25 Awesome Birth Clock Tattoo Ideas That Suit Your Style

Celebrations are always remarkable and are a special one to remember with such an event known as childbirth. In addition, as time passes, the event or celebration is the memory that also makes them better, so better that you might want to get a tattoo for them. Yes, a birth clock tattoo. 

25 Awesome Birth Clock Tattoo Ideas That Suit Your Style

A birth clock tattoo is extra special and keeps the precious memory close to you forever but if you are skeptical of getting a big tattoo, don’t worry; the days of boring designs are gone. As there are many clock tattoos ideas that could also fit your aesthetic and suit your style, it has all the help you need to find your first tattoo or best clock tattoos for others. It’s time you see for yourself; get reading now!

What is the meaning of a birth clock tattoo?

A birth clock is a timepiece that represents the time of birth of a person, and they are incredibly meaningful. Generally, parents get subtle clock tattoos to make the time of their baby’s birth memorable.

Clock tattoos also represent life and that it is transient and constantly remind you to live it to the fullest but, before you start looking at birth clock tattoo ideas, you need to be sure. Hence, here are a few FAQs to sweep your confusion away.

Is there only one type of birth clock tattoo?

No. Although the concept of a birth clock tattoo design idea is the same, and there can be multiple variations and your child is unique, and so should be your tattoo. There is no need to follow the same default design always, and hence, you can do much more creative work by adding other elements.

Can clock tattoos be colorful?

Yes, a birth clock tattoo can be colorful by using bold and bright shades but you may see these tattoos majorly in black shade as they have become the norm for many. That does not mean that you cannot add some colors to your tattoo to highlight profound aspects to make the tattoo appear unique and elegant in its own way.

Moreover, there are many options for cool clock tattoos as well such as digital clock tattoo, lion clock tattoo, compass clock tattoo, skull clock tattoo, eye clock tattoo and melting clock tattoos are a few trendy designs.

Can clock tattoos have numerals?

The analog birth clock tattoo styles are a stylistic and elegant choice and it also does looks great with addition of numerals in the tattoo design. But, if you wanted your birth clock tattoo design more on the digital side or you want it to have numbers, you definitely can have intricate details as well. People have different styles and so do tattoos and also you might cherish a birth clock tattoo designed according to your elegant and creative choice.

Can I have birth clock tattoos for other family members?

Of course! Traditional clock tattoo design ideas are usually done for babies or children, and also they are famous for them, but you can get clock tattoos for any loved one. So, if your family has you or your partner and your baby; you can also have three clock tattoo design ideas for all of you as a matching and creative body artwork. It also holds deeper significance with creative ideas and it is just your personal choice.

Image: @boredpanda

Birth clock tattoo designs

Now that the doubts are out of your mind and you know what a birth clock tattoo design idea really signifies, it is time to get some inspiration and make it look more elegant. 

Beautiful birth clock tattoo designs

1. Flower clock tattoo designs

A clock tattoo does not have to be boring and yes, if you want to get the time correct and you want it to be clean, that clock tattoo with flower doesn’t mean the tattoo is orthodox.

You can have a little fun with your tattoo design by giving the clock tattoo a flower base; such as flowers like sunflowers and daisies work the best for clocks. You can also add some more personal and creative design elements that you will have for a truly unique and bold ink design.

Image: @appolo.tattoos  

2. Half sleeve clock tattoo

If you are into minimal yet pretty designs, there are half sleeve clock tattoos for you too and you can have a softer clock with pastel colors so that it is colorful yet not loud. A little bit of antique touch, with Roman numerals on the half sleeves tattoo design idea for you might have a great tattoo design idea with additional element use.

Image: @mythicalmei

3. Flower clock tattoo designs

Clocks, flowers and chains are a part of every birth clock tattoo design idea, but most of these tattoos look different, and that is exactly what you want for your tattoo too. The flower clock tattoo design idea is all about bringing your unique and creative tattoo ideas to life as after all, no one thinks as you do.

