50 Funny Tattoo Ideas For A Fun-Loving Person

Everybody loves humor, and why not? It is good to stay happy; it keeps you healthy. 

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But the definition of fun and humor is different for everyone and for some it can be doing some fun activity that can also be humorous for someone and if you are a fun-loving loving person, getting a fun tattoo can be a fun activity. 

50 Funny Tattoo Ideas For A Fun-Loving Person

Here we will talk about all the fun tattoo designs and ideas.

1. Minion Tattoo Design 

Get your favorite minion character on you. A minion tattoo owner can use it to portray a cute personality.

Image: @local.crew.tattoo

2. Matching Tattoo Design 

You can get funny tattoos as a pair as well. In such a way that when they are together, they look complete.

Image: @prettyink_tattoos

3. Tacos & Margarita Funny Tattoos

If you love easy to prepare and have food on the go, then you can get this tattoo, also, Margarita is some people’s favorite drink; you can show your love for it with this tattoo.

Image: @barbara_kiczek_tattoo

4. Jumping On the Trampoline Funny Tattoos

The place for this tattoo is the inner side of your palm placed strategically so that whenever you wave at someone, that person is in for a surprise to see you hilarious trampoline tattoo.

Also, if you love trampolines, you can get this tattoo. 

Image: @cloud_die_tattooartist

5. Male Tears Funny Tattoos

The male tears are associated with prison culture, like someone has been humiliated or humiliated then, you can get this tattoo below your eyes on your cheeks. 

But some pop stars also have gotten this tattoo. So you can also get this tattoo as a fun- activity. 

Image: @gamefacetattoo

6. Creative Camera Picture Funny Tattoos

Display your love for the camera and passion for photographs with a tattoo of a camera so all photography geeks, this right here serves as great tattoos for men.

Image: @sketchysanchez

7. To-do-list Funny Tattoos

This one is an excellent idea for a clever tattoo, as this tattoo looks unique. You can add colors and write different things to give it a unique look. It is the kind of tattoo that will bring a smile to anyone who sees it. Get a to-do list tattooed today.

To-do-list Funny Tattoos

Image: @helenette

8. Pizza Lover Funny Tattoos

Do you wait for pizza nights eagerly and crave them? Well, demonstrate your love for them by having a tattoo that says I love pizza. Heart and pizza illustrations also look great.

Image: @sgioflores

9. Charlie Chaplin Funny Tattoos

The infamous comedian Charlie Chaplin is renowned worldwide for all his comedy film was the first one to work in funny non-talkie movies so you can get his iconic mustache and hat as a tribute to the only one. His mustache had become the symbol of his comic funny character for all his comic roles.

Image: @_winkt

10. The Void Funny Tattoo Funny Tattoos

The name of this ink is as such because of the reason behind the making of this tattoo. The tattoo artist attempts to overdo a tattoo that had an ex’s name. 

Image: @artisaninkk

11. Where’s Waldo Funny Tattoos

The inspiration for this tattoo is from a book that came out in the 1980s, there may be a lot of tattoo enthusiasts that must have been a fan of this book so they can show their love.

Image: @_johnnydangerously

12. Star Wars Funny Tattoos

For all the star wars fans out there, you can have it tattooed on yourself if you have a personal favorite character or you just decide your favorite character by watching star wars to get ideas or ask as star wars nerds. There is everyone’s favorite bounty hunter and a han solo frozen but the tattoo design involves a little bit more engraving so naturally it can cause you more pain.

Image: @dark_horse_tattoo_co

13. Scratching Cat Funny Tattoos

If you picture a scratching cat, then the image in itself is too funny and then to make the tattoo even more amusing, you can choose an unusual body part to get tattooed.

Image: @dimistattoo

14. Danny Tattoo Funny Tattoos

The Danny Dorito tattoo is hilarious as it has features of a man’s face; a meme inspires this tattoo, you must have seen memes like on him on Instagram or even Facebook.

Image: @morguettetattoo

15. Naked Banana Funny Tattoos

You can get this particular tattoo if you love bananas. But, of course, the concept of a banana being naked is hilarious in itself. 

Image: @nashi.ink

16. Happy Face Toe Funny Tattoos

If you are a private person and do not want to show off your tattoo, then this one can be for you. A happy face at the bottom of your toe on your foot.

