29 Radiant Sun Tattoo Designs Guaranteed To Make Your Day

The sun’s rays bring out the best in everyone, it radiates positivity, helps flourish life and brings hope every time it rises and these feelings sound so warm and wholesome, which means it’s time to look at some sun tattoo ideas!

29 Radiant Sun Tattoo Designs Guaranteed To Make Your Day

There are many popular tattoo designs around and each sun tattoo represents all the glory and the sun rays. Either big or small, it makes a perfect tattoo design. There are different unique ideas to inspire you and make your day better. With preference, you’ll find your favourite or inspiring tattoo here. You may even figure out your style and feel free to as it works perfectly here. So, let the excitement begin and get browsing!

What does a sun tattoo represent?

A sun tattoo design represents the same qualities as the sun rays tattoo does. It symbolizes light, positivity, clarity, energy and rebirth. A simple sun tattoo could also mean beginning a new phase in life, surviving a dark time or hoping. On top of that, depending on the meaning behind your tattoo, it could convey different things – confidence, growth and vibrance are other virtues related to it.

What is the meaning of a sun and moon tattoo? 

Philosophically, the sun and moon are opposites: the sun and moon tattoo design is the representation of opposites attracting and producing life; both the sun and moon represent differently like yin and yang, and it means – there is good in evil and evil in good.

It could also mean the amalgam of masculinity and femininity and light and dark, however, in the sun and moon tattoo meaning, the togetherness of two opposing forces doesn’t mean dispute; it shows cooperation.

How can I create my own sun tattoo?

If you want to create your own design or bring a piece other than the artist’s portfolio, you are welcome everywhere; use this article as your reference to find your style, the colors and the designs you like. If you have a design in mind, bring it to the tattoo studio, and your artist will be happy to do it.

What does the sun face symbolize?

There are two sun symbols with faces; one is the face we all know, the smiling face with eyes and a smile; it is a cute face that is used to humanize the sun; Sun God  radiates warmth and joy. On the other hand, a sun symbol is also a sacred symbol of the Zuni people, it represents the sun symbol, the father.

How do I decide on a tattoo design?

Many people get their tattoo inspiration from flash art; flash art is the portfolio of tattoos at the studio; they are usually not designed by the tattoo artist but instead bought from suppliers. The studio may also have the artist’s own portfolio, where you may find your right tattoo.  

Image: @alysonmelcher 

But if you are not a fan of spontaneous decisions, this is the right article for you, browse through the ideas here and find the design you want to get inked with, maybe you find the exact sun tattoo idea you want or the creativity to create your own.

Unique sunny tattoo ideas

1. Simple sun tattoo

When you are taking your first step or in doubt, it’s good to play it safe, similarly, if you want to get a simple sun tattoo and you’re confused about it, keep it minimal. Your sun tattoo idea doesn’t need to be loud; it can be simple yet remarkable, even if it is your first tattoo, a simple design like this won’t be overwhelming for you. All it is is a circle and dancing bold lines around it.

Image: @little.tattoos

Image: @brittanyrobertson

Image: @michaela_mb_art 

2. Sun rising design tattoo

There are hundreds of variations of the sun tattoo design so, if the minimal aesthetic doesn’t work for you, you have plenty of other options. A decorated sun rising design is one of the most popular tattoos all over the world, focusing on the shading, tiny elements and your preference to make your black sun tattoo brilliant.

Image: @inkboxtattoos 

3. Detailed designs tattoo

Another popular choice of body art tattoos has emerged in recent years, tarot card tattoos. These tattoos use amazingly gorgeous designs derived from tarot cards that are guaranteed to blow your mind away. These tattoos are detailed, beautiful and medium-sized; if you are into tarot cards and the idea sounds like something you like, these tattoos are made just for you.

Image: @lorencrawley 

4. Sun peeking through heart tattoo

Any tattoo gets more adorable if you add a heart to it. What if you could have the sun design peeping through a heart? If sunlight illuminates the perimeter of the heart, it will be the prettiest tattoo you see today or even this month! Here is a reference for you. You can add your own twist to it and cherish your black sun tattoo design.

Image: @second.pin 

5. Meaningful sun tattoo

Time to make your tattoo truly yours with your favorite quote; the sun inspires many people to rise every day; no matter if the clouds hide your potential or the storm seems to overpower you, the sun always comes through – the same goes for you. Make your tattoo memorable and meaningful with a quote that you like. 