Deciding on a tattoo takes time, and you can use this time to create something on your own and also the same flowers and clock but aligned differently with your thought is what makes the tattoo unique.

Image: @xxmortanixx  

4. Arm clock tattoo designs

Let’s get over flowers and butterflies, as  the arm clock tattoo design is the time for some more creative and elegant body art now. Your hometown or the place you are delivering your baby at must be unique too or even if it’s not, the arm cock tattoo will become special now that your baby’s born there.

Why not honor the place as well?

You can ink the tattoo with additional elements such as skyline, the beach, mountains or any other special element that reminds you of that place with a clock to represent time. The tattoo design can also be as minimal or as detailed as you want and also you can also save this idea and include it in your birth clock tattoo design idea now!

Image: @igor.tattooart 

5. Upper arm clock designs

Your clock can have a different frame than usual. Imagine inside a flower, surrounded by the planets or anything you like and it will make your tattoo designs unique and still serve their purpose. Well, here is an example to inspire you to create your own design.

If you do not want to design, you can ask for your tattoo artist’s help as your tattoo artist could incorporate your favorite cartoon character, animal or anything you like.

Image: @nosfertattoo 

6. Name clock tattoos

If you are planning on getting multiple birth clocks, you can have names in the tattoo design work too and if you have decided on a name for your little one, you can get it tattooed.

And if you haven’t got that tattoo, no worries, just leave some space to add the name later so you can add the name of others, too, those whose birth clocks you are getting tattooed.

Image: @tattoodo 

7. Multiple clock tattoos

Well, what if you want a tattoo that pops out? Maybe your preference is something that stands out, something that’s eccentric and loud and if that is the case with multiple clock tattoo design, you are at the right place.

For clock tattoo design, go back to the basics with bold and bright clocks including big roses and shading but all in color making the tattoo unique and subtle design. An addition with a pop of bold colors and dark borders on your birth clock tattoo design idea is what will stand out in the tattoo design work on the body.

Image: @renz_s.i.t.c 

8. Pretty clock tattoo designs

Contrary to the previous point, perhaps, if you want to get your petty clock design tattoo idea to be an elaborate yet delicate design, this can also be helped. Just follow the same strategy and get a big birth clock with the addition of big flowers and other elements.

But only with subtle colors and minimal borders (or no borders at all), pastel colors or dainty chains can make your pretty clock tattoo cute and still look bold.

All the elements work well with a beautiful clock to represent time and combined with the wearer’s emotions, the piece’s beauty will charm everyone for sure.

Image: @minhatatuagem

9. Heart clock tattoo

Do you know what makes any tattoo instantly adorable? A heart shape. A heart-shaped birth clock tattoo design idea with adding some elements like some flowers is one of the best tattoos you can get for an instantly incredible idea.

Heart clock tattoo looks insanely pretty, and it conveys the message of love and you will also have enough space to add text in that tattoo design you have. So whenever you are in a donut, add a heart. 

Image: @nikcarrtattoo

10. Cute clock designs

What if your style is funkier if you like animation, colors and cute things? Are you wondering if there is a cute birth clock tattoo idea with a not-so-classic appearance?

Yes, there definitely is. You could get an adorable retro alarm clock with the time and date of your baby’s birth by adding their name too in the tattoo design idea. An example for this clock tattoo design below is that it may not be your style, but you can agree it’s cute that also has subtle and creative design work.

Image: @big.calm

11. Hand clock tattoo

These days knowing your zodiac sign is as important as knowing your name; so why not utilize the trend and use it for your birth clock tattoo with some other elements.

You can include your baby’s zodiac sign in the hand clock tattoo design idea and by accessorizing the focal point with some flowers, chains, you will have a special tattoo for your baby.

Image: @galpetrov87 

12. Forearm clock tattoo

Birds signify freedom and joy and when you put a bird to your birth clock tattoo design on the forearm, you make the tattoo so much better with your own creativity. Think of a pigeon over the birth clock tattoo design, or with sunlight peeking through the clouds but it all sounds like a beautiful and elegant design, right?

