo. This cute small tattoo is edgy, modern and aesthetic.

Image: @deadgoodtattoo 

20. Cute small diamond tattoo

When you think of gems and diamonds, their shine is all one can think of. And you can translate that shine and beauty into an aesthetic tattoo design. With an intricate design, a diamond tattoo is sure to leave you breathless.

You are free to play with other shapes, modern artistry or even a small cross tattoo.

Image: @yeontaan 

21. Pair of cherries tattoo

There isn’t any fruit more fun and cuter than cherries. They look good, taste good and their tattoos seem even more impressive. A pair of cherries may be the ultimate tattoo you are looking for.

A cherry tattoo ink looks vibrant on the chest and wrist area.

Image: @moonmoon__tattoo 

22. Sweet tattoo styles

Do you want a sweet tattoo? An actually sweet tattoo? Here is a mouthwatering design for you. With its detailed design, it is perfect for adding a pop of color. 

Image: @non_lee_ink 

23. Cute small wave tattoo

If you are looking for a minimal design with a meaning, a wave tattoo is the aesthetic tattoo design for you. These waves look deep and calming at the same time.

Image: @tattooist_hare 

24. Mountain tattoo styles

If you are a traveler or the mountains are your abode, this simple tattoo is for you. Just the outline of mountains can make a great tattoo that you can cherish.

Image: @_fannink_ 

Hope you found your aesthetic tattoo design in this article. These designs are simple, small and absolutely adorable, so don’t forget to share them with all your loved ones!

25. Cute small baby tattoo

Tattoos with texts are often overlooked. But these types of aesthetic tattoo designs say a lot more than the word itself. The font, color and phrase tell you a lot about the person and yourself.

Image: @grateful_red_pokes 

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