75 Cute And Wholesome Self-Love Tattoo Designs You Need To See Now

Contrary to popular belief, self-love isn’t a point or destination; it is a journey and a journey is only successful when you are fully prepared for everything great and not so great. That is why you require a constant reminder to help you get through every setback; what about a self-love tattoo design?

75 Cute And Wholesome Self-Love Tattoo Designs You Need To See Now

If this sounds like a good idea or you are already looking for a tattoo idea, you are at the right place; browse these 75 self-love tattoos and find your new tattoo or the next tattoo- then let’s start with some FAQs first that lead to your next favorite tattoo. Get reading!


What is self-love?

Self-love is an act of accepting yourself despite your perceived flaws; it supports your well-being and helps you grow and it also means you have high regard for your wellness (not to confuse with vanity).

What is a self-love tattoo?

Self-love tattoos are a reminder to take care of yourself through every phase of your life and it could also serve as a visible milestone when you have overcome a difficult time.

Do tattoos help with self-esteem?

A tattoo can make you feel better in your skin – when you get a tattoo, you are telling the world a little something about yourself; that is why it is important to get a tattoo you like that makes you feel free.

Are tattoos self-expression?

Yes, tattoos are a form of self-expression, they are an extension of your personality and they express your thought process and let everyone know a little more about yourself.

What tattoos symbolize mental health?

There are many tattoos that people have universally accepted as symbols of mental health; for example, a semicolon is the symbol of mental health awareness and a green ribbon is a sign of good mental health, and a flannel flower represents promoting mental health.

Self-love Tattoo Designs

1. Innovative Self Love Portrait Tattoo

What do you see when you look at yourself: is it someone who is working on themselves or someone who is clearly in love with the image? Whatever aura you think you clearly project, you can have a portrait tattoo for it, project self-love through a cute design with your face or features.

Image: @rusht0n

Image: @ moralhearts 

2. Artistic Love Yourself First Tattoo Idea

People often tend to prioritize themselves, that is why another rule for growth is loving yourself first, and here are some tattoo ideas for it and these self-love tattoo ideas are cute, cheerful and a great reminder to love life by loving yourself first.

Image: @elkerios_coaching 

Image: @cleanink_tattoos

Image: @ferrero_alba 

3. Take Care Tattoo Design

While you go on a day-to-day, it is essential to take care of yourself and when you are on a journey of self-love, it is crucial to remind yourself to take care of yourself – these self-love tattoos are here to help inspire you towards your self-love journey.

Image: @kellyrequireles

Image: @lia_november

Image: @a.coop3r  

4. Me In Heart Tattoo

One of the first steps of self-care is accepting yourself as you are, no matter how flawed you think you are, this is you and this acceptance marks the beginning of accepting all of your pretty and no-so-pretty parts – what design could fit this meaning better than a heart self-love tattoo design?

Image: @requirelehouseph 

Image: @lilacmaetattoo 

5. Colorful Self Love Tattoo Design

Let’s forget simple, if you like eye-catching colors, here are designs for you too; you can get a quote inked with a lot of colorful elements surrounding it or you could make your art in the most joyfully vibrant colors you have seen; if you like loud designs, your self-love tattoo ideas could be a breezy breath of fresh air for everyone else too.

Image: @witaminat

Image: @phan.another 

6. Love Yourself Quote Tattoo

If you are not a fan of symbolism or like things to be straightforward, this tattoo is truly for you, declare your self-love through a simple “Love Yourself” tattoo. It can be a clear and proud inspiration or a gentle reminder to push through and love yourself and to add your style to this tattoo, you can get it in color(s) or uniquely your fonts.

Your design could also be a pop culture reference as a tattoo tells a story; as long as it is based on a positive mindset, everything works.

Image: @real_ink_for_life

Image: @nerdymatch_ink

Image: @arki.tat 

7. Minimal Self Love Finger Tattoo

The secret to a versatile and neat tattoo is keeping it simple, such is the case with finger tattoos; they are one of the cutest tattoos and you can keep them a secret and if you want a message for just yourself, get a tattoo on your finger with lighter ink – here is a self-love tattoo design you might like.

Image: @k_okai 

8. Self Love Club Tattoo Design

What’s a place where you are accepted, loved and encouraged to be the best version of yourself? A self-love club; don’t worry about the details; this is just you and everyone who has decided to love themselves, the best thing about this self-love tattoo design is that you can match your tattoo with your friends, decorate this tattoo, and be simple and extra.

Image: @rmachinistart

Image: @lucyborton

Image: @theanxiouskidttt

9. Self Love Quote Tattoo Idea

Nothing works like a simple quote tattoo and it is even better if you can convey a bigger message in fewer words; if this sounds like something you like, a simple self-love quote is yours – you can also add your own elements to the design to make it truly personal.

Image: @kathtatt

Image: @little.tattoos 

10. Floral Love Yourself Tattoo Design

A simple “Love Yourself” tattoo can be your inspiration if you are into simple text tattoos, you can choose conventional fonts in thin or bold or you could add flowers to them and the design is totally your choice, so it’s time to show your creativity.

Image: @ciel.tattoo 

Image: @jhonsrojas 

Image: @leslie.archambault 

11. Unique Love Myself Tattoo Design

If you want to keep things simple yet make your tattoo unique, it is time to look at these designs; a simple message of loving yourself can be special for everyone if you add a personal touch to it. For example, you could use a heart around the text, the text in your handwriting or something totally different that could only mean something to you.

