75 Influential and Magnificent Wolf Tattoos Ideas and Designs For Thigh

The wolf symbolizes loyalty, spirituality, protection and is also known for its true nature. Therefore, a lot of people who have inscribed themselves with animal tattoos like to express themselves using tattoos.

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75 Influential and Magnificent Wolf Tattoos Ideas and Designs For Thigh

People get tattoos on them, of which they lion reflects their personality. Did you know? That the wolf does look similar to that of the dog, why? Because the wolf and the dog belong to the same family.

Therefore, you must have noticed that there is a similarity in the facial appearance of the wolf and dog. However, the symbolic meaning of those differs a lot as a wolf stands for things, which is why people are inclined towards wolf tattoos.

Getting a wolf tattoo may vary from person to person as there are many qualities and people may get for any one of them. For instance, a family person may also go for it, and as well as a loyal person may go for it.

75 Influential and Magnificent Wolf Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Wolf Tattoo Designs

1. Floral And Wolf Tattoo

The flower and the wolf may be good elements to get together in your tattoo as the flower symbolizes natural beauty and love.

You can customize the choice of flower that you want on yourself as all flowers have specific meanings other than the generic meaning attached to them.

Floral and Wolf Tattoo

Image: @miggz.ink

2. Beautiful Wolf Tattoo

A sassy-looking wolf with a pinch of blue color looks fabulous. Wolfs are beautiful creatures, and getting a tattoo to highlight their beauty will prove an attractive tattoo.

Beautiful Wolf Tattoo

Image: @bazanjara.tattoo

3. Cute Wolf Tattoo

Here is a cute yet attractive wolf with a pinch of blue color added to it and different elements of design with it. The elements added to give it a look of the tribal wolf, and the tribal tattoos are a great way to stay connected to your ancestors and your grassroots.

Moreover, the wolf is native to some cultures, so you can also go for a tribal tattoo design

Cute Wolf Tattoo

Image: @jessbryartattoo

4. Colorful Wolf Tattoo

The colorful scheme in tattoos suits a lot of people’s bodies. If you are someone who likes bright things, then here is a tattoo from which you can draw inspiration to get something similar.

You can choose the contrast of colors according to your preference. Here the tattoo is a rare-looking one as the prominent tattoo is also of the wolf while the background is also of the wolf.

Moreover, the triangle boundary gives the tattoo a geometric look, and the combination of blue, pink, and black looks fabulous.

Colorful Wolf Tattoo

Image: @fantasyfacepaints

5. Wolf And Skull Tattoo

This is a cute tattoo and prepared in the way of a doodle. Skull tattoos are supposed to be a little fearful because of the kind of meaning and touch they have attached to them.

But the kind of design you want to go for entirely goes on your preference. Like here, the pink color adds a girly touch to the tattoo; otherwise, the skull is the symbol of death.

Wolf and Skull Tattoo

Image: @brionyvictoriatattoo

6. Awesome Wolf Tattoo On Thigh

A thigh tattoo can be the perfect accessory that you can get to flaunt this summer. If you are planning to get the tattoo on your thigh, look for a design that covers a significant part of the thigh, as the thigh is a relatively substantial body part.

The theme chosen here for the tattoo makes it gorgeous, as the wolf often howls at night looking at the sky; it is how they make their social call and communicate something important with other wolfs. The black star-studded sky with black background adds life to the tattoo.

Awesome Wolf Tattoo

Image: @matt_black_tattoos

7. Tribal Wolf Tattoo

What better and unique way to honor your ancestors than getting a tattoo for them. The tribal tattoos relate to the native culture that one belongs from, as in earlier times, these designs were used to communicate important messages within tribes.

If you like the tribal design, go through your native cultural methods to get an authentic tattoo. 

Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Image: @house.inks

8. Grey Wolf Tattoo

The grey scheme in the tattoo looks gorgeous, especially with a light skin tone, as it creates a good contrast. Look at this beautiful wolf tattoo made with such an intricate design.

