73 Delightful And Creative On Foot Butterfly Tattoo For Lovers

Tattoos are a form of body art that comes as self-expressing. Most people get tattoos not only for fashion purposes, but they have a better and specific reason behind the decision.

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73 Delightful And Creative On Foot Butterfly Tattoo For Lovers

A person can get a tattoo to conform to the culture’s norms with tattoos knowing the whole story behind the tattoos. You can also talk to your tattoo artist about the particular tattoo style you are looking for in black ink. 

Tattoo ideas 

Butterfly tattoo is the abstract classic feminine art in the tattoo world. They are the entry point or first tattoo for girly girls to discover their love of ink and body modification, but these great tattoo designs are not just for beginners.

The most beautiful and creative butterfly tattoo designs inspiration for tattoo lovers with a unique color combination gives your creative look a transformational experience in life. 

1. Colorful butterfly with flower tattoo 

A colored tattoo with a flower tattoo that involves a solid black line is a good idea to choose from some experienced tattoo artists. However, it is a good idea that requires skill, experience and precision. 

Image: @my.neighbors.vietnamese

2. Swirly butterfly tattoo 

The colorful spiral tattoo gives a cool and unique look in a gorgeous swirly beautiful tattoo. The black and white or colorful tattoo makes the swirly ankle tattoo different from other tattoos. you can also get creative watercolor tattoo ideas online.

Image: @rozelilies

3. Cool butterfly tattoo on foot

The bright-colored tattoo idea with graphic design looks great for a more elaborate tattoo art artwork. With specific and symbolic butterfly tattoo meaning, it gives innocent enlightenment. 

Image: @gallant_tattoos

4. Custom butterfly tattoo on foot

Symbolizing independence, the significance of a butterfly creating a more decadent design in meaning and depth creates a custom design. A great addition to the tattoo idea on your skin tone embodies a solid value for you. 

Image: @cosmetic_ink_ireland_

5. Excellent wording and butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoo designs are meant to symbolize this creature’s brief life span and often implies focusing on appreciating what you have. It helps remind us that we should stop wishing for more than what we have accomplished. 

Image: @fullmoontattoostudioplyr

6. Cute butterfly tattoo design

Extended all the way, the cute butterfly tattoo idea in either shorter variation is the most common choice of a person. To use an inspiration tattoo, the species pre-determined color and appearance look great. 

Image: @autumn_moon_tattoo

7. Tiger butterfly tattoo on foot

An incredible and feminine tiger butterfly tattoo on foot represents strength. People love the tiger tattoo inked on different body parts as well. You can add additional elements to create your creativity. 

Image: @rodinphotography

8. Cute butterfly tattoo on foot

A very pretty or cute design that fits your foot with irresistible and pleasant sounding colors gives a thrilling air to the tattoo design. You can also add curvy lines or hand-drawn butterfly art. 

Image: @southndyink

9. Cute flowers and butterfly tattoo

Big butterfly foot tattoos with the pretty big flower, when nicely done, give a real vibrant colored tattoo work. The collectively dotted work is an all-time favorite tattoo ideas that comes attractively. 

Image: @tattoosbyjustinjames

10. Designer butterfly tattoo on foot

The stylish butterfly manner in your favorite color when nicely inked on your skin tone gives a girly look excellently. However, do not muddle up the tattoo with additional elements that are bigger than the butterfly art. 

Image: @deadmess

11. Butterfly tattoo on foot for girls

The perfect choice for those looking for a smaller tattoos on foot for girls when arranged inline or a curve gives you an elegant and unique look for the tattoo design. 

Image: @Jeff_tattuador

12. Cute designer butterfly tattoo

Designer butterfly tattoo with some great colors filled in looking ultimate foot gives a unique design. Tattoo inked with vibrant colors to match excellent colors gives a unique look to the body art. 

Image: @eternalnirvanatattoostudio

13. Butterfly tattoo on foot

Based on the styles resulting in a simple yet captivating design, the modern-looking design in a relatively small size looks great. In addition, the understated and elegant design gives colorful simplicity with black outlines. 

