40 Small Cross Tattoo Designs That You Will Love

Tattoos are trendy these days while some people loves to get inked for showing their different personality while some people get inked to so their religious belief and it associates with their religious sentiments. It shows one’s fondness for that particular religion.

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Furthermore, this is the beauty of a religious tattoo that it is not bound to a race or personality; anyone can have a tattoo of a religion he likes.

In this post, we will focus on cross tattoos. Cross tattoos mainly signify one’s belief in God, but they can also mean a memory of a loved one. You can wear the cross tattoo in remembrance or as a tribute.

40 Small Cross Tattoo Ideas

1. Catholic Cross Tattoo with Rosary

The tattoo will imitate, like you are wearing a rosary around your ankle or wrist. Again, some people like to wear stuff around the wrist; this time, you can try a cross tattoo instead of a bracelet.


2. Christian Small Cross Tattoos with Rose

There are various ways of placing a rose with this cross tattoo and you can go for a simple rose or a colorful rose to add more graphics to your tattoo and make it one of a kind.

Roses signify love won or love lost. And crosses are a sign of the ultimate loss for humans.


3. Catholic Or Christian Small Cross Tattoos

You may see this tattoo a lot on catholic people. It is a mark of pride to remember the victory of Jesus over death and the ultimate sacrifice he made for human salvation.


4. Maltese Cross Tattoos

The maltese cross is a symbol of protection and if you are looking for a small cross tattoo and want it to be unique, then this might be the one that is an excellent option for you.

Credits: eagletattooer

5. Small Cross Tattoos with Name

Inscribe the name of a person you love and club it with a cross. Your tattoo artist can show his creativity to bring life to this tattoo.

Credits: tattooist_moonsun

6. Catholic Small Cross Tattoos with the Image of Jesus Christ Nailed on it

This tattoo is the image of the most historic moment for the Christian community. In addition, this tattoo makes a significant artistic impression with the proper shading.


7. Small Cross Tattoos with Name on Papyrus

You are adding papyrus to add more effect to your tattoo and you can have the name of a person on the tattoo and the papyrus will give the tattoo a vintage look, papyrus signifies old.

Credits: espo.tattoo

8. Small Cross Tattoos on Finger

Cross tattoos are also famous as finger tattoos. If you love minimalistic tattoos, then you can go with this tattoo.

Credits: pantera_tattoos


9. Ankh Small Cross Tattoo

The Ankh symbol comes from the Egyptian hieroglyphics that means the key of life. Therefore, it is also a symbol of life.

The difference is the top bar of the cross in the shape of a teardrop.

Now people wear this tattoo for rebirth and male and female union.

Credits: lucette_atelier.d

10. Celtic Small Cross Tattoos

The Celtic cross is the Irish cross. So you can even get this Irish cross.

Credits: johnb.designs

11. Pointed Ends Small Cross Tattoo

You will usually see men wearing this particular tattoo and it has a cross with pointy ends and makes great as a small tattoo.

Credits: inkdrip05

12. Pointed Ends Small Cross Tattoo with Wings

Wings are a symbol of freedom. They look perfect with a cross.

Credits: inky_dinky_tattoo

13. Crisscross Small Cross Tattoo

In this tattoo, the bars of the tattoo will overlap each other and create the illusion of a real cross, therefore, it is an excellent idea for a unique cross tattoo.

Credits: min_zi_tattoo

14. Gothic Small Cross Tattoo

Are you a fan of goth culture? Or are you Gothic? If yes, you can try this tattoo and live that Gothic charm of yours while showing it to people. 

Credits: jason_hampstead

15. Small Black Cross Tattoo on Forearm

If you want a small and minimalistic tattoo, this is the one you should have.


16. Traditional Latin Small Cross Tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of Christ’s crucifixion. It can be a good choice for women.

Credis: robthecalavera

17.  Skull Small Cross Tattoo

The skull symbolizes death. If a person is wearing this tattoo, he is not afraid of death. The skull with a cross looks excellent on bikers.

Credits: shalerzart

18. Cross Tattoo with Skeleton

Skeletons are for strength, your ability to overcome hard times and carry the power with you. The skeleton shows that everything will pass.


