36 Insanely Cute Tattoos For Girls For Every Tattoo Enthusiast

Cute tattoos are fun, pretty, and everything you want a tattoo to be and this article has all the help you need to choose a cute tattoo that matches your style.

With the variety of tattoo inspiration, you are sure to have a good time browsing so keep saving these ideas because you are about to find the perfect one for yourself.

36 Insanely Cute Tattoos For Girls For Every Tattoo Enthusiast

But first, some pain points you need to know about tattoos.

How to plan your cute tattoo?

Your cute tattoo is entirely your choice but if you are thinking about having more tattoos in the future, you need a plan and your tattoo artist can help you with this. Consult your idea/design and the area with the tattoo artist; they will help you find the right location, design and plan for your cute tattoo.

What color fades the quickest in tattoos?

The simple way to figure this out is remembering that the darker the color the more it stays; that means colors like black and gray tend to stay the longest without fading – on the other hand, pastel colors and lighter shades fade the fastest.

Do small tattoos fade faster?

Unfortunately, yes, if your small tattoo has to be thin and detailed or if it is a single needle tattoo, it will fade faster than conventional tattoos – it has less ink which means it is easy for your body’s immune system to get rid of it.

What are the most common areas for small tattoos?

The most common areas for cute and tiny tattoos are:

  • Fingers
  • Wrists 
  • Forearm
  • Chest
  • Calves
  • Behind the ear
  • Neck

Here are some of the most famous cute small tattoos for girls:

  • Heart
  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • Sun and moon tattoo
  • Lightning symbol/flash
  • Flower/leaves

Totally cute tattoo ideas for girls

1. Quote tattoo design

Wrist tattoos are one of the cutest small tattoos for girls, many girls choose to add a quote to the side and extend it with flowers – you can add a quote or phrase that you like and choose to elaborate your small tattoos accordingly. The small tattoos in this article are elegant, meaningful and a conversation starter.

Image: @123tatuagens

2. Cute small tattoo

A small tattoo of a ghost isn’t just spooky; it can be cute too, think of a couple of ghosts under sheets; sounds wholesome, right? These small tattoos have been in trend, and their popularity doesn’t seem it’ll die down soon, so get a ghost tattoo by yourself or match your tiny tattoo with a friend.

Image: @slashviperr

Image: @frankyballerini

3. Floral small tattoos

It’s time to take modern arts down from your wall and turn them into small tattoos, you can make your cute small tattoos as interpretive and creative as you want – here is one example from contemporary tattoo ideas to inspire you and create your own art or find an artist who aligns with your taste, and you’ll have a cute tattoo design for girls.

Image: @mujerde10

4. Tiny tattoo for animals

If you are an animal lover, you already have a tiny tattoo idea. Why not get your little friend’s face tattooed? This small tattoo will be significant and remarkable, even if your friend can’t tell that you have their face inked, they’ll know you love them, so hurry up and send a picture of your pet to your artist to get body art.

Image: @sharebly.net

Image: @thepaws

5. Tiny tattoo designs

Talking about things in trend, multicolor small tattoos are totally in, actually, everything inspired from the 1970s to 2000s is. So if you are looking for vintage and cute small tattoos, get a multicolored tiny tattoo, it doesn’t have to be over the top; (unless you want it to be), it can be simple and adorable, just like this one below.

 Image: @aditiipandya

6. Small bee tattoo idea

One cute small tattoo that has been in trend for years is a honey bee body tattoo, with this simple tattoo design, you can see how cute a bee actually is and if you care about nature and are into saving the bees, this might be the best tattoo idea for you and even if you are not into saving the bees, cute small tattoos for women don’t hurt, right?

Image: @stayglam.com

7. Simple tattoo ideas

If neon lights and vintage vibes (as the kids say it) are what you are looking for, you need one of these cute small tattoos, blooming monochrome body tattoos are ethereal and everything you need to get inked now! They are also in trend and make for a cute small tattoo you can find on the internet right now.

Image: @thetatt

8. Simple small tattoos

Here is a tiny tattoo for every bibliophile, introvert and writer out there, get a small version of your favorite book tattooed on yourself – if you want it to be a topic of discussion, get a tattoo on your hand, neck or anywhere possible – but if you want it to be to yourself, get the cute small tattoo behind the elbow, near your shoulder or on your main body.