If a forearm clock tattoo sounds like something you like, it might be a chance if you can find your tattoo design idea here. If a bird is too much for you as an additional element, you can just add some wings to the forearm clock tattoo as it will represent the idea with less to do creative.

Image: @katie.kustomz 

Childbirth time clock tattoo design

13. Name clock tattoo

The birth clock is all about your baby, so it is only valid if all your focus is on them and adding extraordinary pieces to their name clock tattoo design idea. You can keep the clock tattoo design idea simple, and it is just a design with all the elements a clock has, but the real magic happens around it with a simple yet subtle look.

You could also just write your baby’s name in big letters, with the date of their birth and a little timestamp to be extra on the name clock tattoo design idea. Adding other elements to make your body art shine is what a better way to make your baby feel special when they grow up!

Image: @mkymcg 

14. Forearm tattoos

Everyone has a guardian angel; your baby has too and the angel is always looking over your little one; why not use that as your forearm tattoo clock design idea. It is a pretty birth clock with the exact time of birth, surrounded by everything lovely or special elements and an angel looking over it all.

Just like she will look over your baby, you can decide the angel’s design on the forearm, wings and everything else as other element addition in the tattoo design. After all, you get the best of interesting tattoos.

Image: @neondragontattoo 

15. Shoulder clock tattoos

Nothing expresses your feelings as well as a quote and you keep words close to your heart, a piece of advice from your loved ones, a phrase from a book or a bible verse. Shoulder clock tattoo designs can be in form of abstract or also graphical art and it is also different from traditional tattoo design ideas.

You can use it as an addition to your birth clock tattoo idea with the quote to make it unique and more remarkable design idea. All you need to do is find the correct quote and the clock tattoo inspiration is right here.

Image: @robertfranke 

16. Chest clock tattoo

You would want your child to like the chest clock tattoo when they grow up and as kids like cartoons, adding different elements looks especially great. But maybe you do not want a caricature tattooed on you forever. What’s the middle ground?

It’s getting a well-designed animation inked with intricate detailing for your birth clock and you can get anything you like as the clock tattoo on your chest is staying with you. Ask your artist to help and you’ll find the right inspiration for sure.

Image: @stylesatlife 

17. Sleeve clock tattoos for men

You can have so much fun with your tattoo as if you live life to the fullest, see in colors, and your aesthetic is basically a rainbow, here is precisely the birth clock tattoo idea for you. 

Clock tattoo on the sleeve for men is something that you have never seen, and the design is made full of bold and bright colors that you like for yourself. After all, who said your clock has to be dainty, right? It could be a cool design or whatever you want.

Image: @mrsmarvelgirl 

18. Timeless clock tattoo

Flowers and butterflies make everything a little more impressive, like many other different elements. And they look amazing when everything is black except the colorful butterflies and also such creative designs can be added as an additional pop of color to the tattoo design and make it stand out more.

Sounds like something you would want? Then, your inspiration lies here.

The butterflies in the tattoo can be of your favorite color and flowers can also come with a pop of color too but you can keep them black if that is more like your style.

Image: @brittanydawson 

19. Clock tattoos for men

Sometimes a clock tattoo design alone is not enough and you may want to add an extra element so you can get your and your baby’s hands next to the clock tattoos for men. Or you can get your baby’s footprints as well; they are a great memory.

Image: @tattoodo 

20. Heart clock tattoo

Image: @mad.house.ink

21. Sleeve tattoo

Image: @soul_creation_tattoo 

More clock tattoo designs

Image: @tattoomagz 

clock tattoo design

Image: @Charlieanddanielle Mills

clock tattoo

Image: @Émilie Lagrange

Did you find your tattoo design yet? There is no hurry; here are some more great tattoos to spark your creativity. So keep browsing till you find the right clock design for you a you only got one chance to pick your next tattoo; make it worth it!

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