Image: @coy.tattoo

14. Grey butterfly tattoo 1

A grey color, when combined with additional bright shades, looks outstanding. The lovely grey and clean butterfly tattoo are done excellently to give a facelift to the feet. You can also add the work with customized art. 

Image: @tattoo_ag

15. Dark color butterfly tattoo

Black or grey butterfly tattoos are often considered negative omens. However, these dark-colored butterfly tattoos symbolize magic and spiritual energy. 

Image: @piotr_gajdzinski_tattoo

16. Heart shape butterfly tattoo

A superb and sizzling frame color with bold black outlines inked on the girls’ feet makes an ultimate and irresistible work. You can realistically add the art with different colored wings. 

Image: @tattmyholebody

17. Nice butterfly tattoo on foot

It is the most basic and simple tattoo design. If you love butterfly tattoos, you can add basic outlines on your skin tone that help reveal the design itself. 

Image: @the_tattooed_ewok

18. Incredible butterfly tattoo

Filling colors in the butterfly gives an elegant figure by providing a softer and more refined look when completed. In addition, you can get a tattoo inked on both feet, making it a different and unique look. 

Image: @onetattoozoe

19. Incredible butterfly tattoo

Butterflies symbolize independence and good luck. White butterflies are also symbolic of the spirit of a deceased loved one who is here to support you. 

Image: @highwaysurprise

20. Nice butterfly tattoo

To execute butterfly tattoos, the placement of the tattoo is essential! The perfectly positioned tattoo makes it unusual and creative in its style. Monarch butterfly tattoo design is also one of the neat and popular art.

Image: @inkstitutiontattoostudio

21. Lettering butterfly tattoo on foot

With a small and elegant design, the decorative curvilinear lines, text on butterfly tattoos on foot features all designs. The vibrant colors added to the wings give femaleness and an attractive look to the foot. 

Image: @enrtattoos

22. Innovative butterfly tattoo on foot

The foot tattoo stand up at the top amongst the factual butterfly design. The innovative design can give a facelift to the foot expressing the top featured and particular butterfly tattoo. You can either do increase or decrease the size of the tattoo. 

Image: @evocativeink

23. Nice brown butterfly tattoo

The butterfly tattoo might seem simple, but one needs to look around to find a vibrant and varied bevy of butterfly styles to choose from. You can also combine feminine designs with endless options. 

Image: @getata2

24. Nice butterfly design tattoo

The ability to preserve and find our way home by adding a tasteful shadow and soft color borders, fading into each other, gives the vibrant butterfly wings a dreamy quality to the tattoo designs. 

Image: @nin.anko

25. Single butterfly tattoo

The classic design with crisp contrast naturally helps find the stunning creatures by adding an accurate definition. Many tattoo artists will appreciate this straightforward design on your journey through life. 

Image: @candacecamling

26. Large grey ink butterfly tattoo

As willing to change as a person’s life goes on, the grey ink butterfly tattoo in bold strokes looks fantastic. The tattoo also often means living in the moment.

Image: @davincitattoostudio

27. Orange butterfly tattoo on foot

Colorful butterfly tattoos can be an attractive addition to the foot or ankle. The subtle highlights of the orange color come as an attraction with instant credibility in the body’s modification.

Image: @viciousvanityink

28. Royal blue butterfly tattoos

Another bold choice of getting a royal blue butterfly tattoo accentuating the subtle  curves of the body and a careful placement gives a distinctive personality. One can try different positions on foot as blue butterfly tattoos keeps the art interesting. 

Image: @mandysutattoos

29. Butterfly design tattoo With name

The butterfly is the most recognizable specimen of the species. The vibrant brown and black butterfly’s wings having high contrast lends to long-lasting and wonderful tattoos. 

Image: @fullmoontattoostudioplyr

30. Stunning butterfly designer tattoo  

Creating unity between different styles and sizes with consistent use of black ink or different colors lends itself to hitting up a tattoo shop for a piece each time you want to get the itch. 

