20+ Of The Best Cross Tattoos For Women You’ll See Today

My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story. – Johnny Depp

Getting a tattoo is committed self-expression, no matter what you decide to get tattooed, be it casual or meaningful, it defines you. And once you fall in love with tattoos, there’s no going back. After you think of getting a tattoo, your concept of self-expression changes into something that adds to your personality forever; every tattoo idea is valid, as long as you like it. So, if you want your faith to be your tattoo inspiration, it is time to look for cross tattoos for women.

20+ Of The Best Cross Tattoos For Women You'll See Today

The cross tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos across the world; you can see people embracing their cross in different shapes, sizes and colors. After all, even if it is the same belief, different people exhibit their ideas differently; but even if everyone around you has a cross tattoo, that is no excuse for you to fall into the same pattern, explore new ideas to find unique cross tattoos for women.

Here is all the motivation you need for your tattoo mood board, go through this article, and by the end, you’ll have your perfect cross tattoo for you; why wait? Get reading and find the best cross tattoo designs.

What does a cross tattoo mean? 

The cross is one of the most famous symbols around the world. Almost everyone recognizes it; when so many people know it, it is sure to have different meanings for everyone, it can have a religious significance and a non-religious one too.

The cross (and cross tattoos) has always been a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, it has become the symbol of love, sacrifice and strength, all the qualities Jesus had. The cross has two beams, the horizontal or shorter one and the vertical or longer one; the vertical/longer beam represents masculinity, and the horizontal/shorter beam stands for femininity.

While femininity is a symbol of destruction, death and everything earthy, masculinity means eternal, creative and celestial, if these are some of the meanings you can relate to; you can use them for your women’s cross tattoo.

What does a cross tattoo represent?

At present, the cross symbol signifies aligning yourself with the beliefs of Christianity however, that is not all cross tattoos are about. They are also popularly used to honor the passing of a loved one or a family member – one doesn’t have to be deeply religious to have a cross tattoo; all you need is faith in something.

Other virtues associated with the cross tattoos are love and connection, faith/beliefs, sacrifice, peace and freedom.

Is it respectful to get a cross tattoo?

A cross tattoo represents your faith in Jesus and the religion itself that is why it doesn’t have to mean more than that. Also, in ancient times, the wrist was believed to be a point of spiritual energy so, you could have a cross tattoo on your wrist as it holds importance to you.

What does a cross tattoo on the wrist mean?

A cross tattoo represents your faith in Jesus and the religion itself. So it doesn’t have to mean more than that. Also, in ancient times, the wrist was believed to be a point of spiritual energy. So, you could have a cross tattoo on your wrist as it holds importance to you.

Can a cross tattoo only be black? 

In short, the answer is no. Cross tattoos can have any color, design and pattern you want. The same goes for a cross tattoo.  

Image: @nextluxury.com

You might be confused about the color black being taboo while having cross tattoos – keep in mind, a black tattoo is a stylistic choice with no hidden meaning behind it. You are getting a tattoo for yourself, and that is all that should matter, unless you decide the black in your tattoo has a specific meaning, it is just a preference.

But if you still do not want a women’s cross tattoo in black, you can always have a colorful cross tattoo; you’ll find all the references in this article ahead.

Image: @Bailey Ludt

Now that some commonly asked questions about cross tattoos are out of the way let’s head straight to what you’ve been waiting for. Find your inspiration for a cross tattoo for women and get inked soon!

Cross tattoo ideas for women 

Cross tattoos have been around for a while now, there is already a variety of such tattoos you could use and it also means that you can find abundant inspiration to create a new tattoo. Of course, it all depends on your preference so while you browse through these tattoos, keep your style and the area in mind.

1. Floral cross tattoo designs for women

You must have seen a lot of bulky and grunge cross tattoos for women.women, if that is your style, they look great. However, there are softer cross tattoos for those who like delicate tattoos; if delicate tattoos are your style, floral cross tattoos will blow your mind for sure.

You do not have to adorn your faith in deep fonts and dark colors, instead, you can have colorful cross tattoos with flowers. Although roses and crosses are the most common tattoo combination, you can pick your favorite flower, after all, it’s your tattoo.

Image: @inspirationfeed 

Among this combination, there are varying styles, for example, you can choose the flower and flower vines to create a simple cross tattoo or surround the cross tattoo with flowers. Further, you can decide if you want the flowers in color or black and white, usually, these floral cross tattoos look great in the upper arm, forearm and chest.

Image: @hometowntattoos 

2. Simple cross tattoo design ideas

Sometimes people like to keep their cross tattoos to themselves, they won’t necessarily hide it, but they don’t want it to be the center of attention orr perhaps you like to keep things neat and straightforward; the solution to this is getting a minimal tattoo.

Image: @dicasdemulher 

Minimal cross tattoos for women are prevalent; common areas to get these tattoos are the neck, wrist and fingers because the idea is that a small tattoo suits a tiny lace and complements it. 

Image: @depoisdosquinze

Minimal cross tattoos can be produced in many forms, it can be dotted lines connecting like a cross, two simple strokes of ink, or flowers vines.

Image: @tattrix

3. Bedazzled cross tattoos

Everyone has a different aesthetic; some people like a simple cross tattoo, while some like detailed pieces. If you are a fan of details, you would adore bedazzled cross tattoos for women, the cross is decorated to a level that looks embedded with jewels.

Image: @nium_ttt 

If you see a picture of such cross tattoos, it would almost seem like actual jewels on it, these tattoos are perfect for people who like colorful tattoos (as they look better in color) and people who enjoy extremism.

However, you’d require a wide/open area to do this kind of tattoo; forearm, upper arm, chest, legs and back would be suitable for such a cross tattoo design.

