55+ Rainbow Baby Tattoo Designs For Proud Parents

For many individuals, having a tattoo would be a permanent way to commemorate a significant life event or the loss of a loved one. It’s no wonder that people ink rainbow baby tattoos to remember their children. These children hold a special place in this difficult and stormy period in many parents’ hearts, which is reflected in ink.

55+ Rainbow Baby Tattoo Designs For Proud Parents

What are Rainbow Babies?

Rainbow babies are children born after a misfortune like a stillbirth, miscarriage, or death during infancy. Rainbow babies are so named because they are the sunshine their parents receive after a sad and dark loss. These tattoos, like purple butterfly tattoos, which represent a miscarriage in multiple pregnancies, are yet another way for parents to honor their sweet rainbow baby while still remembering their late kid. There’s no limit to the innovative and charming colorful designs inked rainbow baby tattoos that people can pick, from angel wings, bright baby footprints to loving phrases.

You can select a sweet rainbow baby tattoo that meets your style, whether you prefer simple tattoo ideas, name tattoos, or bigger stylish one-of-a-kind colorful designs. The ideas below are meant to help you and the tattoo artist create an original composition that is distinctive, personal, and valuable to you and wonderfully represents both what is sacrificed and achieved.

1. Rainbow And NameTattoo

A gorgeous tattoo design is simple calligraphy of your kid’s name with a watercolor rainbow behind it. You can get the tattoo with your children’s names in a variety of ways, including patterns that skillfully incorporate the name into a bigger work.

Image: @Painonthehands 

Image: @rain_dance_annie 

Image: @tapmyster 

Image: @m_e_l_i_s_s_a_215

Image: @Hazardousinktattoo 

2. Baby’s Footprints Tattoo

The baby footprint tattoo is completely unique to every individual, with delicate rainbow colors. The image stands out because of the amount of detail and color blend. These tiny footprints tattoos form beautiful rainbow baby tattoos and can steal your heart.

Image: @Fodor.ink 

Image: @Tat2ashley 

Image: @princeofashes 

Image: @shay_machinegun 

Image: @bobbiejobrock 

3. Rainbow Heart Tattoo

The heart is faceted like a diamond and reflects rainbow colors that fade into one another gently. Keep in mind that geometric designs might make for a fantastic tattoo. Looks good as a beautiful rainbow baby tattoo.

Image: @riverinkstudio  

Image: @cjmalarsky 

Image: @Tattoosbychano 

Image: @actuallyinked 

Image: @kkirbyink666 

4. Meaningful Quote Tattoo

This simple and adorable artwork is a lovely tribute to rainbow babies. The rainbow’s basic linework emphasizes an essential message. There are countless quotes from authors, poets, and intellectuals that you might devote to your rainbow baby.

Image: @ink.alchemist.tattoos 

Image: @brothersinartstattoo 

Image: @maelinktattoo 

5. Sweet And Simple Image Tattoo

This artwork is simple but powerful, and it is a lovely tribute to mom in lasting memory. To celebrate both children, the loving mother is carrying two newborns, one of which is colored in rainbow hues. It’s impossible not to be captivated by the lovely setting.

Image: @lone_bee_tattoo

Image: @zabisinkart 

Image: @delta_ink_tattoo 

Image: @inksociety_rennyking 

Image: @constattoo 

Image: @tanya_tattoo

6. Minimal Ear Tattoo

The simple tattoo demonstrates how a modest collection of dots can make a tremendous impression. The mother’s tiny tattoo is unmistakably special to her. It’s a fantastic location for somebody who wants something extremely inconspicuous because it’s in a spot that’s easy to hide with a strand of hair or a headband.

Image: @ noalox 

Image: @ catgilray_art

Image: @ butcherspoke 

7. Favorite Animal Tattoo

Many children have a fascination with a certain thing or animal, whether it‚Äôs dinosaurs, heavy equipment, or spiders. Having a tattoo of your child‚Äôs ‚Äúsomething‚ÄĚ is a great way to remember their special personality. Request that your artist include a splash of rainbow hues in the design as well.

Image: @naomi_maneen_tattoos 

Image: @cricketelijahtattoos 

Image: @danipoo2000  

8. Flowers Tattoo

Floral tattoos have a rich history in the tattoos world, and floral designs are a thing of beauty with a variety of hues. Your artist might create a single flower with all hues or take inspiration from these tattoo ideas. You can construct a floral art piece for your rainbow baby in an infinite number of ways, so let’s hope to get artistic with this idea.

Image: @semarone6813

Image: @sammock_tattoos 

9. Black Ink Tattoo

If you like black color tattoos, here’s an example of a rainbow baby tattoo with no colorful ink. This tattoo still looks extremely sweet and customized, and the small rainbow design just above the name is rather stunning. Another creative technique to make your tattoo design even more distinctive is to include the handwriting of a loved one.

Image: @jennsban 

Image: @livinthatcrazymomlife 

Image: @mel_kc8924 

10. Lovable Elephant Tattoo

Rainbow baby tattoos are as adorable as you want them to be. This adorable elephant having a rainbow in its trunk is incredible. Consider including a tattoo of your own spirit animal or another theme to celebrate light and life.

Image: @disneytatts

Image: @zoefowletattoo 

Lovable Elephant Tattoo

Image: @elephant__tattoos

11. Birth Flowers And Timepieces Tattoo

Birth flowers, birthstones, or any other spiritual aspects linked to your child’s birth are all good options for moms who really want tattoos. The birth flowers of two kids, and also clocks adjusted to a particular hour, are combined in this lovely tattoo. It’s not only beautiful to look at, but it also holds a lot of personal significance.

Image: @Tattoochick1383 

Image: @petalsandpaintattooparlor 

Image: @enya_king_tattoo

12. Moon Tattoo

A watercolor splatter of a crescent tattoo moon design looks great with black ink. The use of a gentle rainbow watercolor effect is one of the most charming and vibrant symbols in tattoo art. With the addition of a few stars and black flowing script, the tattoo looks great.

                                                                          Image: @becky_tattoo 

Image: @v.ffoxx 

Image: @rebel_ink_801 

Whether you prefer massive, elaborate patterns or little, subtle symbols, there are countless ways to memorialize these precious children with a rainbow tattoo.

More Design Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you prefer massive, elaborate patterns or little, subtle symbols, there are countless ways to memorialize these precious children with a rainbow tattoo. Here are few of the designs:

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Image: @painonthehands 

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Image: @craigolivertattoo 

Image: @helen_tinc_etherington 

Image: @needleasylum


1. What do you mean by a rainbow baby?

A rainbow child is a baby born following the death of a kid. They represent the symbol of hope and rejuvenation. To celebrate the rainbow is a symbol of joy and pleasure for miracle babies. Sunshine babies are children before miscarriage. They can offer joy and light to your darkest moments as a mother.

2. What does it mean to have a baby with two rainbows?

A child delivered after two miscarriages, stillbirths, or deaths is known as a double rainbow baby.

3. What do you call a baby born after a rainbow baby?

The child born after the rainbow baby is known as a golden baby or pot of gold.

4. What does it mean to have a rainbow baby tattoo?

Women adore rainbow baby tattoo designs because of the visual appeal of the designs. The rainbow is also preferred by the gay and lesbian community meaning pride for the community. A few elements linked with the rainbow baby tattoo design include clouds, waterfall, stars, and the sun.

5. What symbol represents miscarriage?

Baby loss awareness, involving loss during or after pregnancy, stillbirth, miscarriage, neonatal mortality, and SIDS, is promoted by the pink and blue ribbon.

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