Image: @Willshiltontattoo

31. Adorable butterfly tattoo design on foot 

As a concept similar to transformation, the butterfly tattoos on foot implies a complete turnaround, while change can apply to more minor alterations. It can also simply mean being flexible, open-minded. 

Image: @bubblegumbitch_tattoo

32. Stunning butterfly designer tattoo 

Bold and creative lines with shadows add a crisp, custom quality to a basic black and white design that looks incredible. You can consider your passion by adding a personalized touch to your favorite butterfly designs, making it look stunning. 

Image: @_libertyart_

33. Sweet butterfly tattoo design

The unappealing and earth bond transforming into a beautiful flying creature with multicolored butterfly wings looks sweet. However, quite apart from the visual aspects of the butterfly tattoo meanings, it represents universality that is not associated with any particular gender. 

Image: @inkmesir

34. Sweet colorful butterfly tattoo 

Making a common choice of tattoo to overcome something or achieving something varies from person to person. However, a simple concept similar to meaningful change in sweet colorful butterfly tattoo represents a change in life. 

Image: @alexpeatattoos

35. Sweet simple butterfly tattoo on foot

The best and cool ideas for women on foot come with significant butterfly tattoo meaning. As the tattoo attracts people’s attention, the original beauty with bright colors with dot work makes the tattoo look awesome. 

Image: @nillo.ink

36. Stylish butterfly tattoos

A stylish beauty helps you set yourself apart from a flash-friendly crowd and additionally flourish a sense of whimsy and a moment of peace. The tattoo artist can add skillful shading to the tattoo with depth moments to make it a beautiful piece. 

Image: @portoyaltattoo

37. Sweet butterflies tattoo on foot

There is nothing so classically feminine in the world for a small butterfly ankle tattoo. You can also add your favorite colors and enjoy getting a look that might fall in love with this tattoo. 

Image: @luck_n_allie_tattoo

38. Simple butterfly tattoo on foot for girls

The initial tattoo to conceal on a girl’s foot is the thing you love. Building your collection with significant moments in your life helps create even more interest in the tattoo series. 

Image: @skinartj

39. Swirly butterfly tattoo on foot

The feminine, tribal butterfly tattoos make the design turn your head and get you compliments wherever you go. The swirl work with unique element addition creates styling on foot. 

Image: @roberttattooguyhilton

40. Tiny black butterfly tattoo 

A tiny black butterfly tattoo is the trendiest design. The subtle and cute tattoo with an elegant look makes the ankle tattoo have many different options to choose from. 

Image: @the_mandala_retreat_hou

41. Wonderful butterfly tattoo designs

With classical feminine in the world with tiny tattoos with favorite colors and enjoy getting a second look with perfect placement improves your mood every time. 

Image: @tooth.and.nail.tattoo

42. Sweet butterfly designer tattoo 

You can keep your sweet secret to yourself with perfect placement by giving it a little jolt of happiness whenever you see the tattoo. Pick your favorite color and assign some inspiration to help improve your mood every time you see it. 

Image: @redhousetattoobuffalo

43. Yellow butterfly tattoo on foot

Representing hope, positivity and beauty with the yellow butterflies tattoo comes with various options. The happiness and joy in Chinese mythology appreciate the beauty seeking independence and liberty. 

Image: @outlawtattoosandpiercing

44. Beautiful butterfly tattoo

Butterflies symbolize the creature’s brief life span and sometimes focus on appreciating what we have. A butterfly can remind us that rather than wishing for more, be happy with what you have accomplished. 

Image: @charlieo.conventattoos

45. Best butterfly designer tattoo

It is interesting to have a butterfly tattoo as it symbolizes longevity. The butterfly symbolizes beauty, elegance and long entire life in Chinese culture depicted with narrow meaning.  

Image: @ainsztajn_tattoo

46. Best butterfly tattoo on foot for girls

Best butterfly tattoo on foot for girls symbolizes beauty and long life. Decorative art, particularly for young girls, makes the emotional energy of a living being. 

