72 Exquisite Shoulder Sunflower Tattoos For You

Sunflowers tattoos are great as a tattoo choice because of their bright color and beautiful texture. Moreover, the Sunflower has a hidden significance like romance and everlasting hopeful love. 

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There are many original and creative ways of getting a sunflower tattoo, and the shoulder is a popular choice for women in getting this tattoo.

Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

1. Extraordinary Sunflower Tattoos Design

The Sunflower is not only a beautiful flower but has a beautiful hidden meaning to it.

Credit: boston_ink617_swag

2. Exceptional Hip Sunflower Tattoo

The texture of the Sunflower looks impressive with perfect detailing. 

Credit: ziggyinktattoo

3. Unique Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

You can also add other colorful flowers to your sunflower tattoo and get it made in a sleeve manner with a flora and fauna background. 

Credit: tattoostudio_boutique

4. Black And Grey Sunflower Tattoo for your Shoulder

Have the sunflower tattoo made in simple black ink, and you can even add some quotes with it like you are my sunshine; the quote is for a person you love.

Credit: yoghurtzilla

5. You Are My Sunshine Shoulder Tattoo

Do you have such a person in your life who makes your mood suitable and brings light to your life no matter how gloomy your day was? If yes, then you can get you are my sunshine tattoo.

Credit: lunatattoostudio_

6. The Yin Yang Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

In the Yin Yang tattoo, the center of the flower is made with the Yin and Yang sign, and the Yin Yang symbol is for the unity of opposites and shows this is how the balance in life is maintained.

Credit: nina_iris310

7. Yellow Sunflower in Front

The classic yellow Sunflower is an excellent idea for a minimalistic tattoo idea.

Credit: emily.bumblebee

8. Small Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo

You can use the curviness of the shoulder to give the tattoo a different look meaning that you can have the black part where the joint of the arm and the shoulder meets and then the petals around it.

Credit: heyitzpatchot_

9. Sunflower Tattoo In Yellow Ink

Add 2 or 3 bright sunflowers to the tattoo to create an artistic impression.

Credit: enchantedlyamused

10. Stunning Sunflower Tattoo For The Back Of Shoulder

You have the Sunflower at the back of the shoulder like a giant tattoo; it looks nice.

Credit: lorytattoostudio

11. Sweet Girl Sunflower Tattoo

The yellow Sunflower looks great on girls.

Credit: shirinanas_

12. Sunflower Tattoo Design

You can add leaves with the Sunflower and add the shrubs and leaves.

Credit: artistkatlinparenteau 

13. Sunflower Radiant Tattoo

Have the classic radiant Sunflower on the edge of the shoulder.

Credit: tattoo_artist_olive

14. Incredible Sunflower Tattoo Shoulder

You have some variations added to the disk flower to make your tattoo one of a kind.

Credit: feartheloathing

15. Sunflower Tattoo For Women

The sunflower tattoo for women can be something that gives them hope and strength.

Credit: tommasobuglioni_tom_tattoo

16. Sunflower Picture Tattoo

Sunflowers in a contrast of black and white give a very graceful look.

Credit: michellemaddison

17. Cool Sunflower Shoulder

You can have two bright yellow sunflowers added on both sides of the shoulders; it looks unique.

Credit: aaronxmelon

18. Back Of The Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo

You can add miniature roses or any other flower of your choice with the Sunflower.

Credit: ghani_art_tattoo

19. Sunflower Image Tattoo

The tattoo looks like an image, or you may have a favorite sunflower image.

Credit: hyland.777

20. Sunflower Tattoo Style

You can have the Sun’s face made in the Sunflower’s pistil in a doodling way.

Credit: thetattooer

21. Sunflower Tattoo Idea

With the base of a black shade in the background, the tattoo not only looks fantastic, but you can even use it to hide a scar.

Credit: eddy.dsilva

22. Sunflower Tattoo Style On Backside of Shoulder

A simple sunflower tattoo with a hint of red color in the petals that form the outer second layers of the petals of the flowers.

Credit: julya_art

23. Sunflower Tattoo Style For Girls

A Black and grey tattoo with intricate detailing looks like a piece of art; your tattoo artist can use the tattoo to show his skill in body art.

Credit: emyfernandestattoo

24. The Simple Sunflower Tattoo

A simple tattoo always has the potential to speak volumes; get a simple, minimalistic tattoo. 

