Top 19 Hawaiian Floral Tattoos To Check Before Getting One

Tattoo inspiration can come from anything and everything; if a Hawaiian flower tattoo is your next tattoo, you need all the design inspiration you need, after all, your tattoo should be as unique as yourself.

Top 19 Hawaiian Floral Tattoos To Check Before Getting One

This article will help you explore some common and rare flower designs, so when it’s time to pick the right one for you, you have no doubts; are you ready to get a new tattoo? Find out!

What do Hawaiian flower tattoos mean?

When you search for a Hawaiian flower, Hibiscus is the most popular one that comes up; reasonably so, as it is the state flower of Hawaii, however, there are many more flowers you can choose from.

Hawaiian tattoo Design


A tailflower is known to be one of the best women’s floral tattoos. Hawaiian is simple and it looks awesome in bright and vivid colors. The tattoo design is inked in heart shape and it also shows hospitality, kindness, and warmth.


Orchid is also splendidly used in Hawaiian tattoos. It gives a lovely, unique, and regal look so it is a sign of beauty. If you get an orchid tattoo, perhaps you relate to the virtues it represents, charisma and positivity.


Are all Hawaiian flower tattoos red?

No, not every Hawaiian flower tattoo is red – just like the flowers described above, every tattoo is different. You can have a black tattoo with other flowers, and it will look just as memorable, however if you are a fan of colors, you can get a flower tattoo in every color they naturally bloom in and more!


Red is one of the most bright colors for popular Hawaiian flower tattoo ideas, or otherwise, however, there are a variety of Hawaiian flowers, and they come in a variety of colors and you can get your flower tattoo in any color you want – if you like vibrant colors, magenta, purple, and orange can be good options for you.

What are the best places to get a flower tattoo? 

The pain of a tattoo, flower or not, depends on the area you get it -skin’s thickness, its proximity to bones/muscles and nerve endings decide your pain while getting a tattoo. So if you want to get a tattoo detailed in Hawaiian flowers, you can go for arms, thighs and legs; while these areas are the least painful to get inked, chest, sternum and shoulder tattoos hurt the most (Except eyelids and groin tattoos which are not so common).

What does a hibiscus tattoo symbolize?

A hibiscus flower tattoo represents the female energy in everyone; it means delicate and lovely. Since the flower is rare to find, the flower design with symbolic meaning in ancient times refers to free spirited, fun loving and rare beauty; it also grows in vibrant colors like red, green, blue, purple, yellow and more. 

Is it disrespectful to get a Hawaiian flower tattoo?

It is not disrespectful to get a tattoo of Hawaiian flowers as long as you don’t take someone’s idea or copy their art. 

How do I decide on a tattoo design?

A lot of people get their tattoo inspiration from flash art; flash art is the portfolio of tattoos at the studio; they are usually not designed by the artist, instead bought from suppliers, the studio may also have the artist’s own portfolio, where you may find your right tattoo.

But if you are not a fan of spontaneous decisions, this is the right article for you – browse through the ideas here and find the design you want to get inked, maybe you find the exact tribal Hawaiian flower tattoo you want from Hawaiian culture or the creativity to create your own.

Hawaiian flower tattoo design

With all the frequently asked tattoo questions out of the way, it’s time to explore, here is a collection of some of the most popular and a lesser chosen Hawaiian flower tattoo so, have fun getting inspired for your tattoo!

1. Colorful Hawaiian flower tattoo

When you think of the Hawaiian flower tattoo, you imagine bright hibiscus flowers with reds and greens and it looks incredible on everyone. The bright colorful tattoo detail of the flower make it so unique and recognizable but a tattoo doesn’t have to be a combination of two bold colors only and if you like this type of Hawaiian flower tattoo, you can make it even louder with eccentric colors for highlights and borders.


And if you like a more subdued version, you can obviously stick to the basics; a washed red with dark green will suit your taste, the point is, whatever your preference may be:

Your tattoo is meant to suit you, not the other way around. 


But tattoos don’t require a border so, to make your tattoo pop yet look delicate, avoid the border or keep it in a color close to the primary color of the tattoo – it’ll be bright, fun, and yet so you.