And if you like realistic tattoo ideas, then you can go for such a tattoo. The shoulder or the leg is the best place to get this kind of tattoo.

Grey Wolf Tattoo

Image: @samuelopeztattoo

9. Wolf With Girl Tattoo

This is another rare-looking tattoo with a girl’s face, and the head above her looks like the Japanese tiger. But this is a wolf tattoo that you can get.

Similarly, you can get any other design or abstract art that you like to blend with the wolf.

Wolf with Girl Tattoo

Image: @redelktattoo

10. Evil Wolf Tattoo

The hands coming out of the wolf make the tattoo scary and intimidating. However, if you want a tattoo that marks your personality and can be evil when needed, you can opt for such a design.

Your tattoo artist can add his creativity to the tattoo to give his personal touch of a scare.

Evil Wolf Tattoo

Image: @kozelonetattoo

11. Wolf With Landscape Tattoo

Wolf with the landscape is pointing out to the place you can generally find the wolf. You can use a similar landscape or even go for some scenery that you like and club it with the wolf tattoo. The black heart used in this tattoo symbolizes grief and death.

Wolf with Landscape Tattoo

Image: @lolo_ditattoo

12. Angry Wolf Tattoo

Wolf is also considered the apex hunter and what makes them more dangerous is that they always attack in packs, so they are even able to take down bigger and stronger enemies.

You can get the ferocious wolf face after he has devoured his prey. Look at the tattoo below where blood is drooling from the wolf’s mouth.

Angry Wolf Tattoo

Image: @nitzsche

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13. Wolf And Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The dreamcatcher symbolizes positivity as it has been used since ancient times to catch negative thoughts and nad dreams.

People tend to hand it in their rooms or outside their house so that it captures all the negative energy. Blending it with the wolf is an excellent idea for an impressive tattoo.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Image: @shane_sct

14. Best Wolf Tattoo

This is a tattoo of high significance; double-faced, aren’t we all? This tattoo shows double sides of a wolf’s face as it also has a scary side and a good side.

The scary side is the one where he hunts his prey mercilessly and the good one where he is very loyal and always sticks out for his family.

Best Wolf Tattoo

Image: @modezt_

15. Black And White Wolf Tattoo

The black and the white wolf together is the symbol of intelligence and adaptability. Adaptability is one of the most important things you should have in life.

This is an ability that should be in all to lead a happy and successful life. So if you think that you have this ability, then you can get this tattoo. 

Black and White Tattoo

Image: @annagenetta.art

16. Mandala Wolf Tattoo

The mandala is the symbol of eternity, balance, and perfection. There are many ways to use the mandala with the wolf face; one standard method is to put it on the end of the wolf face, and here is one rare way the mandala is placed on the wolf’s face.

The fur of the wolf is also done intricately with great texture. 

Mandala Wolf Tattoo

Image: @tuesday_rooke

17. Princess Mononoke Tattoo

Princess Mononoke is the symbol of the connection between the environment and humans. The Mononoke on the back of the wolf riding is an excellent idea for a tattoo.

You can consult with your tattoo idea to explore the ways in which you can get the princess with it. 

Princess Mononoke Tattoo

Image: @jasminedilworth

18. Black Dangerous Wolf Tattoo

The blue color is a great way to give the wolf an evil look, and the background adds to the aura of the tattoo. The use of negative space is done wisely in this tattoo.

Black Dangerous Wolf Tattoo

Image: @sakomatsor_planseetattoo

19. Fabulous Wolf Tattoo

If you like the tattoo’s geometric styling, then you can use the triangle pattern for your wolf tattoo. The breaking pieces of diamond-like structure are also a nice touch and a mark of impressive geometric designs. The blue eyes of the wolf add to its intimidating look of it. 

Fabulous  Tattoo

Image: @hamidernes

20. Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Do like vivacious tattoos, then check out this realistic lively tattoo and get one similar to this one. This does not have too much design but gives a good look to the wolf tattoo.