Image: @jacquek_tattoos

Image: @tennyotattoo 

6. Sun tattoo from clouds

Speaking of overcoming difficulties, you can get a rising sun tattoo from clouds, it can have different meanings. It could be you are hopeful of overcoming any hard time, or you have already risen above; it is all up to your interpretation, so it is only fair for you to have fun with this rising sun tattoo idea.

Image: @minkin.tt 

7. Chandelier tattoos

If you prefer dainty and black ink tattoos, chandelier tattoos can be your inspiration, as the name suggests, these tattoos imitate a chandelier’s grace. In the case of a sun tattoo, there would be delicate chains, gems and hangings that make the tattoo chandelier-like, this type of tattoo is decorated and requires a spacious area.

Image: @inkedmag 

8. Glorious sun tattoo

When the sun is in all its glory, it’s mesmerizing and so bright you can’t even look at it. Its beauty and warmth keep the planet alive and flourishing. Make this your inspiration for a sun tattoo design to have a glorious tattoo. Your design doesn’t have to be minimal or clean; it can be extreme and loud, just like the sun. This will be a piece everyone goes crazy about every time it meets the eye.

Image: @aimeecornwelltattoo 

9. Fun addition to sun tattoo

Time to keep all the seriousness behind you and have fun with your tattoo. Who said your tattoos need to have a meaning, or they should always be serious? Your tattoo can just be a fun addition to your body without conveying any sense. You found a sun tattoo design and liked it; this is a reason enough to get a tattoo. 

Image: @thegoodplacetattoo 

10. A wholesome design tattoo

It doesn’t need to go above and beyond. A simple greeting can make a design worth making someone’s day better. And a happy yellow sun tattoo? Who doesn’t get an instant flashback of the half sun they drew as kids? Likewise, a tattoo can be an act of kindness to make a stranger’s day better. And seeing the design will make your days better too.

Image: @tattooartshop 

11. Mandala sun tattoo

It always looks beautiful. So a sun tattoo with a mandala is sure to look great too. They look delicate, soft and detailed — a formula that makes every tattoo look good. This type of tattoo could have a meaning relating to strength and peace. But it could not have any purpose. Mandala sun tattoo could be a design you choose because you find it pretty. The choice is yours. the Hindu mythology involves many cultures and adding other elements makes sun tattoo a cool design.

Image: @stylesatlife 

12. Dream catchers tattoo

These are supposed to protect you from bad dreams. What if you could have a dreamcatcher with you at all times? You can have a sun tattoo design with the elements of a dreamcatcher. With the detailed work in the center, hanging chains, and a pop of color, this type of design is full of life. 

Image: @esolarii 

13. Japanese style tattoos

One of the most famous tattoo designs among artists. They are detailed and share a deep meaning. They use Japanese sun tattoo style body art, which is simple yet exciting. If you want a unique Japanese sun tattoo tattoo that reflects peace, growth and everything positive, you should go for this small tattoo style. With such positive uplifting message, you won’t regret the Japanese sun tattoo design even if you get it right now!

Image: @puch.recycle 

Small sun and moon tattoo ideas

14. Small sun and moon tattoos

The small tattoo forms the best pair in tattoos. They look cute and the sun represents different lights. If you are interested in small tiny sun tattoo designs, you will be interested in sun and moon body art designs. Start by exploring minimal techniques, and you’ll develop visually interesting and more complex ideas.

Image: @encredelicate 

15. Holding sun and moon tattoo

You must have heard of holding the world in your hand, but have you seen anyone holding the sun and moon? Well, here is your idea for a cute tattoo. It looks great, and there is no way people will not shower you with compliments over this design. Or this could also be your inspiration to create something new and unique with half sun tattoo and half moon tattoo design. So, take out a pen and paper and get started!

Image: @tattoomenow 

16. Colorful sun tattoo

Adding colors to your design is always a great idea. But you do not need to confine yourself to a single or couple of bright colors. Go ahead and mix all of them for a masterpiece. If you want your moon and sun tattoo design to look bold, use brighter colors. If you want it to look colorful yet muted, go for pastel colors. 

Image: @xin_tattoooo 

17. Complex and enhanced style tattoo

Once you have decided on getting a sun and moon tattoo, you can explore more complex and artistic designs. Your tattoo can be enhanced through line art, paintings, shading and many minor elements. They do not have to be accessories; they can be the whole in sun and moon tattoos in themselves. 

Image: @savedtattoo 

Some more tattoo ideas

These are some designs to make your tattoo search easier. But here are some more ideas you can use to have a tattoo you genuinely cherish. It’s time to be creative, have fun and choose a tattoo that is an extension of your personality. Happy tattoo experience to you!

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