Image: @zrobnatociach_

47. Best designer butterfly tattoo for girl

With a collection of butterfly tattoo designs, you are likely to come across a fair amount of butterfly tattoos for girls. The designer butterfly with slightly different symbolic meanings gives a vulnerable artwork.  

Image: @taranicholenolan

48. Tiny butterfly tattoo on foot

You cannot have too much detail for a tattoo, and the most superficial images are the best choice. All black and flat shapes go well with tiny butterfly tattoos giving it a unique and elegant look. 

Image: @petarmisic1

49. Big butterfly tattoo on foot

Darker tones and a more prominent appearance are the most common butterfly-style tattoos for the foot. However, there are an astonishing variety of options and ideas for choosing a big butterfly. 

Image: @franchutatt

50. Beautiful butterfly tattoo idea 2

The delicate and fragile creature tattoo represents physical beauty and spiritual beauty. The tattoo artists might also decide the representation of what is essential and relevant to the wearer. Geometric shapes in butterfly tattoos on perfect canvas is also a great idea.

Image: @blackpointtattoo

51. Big colorful butterfly tattoo

One of the most popular choices with a most common butterfly tattoo placement requires a significant amount of skill from the tattoo artist. However, the big colorful butterfly tattoo looks fantastic when used in 3D art. 

Image: @lost_artz_design

52. Beautiful butterfly tattoo on foot

A tribal butterfly tattoo twist adds an edge to the feminine size and subject. You can also add initials with traditional bold patterns or lines to the tattoo. Each time, the beautiful butterfly tattoo on foot with the offspring gives a gorgeous look. 

Image: @allexreddink

53. Black butterfly tattoo on foot

The black butterfly tattoo on foot with names, quotes, dates, and other elements is popular. Color tattoos also look good to achieve an entirely realistic tattoos design, but black tattoo also works well. 

Image: @rexipumadog.ink

54. Bright-colored butterfly tattoo

A light-colored butterfly tattoo symbolizes strength when it comes in yellow color. It would help if you were ready and alert to make the best of what life brings to you. You can have a tattoo on your foot to stay positive and active.  

Image: @asleighbaytontattoos

55. Lovely butterfly tattoo on foot

Since butterflies are pretty small, the lovely black butterfly tattoos on foot is a great idea and versatile choice that looks gorgeous with a large design. In addition, they look beautiful in color with visual inspiration. 

Image: @grasshopper3

56. Butterflies flight on foot

With unique and custom butterfly tattoo designs, it is one of the most common and beautiful choices for women. A few butterfly flight tattoos on foot show a change in life phases and witness constant involvement. 

Image: @_linesofmine_

57. Tiny butterflies tattoo designs

Butterflies are perfect for adding it to multiple points. With various colors, styles and positioning, you can create your sensual look with a tiny butterfly tattoo. 

Image: @fibro_saz

58. Best butterfly tattoo on foot

Butterflies are a symbol of the human spirit resulting in thousands of beautiful creatures. Therefore, it is a common choice of butterfly tattoo as these are beautiful creatures. 

Image: @inkgarage_brooklyn

59. Unique butterfly tattoo design

The overall feminine beauty is an excellent example with a seamless composition of body —additionally, a tattoo at an unusual angle compliments unique artwork. 

Image: @Zebtattoos

60. Butterfly and flower tattoo

Unique color ink on your skin tone can communicate your femaleness and attractiveness in the best manner. Butterfly flower tattoos are the trendy design work that signifies passion, love and transformation. 

Image: @lou_p.ink

61. Speechless butterfly tattoo 

The concept of heavy outlining and down adds a more feminine finish. The smaller size of the piece with the idea to remain flirty and fun makes it look instantly more exciting and speechless. 

Image: @conventtattoo

62. Butterfly and lotus tattoo

Lotus flower tattoo symbolizes peace and reawakening. Rounding up the most beautiful butterfly and lotus tattoo designs goes excellent with famous artwork. The tattoo can be done in colorful or black ink design. 