The shoulder and the thigh are the ideal placement for this tattoo. 

Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @modernelectrictattrx

21. Fancy Wolf Tattoo

The puzzle looking like a tattoo is a fabulous idea if you like a modern tattoo. The tattoo below is a reflection of a wolf’s face on broken pieces of a mirror, or you can interpret it as pieces of a puzzle.

If you want a one-of-a-kind tattoo, then this one can be the appropriate choice for you. 

Fancy Wolf Tattoo

Image: @gamer.jean.noel

22. Wonderful Girl With Wolf Tattoo

Here is another way in which you can get the girl’s face done with the wolf. The lady here is made in a very intimidating way with so many flowers and other elements added to her face.

The wolf is for family and loyalty so that you can blend in your girlfriend or wife’s face with it. 

Wonderful Girl Tattoo

Image: @dancingcranetattoo

23. Werewolf Tattoo

There are numerous legendary stories where a human, which is a man by day, changes into a wolf at full moon. This tattoo depicts that folklore; this is why it is made with the clothes one and half-tore.

The wolf here is also made in a different way because it is made as a mixture of man and beast. 

Werewolf Tattoo

Image: @dukkha_tattoo

24. Little Wolf Piece Tattoo

The half geometric and half normal-looking wolf, the mountain, is the symbol of sturdiness and firmness, but here it is used to depict the wolf’s habitat or the usual place where it is found. 

Little Wolf Piece Tattoo

Image: @loripecchia

25. Wolf With Crescent Moon Tattoo

The crescent moon is the symbol of fertility and motherhood, so a good element that you can club with the wolf. 

Crescent Moon Tattoo

Image: @elpassos_tattoo

26. Fun Wolf And Flower Tattoo

The flower is an excellent secondary element to add not with just the wolf tattoo but with any other tattoo.

The rose and the lily are good flowers to go with as the rose symbolizes love and the lily symbolizes motherhood. The shading in this wolf tattoo is done perfectly.

Fun Wolf and Flower Tattoo

Image: @chadillac_green

27. Cool Wolf Tattoo

Here is a different-looking and relatively more minor one concerning wolf tattoos. This looks like some animated wolf character; you can go for a similar thing if you like animated characters.

Cool Wolf Tattoo

Image: @colournegative

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28. Black Wolf On Thigh Tattoo

Elegant and graceful-looking wolf. Wolfs are seen as poise creatures, so an adequately done tattoo that is close to their look only makes sense.

Ask your tattoo artist to prepare something like this for you if you think the same. 

Black Tattoo

Image: @erikbuttilertattoo

29. Fantastic Wolf Tattoo

bove the knee cap is an unusual choice for a tattoo, but it looks fabulous when the appropriate use of the space is done. You can get an idea from the tattoo done below.

Fantastic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @tattoobymai

30. Howling Wolf Tattoo

This one here is again a wolf tattoo that looks like having ties to some culture. Different cultures have different kinds of animals attached to them.

You can also get the wolf tattoo blended in with your native tribal design

Howling Wolf Tattoo

Image: @tattoosbyaudi

31. Wolf And Tiger Tattoo

Two animals used for the purpose of your tattoo is a brilliant idea when the animals have similarities in their traits, so they compliment each other.

For example, the wolf is considered the apex predator, and it is no secret that the tiger is the king of the jungle and a skilled hunter and protector like the wolf himself. Yet this may be the perfect blend that you may choose for your animal’s tattoo.

Wolf and Tiger Tattoo

Image: @ejintattoo

32. Classic Wolf Tattoo

Earlier in this post, we saw a tattoo with two wolves, one as the prominent tattoo and the other in the background, but that was done with a bright, colorful scheme se here is another method to do this one.

If you are more of an ordinary black shade tattoos person, then show your tattoo artist this one for him to draw inspiration and create an authentic one for you. 

