41 Incredible Airplane Tattoo Designs to Consider Before Getting Inked

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

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Airplane tattoos, which are less common than flower or butterfly tattoos, appeal to a certain population. Tattoos of airplanes are common on daring persons or those who live far from home since an airplane may signify travel, adventure, and new places.

Getting an airplane tattoo may serve as a reminder to pursue freedom, go outside your comfort zone, and embrace new experiences. Because of these factors, tattoos on airplanes are typically unique and significant.

However, the significance of many airplane tattoo designs varies. In addition to being shown with additional objects like earth globes, maps, compasses, or hearts, airplane tattoos can come in a variety of sizes and forms.

The most stunning and creative airplane tattoo designs can be found below, ranging from simple outlines of airplanes typically favored by women to more intricate representations of actual aircraft.

1. Black Filled Airplane Tattoo Design

This little tattoo is suitable for a first tattoo or as an addition to a wrist tattoo. Due to its subtlety and delicacy, this exquisite design can be used anywhere. This is a terrific option for those who appreciate delicate and tiny designs.


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2. Tiny Dark Filled Location Mark Airplane Tattoo Design

This is a most common tattoo design because it is easy to create. This type of tattoo causes less discomfort. This tattoo symbol represents the ambitions and goals of a person.


3. Line Heart Airplane Tattoo Design

An aircraft in the shape of a heart is among the most popular airplane tattoo designs. This little airplane tattoo suggests a departure or new voyage. This tattoo has just the right amount of charm.


4. Map Airplane Tattoo Design

Show off your crazy side and let everyone know your perspective on your upcoming travels. This type of airplane tattoo symbolizes spontaneity, enjoyment, and tenacity. If you enjoy traveling, you should consider getting this tattoo.


5. Monster Plane Coloured Airplane Tattoo Design

You will like this stunning, brilliant, colorful tattoo across your thigh or upper arm. This tattoo will look excellent on you if you adore attractive tattoos and seek all the attention. This plane tattoo might stand in for all the ups and downs you’ve experienced.


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6. Back Shoulder Passenger Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

This tattoo shows a flying aircraft approaching the viewers and presumably preparing to land. As a result, this tattoo stands for someone who has been away from home for some time and is now coming home.


7. Single Rotator Single Eye Airplane Tattoo Design

Want to show your cool and adventurous side to everyone? Try this stunning Rotator single-eye airplane tattoo. The desire to have an adventurous, joyous, and stress-free existence is also expressed through these sorts of tattoos.


8. Jet Shadowed Paper Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

If you love simple and elegant tattoos, then this tattoo is perfect for you. This little aircraft represents your individuality and sense of inner serenity. This tattoo has an attractive appearance because of its lovely shading.


9. Sunrise Trip Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

A three-dimensional airplane tattoo with sun is just what you need to express your wanderlust spirit. This airplane’s positioning and color scheme represent your problems. One can get this tattoo on the thigh, upper arm, or shoulder.


10. Small Outlined Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

With this little tattoo design, you can flaunt your personal integrity and love for those close to you. Regardless of your gender or age, you can get this tattoo anywhere on the body.


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11. Island Covered Airplane Tattoo Design

Do you travel frequently? Do you love the world’s pleasant and warm routes? Try this tattoo; this tattoo represents your energy and personality as well as your aspirations and objectives for the future.


12. Minimal Geometric Airplane Tattoo Design

Tattoos with geometric designs are accurate and accessible. This tattoo is made up of simple lines and forms. Each pattern is positioned just where it belongs, expressing the wearer’s vibrant personality.


13. Finger Mini Airplane Tattoo Design

This middle finger tattoo with an airplane design is perfect for women or men who desire smaller tattoos or something charming over their hands. This quick and easy artwork is perfect for anyone who wants to decorate their fingers with tattoos.


14. Inked Green Folded Wing Airplane Tattoo Design

Get this amazing, vibrant wing airplane tattoo. This uncommon and distinctive tattoo covers the region of the arm. The usage of green color with black shading is sufficient to attract all tattoo enthusiasts.


15. Wright Flyer Airplane Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is the design of the first airplane, which the wright brothers invented. This tattoo is for the one who wants to appreciate their life roots but also wants to achieve their goals or soar above the skies.


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16. Private Jet On Wrist Airplane Tattoo Design

This tattoo is a fantastic illustration of an airplane tattoo. It conveys the wearer’s playful and creative side as well as a distinct artistic viewpoint. You can add different colors to give this tattoo a more distinctive look.


17. Half Outline Drawn Airplane Tattoo Design

Is traveling your biggest passion in life? Is it something you prioritize in your life? If so, you can use this tattoo to let others know. This tattoo looks very stunning near the collarbone of the wearer; one can even get this tattoo on the wrist with different colors.


18. Pulse Airplane Tattoo Design

This is a simple yet significant tattoo that can even be applied to the wrist, where the pulse is felt. Its symbolic significance is your profound enthusiasm for flying high in life and traveling as a hobby to relieve tension.


19. Single Wing Clouded Airplane Tattoo Design

This is one of the most beautiful tattoos that will catch everyone’s attention. The tattoo appears to be stickers on the skin because of the lines and shadows. This kind of tattoo is a terrific way to combine something interesting with the idea of beauty.


20. Flower Airplane Tattoo Design

The use of flowers in tattoo designs reveals your elegant and delicate side. This type of tattoo is the best choice for women to show their creative side. In addition, the artist uses black shading to give his tattoo a more vibrant look.