Credit: inknerd7

25. Collarbone Sunflower Tattoo

The Collarbone is a very intimate part of the body and adds to the beauty of girls. Everybody is intimidated with an attractive collar bone. So a cool tattoo on your collar bone will make you look even more engaging.

Credit: mattie_tattoo

26. Grey Ink Sunflower Tattoo

A pair of grey colors with matching shading with the skin makes an exquisite tattoo.

Credit: manuelghezzitattooer

27. Pretty Sunflowers Tattoo Idea

The pretty sunflowers shine with the bright sunlight pouring on them and puts a smile on everybody’s face.

Credit: 888house_tattoo

28. Pretty Dainty Sunflower Tattoo

The small and dainty sunflower tattoo on your shoulder will look like a superb tattoo.

Credit: tilda_tattoo

29. Outline Sunflower Tattoos Idea

The outline sunflower tattoo in a typical black outline sketch is also an excellent tattoo idea.

Credit: oldlibertytattoo

30. Outline Sunflower Tattoo Design

Instead of just getting the regular simple outline sketch, you can have leaves, shading and detailing added to the Sunflower.

Credit: grizzlyayretattoos

31. Pretty Looking Sunflower Tattoo

The picture-perfect Sunflower.

Credit: swiftmantis

32. Mind-Blowing Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo Style

You have an eye made on the disk flower instead of the normal pistil; a single eye in the middle leaves a dramatic impact, and shading in the background makes it more surreal.

Credit: regisu_tattoo

33. Lovely Duo Sunflower Tattoos 

Getting two identical Sunflowers on exactly both sides of the shoulder looks great.

Credit: youngjedi39.ink

34. Lovely Sunflower Tattoo Idea

You can get a tattoo beginning right from your shoulder and extending towards both ends towards the back and the front.

Credit: newtattoo_studio

35. Gorgeous Sunflower Tattoo Style

A cute tiny, elegant sunflower tattoo on the front side of the shoulder will look nice.

Credit: gatopreto.tattoo

36. Lily And Sunflower Tattoo Design

Getting a lily tattoo with a sunflower is the perfect tattoo because it is the ultimate symbol of motherhood and shows the power of rebirth; it marks the ultimate transformation into a woman becoming a mother.

Credit: base_illusion

37. Ladybug On Yellow Flower Tattoo

Getting a ladybug with your Sunflower will bring you luck because the ladybug symbolizes luck, so carrying it on you means that you have a good luck charm to accompany you.

Credit: gunslingertattooco

38. Sunflower Tattoo

Bright yellow sunflowers cover your shoulder fully down to your arm.

Credit: tattooer_dro

39. Groovy Sunflower Tattoo Idea

The groovy sunflower tattoo does not look like your regular fresh Sunflower, but the petals are a little crumbled.

Credit: ramona sanchez

40. Grey Sunflower Tattoo Style

Grey sunflower tattoo in an outline form with contrast to your skin.

Credit: inked_craft

41. Grey Sunflower Tattoo On One Shoulder

Getting one tattoo on your shoulder is where you can choose to flaunt, meaning you can select your occasion to show off your tattoo.

Credit: hannahminixart

42. Tiny Sunflower Tattoos For Shoulder

You can even have two or three sunflowers added to the side of your shoulder in a bundle.

Credit: stacia_tattoos

43. Simple Grey Ink Sunflower Tattoo 

A simple one of your back in the shoulder region will look amazing.

Credit: chieftattoos

44. Great Sunflower Tattoo

One mighty great bright yellow colored Sunflower like it was just slashed on your shoulder blade, have it made in such a manner.

Credit: heathertattoo88

45. Graceful Colorful Sunflower Tattoo

It is not mandatory to get a sunflower tattoo in only yellow; you can even have it in different colors like blue and pink and have it with a very vibrant, colorful background; experimenting with color can show the spunk in your personality.

Credit: sunnymytattoo

46. Enchanting Sunflower Tattoo

Add green bright color leaves to your yellow Sunflower and have a great contrast tattoo.

Credit: withlove.ekim

47. Fine Sunflower Tattoo Idea

Another great idea for the sunflower tattoo is to have the background black and a transparent design with a simple lining.

Credit: mtjtattoo

48. Grandiloquent Sunflower Tattoo

You can have the sunflower pistil made in the texture of cookie crumbs.

Credit: lhen_pamintuan

49. Outstanding Sunflower Tattoo

Simply shiny bright yellow sunflowers.

Credit: selenaysavas0

50. Outstanding Sunflower Tattoo On Shoulder

You add blue color to symbolize wind adding to the beauty of the Sunflower and showing the Sunflower flowing in the wind.