Classic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @thelaughingbuddhatattoo

33. Majestic Wolf Tattoo

The black shade face of the wolf with intricate fur design is quite attractive.

Majestic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @killah.krown

34. Black Wolf And Dreamcatcher Tattoo

One more idea to blend in the dreamcatcher tattoo with the wolf; now you can let go of all the negative thoughts that cloud you because this is the purpose of the dreamcatcher to catch all your negative thoughts and all your nasty dreams.

Black and Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Image: @freddy.jameson

35. Wonderful Wolf Tattoo

The waves are also a significant secondary element to add to the wolf, and it is the symbol of the constant motion of life and force on nature that is unending. You can add the blue color to the wave or just have it in a simple shade of black and grey.

Wonderful Wolf Tattoo

Image: @dyron_malakian

36. Wolf Dragon Tattoo

The dragon symbolizes intelligence, strength, and grace, so it is an extraordinary creature to blend with the beautiful wolf. The tattoo is made more grasping with the arrows, and it looks like it is floating. The Sun added in the background is also made differently. 

Wolf Dragon Tattoo

Image: @_duchy_

37. Wolf And Eagle Tattoo

The eagle is the symbol of the apostle of God, dominance, freedom, and focus. Also, like the wolf, it is the symbol of spirituality. There are quite options on how to blend in the eagle with the wolf.

Wolf and Eagle Tattoo

Image: @gemma.dilemma.tattoo

38. Wolf With Sun Tattoo

The Sun is the symbol of rebirth and light, and this tattoo is made like an abstract art form. The Sun goes well with the wolf, and if you like abstract kind of art, then this one is an option for you. 

Sun Tattoo

Image: @cristovao_tattoo

39. Wolf With Geometric Shapes Tattoo

A relatively small tattoo that you can with the wolf. Some different shapes and patterns give the tattoo a geometric look; refer to all the figures you can use.

Wolf with geometric shapes Tattoo

Image: @char_patterns

40. Cute Floral Wolf Tattoo

Minimal usage of flowers with a cute wolf face is an elegant tattoo idea that can suit girls.

Cute Floral Wolf Tattoo

Image: @chandlermoaseartist

41. Wolf With Pack Tattoo

Wolves are known for their trait to be with their family, and this is also the reason that they are more robust because together, they hunt on prey even bigger and stronger than them.

So if you also stick with your family and like this trait of the wolves, then get this tattoo. 

Wolf with Pack Tatto

Image: @classicdriller

42. Half Wolf Tattoo

The half-wolf also looks like an attractive tattoo, and the design you use can decide if you want to give it a feminine touch or a scary look. The design and color used here give the tattoo a little feminine touch.

Half Wolf Tattoo

Image: @nafi_tattoo

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43. Wolf With Flowers And Crescent Moon Tattoo

Refer to this another idea if you like the blend of the crescent moon with the wolf. The crescent moon symbolizes fertility, so the flowers complement it well. 

Wolf with Flowers and Crescent Moon Tattoo

Image: @pov_tattoo

44. Howling Wolf With Moon Tattoo

The iconic howling of the wolf while looking at the moon is a popular tattoo choice, and you must have seen this picture in animations and movies with wolfs.

It is thought that the wolves are howling at the sky, but in reality, they are trying to gather or communicate with their pack. 

Howling Wolf with Moon Tattoo

Image: @disastertattoos

45. Big Wolf Mouth Tattoo

The giant wolf design with a scarce-looking design is a fabulous tattoo idea that you can go for. Look at the unique creative texture and design used here to make its face. If you want a one-of-a-kind tattoo, then consider this for ideas to pop up in your mind.

Big Wolf Mouth Tattoo

Image: @radioblocktattoo

46. Wolf And Raven Tattoo

The raven is the symbol of intelligence and wisdom, so yet is a good bird option to combine with the wolf tattoo.  