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21. Runway Takeoff Airplane Tattoo Design

This tattoo design is something very creative and realistic. It’s a stunning, fashionable tattoo that portrays the artist’s unremarkable creation. This type of tattoo takes a lot of time to heal.


22. Grey Shaded Airplane Tattoo Design

Don’t miss out on this amazing airplane tattoo design if you want to stand out from the crowd with distinctive ink. This tattoo features some great shading. The border is nicely created with its contour of fine lines.


23. Tiny Plane On Straight Line Airplane Tattoo Design

It is a simplistic and modest airplane outline tattoo. This is the ideal tattoo for someone who enjoys taking flights to new destinations. The neatness of the lines shows the artist’s talent and creativity.


24. Chasing War Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

This tattoo represents and stands for your inner warrior. Give this tattoo a shot if you’re someone who can deal with pressure and emerge from it as a warrior at all times. It will demonstrate to others your persistence.


25. Boeing Airplane Tattoo Design

If you appreciate short and simple travels and want to have a lot of fun in your own style, show the world this idea. This artwork is a realistic tattoo design, which helps you to stand out from the crowd.


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26. Half Moon And Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

This half-moon airplane tattoo is a representation of feminine spirituality and a purity sign. A crescent moon also represents the wearer’s fortitude, particularly if they have successfully navigated their way through their most challenging phase.


27. Rhombus Geometric Airplane Tattoo Design

The airplane tattoo with the geometric pattern looks stunning and stylish. While shapes and curves signify humanity and connection, straight lines and angles signify the structure and order of the tattoo.


28. Back View With GO Word Airplane Tattoo Design

This tattoo represents your hopes and aspirations as well as your commitment to traveling and discovering new pathways as you go. You can get this sort of tattoo in less than three hours.


29. Emirates Airplane Tattoo Design

This incredible Emirates airplane tattoo design allows you to show your passion for the finest airline in the world. This beautiful tattoo design is ideal if you want a tattoo that emphasizes your calm and elegant side.


30. Blue Cloud Airplane Tattoo Design

Want something different? Consider getting a vibrant blue tattoo on your arm. Because of its appearance, this is the artist’s cutest piece of art. In addition, the tattoo’s hue of blue precisely matches the wearer’s skin tone.


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31. Spitfire Plane In Black And Grey Airplane Tattoo Designs

This realistic design is perfect for individuals who enjoy delicate designs and are looking for something exciting and unique. In addition, the excellent shading on this tattoo gives it a charming appeal.


32. Realism Airplane Tattoo Design

Do you feel like trying something new and bigger? Then this enormous tattoo is for you, which represents your aspirations and goals as well as your commitment to traveling and discovering new pathways as you go.


33. 100 Dollar Paper Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

This unique tattoo will look charming on your arm or chest, which is different from conventional paper tattoos. Moreover, this type of paper tattoo stands for beginning again or “flinging oneself” into the future.


34. Single Rotator Single Wing Airplane Tattoo Design

This tattoo has a vintage design and a strong use of ink that gives it a more artistic appearance. This tattoo was carved by the tattoo artist using a light black hue, and the shading enhances the beauty of the tattoo.


35. Half Line Heart Airplane Tattoo Design

This tattoo perfectly captures your love of discovering new locations if you consider yourself to be a traveler by heart. This is a minimalistic tattoo that can help you to bring out your artistic side.


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36. Two Rotator Airplane Tattoo Design

If you are a true lover of airplane tattoos, you will surely adore this style. This is an old-school tattoo type. It will represent both your intense and passionate side as well as your surge of emotions.


37. Missile Jet Airplane Tattoo Design

This type of airplane is typically a military airplane that represents a particular conflict. The majority of the tattoo has been skillfully darkened by the tattooist, which gives the tattoo a more realistic touch.


38. Fighter Jet Airplane Tattoo Design

This flying airplane will show people your capacity to work for and achieve some of the most important things in your life. The tattoo’s outline is flawless, which enhances the overall design.


39. Passenger Plane On Arm Airplane Tattoo Design

If you appreciate forearm tattoo designs, you might find this one interesting. This stylish tattoo of an airplane may be applied on the wrist or arms. It represents your desire to fly high in life.


40. War Military Airplane Tattoo Design

This sort of airplane crash tattoo can represent your soul and all of the struggles that lie ahead. This tattoo is one of the best artworks of the artist. For those who prefer loud and bright tattoo ideas, this tattoo is perfect.


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41. Old Bombing Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

This upper back antique bombing plane tattoo is ideal if you’re seeking a distinctive yet authentic tattoo design. You can experiment with different bright colors in this design to achieve the best effects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Price Of An Airplane Tattoo?

The price range is from $50 to $250. Your ultimate cost will be greatly influenced by the placement, the colors selected, and the size. Your tattoo artist’s name and reputation might also play a significant role.

What Does A Tattoo Of A Small Airplane Mean?

Different people may have different meanings for a little airplane tattoo. It serves as a reminder for certain people to constantly embrace the unknown and represents spiritual freedom. Others may interpret a little plane tattoo as a departure or a new trip.

Are Tattoos Permitted On Airline Pilots?

In terms of tattoos, most airlines follow the same protocol. Pilots are permitted to have tattoos as long as they aren’t visible when they’re working and don’t have any unpleasant artwork. This implies that any tattoos on the hands, neck, or face must be covered up when on duty.

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