Image: @tattrix

Even within this category, you can customize your inspiration so you have the best cross tattoo ideas; but, again, it’s your choice how elaborate you want your tattoo to be and which color scheme you want. 

4. Cross tattoo with letters

A cross tattoo doesn’t have to be just cross tattoo designs; it could be much more than that – for example, if you have a favorite quote or a Bible verse you look for guidance, you can turn that into a tattoo; even a phrase or word that you believe in can become a beautiful cross tattoo for women.

Image: @seoeontattoo 

2 Corinthians 3:12-14 Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.

Cross tattoos are unique for everyone who gets them, even if you are not religious, a cross tattoo gives you faith – faith that you can get over a rough patch, and you have better things to root for.

Your cross tattoo design can be made by intersecting words, outlining the shape and decorating the words themselves; you can have a simple cross tattoo and it can be so much more.

Image: @deviantart

It’s time you dig up your journals and find your favorite words, phrases or verses; pick one (or two or three!) and turn them into a great tattoo, your cross tattoo designs will be all the more unique if you get that in your handwriting – there is no better stamp than your handwriting.

Image: @inspirationfeed 

5. The dark cross tattoos

If you are more into conventional cross tattoo designs, you need to go for the dark cross tattoo for women; these tattoos are simple, safe and look great, usually, these cross tattoos are inked in black color, but you can make your choice.

The highlighting point of these tattoos is the shading and bold lines in them; these tattoos are for everyone who loves tattoos as they can be small and large based on the area.

Image: @mojetatuaze

If you are having your first tattoo, be very sure if you decide on bold cross tattoos; first, it sure gets everyone’s attention and be super confident before getting these kinds of tattoos.

And second, these tattoos are not only for people who have unwavering Christian beliefs or someone who follows a goth aesthetic; you can always customize your dark cross tattoo to your style.

Image: @cursetatts 

6. Bold Christian cross tattoos

The bold cross tattoos for women act as great cover-up tattoos; since these are bold and can be enlarged, these tattoos are perfect for hiding previous mistakes, these tattoos also come in a variety of designs.

You can choose a single colored bold design, shaded lines or a mix of both and just like every other tattoo, you can bring your own twist to the design, so, keep exploring!

Image: @masamunetattoos 

You can have such a simple cross tattoo anywhere on your body, choose where you want to have the tattoo, and it can be adjusted accordingly.

7. Cross tattoos with chains

Another popular yet creative tattoo is a cross tattoo with chains; you must have seen these cross tattoo designs on someone as they have been around for a long time.

But the added element (chain) provides this tattoo a fresh look on every person, these types of tattoos look royal in black, and they look so fun in color.

Image: @harb.toni 

The usual areas where these tattoos are seen are arms and around the wrist, however if you like to change these common positions, you should. You can get a chain and cross tattoo design around your neck, on your fingers or even on your chest, all that matters is that you should love your tattoo and have fun with it. 

8. Christian cross finger tattoo

Image: @nextluxury

Recently, the chain with cross tattoo designs has been popular around the finger, as mentioned earlier in the article, a cross on your finger does not have to mean anything; but if you want to attach meaning, the same tattoo could be the best decision for you.

For example, instead of getting a simple cross on your ring finger, you could add a chain to it to honor your wedding; it adds a cute detail and makes your tattoo a little more unique.

Image: @tattooeasily  

9. Cross tattoos in memory

A cross serves as a reminder of Jesus’ good deeds and virtues, just like that, a cross tattoo for women could be a reminder of someone who has passed; a tattoo with three crosses is often used to signify someone’s passing.

Cross tattoo designs with folded hands, heaven’s light and date or initials are also a gentle way for people to preserve a memory of a loved one.

Image: @nextluxury 

It is not unusual for someone to get a Celtic cross tattoo when a friend, family member or pet dies. A cross tattoo is just another way to preserve their memory. Some people have the person’s name; some go for the date, and others like a minimal cross. But this is not definitely something to be sad about.

10. Cross tattoo design

Image: @dolori_ink 

Such cross tattoo designs serve as a gentle reminder of all the good times you’ve had with your loved one. Maybe it gives you peace that you will always have a piece of them wherever you go. And if that is how you feel, you can get a cross tattoo with a pigeon. Pigeons are a symbol of peace and harmony, and what’s better than such a tattoo. 

11. Simple cross tattoo design

Image: @faveable

The pigeon tiny cross tattoos are a minimal and gentle reminder, like the rain tapping on the window, of your loved one. On a lighter note, you can also have half of the pigeon’s cross tattoo with someone close to you. It’s perfect for parents and kids, siblings, best friends and couples as well. And the best part is, you can have these cross tattoo designs wherever you like.

Nothing is confining you from getting a cross tattoo design in your style. The purpose of a tattoo is to add to your experiences and make you feel special. So if getting a cross tattoo makes you happy, this is your sign to get one! 

Hope you found your tattoo inspiration to get a tattoo you love. Try your ideas with more minor and more details, in black and color and a personal touch. Your tattoo artist will be happy by your interest in art. 


What does a cross tattoo mean? 

Virtues associated with the symbol are:

  • Love and connection
  • Faith/beliefs
  • Sacrifice
  • Peace
  • Freedom

Can a cross tattoo only be black? 

Cross tattoo designs can have any color, design and pattern you want.

Can you have a cross tattoo on your finger?

Yes, you can definitely have a cross tattoo on your finger. 

Cross tattoo ideas for women 

  1. Floral cross tattoos
  2. Minimal cross tattoos
  3. Bedazzled cross tattoos
  4. Cross tattoo designs with letters
  5. The dark cross tattoo design
  6. Cross tattoos with chains
  7. Cross tattoos in memory
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