Wolf and Raven Tattoo

Image: @rossinitattoo

47. Traditional Wolf Tattoo

This is the dark bold black wolf tattoo style with the negative space. It is a tribal tattoo and is a pretty famous tattoo choice because many designs come from the bearer’s culture. This is why tribal tattoos are considered a great way to stay connected to your roots in a unique way.

Traditional Wolf Tattoo

Image: @uncle_tattoo

48. Sinister Wolf Tattoo

The landscape and the look of the mysterious nature blend well with the wolf because it marks the wolf’s habitat. And a whole moon night in a dense forest reminds us of a wolf because of folklore and many animated pieces.

Sinister Wolf Tattoo

Image: @inkbyted

49. Transition Wolf Tattoo

A blend of the growth of tattoos can be seen in this tattoo as it is a perfect combination of traditional tattooing and a modern style of tattooing. A sage way of having a rare-looking tattoo and showing the significant change in this industry of doing things.

Transition Wolf Tattoo

Image: @silkneedle.tattoo

50. Sword Through Wolf’s Face Tattoo

A sword is the symbol of honor, power, and freedom, and the blade is drawn by going right through the face of the wolf is an excellent creative idea to show the courage and strength of the bearer. The purple flowers add to the engaging look of this tattoo. 

Sword through Wolf’s Face Tattoo

Image: @littlebeartattoo.sj

51. Simple Wolf Tattoo

A simple wolf but with a rugged look. Above the knee is a good choice for such a tattoo.

Simple Wolf Tattoo

Image: @robo_bas

52. Sweet Wolf Tattoo

A wolf with an innocent face is an excellent option for girls.

Sweet Wolf Tattoo

Image: @andrewb.tattooer

53. Beautiful Wolf Tattoo On Right Thigh

A thigh tattoo usually means a big tattoo, so if you like this idea of blending the flowers with the wolf, you can also try it on this body part. 

Beautiful Wolf Tattoo on Right Thigh

Image: @radiantcustomtattoo

54. Wolf And Moth Combo Tattoo

The moth symbolizes transformation, so if there is some significant change in you that is now similar to the wolf’s personality, you can use this tattoo to express yourself. The leaves added here is also the symbol of change; they stand for the eternal circle of life.

Wolf and Moth Combo Tattoo

Image: @joelmorley_tattoo

55. Colored Wolf Tattoo

The colorful background for a simple one-color tattoo with a bit of hint of the background is a terrific idea as it appears that the wolf is coming right through the background.

Colored Wolf Tattoo

Image: @smilodontattoo

56. Mystic Wolf Tattoo

Like above, a mystical galaxy looing pattern is used as the background; you can even go for a flower’s background; look at the beautiful and engaging tattoo done below.

Mystic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @barbernorthstar

57. Impressive Wolf Tattoo

Were you looking for something out of the box? If yes, choose all your favorite textures and ask your tattoo artist to blend them to create an artistic impression.

Impressive Wolf Tattoo

Image: @chrissyj.tattoos

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58. Abstract Wolf Tattoo

Abstract art is a prevalent art form; if you look for something similar, get one in this form. 

Abstract Wolf Tattoo

Image: @loving.the.undead

59. New Wolf Tattoo

Here is another comparison tattoo from which you can show the evolution of tattoos

New Wolf Tattoo

Image: @henry_skink

60. Outstanding Wolf Tattoo

This is a wise tattoo idea that the artist has gone for; by making the fur look intimidating, he has molded the tattoo into an antique one.

Outstanding Wolf Tattoo

Image: @saulosgabriel

61. Wolf And Lillies Tattoo

Lilies are a good flower option to get with the wolves as they are the symbol of motherhood and a mother protects their family like the wolf is the protector of his.

Wolf and Lillies Tattoo

Image: @amiklatt.tattoos

62. Wolf And Rose Tattoo

Rose is the symbol of passion in love; you can use this tattoo to show love for your family.