Credit: peria_tattoo

51. Immaculate Sunflower Tattoo

The regular sunflowers that we see in a farm sprouting out from the ground.

Credit: sunflowers._______

52. Flawless Sunflower Tattoo On Shoulder

A sunflower tattoo is as immaculate as the Sun with a similar shade and image in the disk flower like the Sun when taken from a closer look. 

Credit: k_ink_tattoo

53. Extravagant Sunflower Tattoo

You can have the pistil made in the wind move like a storm and then have petals in black and grey shading.

Credit: tatfisher

54. Elegant Sunflower Tattoo

You can have the disk flower with a green eyeball made as a one-of-a-kind tattoo.

Credit: wickedwitchofstl

55. Classy Sunflower Tattoo Style

If you are looking for a unique idea, you can have a sleeve tattoo made with black and white sunflowers in the background and one bright yellow Sunflower.

Credit: alicestattoos

56. Classic Right Shoulder Sunflower Idea

Create a fantasy tattoo with a blue outline for all the sunflowers made in your arm; let the blue spread in foggy style.

Credit: _sandralintattoos

57. Good Sunflower Tattoo

Have a sunflower made from a side view like you see when you stand parallel to a planted sunflower.

Credit: natasha_e

58. Classic Sunflower Design

To create an artistic impression, you can add different yellow colors to the flower’s petals, like dark, light, and medium.

Credit: berniink

59. Butterfly And Pretty Sunflowers Tattoo

A butterfly is for faith and transformation. So with a sunflower, it can add significance to your tattoo. Butterly is also a symbol of freedom.

Credit: little_thistle_tattoo

60. Luminous Sunflower Tattoo Shoulder

You can have the Sunflower in a 3D form if you are looking for a realistic and vivacious tattoo.

Credit: talia.tattoos

61. Black Sunflower Tattoo

You can even add feathers with the all-black sunflower tattoo or any other meaning symbol to it. 

Credit: tattoosbydeidre

62. Beloved Sunflower on Shoulder Tattoo Design

The words beloved written on the shoulder with Sunflower, or you can even add some meaningful quote with it. The beloved can be as a tribute to a loved one. 

Credit: tuan.tattoo

63. Bee And Sunflower Tattoo Idea

The bee is for loyalty, so you can have this tattoo with a sunflower to appreciate your lover or even show commitment to people.

Credit: chevycorteztats

64. Ravishing Sunflower Tattoo

A bouquet of sunflowers is also an excellent idea for getting this classic tattoo.

Credit: topdog.tattoo

65. Stunning Sunflower Tattoo Idea on Shoulder

Tell your tattoo artist to make the tattoo contrast black and yellow and add a honey bee to it in the same difference of black and yellow in doodle form. The honey bee is also a symbol of environmental preservation.

Credit: xblvck.sheepx

66. Lion and Sunflower Tattoo

This particular tattoo is also a great idea if you want an animal tattoo and also a flower tattoo, the half flower will have the face of a lion, and the other half will be the Sunflower, looks great on the tip of the shoulder.

It shows that you are a strong soul but also are sensitive.

Credit: kalka_____

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What are sunflower tattoos?

The sunflower tattoo symbolize intelligence and longevity, and it is most commonly referred to as the symbol of romance. However, if someone is wearing a sunflower tattoo, they can also believe in hopeful love. 

What is the Sunflower a symbol of?

The Sunflower is a symbol of loyalty. Because of sunflowers’ association with the Sun, they are known as being a happy flower, meaning that it has the perfect bloom in summer that can brighten anyone’s meaning.

What is the meaning behind flower tattoos?

The flowers in the general quotation are for natural beauty and are similar to the layers of the flowers, and so is the meaning multi-layered like their petals.

What does lion and sunflower tattoo mean?

The combination of the lion and the Sunflower reminds you that you are as strong as a lion and sensitive like a flower. You can wear this tattoo as an inspiration and a shade of your personality.

What does a butterfly and sunflower tattoo mean?

Butterflies symbolize life and rebirth and happiness, and when you pair them with a sunflower, it means a commitment to happiness and joy, colorful beauty and stunning natural life. 

Bottom Line

Sunflower tattoos come as a unique choice for tattoos, and the shoulder has become a trendy choice among the folk. So if you were looking for a tattoo that can brighten your day and everybody’s mood, then here you can choose that perfect tattoo. 

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