Hawaiian tattoo


2. The soft flower tattoos

Piggybacking from the previous point, the soft flower tattoo, these types of tattoos are perfect for you if you do not want your tattoo to be “too bold”, on the other hand, if you want the tattoo to look even more delicate, the trick is to keep the edges sharp and contrast low.  


If you want to keep the contrast, choose a similar shade; yes, it’ll look minimal, but a tattoo everyone will love – these kinds of tattoos look great with one primary color and matching shades to maintain some depth and you can use two colors at most; otherwise, these types of tattoos get messy.


If you want to make this tattoo more elaborate, you can always add your favorite phrase or quote, maybe you like a Hawaiian saying that goes well with the flower you chose? Perfect.


3. Black flower tattoos

Although Hawaiian flowers are known to be vibrant and blossoming, they can be simple too, the magic of black tattoos is always in the details, and this is what you can achieve if this is your style however, your tattoos don’t have to be simple flowers so, you can put them in shapes, add details and have a brilliant tattoo.


You do not have to choose from the artist’s portfolio: pick your own Hawaiian flower tattoo design and bring that to your artist; maybe they can help you make that design truly yours and get creative to find your favorite flower to get inked.


You can also make your tattoo pop or keep it delicate with differences in shading; darker and crisp lines can bring a black tattoo to life. If you keep the lines soft and blurry, the same tattoo becomes so delicate or if you want to get a Hawaiian flower tattoo and aren’t sure about adding some colors to it, you can go for black ink and all you have to do is to find your style. 


4. Vivid flower tattoos 

Now, if you like a loud design and something different, this section is for you, you can change the traditional Hawaiian flower tattoo and get the design inked; why stay between the lines? Go for a green flower, a blue one or one in your favorite color; stop conforming to what others think is pretty or normal; stick to your style.


You can also have a tattoo with multiple colors. Who cares about being messy, right? Complementary or non-complementary colors look good together and if you like something that artistic, abstract or mosaic, this type of tattoo is for you.


Why settle for just one flower when you can have more? Don’t stop yourself if you want to get a big tattoo; add big beautiful flowers and leaves. These tattoos look incredible on arms, legs or even chest. The choice is yours, orchids, hibiscus or anthurium?


5. Turtle and flower tattoos

Hawaii is full of scenic places, flourishing flora and turtles. So what’s stopping you from including them in your tattoo? First, such tattoos look adorable. And second, they are charming! So if your style is more cottagecore or, in general, wholesome, this tattoo is what you need.


These tattoos also come in a variety of designs. For example, you can have a turtle with a flower on its back, or you can have its abstract form. This Hawaiian flower tattoo isn’t only cute; it’s creative. Find a design that you love and make it your own.


This tattoo is gorgeous and makes for a good conversation starter. If you choose a pop of color over a dark turtle, that completes this tattoo. If you love animals and flowers, go for it. 


Hope you find your inspiration in this article. Go through all these tattoos and choose one that you like. If it is an addition to your tattoos or even if it is your first tattoo, find something that matches your style, is fun and pretty. Choose wisely and cherish your tattoo!


Hawaiian flowers are red in color?

Not every Hawaiian flower tattoo is red in color. Flower tattoos in any color can be added and you can get ink of your choice. If you like vibrant colors, magenta, purple, and orange can be good options for you.

What are the best places to get a flower tattoo? 

Go for thighs and legs for less pain. Upper chest, upper arm, upper back, sternum, sleeve tattoo and shoulder tattoos hurt the most. The delicate beauty of the tropical flower for many tattoo lovers in artistic styles comes in interesting form with different symbols.

How do I decide on a tattoo design?

A lot of people get their tattoo inspiration from flash art, or you can browse through the ideas in this article. 

Can I bring my tattoo design?

Of course! If you have a design in mind, bring it to the tattoo studio, and your artist will be happy to do it.

Top Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs Include:

  1. Colorful small Hawaiian flower tattoos
  2. The soft flower tattoo
  3. Black flower tattoos
  4. Vivid flower tattoos
  5. Turtle and flower tattoos
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