Wolf and Rose Tattoo

Image: @whitemachink

63. Wolf With Cross Tattoo

In some cultures, the wolf is also considered the protective natural guide, and God is also are a natural protector. Therefore, you can club in symbols related to God with your wolf tattoo to show your religious beliefs and faith in God.

Wolf with Cross Tattoo

Image: @evtattooink

64. Unique Wolf Tattoo

Most people are looking for a unique tattoo design; if you are also looking for one, then you can take inspiration from this one done below.. 

Unique Tattoo

Image: @fullmoontattoostudioplymouth

65. Howling Wolf On Back Thigh Tattoo

The howling wolf making a social call is the iconic classic tattoo.

Howling Back Thigh Tattoo

Image: @thearteternal

66. Spooky Wolf Tattoo

Intimidating and scary tattoos can also be done in quite a few ways; for instance, look at the below tattoo to refer to one way of doing it.

Spooky Tattoo

Image: @floweisstattoo

67. Dotwork Wolves Tattoo

The dot work is an impressive body art form in the world of tattoos, but this one is done more creatively because the wolves are used to create an attractive heart. Again, two wolves signify their family trait, and nature amplifies the effect. 

Dotwork Tattoo

Image: @taiga_lt

68. Wolf With Shining Eyes Tattoo

The graceful iconic wolf is always the best tattoo choice.

Wolf with Shining Eyes Tattoo

Image: @denny_tattoos

69. Stylish Wolf Tattoo

Using the negative space for your tattoo is also a wise tattooing style to make your tattoo intimidating. 

Stylish Tattoo

Image: @charles_arizmendy

70. Nice Wolf Tattoo

The serious look on the face of the wolf is good for showing its scary side. 

Nice Tattoo

Image: @joaorodriguestattoo

Some More Wolf Tattoos To consider

71. Small Wolf Face Tattoo

Small Face Tattoo

Image: @zalo_vivancos

72. Cojoined Wolves Tattoo 

Cojoined Wolves Tattoo

Image: @deja92vu

73. Wolf And Cemetery Tattoo

Wolf and Cemetery Tattoo

Image: @tattoosareni_hercegnovi

74. Girl With Wolf Tattoo

Girl with Wolf Tattoo

Image: @javi.grajo

75. Diamond Wolf Tattoo

Diamond Tattoo

Image: @_medusa_tattoo_works


What does the wolf tattoo mean to a man?

If a man is getting a wolf tattoo, it is taken for his trait of a loyal person, his loyalty to his kith and kin. The wolves are the perfect example of demonstrating that staying together makes you stronger.

So if a person believes that family is strong, then he may get a wolf tattoo to show it.

Why do wolves howl at the moon?

This is a misconception about the wolves howling to the moon! The wolves do not howl at the moon; it appears so because they look up at the dark sky while howling, and in tales, graphics are always made with wolves howling alongside the moon.

But in reality, the wolves howl to communicate with each other, and howling is the most direct they use to communicate. It is also associated with social calls and is the most effective where the wolf territory is vast.

What does a growling wolf tattoo mean?

Wolves are about honor and protection. This statement is related to growling wolves as the wolf gets in this aggressive form to remind us that he is an apex defense mechanism system as it can do anything to wade off threats protect its family. 

What is the wolf symbolic of?

The native wolf symbol that ties back to older times represents strong family ties, loyalty, good communication, intelligence, education, and understanding. Yet, the wolf is the most accomplished hunter and has the most potent supernatural powers of all the animals on the land.

Is a wolf tattoo common?

Yes, it is the most common tattoo that you will see on men who want animal-inspired ink etched on them. All the mighty and awesome wolf tattoos come in different designs and structures.

Bottom Line

Animal tattoos are trendy among tattoo enthusiasts, but the wolf is relatively more that people opt for because of wolves’ traits. Wolves always stay with their pack and stay in their family, making them more robust and more suitable options for animal tattoos.

However, they have other meaningful traits, and if you can relate to them in your life, go for this tattoo.