Image: @kajagoestoamerica

17. Simple Smile Funny Tattoos

Is minimalist tattoo your thing? It is an excellent idea if you do not want too much ink on your skin. The words just written look fabulous.

Image: @tattooer_da.an

18. Create Your Own Path Funny Tattoos

This particular tattoo has a somewhat symbolic tattoo to it. A U-shaped walking pencil with the drawing part in front scribbling signifies that you should create your own path and leave the past behind. 

Image: @bacin_tattoo

19. Raven Drinking Tea Funny Tattoo

Are you a fan of raven tattoos? Check out this funny Raven Drinking Tea Tattoo and there is this thing about ravens that they are considered among the smartest animals on the planet and in ancient times they were used as messengers that carried letters.

Image: @maria.das.tattoos

20. Toughen Up Buttercup Funny Tattoos

The toughen-up buttercup Inspired by the tough-headed tomboy character in the Powerpuff Girls cartoon series. If you are a Powerpuff Girls fan, you must know that she fights hard and is all about action.

Image: @pfeifer_tattoo

21. Golden Girls Funny Tattoos

In 1985 sitcom was a comedy-drama sitcom centered around three golden girls.The Golden Girls Tattoo is an inspiration for that tattoo, you must have heard about the sitcom from your elders.

Image: @lukeddyoung

22. Slice Of Bread Funny Tattoo Ideas

It is hilarious that it shows a piece of bread becoming sad after being cut from the loaf so it is the most ironic thing you can show it as a person becoming sad when separated from a loved one. 

Image: @meat_at_animalhousetat2

23. Bikini Bottom Scene Funny Tattoos For Men

The unusual tattoo is an illustration from the famous Spongebob Squarepants cartoon, if you are a fan of the cartoon then here is just the tattoo for you.

Image: @armando__rod

24. Super Mario Funny Tattoos

The Super Mario bros video game is top-rated among the 90’s kids, so if you feel nostalgic every time you see something Mario-related and love the game, then you can go for this tattoo. 

Get that favorite character on you as a tribute to the legendary game. Or get the usual Mario-themed tattoo.

Image: @alicelittle.tattoo

25. Quirky Alien Funny Tattoo

Outer Space fans can get this quirky alien tattoo because it is a great idea for a cool, unusual, and conventional tattoo and you can show your love for the fantasy world and outer space.

Image: @karmmatattoo

26. Skateboarding Dingo Funny Tattoo Ideas

Skateboarding Dingo is a great tattoo idea for a kid who has found a new love for skateboarding. A lot of kids are fascinated seeing skateboarders doing their thing in the streets. 

Image: @the_tattoo_studio_012

27. Out Of This World Funny Tattoo

Do the things of outer space fantasize you? Of course, you can get planets and imaginative galaxies on you, but there are ways in which you can get a tattoo so you can try getting this one in a rather funny way.

Image: @ernestoz.a

28. Cool Dinos Funny Tattoo

Choosing dinosaurs as the subject of your tattoo has the reason behind it as strength, moreover, funny dinos look cute and also symbolize mental strength.

Image: @mr.toczek

29. Chubby Unicorn Funny Tattoo

Unicorns are for magic, freedom and purity so a chubby unicorn can be your unique style statement and that different tattoo style, try a chubby unicorn.

Image: @braina_tattoo

30. More Wine Please Funny Tattoo Idea

Wine is said to be good for the heart, so if you love wine then you can have this tattoo and not only show your love for wine but get a different tattoo.

Image: @raffaele.bernardo.tatuaggi

31. Hang in There Funny Tattoo

We all sometimes need a push in life as everybody hits bottom rock and feels weak at some point in life, yet, this tattoo can remind us to hang in there for times like these. 

Image: @mollypaigetattoos

32. Colorful Gummy Bears Funny Tattoo Idea

We all love gummy bears, don’t we?Now you can show your love for gummy bears by taking it to the next level by getting them tattooed on you.

Image: @ianhain

33. I’m Fine Funny Tattoo

Are you a Friends fan? Do you remember the iconic scene when Ross is not doing well, and he keeps on saying he is excellent? 

Well, this funny I am fine tattoo extends that scene giving it another point of view, yes, it is unrelated but depicts the same meaning as many times we tell everybody that we are fine when in reality we are not. 

Image: @barbi_blue_art

34. Teletubbies Funny Tattoo Ideas

Kids from the ’90s can connect with this tattoo to demonstrate their love for those ever classic evergreen cartoons called the teletubbies.