19. Small Red Cross Tattoo

You can get this as a small tattoo on your wrist or Finger.


20. Red Medical Small Cross Tattoo

If you are in the medical profession, get this tattoo.

Credits: belo_tattoostudio

21. Wrist Celtic Cross Tattoos

A small and simple tattoo looks great on your wrist and wrist tattoos have been trendy and really popular with girls.


22. Granda Memory Cross Tattoos

You can have this tattoo in memory of your loving grandma—a tribute to your grandma with her birth date or the date when she left this world.


23. Tribal Cross Religious Tattoo

Are you a fan of tribal cross tattoo? A cross looks great with tribal design.


24. Cross Tattoo on Hand

If you are looking for a small tattoo for your hand, a small cross will do well.

Credits: mona.nfdt

25. Coptic Cross Tattoos

Egypt’s Christians used to wear this tattoo on their right wrists traditionally. The tattoo was a symbol of their hardships.

Today this cross represents resistance. It has diamond shaped ends of both bars.


26. Cross Tattoo on Wrist

It is another excellent choice for a minimalistic wrist small cross tattoo.

Credits: aida_mv_

27. Fiery Blue Cross Tattoo

It is a tattoo in remembrance of the Christian martyrs.


28. Simple Cross Tattoo

A Cross shoulder tattoo is a common choice.

Credits: fancyartist092

29. Celtic Cross Tattoo

The Celtic cross looks outstanding as a big tattoo.

Credits: oldcrowscustomtattoo

30. Locket Tattoo

You can get the cross in the locket fashion; it looks unique. Cross necklace tattoo is also another type of this style.

Credits: primeinktattoobali

31. Cross Tattoo on Chest

You can get a big one for a dramatic impression.

Credits: fil_tattoos

32. Blood Dripping Cross Tattoo

The blood dripping adds more life to the tattoo.

Credits: ink_by_drake

33. Angel Tattoo With Cross And Infinity Symbol

Infinity is for showing eternal things in life.

So you can show your undying faith in your religion with this tattoo.

Credits: angie.kay.ink

34. Small Cross Judas Priest Tattoo

Credits: slowdeathdesign

35. Tattoo In Memory Of a Loved One

Get inked for a tribute to a loved one.


36. Double Cross Tattoo

You can have two or three tattoos linked together.


37. Quote And Cross Tattoo

A decent cross with a meaningful Quote looks impressive.


38. 3D Cross Tattoo

A cross in 3D style looks lively.

39. Butterfly Cross Tattoo

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation.

Credits: pizzadonutqueengetsfit


40. Cross With Leaves or Flowers Tattoo



What is a cross tattoo?

A cross tattoo represents the Christian cross and some other cultures with a slightly different cross. Getting one can mean showing your devotion and faith towards the religion.

There are various styles and ways to get a cross tattoo.

Are cross tattoos disrespectful?

It is not disrespectful to get a cross tattoo, but it can be unlucky if the cross is upside down.

For instance, for a forearm tattoo, some clients say that the cross should be facing them because they are the ones who will be seeing the tattoo more often. Although for everyone else, it will be a cross upside down. An upside-down is considered unlucky in the religion.

Are cross tattoos religious?

Yes, the cross tattoos are 100% religious as they are the ultimate holy symbol of Christianity.

The cross represents the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for people’s sins.

It is also the embodiment of Father, Son and the holy spirit.

What does a tiny cross tattoo mean?

Some people may take this body art as a personal thing and might not want to show off their tattoos to the rest of the world.

So a tiny cross tattoo can be your reminder of faith that is hidden.

Moreover, a tiny cross tattoo can quickly be on almost any part of the body.

What does the upside-down cross tattoo mean?

Peter the Apostle is the patron saint of popes and Rome.

The upside-down cross is the symbol for the martyrdom of Peter the Apostle.

When peter for sentenced to death, he requested his cross to be upside down as he thought he was not worthy of getting crucified in the same manner as Jesus.

Bottom Line

You now have pretty ideas to pick if you want to get a cross tattoo on you.

You can show your faith in your religion with an incredible cross tattoo with a blend of modern touches.

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