Image: @greeny.ink

Image: @mcqueenmode_

Image: @flanderztattoo 

Innovative Self-Esteem Tattoos

12. Love Every Part Tattoo Idea

More often than usual, every person finds a flaw in themselves, it could be a physical trait or a thought process; everyone puts themselves down once in a while and if you are guilty of this habit, too, self-love tattoos for loving yourself thoroughly could be helpful. You could highlight your insecurities or just encourage yourself to accept and celebrate yourself.

Image: @plaga.tatuaze

Image: @moonlagoonx

Image: @somestattoo 

13. Blooming Flowers For Self Love Tattoo

Once the nutrition and all the care kicks in, you begin to bloom, even when you let go of the negative weight, you glow up; a tattoo describing this freeing feeling is a milestone, to say the least and your self-love tattoos should express this feeling to you and just you.

Image: @chl03k.tattoo

Image: @a.lessandrasimoni

Image: @miriama.tattooart 

14.  I Love Me Tattoo Idea 

Let’s do away with the symbolism and blatantly declare your love for yourself, tell yourself and everyone around you that you love yourself at all your phases and you do not even have to do a lot to express this feeling, a simple sketch will do. These self-love tattoo ideas below will help you get inspired.

Image: @_harrymckenzie

Image: @la_french_sarah 

15. Still Growing Tattoo Design

No matter how hard you try to step forward, sometimes a step forward is met by two backward steps but growth is not a linear equation, it is different for everyone so, no matter what you are going through, you are still growing gradually and celebrate the journey with self-love tattoos with a mix of text and art.

Image: @mahoney_requirelework

Image: @paganinkbysarahstreet

Image: @paulapurri 

16. Floral I Am Enough Tattoo

Sometimes, doubt takes the best of you; you get insecure and doubt our potential; however, that is often not the reality; that is why you require to realize you are enough and you might require a tattoo to remind you of that? So here are some self-love tattoos you will love.

Image: @littlerachtattoo 

Image: @charlesarteta 

17. Self Love Lettering Tattoo

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, only words clearly do justice to a feeling, a quote could pick you up when the day seems rough so, it is time you find your favorite quote and get it neatly inked and it could be your favorite fiction quote, a bible verse or something original. 

Image: @european.son.420 

18. Forgive Yourself Tattoo Design

If you believe you’ve done something that won’t let you love yourself without guilt, don’t blame yourself; everyone obviously has done something similar so it’s time to let go of the guilt and forgive yourself – it takes time, and a lot of love and a tattoo could serve as aa additional reminder. 

Image: @inkedbydiana_m

Image: @earthlend61116 

Self-Love Symbol Tattoo Ideas

19. Love Myself Symbol Tattoo

Here are some more simple tattoos for the ones who just like to keep it neat, with single lines, clean art and a clear message this type of tattoo suits everyone and no matter if you have a cottage-core aesthetic or goth aesthetic, these tattoos go well with everything.

Image: @mcqueenmode_

Image: @ tattooskraken

Image: @hello_kerry_tattoos 

20. Hug Yourself Tattoo Design

You require love, most importantly, from yourself – a warm hug or a pat on the back feels good sometimes but there is nothing better than gently appreciating yourself and before you want others to appreciate you, you essentially require to learn to appreciate yourself so, give yourself a hug every now and then.  

Image: @geheroink

Image: @g_the_art_guru

Image: @goofyinks 

21. Wrapped Arms Self-love Tattoo Design

Humans are not meant to be perfect; everyone seemingly goes through a rough patch here and there; you have a fair share of everything, good and bad too and it is time to embrace it all by hugging yourself, showing this undeniable love through a wrapped arms self-love tattoo design. 

This type of tattoo is a wonderful way to get a great tattoo and enjoy it.

Image: @xsugarduckyx.tattooo

Image: @sydney_fineline_tattoo 

Image: @vellaalexia 

22. Love Yourself With Heart Tattoo

Your wrist is another area for personal and cute tattoos, you could get so many versatile tattoos on your wrist, ranging in size and design so, go for a favorite quote, a design or a combination of both.

Image: @loose.tattoo 

Image: @black.ink.shade.tattoos 

23. Self Watering Can Love Tattoo Design

What is self-love if not nurturing yourself to bloom? This design represents the feeling of improvement and self-care, if you are someone who is healing or learning, these self-love tattoos can be your tattoo.

Image: @morris_the_borris 

Image: @saraackerson 

24. Unique Self Love Tattoo 

Why essentially separate quotes and designs when you can easily combine them into something better? To be honest, you do not even require a lot of inspiration for this as you already might have a self-love tattoo design, use your favorite quote/phrase and a design you already like. 

Image: @lh.tattoo 

More Self Love Tattoo Ideas

If you didn’t find your perfect tattoo, you don’t require to worry, here are additional self-love tattoo ideas for you; hope you find a tattoo that suits your self-love journey. 

Image: @blackarmpirate 

Image: @americandebbie

Image: @youmkemeshine

Image: @ allens_tattoo_art

Image: @lh.tattoo

Image: @funkellatattooz

Image: @semspoketattoos

Image: @ziggiestattoo

Image: @justart.23

Image: @tattoos__art___ 

Image: @danidaltontattoo

Image: @studiomilaa

Image: @paulapurri

Image: @nafas_tattoo_ 

Image: @pointless_tattoo

Image: @narale.ttt

Image: @qubart_

Image: @tattoosbyjazmin