Simple Small Tattoos

Image: @ totalbeauty.com

9. Floral small tattoo

A sunflower tattoo, rose tattoo and lotus flower tattoo are some popular options.

Image: @thebodyisacanvas

Image: @hollyridingtattoo

Image: @hifashiongirl.com

10. Planet small tattoo design

Well, if the terrestrial items are not your type, it’s time to explore space, after all, it’s where all the stars are and planets, stars and constellations make for cute small tattoos – they are dainty and mesmerizing and you have a lot of great options to choose from. Saturn with its ring, the pretty Neptune or Jupiter with its moons, which tiny tattoo will you choose?

Image: @kottattoo

11. Simple designs

Do you know which tattoo is meaningful, pretty and customizable? A quote, yes, a quote or phrase can be as long as you want and as compact as you wish on your body, it is one of the small designs that can be in any font that matches your aesthetic and can be anywhere you like – from your finger to your chest, a quote is a perfect tattoo to customize and obviously, it has a meaning to you.

Image: @manyaaryaa

12. Cute small tattoos

If you are a fan of a cartoon series, you need to get a tattoo, cartoons aren’t only for kids, they instill a feeling of nostalgia and wholesomeness and cartoons have many deeper meanings that you only get when you’re older; so, if you have a cartoon you love, you need to turn that into a cute tattoo for women.

It can be colorful or if you want a simple tattoo, you can get it in black ink.

Image: @morticia.inked

13. Colorful tattoo design

For all the anime fans out there, the same goes for you, there are so many epic scenes in anime that touch your heart and equally as many characters who stay close to you, why not make them memorable forever? It’s magic, art and fun, all in one. Pick your favorite part, why one chooses as many as you like, and get a cute tattoo. 

Image: @ellirokz

Image: @cole_tattoo_art

14. Cute designs for fun

There is an artist in every one of us, you may not think of yourself as an artistic person, but you have ideas, and an idea is enough to create a tattoo – it’s time to nudge your brain to think of anything normal or absurd and everything is valid if you like a dragon with flames, the sun underwater, or an octopus with an umbrella. And once you think of something, voila! you have your tattoo.

Image: @inkgie_tattoo

15. Small cross tattoo

If you have a book close to your heart or you are a religious person, your tattoo can relate to that, a quote and an image, that is your new cute tattoo for women. You can have a small cross tattoo and a bible verse with it or you can think of your favorite line from a book and draw an image that pops up in your mind – that can be your own unique tattoo, so, get buried in your books now to find an adorable tattoo.

Image: @_jorgemonteroo

16. Butterfly tattoo

When it comes to small tattoo ideas, a butterfly tattoo takes the #1 place, they are everything you want in a small tattoo — they are cute, pretty and expressive. If you are looking for small tattoo ideas, you could get a butterfly or more of them – accessorize your butterfly tattoos with some flowers, shiny emoji art or bright colors and you’ll have a fun small tattoo.  

Image: @loqueseamiriamart

Image: @curlyh0rns

17. Cute small tattoos for fingers

If you add a small tattoo to your finger, it becomes much cuter; choose an area, on top of the finger, on the side or around them and then choose a design, a flower, a little fruit, a tiny ghost or flames, anything small will look cute on a finger. 

Image: @fig.of.all.trades

Image: @mannytatz

More small tattoos for women

18. Sun and moon tattoo

Image: @tattoo_bhaddie

Image: @hflilas

19. Small fox tattoo

Image: @ fulifulitattoo

20. Small tattoo on wrist

Image: @pachotattoos

21. Artistic small tattoo ideas

Image: @eslamoda.com

22. Vibrant small tattoos for women

Image: @ginapina

Image: @tukoi-oya

Image: @phineypetblog

23. Small heart tattoos for women

Image: @sarah  

Image: @andrea9291 

Image: @misanthropictattoos 

24. Small match tattoo

Image: @pokingink

Hope you liked these small tattoo ideas. This collection has versatile small tattoos for women that you and your loved ones will appreciate. So, if you found some tattoo ideas here or even your favorite tattoo, don’t forget to share them with your friends!

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