Image: @bitchcraftattoos

63. Unique butterfly tattoo on foot

Outlining with bold statement designs on foot with a cute little butterfly speaks volumes. A little black and white butterfly comes in just the right amount with simple and different lines makes it unique and straightforward. 

Image: @portobellotattoo

64. Butterfly and stars tattoo on foot

Incredible and tiny star tattoos are an excellent choice for foot design. Little stars and butterfly tattoos are great feminine tattoo designs with light-colored star tattoos. When integrated nicely, it gives a better version. 

Image: @conventattoo

65. Butterfly friend tattoo on foot

Compiled with a collection of even more inspiring tattoo designs, it creates your own unusual, fun and feminine. Beautiful butterfly tattoo designs are endless. The butterfly friend tattoo is one of our favorite choices and you can also go for other watercolor tattoos. 

Image: @badfellow_tattoo

66. Butterfly tattoo on foot

Pretty much the butterfly tattoo design, this simple design involves the flat, black shape. The simplification makes the tattoo a minimalistic and elegant tattoo. You can also add a detail involved in style. 

Image: @blacktear.tattoo

67. Colorful butterfly tattoo 

The art exactly does what the name signifies. Through the skilled application of colored ink, the vivid colors can run into each other, often making a soft transparent look or a solid bold color look. 

Image: @Sprinkled_izmagery

68. Simple butterfly tattoo on foot

The simple butterfly tattoo with several elements of the latest trends, such as a tattoo of unique and creative ideas, stabs at the modern trend. However, you can end up with a timeless custom butterfly tattoo idea that you can be proud of. 

Image: @tomemmersoink

69. Butterfly and sunflower tattoo on foot

The butterfly and sunflower tattoo on foot design genuinely stands out among the given choices. This is because the traditional butterfly tattoos meaning is representing new life, transformation and freedom. 

Image: @webberstreettatto

70. Small black butterfly tattoo 

The simple black butterfly tattoos gives you an instant custom look. You can also keep it interesting by using a difference in size and position. The classic outlines provide a subtle and yet unmistakable way. 

Image: @Weicai_tattoo

71. Small butterflies tattoo on foot

The tiny butterflies tattoo on foot comes with a subtle combination of stippling and classic shading with impeccable outlines that gives credibility to a simple jaw-dropping look. 

Image: @instainkdolls

72. Butterfly foot tattoo

With selecting the best butterfly tattoo designs, creating an intricate detailing design pattern is gorgeous. Creating a colorful collection, the tattoo art with a whimsical look with fluttering flurry beauties looks excellent!

Image: @inkmesir

73. Small butterfly tattoo on foot

You do not need a ton of colors to get a ton of attention! Great use of bold lines with simple shading and playing with different concepts sets you apart. 

Image: @dani_tat2

Some more tattoo ideas

Other butterfly tattoo ideas or abstract art on the skin tone include watercolor tattoo, small butterfly tattoos, tribal butterfly, large butterfly tattoos, traditional butterfly.

Blue butterflies, tiny tattoos, butterfly skull tattoo, single needle tattoo of butterfly, monarch butterflies, white butterfly tattoo, behind the ear butterfly designs and semicolon butterfly tattoo.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Bad To Have A Butterfly Tattoo?

As the life of a butterfly is fleeting, butterfly tattoo symbolizes good luck. It can be a good luck charm and provide luck for the rest of lives.

What Does A Butterfly Tattoo Symbolize?

As a natural beauty, the butterfly is a long lasting symbol represent life, faith, freedom and transformation. It connects with femininity and romantic love.

Is Butterfly Tattoo Good Luck?

As butterflies are delicate insects and come in a variety of colors, it represents a particular message. Tattoo butterfly meaning comes with good luck and bliss in life.

What Does A 3D Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

The 3D tattoo butterfly means new life, freedom and pretty. Women get the 3D pattern tattoo placed majorly on shoulders.

What Does 2 Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

In Greek, butterfly means soul. Two butterfly designs flying together comes as a symbol of love.

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