Image: @ginger_cnut_tattoo

35. Vampizza Funny Tattoo

Are any pizza lovers binging on this post? The Vampizza is a clever way to display your love for pizzas with the unique vampire sign and you can also suggest it to someone who likes pizza and likes tattoos.

Vampizza Funny Tattoo

Image: @jeffinhotattow

36. Light Bulb Funny Tattoo Ideas

Great sign for the idea popping up and it has been in textbooks and cartoons ever since that idea for a character or an idea coming to a character is shown as a bulb.  

Image: @cheyenne_tattooequipment

37. Paws In Kitty Funny Tattoo Ideas

All the kittens gathered in a circle just like before a big game, like players form a circle to discuss the strategies and gameplay to win that game and position those players.

Image: @lunar_still

38. Dammit Jim Funny Tattoo Ideas

All devoted fans of Dwight, here is a colorful tattoo just for you.

Image: @tattoosandtealeaves

39. Infinite Pizza Funny Tattoo Ideas

How many have you wished that pizza night should be infinite as a child? Everybody loves pizza and for good reason, if you are also a pizza lover then you can get this tattoo on you.

Image: @makayla.tattoo

40. Stay Cool Funny Dog Tattoo Ideas

Dog lovers, this tattoo is for you, a lot of people have dogs as pets and many treat them as their children and then there are some who take it to another level by getting a tattoo of theirs.

Image: @lusnoop.tattoo

41. Grilled Cheese Undemanding Funny Tattoo Ideas

Grilled cheese is another excellent tattoo idea for a food lover.

Image: @stagelefttattoo

40. Friendly Lemon Funny Tattoos Idea

Who said that lemons are just sour? They are friendly as well and you can see why, after you get a tattoo of a lemon but with a funny angle.

Image: @jamie renee tattoo

41. Simpson Toes Funny Tattoos Idea

The underneath of your toes cannot look more hilarious after getting this tattoo.

Simpson Toes Funny Tattoos Idea

Image: @tris_v_tattoos

42. Our favorite Pooh Family Simple Funny Tattoos Idea

Winnie the pooh can depict your friendship with someone special.

Image: @terp_tattooz

43. Keep Your Chin Up Tattoo Design 

Hilarious Tattoo with a guillotine.

Image: @mysteryinktattoo

44. More Fries Tattoo Ideas

Do you always add extra fries to your meal?

Image: @la_pshot_tattoo

45. Funny Bicep Tattoo Ideas

Get those guns out with a fun tattoo to make them more noticeable.

Image: @msch213

46. Friendly Lemon Funny Tattoos Idea

Who said that lemons are just sour? They are friendly as well and you can see why, after you get a tattoo of a lemon but with a funny angle.

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Image: @jamie renee tattoo

47. Simpson Toes Funny Tattoos Idea

The underneath of your toes cannot look more hilarious after getting this tattoo.

Simpson Toes Funny Tattoos Idea

Image: @tris_v_tattoos

48. Animal Tattoo Ideas 

Animal body art Tattoos with animals doing a funny thing may be the best tattoo you see today. 

Image: @bloodylarry

49. Pelican Latest Tattoo Ideas

Add extensive color to make it more engaging body art.

Image: @kellyc_tattoos

50. Funny mustache Tattoo designs

Get a tattoo on your finger to pose it on others as their funny mustache and a mustache looks hilarious because it is different and can be perfect for men who like them.

Image: @jacobferguson_tattooer


What is a funny tattoo?

A funny tattoo will have a meaning to it but with a funny angle. For instance, if you want a tattoo to show your love for pizza, you can get this tattoo tattooed with a twist, a Vamprizza.

One of the funniest tattoos that celebrities have got is; Kendal has got a meow tattoo on the inner side of her lower lip.

What is an excellent idea for a funny tattoo?

A cat scratching its nails falling from a wall looks great as a funny design.

Where do you put funny tattoos?

While you can have a funny tattoo on any part of your body, you may want to consider hiding it. Some of the best hiding spots for funny tats are between your fingers, under your hair or under the soles of your feet.

What does a tattoo say about a person?

Every tattoo has a deep meaning behind it. Some tattoos may be drunken mistakes, but they also have a reason behind them, alcohol.

Other tattoos depict something about a person’s personality. Getting a funny tattoo says that you are all about fun and craziness.

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